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All about MILF Alexis Fawx

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Immediately it is obvious that MILF Alexis Fawx wants to devour you. She knows about your love for MILFs, but she wonders what specifically makes you love them so much. Alexis is certain that you love her big tits. She asks you to take out your cock so that she can watch you jerk off to her. You are already hard as a rock before she even takes off her clothing. She drops her bra and you finally get to see her fat titties. You want to reach out and play with those tits, but she asks that you keep your hand firmly on your shaft. Finally she unveils her MILF pussy and it looks as sweet as you thought it would. You can see the wetness inside of her lips and you wish you could plunge your dick deep inside of her warm hole – or maybe even ALL of her warm holes! Alexis wants you to cum all over her fat MILF titties and you rub out the biggest load you possibly can and shoot it on her big titties.

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All about Trillium and her hairy snatch

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Trillium heard a rumor that you love a girl with a hairy bush. Did you know that she has a hairy bush? She quickly shows you her blonde, natural bush. She knows that your wife has a hairless pussy and she wants to watch you jerk off to her hairy twat. Trillium sees your growing erection and she wants to see you work it for her. She removes her bra and you get an eyeful of her small, perky tits. Trillium confesses that she masturbates when she thinks about your masturbating. That only makes your dick grow harder. As Trillium plays with her pussy, you can see the wetness inside. You can hear how wet she is as her fingers caress her pussy. She pulls at her pussy hair and tells you that she loves to be fucked from behind while she tugs on her pussy hair. With her ass up in the air she asks if you think that she is hotter than your wife. It is no contest! Trillium wins that contest! She wants to cum with you and you cum together as she pulls on her pussy hair. You give her that big load she has been waiting to see.

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All I want is daddy's cum! (with Jojo Kiss)

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Your stepdaughter Jojo is quite the tease. You saw that from the first time you were introduced to her. Jojo notes that her mom is down for the count and it is just you and Jojo tonight. Did you know that Jojo has a daddy fetish? She does. She asks if she can touch your cock and you let her. "You're kind of big, aren't you?" she says. She reaches over and touches your daddy dick, which is growing hard as she takes off her clothes. Jojo shows off her ass to you. Again she reaches over to take your dick in her hand and with each stroke you get closer and closer to cumming. All Jojo wants is her daddy's cum, so she reaches for your cock and rubs out a big load of daddy cum.

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All in the family (with Christie Nelson)

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You are dating Christie's sister and you both are ready to take it to the next step, sexually speaking. Christie is going to make sure that you are the right guy for her sister, so you must show her your dick. After all, your girlfriend asked her sister for this assistance. Christie asks you to start stroking your cock for her because she needs to make sure that you can handle your dick. To help you through this, she makes herself more comfortable and takes off some of her clothing. Christie has the tiniest tits and a shaved pussy. Do you mind if Christie touches herself while you stroke? You would love to watch her stroke her pussy as she watches you jack off. Quickly, though, Christie moves her hand over to your hard shaft and takes a few strokes. She then decides that she wants to have you cum on her small titties. Stroke your dick just like that until you blow your load. Christie thinks that you might like to see her ass again, so she turns around and lets you see her impressive bottom. She spreads her holes nice and wide for you and she then informs you that both she and her sister take it in the ass. That is enough for you and you quickly bust your nutt for your girlfriend's sister.

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All you’re little is good for is stroking it. (with Lizzie Love)

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You’re back in the dungeon for more verbal abuse from Mistress Lizzie. Her see through lingerie is making you hard. She’s gonna allow you beat off that silly little wang in front of her so she can talk shit about it. Just go with it man, make the most of this torturous tease session. She might ask you to cum for her, can you?rn

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Amai in detention again

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Amai is in detention again because she was showing her classmates how to jerk off. The only way you see for her to get out of this punishment is for her to show you how to jerk off. Slutty Amai is ready to help you. Get out your dick and stroke it the way Amai shows you. Trust her. This girl knows her way around a cock. She reveals her small tits to you as your hand works your shaft. Her nipples are erect and your love of naughty Asian school girls is taking over you. She slides her panties to the side and shows off her hairless pussy. Amai turns around and shows off her ass. It is round and small. You think she should be over your knee for a sound spanking, but your hand cannot come off of your dick just yet. Amai is anxious for you to cum so that she can leave her detention desk. She tells you to jerk yourself onto her face. Can you feel the cum building? Are you ready to burst yet? You shoot right onto her face and Amai asks if she can leave yet. She promises to behave from now on.

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Amai Liu and Emma Heart measure your stroke time

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You have trouble making friends, and you are talking it over with your mom when there is a knock at the door. Two cute girls from the neighborhood have stopped over to introduce themselves to you and you cannot believe your luck. Amai and Emma are really cute and friendly. You can see Amai is wearing pink panties as she sits there with you. Emma quickly gives you a peek of what is hiding under her dress and your dick is instantly hard. The girls think that there might be a better place to go so that they can have a little privacy with you. You lead the girls to your room where they show you what is in their bag. The girls keep track of all the neighborhood boys in a log book and today you are on their list. Can you measure up? They want to know how big your hard cock is and how much time it takes for you to cum. You are eager to make friends and you take your dick out for the girls. They take their measurement and inform you that you will now be timed for ejaculation. Stroke your cock for these slutty neighbor girls. They feel that you could use some encouragement, so Emma exposes her big tits, and you want to see more. Like she knew you wanted it, Amai shows you her tiny titties. Emma plays with herself. You never would have guessed that 2 hot girls would coach you through a jack-off session, but it is really happening! Just keep stroking for them because it looks like they are pleased with your progress so far. Go faster and harder and now CUM! Your ejaculation time today is about 3 minutes 10 seconds.

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Amanda Tate makes me jack off for her

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Your roommate Amanda is gorgeous and you cannot help by peeping on her again. This time, she catches you. Just because she dresses slutty does not give you the right to leer at her all the time. Your outward appearance and attitude is very manly, but Amanda thinks that you are hiding a little secret. She demands that you show her your dick. Uh-oh. She guesses that your excuse is that you are a grower, not a shower, so Amanda gives you the chance to prove yourself to her. Go on. Put your dick in your hand and get it hard for her. She offers you a few jacking off tips to try to help you through this time with her, but all the while she makes fun of your little prick. Curiosity gets the better of her, though, and she wonders out loud just how big of a load you will be able to produce. You now feel that you can redeem yourself if she likes the load you deliver, so you move your hand faster and faster up and down your dick. Amanda is generous enough to give you a target: her titties. That is enough inspiration for you to bust a nutt, but your efforts fail to impress demanding Amanda.

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Amuse me with your tiny cock (with CiCi Rhodes)

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After a long day at work, CiCi comes home to find the house a mess and you just sitting around. What do you do all day long? You just jerk your cock off all day long, so do not lie about it. What good are you to CiCi? She wishes to be amused by you, so whip out that dick and start stroking your little thing. You have not been able to please CiCi with your cock in a long time, so she has to rely on her sex toys instead. At least those are reliable, unlike you. To further humiliate you, she tells you about her ex-boyfriend with a huge cock. Then she compares your dick to her finger and she reminds you that you could never give her an orgasm with that thing. Verbal humiliation seems to be her thing, but you are oddly turned on by it as well. You really are a little pervert! Do you think that you can get any cum out of your tiny peen? Cup your balls a little as your jerk your little dick. Now cum for CiCi - right into her hand. You do as you are told and then are summarily dismissed.

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Amusing Harley Jade with my masturbatory skills

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Harley makes it immediately clear that she is way too hot for you. She is totally out of your league and you will never be able to fuck her. You know this, too. Harley suggests that you can jerk off to her, but just do not even think that you can fuck her. Take your dick out and amuse Harley with your masturbatory skills. She knows you jerk off a lot, so impress her. A girl as sexy as Harley would not even normally speak to you, so you are super excited for her attention right now. Think about putting your dick in between her perky titties. Look at her ass and know that you will never have that, either. She is eager to see you cum and she urges you to think about how sexy she as is you empty your balls.