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I caught you in my own house!

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I thought you were with my son heading to the liquor store. I can't believe you are here in my house and jerking yourself off! What kind of excuse did you give my son so you could stay here and relieve yourself? What made you think it's ok to be at your friend's house and jerk off in his mother's bathroom? I am kind of grossed out by this yet kind of turned on that you find me so attractive. Is it my huge tits, my long hair, my pretty face? Well since I found you and know what you are doing you may as well finish yourself. I'll even help you cause I am flattered to be your object of lust.

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I could use a man's opinion.

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Oh hey, I'm glad you are home. I am going out tonight with my girlfriends and I want to look super sexy. I can't decide which heels I should wear with this outfit so I need your help. It appears you liked the first pair I modeled but I can really tell you like these heels with the red bottom. You know I can tell you like these heels the best? I see your dick getting hard. You aren't supposed to get a boner for your step mom but I am flattered. You think I'm sexy don't you? You naughty boy. Come over here to my bed and let me have a look at that swelling in your pants. We can't let you go back downstairs with a hard on so it looks like I should be a good mom and help you get rid of that growing nuisance. I especially don't want your dad to see you going downstairs with a boner. I certainly didn't plan on this happening just from you looking at my sexy high heels and pantyhose. It must have been my voluptuous ass in this skirt that turned you on so much. I shouldn't be touching your dick but I like doing this. I like that you are so much younger than me and I clearly turn you on. I feel like since you are being so good for me and letting me hold your dick, that I should show you some of me without clothes on. Would you like my big titties rubbing on your dick? I wish I could fuck this dick. That would be really bad if I slid your dick inside me with your dad downstairs watching t.v. You like your step mom being nasty don’t you? My pussy is so wet under these tight pantyhose. I know what else would feel amazing. I'll rub my pantyhose feet on your dick. Doesn't that feel so good? Maybe I should rub your dick with just my worn pantyhose. My spit is all over your rock hard dick. I like being nasty with you. I see you looking at my big titties all the time. How to these huge fun bags feel on your stiffy? I have to touch your sweet young dick to my wet pussy and show you how wet I am for you. How does my fat ass feel around your dick? I want you to make a mess on my ass with your cum. Make my ass all wet with your hot cum. Now you got your step mom all dirty. We had better clean up before your dad comes up the stairs and wonders what we just did. I would have to tell him I just couldn't help myself around young dick.

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I do this because I love you.

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It's been one month and I am very proud of you for being such a good boy. Not everyone trusts their step mom enough to let her put him in chastity. I do this for your own good because I know those slutty women out there only want to get pregnant from you. Could you imagine trying to go to college and support a woman and baby? Of course not, so this is why I keep your manhood in a cage. Now come close to me so I can unlock this device and you get to blow a huge load for me.

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I don't think your penis is too small.

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Something seems to be troubling you lately son, what it is? You need to talk to me about your penis? What happened to it? Did you catch a nasty disease from some skank at college? Well come on, you can tell me even though I'm not your real mom it may make it easier that I am your stepmom. You've been watching a lot of porn and now you think your penis is too small? You can't compare yourself to what you see in those moves sweetheart. There is a reason those people are paid actors to show off their private parts. Let me see your penis. It's o.k. You know the average penis is only 5-7 inches. You say you are closer to the 5inch side? I'm sure it's a lovely penis. Let's get these pants off you and have a look. Your dad isn't on the larger side either so maybe you take after him. It's not a bad thing to have a smaller size penis. If I am to see your full capacity I have to get your penis erect. Don't worry! I'm not going to tell your dad about this. This is between me and you to help you feel confident about your manhood. I think your penis size is just right. It looks just like your dad's dick. I think his penis is perfect and so is yours. Your penis is perfect for taking someone's virginity and for anal! It's just enough to make its presence known without being offensive. You have no idea how many women you are going to make happy with this perfect penis of yours. If I wasn't married to your dad I would fuck you. I don't think he would divorce me if he ever found out I jacked you off. I would tell him it was only to make you feel good about yourself like any good mother would want for her son. I love playing with your penis. It feels so good in my hand. It's just the right size in my grip. Do you like the way my spit makes your penis slippery? I'm making it slippery so I can stroke the cum from it. Would you like to give your stepmom your cum? I think you should give it to me. Oh what a good boy you are. I know I said earlier that I would only do this once for you but I've changed my mind. I love your small cock. Anytime you want me to play with it for you, let me know. Next time I'll take off all my clothes and spread my pussy for you.

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I have always had a thing for younger guys.

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Don't get me wrong, your dad is a nice looking man but then again so are you. I have always had a thing for younger guys. I said it, you are hot. You probably don't want to hear that I'm not able to get off sexually with your father. I masturbate often and think of you. I think of what your tight young college age body would feel like on top of my sexy curves. I know you watch porn because Ive found your sticky socks when doing laundry. I'm not saying we should have sex but maybe we can give each other a little mental masturbation visuals for each others spank bank.

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I have an extra chore for you.

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It must be slightly strange for you to have to get used to calling me mom even though we are the same age. What is even more strange I would think is you were such a punk to me in class and here I am married to your dad and woman of the house now. You essentially have to do what I ask of you our else there will be problems here and you don’t want that do you? I notice you don't do many chores around the house so I have decided to add a new chore to your list that you absolutely must do from now on. The new chore is on my bed in my bedroom so follow me and I will instruct you exactly how to please your new hot young mommie.

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I have pegged you as a sissy boy.

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You may think you cover your true self pretty well but I know exactly what you are, a little sissy slut boy. The clincher was finding my lace panties in your bedroom. These happen to be my favorite pair of panties. I don't really want to know what you did with them. I have some news of my own to reveal that you may find benifitting to your condition. Before I married your dad my occupation was a Pro Domme. I believe I saw your eyes light up. You know exactly where this conversation is leading don't you? I am going to give you my panties but you are going to listen to my direction and do exactly as I say. Ive missed my old profession and I think you and I are going to have quite a lot of fun.

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I have super stinky feet.

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Is there any way I could get you to massage my feet? I ran like twenty miles at the gym today and my feet are sore. They're a little sweaty still but I can go shower first if you want. I don't care I just want a foot rub. Whoa, is touching my feet turning you on? I can see a movement in your pants. You are getting a chub from touching your step mothers feet. Let me see your erection. I'm genuinely curious to see how hard you are from touching me. Come on, I'll show you my tits if you show me your dick.

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I have to be free.

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I can't pretend like I am ok with you lusting after me. I know I am an attractive woman and not what a typical stepmom looks like but we have to do something about the sexual tension between us. I have an idea. I'm almost naked anyway, so why don't I let you rub your dick while you watch me clean house. We will be taking care of two needs at once. Go ahead, pull that hungry cock from your pants and stroke yourself until you let go of a nice hot load.

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I have to see this for real.

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I'm sure you noticed a big difference in your bedroom when you got home today from school. I don't want you to think I was snooping. I simply feel it is my duty as the mother of the house and your stepmother, to keep a clean orderly home. I could smell your bedroom in the hall even with your door shut. I expect you to wash your sheets at least every other week from now on. I also have another expectation from you, stay out of my panties. From the look of my panties when I found them in your stinky sheets, I could tell you had used them numerous times for your shall we say, pleasure. You're a panty sniffer! I feel if you are going to use items that were worn by me for your own pleasure then I should get something from this to. I want to watch you use my panties. I want to see how you use them. Go ahead, here are my panties back now show me exactly what you do with them.