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He agrees to be my baby's Daddy.

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I've been married a couple of years to a really great husband. The only thing not so great is we want to have a baby and he has an extremely low sperm count. I want to try artificial insemination but don't want just anyone's spunk injected in my uterus. The only man I can think of who means as much to me as my husband is my step-mom's brother. He is my favorite Uncle. He is really smart and sexy for an older guy. I've had sexual fantasies about him over the years but never acted on them. The thought of having a part of him inside my body really turns me on. I can tell my husband that I chose an anonymous sperm donor from the clinic files and no one needs to know my plan except me and my Uncle, that is if he agrees to share his semen with me. I called him and he welcomed me over to his house the next morning for a little chat over coffee. I told him my dilemma and how much I wanted to have a baby with his genetic benefits. I think I flattered him and he agreed to be my baby's daddy without hesitation. I even told him we didn't have to have sex so I wouldn't be cheating on my husband except for the little lie of where the sperm donation came from. I brought a sterile cup with me to collect my Uncle's cum through means of extracting it myself by giving him a hand job. His eyes lit up a little more when I told him I was going to crank his cock myself so he didn't have to sit in a clinic bathroom and do the deed. He made himself comfortable on the sofa and I began working on his load. I wanted the biggest ejaculation he could give me so I had a good chance of getting pregnant with his baby right away. As I had his precious family jewels in my hands I let him know I noticed he has been a bit nicer to me over the years than he is to my cousins. I also made him aware I remembered when he had a boner in his swim trunks that time we were all at the lake for family vacation and I hugged him while wearing my bikini. I never said anything to anyone about the way he looked at me when I winked at him, acknowledging his stiff cock was there because of me. This situation seems perfect that years later I get to be the one to take care of his stiff cock and for my own benefit. I wanted the biggest load he could give me so I gave him plenty of encouragement by stripping out of my clothes and showing him my perfect little pink pussy and tight round ass. I saw his cock stiffen and bounce as he looked at my young body. I knew it was time to work my precious load from him. I asked him for his cum as a gripped his shaft firmly. I asked my Uncle to help make me pregnant with his baby. He released his semen into my hands just like I asked him to. I milked his dick for every drop before letting him know that if this first sample doesn't make me pregnant then I would be back for more of his daddy batter. I also informed him if this first sample doesn't take then we may have to try direct implantation. I want a baby so bad that regardless of what my husband says, I would let my Uncle fuck me but first I'm going to the clinic with this fresh semen, spreading my legs for the Doctor and hoping the injection of my Uncles spunk hits the baby making spot.

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He is gone! I'm yours now.

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My step-mom and I have been flirting behind my Dad's back for a few months. It's been real hot and heavy lately because we know he is going away for two weeks with his buddies for spring training. What a stupid man to leave his sexy wife with me for two whole weeks! If he only knew the dirty talk and text we have been exchanging, he would probably kick me out of the house before leaving me home with her while he goes away. My dad is a pretty cool guy but sometimes doesn't give my mom the attention she truly deserves. I know I am just a college aged young one but I can see my mom is a sexual goddess who deserves more than she gets. No sooner had my pops said goodbye and we were in my bedroom for some sexy time. My mom may have even been more excited than I at the prospect of two whole weeks of just us in the house. I lay down on my bed and she immediately went for my crotch. She unzipped my jeans to free my growing cock. She said we weren't going to go all the way on the first night alone so tonight I get a hand job. All of her sexual attention focused on me! Soon as she saw the size of my dick she whispered what a lucky girl she is. She then laid a total surprise on me by hinting she would like to have my baseball buddies over for movie night. She wasn't talking about WATCHING movie night , she was talking about MAKING a movie night. My mom! Wanted to get busy with not only me, but my baseball buddies to! She is more of a slut than I knew! My cock grew rock hard at the thought of my buddies taking turns on my sexy slut mom. She was jacking me off really fast with a good tight grip and painting a picture of what the scenario could be like. I love it when she calls me a naughty boy. Just when I didn't think her hand job could get any hotter she whipped off her top and pulled her full tits from her bra for my viewing. The raunchiest part of her fantasy with my baseball buddies is that she doesn't want me to tell them she is my step-mom, she wants me to tell them she is just some whore in my bed. How fucked up is that? It's my kind of fucked up for sure. She continued to crank my cock, pumping it up and down so damn tight. I would do anything for this woman so long as she gives me more of these insanely dirty talk hand jobs! I began to tremble and she noticed, saying, "Are you gonna give your cum to Mommie?" I couldn't hold it in any longer as my spooge spurted from me. What an incredible release she gave me. Now that my cock was satisfied she quickly suggested I call my friends over for a "mom-b-que". Mom is the menu. Fuck yeah.

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He is the perfect man.

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I really appreciate you handing down a precious family heirloom, this hope chest. I have to confess though, it's not really my style but knowing you were home alone today I had to come over to accept it. I have to confess something else, I know your wife doesn't take very good care of you. I mean she doesn't acknowledge the true man you are. Look at your bedroom for instance, do you actually like this weird blue color and these stupid vases stuffed with sticks? I didn't think so. I see what a great man you are. I married your son in hopes he would turn into the man you are but he hasn't and won't. You're wife is at bingo and my husband is home playing video games so why don't you and I make the most of this time together. You should come closer to me, here on the bed. I'm not going to fuck you this time because I don't want to go back home smelling like sex but I am going to show that cock of yours some real attention. Let me pull down your pants and have a look at what I've been craving for years. Oh god yes, it's as perfect as I imagined. Look at how big it is! Your son certainly didn't take after you in the cock department. I must taste you. Oh yes, as sweet as I imagined. You know, I've been in your room alone before. I've rolled around on you and your wife's bed and even masturbated on it. I want you to have a look at my pretty pussy so the next time you're masturbating you can imagine how good it would feel to be inside my sugar walls. I would love to slide your cock right inside me but I have to give you reason to want to see me alone again. I know you don't want to fuck your wife and I certainly don't want to fuck your loser son. I've craved you for so many years and love everything about you. I can hardly wait to milk your creamy cum from you rock hard cock. Oh right there, that's where you like it. Long fast strokes will make you blow your load for your daughter in law. Oh yes, please give me that man cum. I love having my hands wrapped around a real mans cock. Go ahead, let me see all that hot cum you have just for me. Oh wow! You came all over my pussy. I've waited so long for a chance to be intimate with you. You even gave me a perfect shot all over my pussy. I think I should come back tomorrow for that hope chest and I do hope you will fuck me then. Make sure your wife is gone and I'll make your dreams come true tomorrow like you made mine come true today.

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Help me find my contact.

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If you don't mind, I need your help. Get down on the floor with me and sort of crawl around but be careful. I'm looking for my lost eye contact. I can hardly see anything without my contacts in. Can you see it anywhere? I feel so foolish here on my hands and knees with my cleavage obviously spilling from my dress in this position but I must find that darn thing! You should be looking for my lost contact not trying to see down my dress. If it will help you focus on finding my contact maybe I can do something about that growing bulge I notice in your pants. Lie down for mommie so we can see exactly what's going on in those pants. Has a girl ever touched your penis or am I the first? I'll show you how a girl can take care of that hard penis of yours without even fucking it. I see how excited you are for mommie. Is it my enormous breasts that make you excited? Is it the thought of doing something sexual with your dads wife that makes you so rock hard? I want to be a good mommie for you and keep you happy you know. You can hardly wait for mommie to jack you off can you? Do you think about how good your dick would feel sliding in between mommies big tits? I bet those college girls you go to school with don't have big tits like mine. Your cock feels so good against my warm titties. I know something else warm that I'm sure you would like to see. My pussy is as pretty as my perfect breasts. I'll show you my pink pussy as I jack you off. Do you like how my pussy is completely shaved? It's so soft and smooth around my pussy lips. I'm sure your dock would feel incredible inside my fleshy pussy. Would you like to fuck mommies pussy? Think of how good mommies pussy would feel with you plowing deep inside while I bring your cock to orgasm. Mommie is going to jerk the cum right out from your cock. It feels so good doesn't it? Oh yes, look at all that cum for mommie. What a good boy you are. You are such a good boy. Did you like the way mommie made you cum? Oh hey! I see my contact on the carpet! It was there the whole time. I just needed a different perspective to find it. Thank you for helping mommie and remember this needs to be our little secret.

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Help me prove I am not a lesbian.

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I can hardly believe what I just overheard downstairs. Your brother and sister think I am a lesbian! I already feel like the outcast in this family ever since our parents married each other. It's not my fault I was an only child my whole life until now. I like my space and I think a having a boyfriend is just too much for me. So are you in agreement with your brother and sister? Do you think I'm a lesbian? You hardly even know me, it's not like we grew up together. Speaking of, I actually could swear I saw you sneaking peeks at my big tits the other day. I'll tell you how big my tits are, 34DD. Are they what you were trying to see? You're going to help me prove I'm not a lesbian by letting me jack you off. I real lesbian would never grab hold of a cock much less want to jack it off until it spews hot cum. You just lie there and I'll convince you I am completely straight and very much in favor of cock. I'll bet you didn't think you were going to get a hand job from your step sister when I came in here to talk, did you? If big titties are what you want, I'll titty fuck you with these huge fun bags. How does that feel? Or maybe you want to see my tight little pussy. Look at how pretty and pink it is. Can you see how wet my pussy is because stroking you off is making me horny? There is no way my pussy would be wet right now if I were a lesbian. I can tell you are ready for me to make you cum by the way your dick just got extra hard. Go ahead, give your cum to your sister. How wrong does that sound? We would never see the light of day if our parents or your brother sister caught us right now so you probably should give up that cum as soon as possible. Oh yes, I feel it coming up your shaft! Looks like you made a little mess and now you must believe I am not lesbian.

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Help Mom have a baby.

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Thank you for taking a few moments to come have a talk with me. Your father and I have only been married a year so I know I haven't been your step-mom for very long but I have something very important to talk with you about. You see, my biological clock is ticking rather quickly. I want to have a baby. Your father and I have been trying, without success. I went to the Dr. and check out just fine but I think it's your dad little soldiers that's the problem, they're a little worn and tired if you catch what I am saying. I need young, strong healthy sperm. What better way to keep this in the family than by gathering some of your semen and inseminating me with it! It's brilliant really, and your father will never know if you can keep this a secret. I won't be fucking you for it but will extract it with some good ol' cock cranking if you are in agreement with this idea. You are? That's wonderful, we'll lie down so I can get to work on the willie of yours. Oh my goodness you came prepared with a full erection from just sitting here talking with you! It's nice to know I still can make a young mans cock hard before touching it. You think your step-mom is pretty sexy still huh? Oh wow, your cock is larger than your father's. This is going to be fun getting your young cum from you. Look at that soft mushroom shaped tip you have, very nice indeed. Does my grip feel good? I love having a hard cock in my hand and it's been so long since I have. I especially like your young tight balls in my hand. Shall I spit on your shaft and make it slippery? We should make this fun for you. I'll get undressed for you. Mommie loves that hard dick of yours. Can I massage it with my pretty feet? I love the feel of a hard dick in the caress of my feet and toes. Do you like what I'm doing to you? I'm so glad you agreed to give me your precious gift. I can hardly wait to have part of you injected deep into me and to feel your seed start growing inside me. Do you have a nice big load for me? I need a nice big load from you ok? Give mommie a nice load of hot jizz for my collection cup. I'm ready for it, every last drop in my cup. Oh yes, what a good son you are! I think this huge load will do the trick nicely and if not, I will be back for more.

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Helping her paint.

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There is only one reason for a son to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon painting a room with his stepmother. Zoey finds out this reason when she sees her son's artwork for her on the wall. He painted a heart on the wall with MOM in the middle. Zoey is so flattered by his outward show of admiration that she can't help but want to do something nice back for him. It doesn't take her but a second to notice how deep his affection for her goes. All the blood has gone from his head down to his pants in a raging boner. Since they have a lot more painting to do Zoey figures the best way to speed things up is to get rid of the boner so they can get back to work.

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Helping stepmom pack.

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We're moving! My dad and stepmom have been letting me live with them while I'm going to college, and the house was getting kind of cramped ever since my new mom moved in with us. It's an old place, and the place we're moving too is absolutely incredible! We have about two months before the move, but for some reason my mom is all worried about being ready and has started packing boxes of things that we don't really use all that much, like books and stuff. I happened to walk in on her the other day, and she was up on a ladder pulling books off the highest shelf. She had her headphones on, so she didn't hear me come in. She was wearing the shortest little denim skirt I've ever seen on a hot MILF with legs as long as hers, so I couldn't help but perv out a little and catch glimpses of her perfect ass and the bright pink thong she had on. She was bent over, and I got a clear shot all the way up her legs and could even see her round little ass cheeks as she flexed and stretched to reach the highest shelf. I moved as close as I dared, hoping she wouldn't notice me, and rubbed my cock through my pants as I stared between her legs at the thin strip of fabric that barely covered her pussy lips. She climbed down from the shelf and I moved back away so that it wasn't obvious I had been peeping up her skirt, when suddenly she realized I was there. She asked what I was doing, and if I was going to help her pack or not. I couldn't really concentrate on packing right at that moment, because my cock was straining against my pants and aimed right at my mom. She knew that I was perving on her however, because that's what I always do, and I think it actually turns my mom on to know that I jack off thinking about her. "All you can think about is that cock of yours, I need you to help me pack!" she said. "What am I going to do with you. Do I need to jack you off so you can get that off of your mind and start helping out around here?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my Mom was offering to jerk me off if I would agree to help her pack! She held out her hand and said "Can you agree to help me pack this if I take care of your cock for you?" she asked. I nodded yes and took her hand in mine, thinking to myself that this hand was going to be around my cock in a minute or two. I laid down on the couch and let my Mom feel my cock through my pants. She was impressed with the size of it as she rubbed her hand up and down over the front of my shorts. She kept talking dirty to me, and told me that because she's my stepmom and didn't raise me, that she didn't have any problem doing this for me, and that she knew that I perv on her all the time. "I wonder if your dad suspects anything?" she asked. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down around my ankles. My cock was completely hard as she took it in her hands and spit on it. "You have a bigger cock than your dad does!" she said, as her hand kept up it's rhythm over my big cock. She told me that her pussy was getting wet, and that she never thought about a young guys cock before, but now that mine was in her hand she wanted more. She leaned back and placed her sexy feet on the sides of my cock and began to fuck me with the soles. I had never felt anything like that before, it was so hot to see her laying back and letting me look right up her skirt as she gave me a foot job. She did that for a little while, then leaned forward and took my cock in her skilled hands again. She pumped my rod up and down and my balls tightened up. The sound of my slippery cock being fucked by her palms sounded like I was fucking a pussy. I knew that if I gave my mom a good load, the chance to fuck her pussy was a very real possibility. I let myself go in my mom's hand and pumped out a huge load, that rand down the shaft and over her fingers. I'll never forget the look on her face, filled with lust as she kept pumping more and more cum out of my balls. When my orgasm finally ended she smiled at me and told me to get cleaned up so we could start packing. I know that the only thing I want to pack is my stepmom's tight pussy.

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Her best friend thinks I'm smart and cute.

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What would I ever do without your help? Your mom was so nice to recommend you to come help with my computer problem. Ever since my divorce I'm almost ashamed to say that computer is my only source of social activity. I was feeling pretty isolated without it and no one else could fix it, except you. You know, you're really cute and smart but I bet all the college girls tell you that. You mom told me that you haven't had a serious girlfriend yet. Have you ever seen a naked woman other than one on the internet? If you promise not to tell your mom, I think I know exactly how to repay you for your help with my computer. I've read a lot about guys your age being attracted to MILFS. I'm not officially one of those but I am a little older than you and I think still pretty attractive. Would you like to have a little naughty fun with me? We won't be very long so your mom shouldn't suspect a thing. I'd like to give you the best hand job you've ever had. No guy can resist a hand job right? Have you ever had a woman's breast on your cock? Feels good doesn't it? I'd like to slide your hard cock inside my tight pussy. It's been so long since I fucked a nice cock like yours. Divorced women have a harder time getting laid than one would think but this is fun how I'm playing with you. Your hard cock against my ass feels amazing. I could probably jerk you off with my tight ass cheeks. You know I have a lot of things around the house that need fixing so maybe we can come to an ongoing arrangement. Your cock is so fucking hard for me. I can feel my pussy getting wet at the thought of your cock inside me but that would be to wrong. Where would you like to see your cum on me? Oh yes, spray that cum hot load on my tits. Mmm, you taste so good. Look how shiny my tits are with your load. Now you've given yourself to a MILF. Tell your mom I'm going to need you to come fix a lot of things around my house, including me. I need your cum fix from now on.

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Her big tits make me hard.

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My Mom and Dad went on a cruise and didn't take me. This was the first time they went away without me, so I was looking forward to having the house to myself and maybe having a party or something. It was going to be great being alone... or so I thought. I was so pissed when they told me that they didn't trust me in the house, so they decided to send me to my Step Aunt's to spend the week. My aunt is my mom's stepsister, and they were always pretty close. She's divorced, and apparently hasn't had a boyfriend for a while. My mom told me to help around the house when I was staying with my aunt and to stay out of trouble while I was there. Fortunately, my aunt is a pretty hot MILF, with a pair of enormous knockers... I'd have something to look at for the next seven days at least. My first day there, my aunt asked me to help her with some chores around the house. She was wearing a loose top that was unbuttoned pretty far, allowing me a good look at her big titties. She was doing wash and handed me the basket, as she bent down to empty the dryer. She was asking me about school and stuff, but all I could do was stare down her blouse as her tits wobbled back and forth. To my embarrassment, she caught me staring! It didn't seem to bother her much though, and she told me to follow her into her bedroom to help her fold her clothing. Once inside her room, she asked me if I was checking her out earlier. She said she noticed that I had a bulge in my pants, and that it had been quite a while since she had a man around the house. She unbuttoned another button on her blouse as she continued folding, and looked up into my eyes. "Why don't you hop up on the bed and let me take care of that bulge for you". I couldn't believe what I heard! I jumped up on her bed and she started rubbing my crotch over my jeans. "You know, this has to be our secret. Don't tell your mom about this, ok?" She took off her top and let me have a good look at her huge tits, her nipples were sticking out of her bra. When she took her bra off completely, I was awestruck at her amazing body. "I bet you never expected this to happen, did you? You know, you've always been my favorite nephew." She pulled down my zipper and started pulling my pants off, as my engorged cock sprung out. My aunt took my cock in her hand and started stroking it up and down. This MILF knew how to handle a stiff dick! She spit on my rod and began to pump her hand up and down. I think she was getting really turned on herself, she apparently hadn't had dick in a long time. She stood up and took off her shorts and her panties and showed me her totally shaved pussy! She began to finger herself as she stroked me. "Your cock would feel so good in my tight little pussy." She was driving me crazy! "Are you going to give your Anutie your cum? Blow your fucking hot load everywhere for me!" She used two hands and pumped my cock like she needed my load. She aimed my dick at her big tits just as I felt myself beginning to bust a nut. My juice shot out of the head of my cock and covered her nipples as she rubbed the head against her tits. "I'm sure you'll be ready to go again in just a few minutes, so why don't we finish this laundry and we can come back and have some more fun?" This was going to be the best vacation ever.