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Can you work up a hard one for me?

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There has to be a reason you have cleaned and maintained my yard this whole summer without accepting any payment. I’ve been trying to put a finger on it and I think I know what your motivation is. You like me don’t you? We really aren't that different in age. I’ve noticed more than once your hard body in the summer heat and fantasized what you would feel like. Why don't you let me repay you for all the hard work you spent at my house. After all, you've earned every bit of pleasure you’re about to receive.

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Casting call gets creepy.

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Trying to get into legit modeling can be such a confusing game. I was told this meeting was legit for a magazine. I know I'm hot enough to be a real model. I mean you aren't all that unattractive to me. I just had my head in a different place that this wouldn't involve anything sexually. I don't have much experience with sex but if it means I can have some great photos I'm down to get down with you.

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Co-ed dorms are the best.

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Isn't this like crazy that we can be in each others bedrooms? I didn't get any freedom when I was living at home. I'm a bit overly excited right now because of something else that is awesome. I cant believe you haven't noticed or said anything about my braces being gone! You used to tease me so much, even calling me brace face! What do you think about my smile now? You know, the whole time I wore braces I didn't dare give head. Its been a long time since I tasted a dick. Do you want to be a good friend and the first guy I get to fool around with since being free of the brace face?

Missionary,Doggy Style,Blowjob,Cowgirl,Cum Shot,Redheads,All Natural,Long Hair

Coffee shop hook up

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I have to ask because well, you brought me here to your parents house. You are over eighteen right? Ive been coming to the coffee shop for a while now kind of hoping this moment would happen. I just didn't think I would be hooking up with you inside your parents house where you still live. I guess coffee shop wages don't really pay enough for your own place though. It doesn't matter because I would go practically anywhere to have a young cock. I'm not much older than you but enough to know what its like to miss fucking a guy who can get hard at the breeze of the wind.

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Come on , take it out.

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Good morning daddy. Look at my pretty friend who slept over last night, her name is Emma. I was telling Emma how enormous your cock is and she doesn't believe me. She wonders why I don't hook up with guys at our college and I told her it's because I have you at home. I told her it's not so bad because you're only my step dad so it's not like we're blood related. You didn't even raise me so we aren't like daddy daughter although you like me to call you daddy. I think she is going to love your big cock as much as I. We won't tell anyone. I've managed to keep this a secret from everyone for a long time, you know that. I wanted my friend Emma to feel as good as you make me feel with your big dick. That's it daddy, fuck my best girl friend. Give it to her good. Oh I can feel you thrusting into her! Are you going to give us your cum? Spray it all over her big tits! Oh wow, look at all that cum! That was so much fun. You know what your cum taste like daddy? Sweat, sin and shame.

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Come on step brother, be my scapegoat.

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I was stupid, took dad's truck out today and got into a small bump with a pole. There is no way I can take responsibility for the damage. I need you to tell him you did it. He is way harsher on punishment for me than you. Will you pretty please tell him you did it? I'll do anything, your laundry, clean your room, your want what? You want to fuck my tits? Eww, really? You're my step-brother, that's gross! Ok, ok. I've noticed you checking out my tits before. I'll take my shirt and bra off but don't get creepy about it. You're still my brother and I don't want to let anyone know that this happened. Do my soft tits feel as good as you thought they would? It kind of feels good to have your hard cock in between my tits. This is naughty and I like it. Can I suck you? I don't know what came over me but this has got me horny and I want to taste your cock. You can fuck my titties until you cum after I kiss your cock. Go ahead and stick your dick back in between my soft warm tits and give me that sticky load. Now I hope you keep your side of the deal. I have to go clean your cum off me. Don't talk about this to your friends cause we're still brother and sister. BRUNETTE PETITE TITTY FUCKING ALL NATURAL HAND JOB BLOW JOB TABOO CUM SHOT

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Compliments go far with me.

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Sometimes all a woman needs is her beauty appreciated. The way you just looked at me is a way your father hasn’t eyeballed me in years. The fact you are kind of eye fucking me when you could have your pick of any college girl tells me I still have it going on. I was heading out to hang out with my girlfriends but if you have some time why don’t we have a little harmless fun before I leave?

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Could you fuck a nerdy girl?

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I have to admit that no guy has ever carried my books for me while walking home from school. I usually walk home alone. I did not think anyone in college did these kind of things for girls anymore. Can you tell I’m a little nervous about you being here? I think you’re so attractive and it makes me wonder what you see in a nerdy girl like me. Why don’t we break the tension by playing a game. You show me yours and I will show you mine. Let’s start with touch. I don’t have much experience but I’m sure I will learn fast how to turn on a hot guy.

Pussy Licking,Missionary,Doggy Style,Internal Cumshot,Blonde,Blowjob,Cowgirl,All Natural,Long Hair

Dick before the day begins.

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I can't let you leave for work just yet. I have to have your cock or else I will be a whiney brat all day. Can't you spare less than ten minutes to give your girl a proper banging? You know that aching feeling when all you need is a good sexual release? Come on, don't make me beg when we could already be fucking! Ah I see that cock swelling in your slacks. Come closer so I can make it wet. Your girl is going to get her way with you isn't she?

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Dirty sexy date night

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We usually have sex every date night but tonight I wanted to spice it up a bit. Do you like my sexy lingerie? You always see me in a t-shirt and panties. I can see your cock is swelling as you see me in this cute nightgown. It has matching panties that show off my nice plump ass that you love so much. Oh that’s all you needed to see to get this party started! You’re the best boyfriend who deserves his girl anyway he wants.