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I am slightly obsessed.

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Your dad and I were casually talking and he mentioned you were also uncut which completely peeked my interest in having a look. You don't need to be embarrassed about showing me, I'm actually old enough to be your mother even though I'm only your step mom. What I didn't tell your dad is that I have a slight obsession with uncut penis. Its that Ive only ever seen your fathers and now, I hope yours. They aren't that common here in the U.S. which I'm sure has led to my obsession with seeing them. Just think of this as an examination. Come closer, Ill be gentle.

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I am the first to control it.

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I don't know what college is teaching you other than giving you a warped sense of self worth. I know you're a good looking young man but walking around here in your robe all day exposing yourself to me isn't going to fly anymore. You may be able to have those stupid girls at school all excited about your constant erection but not me. Get over here to the couch and lets give you a much needed lesson in humility and self constraint. After all, this is what stepmoms are for isn't it?

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I am the one you ordered.

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This is certainly not what I expected. How can I have sex with my own step son? This isn't going to happen. Didn't you look to see who you were hiring on the website? Look, I don't pass judgment because I am certainly not in the position to judge. I need to make some extra money and your dad isn't having sex with me anymore so this is what it's come to. Apparently you aren't getting enough sex either than you had to hire someone to come to your home and deliver it. Since we aren't going to fuck, why don't I just give you some encouragement to get yourself off so we can both leave satisfied. Lets just treat this like I was called here to deliver masturbation encouragement and you can donate to my shopping habits then we both are happy. So let's get to it, time is money.

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I came on step mommy's tits (with Darlene)

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You caught your step mother masturbating with your shirt in her hands and she just wants to explain. She was doing laundry and when she found your shirt, she had to touch herself. Your father does not satisfy her any longer and she wants to explore other options. Since she already got herself off today, maybe she can get you off now. Darlene is your hungry step mother and she really wants to touch your cock. When she reaches out to you, she feels exactly how much you want her. Start jerking your dick off while she tells you how happy she is that you are finally of legal age. Step mommy Darlene tells you that it has been a while since she has been properly fucked. She can keep this special time together a secret if you can. Now go ahead and shoot your load onto step mommy's titties.

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I can be your little girl.

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Ever since we got married you hint about how much you would like be play dress up as your little innocent girl. I'm a grown woman and supposed to be a responsible stepmother to your children and you want me to pretend to be a little girl? I've done some research on the subject and turns out you aren't alone in your weird fantasy so here I am tonight, your little girl. I put my hair in pig tails and donned knee high socks. The best part is I am wearing one of your business shirts and it smells so good, just like you! I can see your dick getting hard. Will you show me your dick because I'm a good girl and haven't seen one. I want to touch it like you are and rub it. Ok, now you keep rubbing it while I show you my pretty pink pussy and boobies. Oh you like watching my cute body move around the bed with my knee high socks. Keep stroking yourself and make your big daddy dick make a mess on my big chest. Oh look! You made such a big mess on your little girl. That was so much fun. I love playing dress up for my sexy man.

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I can help you last longer.

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You should be on a date with your girlfriend. Tonight is date night for your dad and I so we will be leaving as soon as he gets home. Whoa, you seem kind of down. You're nervous about seeing you girlfriend because she complained about your sex life? What do you mean? Oh, I see. Premature ejaculation is not a fun thing to deal with it any age much less a guy your age. Tell you what, I probably have just enough time to help you out so you can go see your girlfriend with confidence tonight. All you have to do is listen to my direction. I don't mind, this is part of being a step mom.

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I can help you with your premature ejaculation problem.

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Honey, we need to talk. You returned my laptop with quite a few windows open regarding the topic of premature ejaculation. You are the only person I let use my laptop so I know this is something you have been researching information on. I know I'm not your real mother but maybe I can be of some help regarding this uncomfortable matter. You seem to be dating quite a lot of different girls lately, are they complaining about your sexual performance? Oh, I see. So anytime a hand gets near your cock you pretty much spew your goo after only a few minutes of stimulation? Oh dear, that is a problem and one that will only complicate your life the older you get. Why don't you lie down here next to me and I will most certainly use my knowledge and experience to help you. Make yourself comfortable and get used to the idea of me touching your penis in all sorts of ways. I want you to not focus so much on the sensations my hands are giving you. Think about playing basketball or some other activity than sex. Don't you dare cum before I say you can. I'm not into giving hand jobs away for no good reason. This is strictly to help you with a sexual dysfunction. You know, there are actual qualified therapists to help you with this matter but I genuinely care for you and figure we'll try therapy at home before going and spending money in a cold doctors office for treatment. How does this feel? I can see your balls tighten up as if you are getting ready to blow your load but you must not let it go yet! Get used to all the places on your shaft and your tip that I touch so gently. Oh I know how good this all feels but you must hold your cum back until I say you can release it otherwise how will I be able to truly help you? Now I'm going to give you a little more stimulation and show you my breasts. You have to learn to control yourself in all situations so you don't continue on as that 'two pump chump'. Ok, you've lasted almost fifteen minutes for me so anytime you are ready you can let go of that nasty cum. I know how much you need to release this hot load that torments you so often everyday. You can do it for me now. Oh yes, give mommie all that warm goo. I am so proud of you for lasting as long as you did! Now, you know I am all about saving money so anytime you need me to give you this therapy you come to me and we will help solve this premature ejaculation problem together until you wont have a problem with it at all.

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I can't cheat on your father.

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I'm so embarrassed you caught me making out with a pillow. You have to understand how horny I am. Your dad and I have only been married a couple years and already the sex has disappeared. I can't cheat on your father so I am desperate for some friction down there and this pillow will have to do. I don't mind if you watch me. You're just my step son so I don't see anything wrong with us both feeling some sexual pleasure. I'm not going to touch you so its all o.k. I'm sure you're going to love watching my big mommy titties bounce as I get my sexual frustration out on this soft fluffy pillow.

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I can't stop thinking about you.

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You may wonder why I am in your room right now. Your father isn't home so this is the perfect opportunity to discuss our mutual flirtations that happened last week on the family vacation. I didn't know you had a thing for older women especially one who is your step-mom. I have to admit I am attracted to you as well. You look so much like your father, except a young version. I'm curious to take this further if you are. Of course what ever we do does not go beyond your bedroom door. Come a little closer so I can touch that cock of yours. Oh its bigger than your father's! I wasn't expecting that. I want to kiss it and make it completely hard. I can hardly wait to feel that big dick buried deep in my pussy but you have to lick me first and get me wet and ready for you. Oh god yes, slide it in and fuck me good just like you said you wanted to. I want to get on top and ride you, show you what a real woman feels like bouncing on that stiff rod of yours. This feels so damn good, do you want to cum with me? Let's cum together. See what you did to moms little pussy? You made a mess inside my hole. I'm going to leave your cum inside me and if your dad gets horny tonight guess what he will be sticking his dick in? Until next time, little lover.

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I care about your cock.

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Now that you're eighteen it's time to have a little talk. Even though I'm just your stepmother, I am certainly not ready to be a grandmother. I don't want you going out there spreading your seed and getting trapped to a girl you don't love. Instead of fucking every hole available, I am going to show you how to take care of your needs all by yourself. Don't be bashful, this is serious business. If you can completely take care of your own cock then you shouldn't have to stick your dick in every hole that spreads open for you. I want you to grab hold of your dick and do exactly as I do to this dildo. That's it, lube it and rub it up and down. Don't forget to circle the head and under the head where it's very sensitive. Look at my big breasts and imagine how good your cock would feel sliding in between them. You see my little pussy and how wet it is? Just imagine inserting your dick deep inside me and plunging it. Now stroke your cock as if you were fucking me until you release that hot load. I brought tissues for your clean up. That was great! Now anytime you have a date planned I want you to spend some alone time before the date and drain those loaded balls of yours. In fact, you should be draining your balls a few times a day at your age. I'm going to check back with you next week and I expect to see a trash bin full of used tissues in your room. I'm so glad we were able to talk like this.