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Give me the D again.

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We arent wasting one minute of time now that your dad is officially on his plane. Oh yes, he called right before he powered his phone off. Its just you and me now and you know why I am in your bedroom. I must have that dick again. I know this is kind of wrong but I cant stop myself. You like fucking me to dont you? From the looks of that bulge growing in your underwear I see the answer is yes.


Give step mom your baby-batter before your date.

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Just like Daddy's have their little princess daughters, some Mommy's have MaMa's boys for sons. I happen to be very fond of my budding stepson. Ever since his Dad departed it's just been him and I at the house. I've gotten used to having him with me in the evenings hanging at home. He needs to go on dates, I know, but I don't feel any girl out there is going to love him as much as I do and take care of him the way I like to.

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Give step mommy your cum (with Simone Sonay)

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Your step mother is already bothering you about how lazy you are. You are not actually lazy, but you have a boner and you want to jack off all day long. You feel emboldened and you ask your step mother for a little help. She agrees, but she tells you that this is the last time. She takes off her dress and she stands before you in her bra and panties with thigh-high stockings and she grabs your cock and begins working on it. "No, I'm not putting my mouth on it this time," she scolds you. Step mommie Simone always takes good care of you. Your next request is that she shows you her tits, but you cannot touch them. Her coaching of your jerk session is always exactly what you need. How does she know you so very well? Step mommie tells you that she can feel your balls tightening and she asks if you want to see her pussy. Sliding her panties to the side, she laments that there is not enough time for more fun today. You reach over to touch her pussy, but she slaps your hand away and starts pumping your dick again. "Give mommy your cum," she purrs. When you do, she tells you what a good boy you are.

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Giving step mummy my cum (with Lisa DeMarco)

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Your step mother has been trying to get pregnant for the last year, but since your dad is so much older, things are going a little slowly. She was examined out at the hospital and she is medically cleared, so it is your dad that is the problem. Lisa does not have the heart to tell him this, so she is coming to you for some assistance. Could you please give her your sperm so that she can be artificially inseminated with it? It would really help her out of a tight spot with her husband. Please? You agree to help and she is grateful. She is so very grateful that she offers to help you to work out a nice load for the clinic. Her accent has always turned you on, so listening to her instruct you in delivering a big sperm sample is more than you could have ever imagined. Lisa shows you that her nipples are getting hard. "Am I being naughty?" she queries. She then informs you that her panties are wet, so she decides to remove them. Her pussy is so pink and wet that you would willingly fuck her right then and there to give her the sperm she so needs. Her pussy lips are ample, aren't they? You love how her pussy looks. She can tell that you are nearly ready to give her what she needs, so she readies the sample jar. Are you ready to give mummy your jizz? She takes your load in the jar and rushes off to the clinic.

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Help me find my contact.

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If you don't mind, I need your help. Get down on the floor with me and sort of crawl around but be careful. I'm looking for my lost eye contact. I can hardly see anything without my contacts in. Can you see it anywhere? I feel so foolish here on my hands and knees with my cleavage obviously spilling from my dress in this position but I must find that darn thing! You should be looking for my lost contact not trying to see down my dress. If it will help you focus on finding my contact maybe I can do something about that growing bulge I notice in your pants. Lie down for mommie so we can see exactly what's going on in those pants. Has a girl ever touched your penis or am I the first? I'll show you how a girl can take care of that hard penis of yours without even fucking it. I see how excited you are for mommie. Is it my enormous breasts that make you excited? Is it the thought of doing something sexual with your dads wife that makes you so rock hard? I want to be a good mommie for you and keep you happy you know. You can hardly wait for mommie to jack you off can you? Do you think about how good your dick would feel sliding in between mommies big tits? I bet those college girls you go to school with don't have big tits like mine. Your cock feels so good against my warm titties. I know something else warm that I'm sure you would like to see. My pussy is as pretty as my perfect breasts. I'll show you my pink pussy as I jack you off. Do you like how my pussy is completely shaved? It's so soft and smooth around my pussy lips. I'm sure your dock would feel incredible inside my fleshy pussy. Would you like to fuck mommies pussy? Think of how good mommies pussy would feel with you plowing deep inside while I bring your cock to orgasm. Mommie is going to jerk the cum right out from your cock. It feels so good doesn't it? Oh yes, look at all that cum for mommie. What a good boy you are. You are such a good boy. Did you like the way mommie made you cum? Oh hey! I see my contact on the carpet! It was there the whole time. I just needed a different perspective to find it. Thank you for helping mommie and remember this needs to be our little secret.

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Help Mom have a baby.

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Thank you for taking a few moments to come have a talk with me. Your father and I have only been married a year so I know I haven't been your step-mom for very long but I have something very important to talk with you about. You see, my biological clock is ticking rather quickly. I want to have a baby. Your father and I have been trying, without success. I went to the Dr. and check out just fine but I think it's your dad little soldiers that's the problem, they're a little worn and tired if you catch what I am saying. I need young, strong healthy sperm. What better way to keep this in the family than by gathering some of your semen and inseminating me with it! It's brilliant really, and your father will never know if you can keep this a secret. I won't be fucking you for it but will extract it with some good ol' cock cranking if you are in agreement with this idea. You are? That's wonderful, we'll lie down so I can get to work on the willie of yours. Oh my goodness you came prepared with a full erection from just sitting here talking with you!


Helping her paint.

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There is only one reason for a son to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon painting a room with his stepmother. Zoey finds out this reason when she sees her son's artwork for her on the wall. He painted a heart on the wall with MOM in the middle. Zoey is so flattered by his outward show of admiration that she can't help but want to do something nice back for him. It doesn't take her but a second to notice how deep his affection for her goes. All the blood has gone from his head down to his pants in a raging boner. Since they have a lot more painting to do Zoey figures the best way to speed things up is to get rid of the boner so they can get back to work.

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Helping stepmom pack.

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We're moving! My dad and stepmom have been letting me live with them while I'm going to college, and the house was getting kind of cramped ever since my new mom moved in with us. It's an old place, and the place we're moving too is absolutely incredible! We have about two months before the move, but for some reason my mom is all worried about being ready and has started packing boxes of things that we don't really use all that much, like books and stuff. I happened to walk in on her the other day, and she was up on a ladder pulling books off the highest shelf. She had her headphones on, so she didn't hear me come in. She was wearing the shortest little denim skirt I've ever seen on a hot MILF with legs as long as hers, so I couldn't help but perv out a little and catch glimpses of her perfect ass and the bright pink thong she had on. She was bent over, and I got a clear shot all the way up her legs and could even see her round little ass cheeks as she flexed and stretched to reach the highest shelf. I moved as close as I dared, hoping she wouldn't notice me, and rubbed my cock through my pants as I stared between her legs at the thin strip of fabric that barely covered her pussy lips.

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Her highly arched feet.

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She teases me with every inch of her perfectly pedicured highly arched feet. I get views of her pretty pussy and painted toes. She knows I have a foot fetish and must stroke myself while in admiration of her soles. She encourages me to milk every last drop of cum from my cock as I imagine it glazing her pink toenail polish white.


Horny Holiday stepmom seduces me.

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I'm layin' around in my room trying to decide if I should go to a Christmas party or just crank one out and fall asleep, when I heard a knock at my bedroom door. It sounded like my step-mom asking if I was in my room, but she was supposed to be at my dad's annual Christmas party. Turns out she left the party after she found my dad making out with his secretary in the copy room. I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do about the situation so I just laid there and listened to her. She really looked heartbroken, sexy as fuck, and heartbroken. She sadly told me how she really went all out with choosing a sexy outfit this year in hopes of impressing my dad yet he hardly even noticed her. I couldn't let her see but when she walked in my bedroom in her Christmas outfit my dick began to swell immediately. I didn't want to go to the party tonight because I knew who would be there, lots of annoying over talkative chicks my own age who I can hardly stand to be around. All they care about is how expensive their designer purses are and who's hair extensions look the best. I want a real woman, some one with looks and heart, like my step-mom. So what if her body isn't as tight as these young twenty somethings my own age, she has held up well over the years, plus she is just so nice and cares for me. This night couldn't be turning out better if I had planned it. My mom also told me she has been reading about young guys my age who are into older women like her. From the rock hard dick in my pants since she entered the room she put two and two together and concluded I am one of those young guys. She started to glow at the acknowledgement her presence was turning me on. She asked if I would want to be her young boy toy who would make her feel attractive and desirable. I was in a bit of a daze that this was happening but completely accepting to be whatever she wanted or needed. She started rubbing my groin area and then removed my pants to expose my rock hard dick of desire for her. She told me its bigger than my dads and felt so good in her hands. I didn't need to be compared to my dad but was secretly flattered that she was wanting to please me. She stroked my cock so good with her experienced hands. I loved the way she was talking to me, like this was our own secret intimate moment and just the beginning of many more to come. Her tit slipped out of its dress and since it was already exposed she showed me both of them, so perfect. The sight of her garter belt and sheer stockings sent me over the edge. I could feel the build up of cum just waiting to release all over her soft hands. I held back until she asked for my cum and then let it go, all of it, emptied my balls , all for her. As I lay there with my head reeling from such an intense release, she actually said she was glad my dad did what he did because now it gave us our chance to bond and make a special holiday memory of our own as well as give us a sexy start to a brand new year.