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Do you think I dress sexy?

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Your father really hurt my feelings earlier by telling me I don't dress sexy enough for him. I need a man's opinion and it certainly isn't going to come from him, which is why I asked you to come in my bedroom. You're a smart young man. I mean you get really good grades at the junior college so I figure you would give me an honest opinion if I ask for it. I would like to try on some of my favorite bra's and will you tell me if you think they qualify as sexy? Don't be embarrassed, a stepson is allowed to help his mother like this. Of course it probably wouldn't be a good idea to tell your father we are doing this. It will put a smile on my face if you think I'm sexy.

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Do you think I'm sexy?

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I have to talk with you. Something happened at the grocery store that has me very upset. You see the outfit I'm wearing? I look sexy right? Well the guy at the grocery store called me Ma'am. I don't look like I should be called Ma'am do I? I think I look pretty hot for my age and now I'm all depressed. I'm not really that much older than you. I'm hardly old enough to be anything but your step mom. I don't think your dad would understand why I'm so upset but you seem to understand. I think I even see something stirring in your pants. So you're attracted to your step mom. Will you help me feel sexy again? This is wrong for me to touch you like this but so long as you don't tell your father then we can have this as our secret. Give me that young cock of yours and make mommie feel sexy again. Oh yes, drive it in deep. Can you feel my pussy lips wrap around your cock? I needed this so much and from the feel of your throbbing dick you needed this to. Look at my fat ass move against your body as you drill me with that dick. Oh god yes, give my all your young hot cum all over my big ass! Mmm, that is just what I needed to feel sexy again.

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Do you think it is a sign?

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I am quite sure I just felt you eye fucking my ass while I was bent over looking for my missing wedding ring. Your father will be beside himself if he gets home and notices it's not on my finger where it should be. I think this is some kind of sign why it keeps falling off my finger. What do you think? Help me find my ring would you? Oh wait, what is that? It's true what I was thinking! My ass up in the air turned you on didn't it! Like I was saying, I think it's some kind of sign why I keep losing my wedding ring. I feel like being naughty and well, if I don't look down and see a wedding ring on my finger then I won't feel guilty about having some fun with my step son. I see you want it to. Let me help you out of those pants.

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Dont grow up and be like your father.

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We had another fight and I can't handle sleeping on the couch again. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around when couples fight? He yells at me to go sleep on the couch then passes out in our bed. I am so exhausted and wondering if it would be ok just this once to come sleep in bed with you. I'm just your stepmom so it should be ok right? Guys your age aren't attracted to older women like me anyway so if I lie down here beside you we are both comfortable enough with each other to just fall asleep right? Great, thanks for sharing your bed with me tonight. Oh, what is that? No really, what is that? I see quite a mound under the sheet where your penis is. It appears to be swelling by the second. Are you aroused at your stepmom lying beside you? Well I am completely flattered. You would be so nice to me if you and I were together wouldn't you? Don’t grow up to be a jerk like your father. You're nineteen so there is still time to teach you how to treat a woman. I'd like to teach you a few things right now, starting with your growing mound. I'll take care of you just like a good mom should.

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Every guy has their weirdness.

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Your stepmother is totally sympathetic to your stocking fetish. I helped her have a little better understanding about what fascination you have with her stockings. Since she is such a good friend to me I suggested we do this special experience with you so you know every guy has their weirdness and yours really isn't all that weird. What is it in particular you love about women's stocking feet? To show you how much we accept your fetish we want you to reach in your pants and grab hold of your cock. You're going to stroke yourself while we give you a sexy show. When we decide the time is right, we will give you one of our stockings to wrap around your cock and balls so you can ejaculate on our pretty partially stocking feet. I find it very sexy for a man your age to have such an advance appreciation of a woman who wears stockings. I wish in knew a guy like you when I was your age and in college. It looks like you need to let go of your hot load. Your mom and I offer our feet for you to cover in your cum. You look so happy and relaxed now! Go ahead and keep our soiled stockings for future spank bank material. This was so much fun!

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Foot slave in training.

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I appreciate your efforts in picking up your dads regular household duties while he is away. There is one more duty your father does that you will also need to perform until he returns home. You must worship my petite perfect feet. I want them kissed, licked, massaged, caressed and anything else that would make me feel like the pampered queen I am. Your dad is calling me right now to check on things here at home. Go ahead and make yourself useful while I tell you dad what a good son you are for taking care of me. You love your stepmother don't you.

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Foot slave.

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I am such a lucky step mom. I wonder how many step mothers get the luxury of having their sons strong young hands wrapped around moms tired feet? You never complain when I ask for a foot massage. Mom needs some extra relaxation today so I'm going to rub my special place while you focus on my feet. To show you I'm not completely selfish in my desires for pleasure Ill let you sneak peeks of my breasts. I have seen you trying to peer down my low cut blouses before so now you have my permission to stare as long as you desire. This is going to be so much fun for us both.

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For you ass lovers

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Cherie is known for her plump yet fit ass cheeks. She graciously shares her best assets with you little perverts. I know you lust after your step mother and if she looks like Cherie, any hot blooded young man would want her!

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From frumpy to humpable.

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Something has to change around this house. Ive become the frumpy woman I swore I would never be! There must be a different way to exist than cleaning up after you men in the house. I have to always wear my workout clothes because cleaning up after you pigs is quite the daily workout. One day I am going to get so fed up feeling frumpy and you wait, a major change is coming.

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Get out from under my bed!

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Ever since we started our little game its been weird around the house hasn't it? We like to have our quick intimate moments when your Dad isn't around. I have even shared you with my sister and my best friend. You must have a really hungry appetite today to wedge yourself under my bed just to catch a glimpse of your step mother's pussy as I am getting dressed. I have only let you see my tits this far into our game. I am a little disturbed when I catch you yet intrigued that you would go through such effort to spy on me. We can't let our little secret be known to your father now can we? It's good that you at least come to me when he isn't at home. You have to learn some boundaries though! What if I thought you were a robber or someone here to harm me? We must keep our game safe so that we both want to continue to play, ok? You surprised me and now I am going to surprise you. Today I want you to smell my pretty lace panties while I jerk you off. You wanted to see my pussy so bad that you hid under my bed! Now you get to feel my hands on your hungry cock and inhale the scent of my private place. I know what you like and waste no time pumping my tight grip on your pole.