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You're SO small!

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There is something that has been bugging me ever since we all became a family when I married your father. I can't help but be constantly reminded how small you are every time I look at you. You're the same age as my son yet you're like 2 feet shorter than him. How does it make you feel to be SO small? Hold your hand to mind. Hahaha, look how I can wrap my fingers around yours because even your hands are small. The one thing I am most curious about is the size of your dick. Come on, I'm your stepmom now so it's no big deal that you show me. You kids are nineteen and my son has a really cute girlfriend who I'm sure is satisfied with my son's 8.5" dick but yours...what can we do with that? We'll have to find you a cute girl who likes cute small guys. I think I'm going to start measuring you every week to see if you can at least grow another inch while you're still living here. It's so sad that my son will probably date and fuck every girl you fall in love with. It's ok though, now that I'm your stepmom I will always think you're special.

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You're such a horny young man.

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How long have you been standing there watching me do dishes? I can tell by that look in your eye that you need something. I think I know what you need. Your father is going to be home from work soon so if what I am thinking is what you want let's get on with it and finish quickly. Go ahead and pull your cock out. I'm not going to do it for you. Come over here to the counter while I sit and pull out my big tits for you for some encouragement. You like mommies huge tits don't you? What other stepmom would notice her son needs help and offer her body for masturbation encouragement? I think I'm a pretty great stepmom for you. While you stoke your cock why don't you bend down and kiss my pussy. Make mommie feel good while you are making yourself feel good. Yes, like that. Give my pussy nice wet kisses and make mommie feel really good. Keep stoking and hurry up so you can soak my huge tits with your warm goo. I really need to get those dishes finished before your father gets home so stroke faster. Oh yes, what a good son you are! Don't you feel better now? You gave me so much cum! Now you can think clearly to go finish your homework and I can get back to my dishes.

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Your cock is now mine.

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You should know I only married your father for his money. You must know I don't have a sex life. This is where you come in. You're a hot young stud muffin who I'm sure has plenty of seed to spread. Why not share some of that with your new stepmom? As long as you live under this roof you will do as I say. Your father put me in charge of running the household, which includes the maintenance of my pussy. All those stupid girls you bring home from college aren't allowed in my house anymore. Why would you even want those stupid inexperienced girls when you could have a woman? I'm going fuck you whenever I please. I don’t even want you touching your own dick. It's mine now. I get to suck it then fuck it. I see you want this because you're already hard for me. Fuck this pussy like your father can't ever do. I know you have a lot of sexual energy and I want it all expended on me! Let me see that cum load of yours. Pull your cock out and spooge all over these huge tits. Oh yes, I knew you would have lots of hot cum for me. Your father doesn't even release a teaspoon but look at all that hot young cum you make, just for me now. By the way, I like to fuck about 3-4 times each day so get used to it. Keep yourself hydrated my new sex toy.

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Your dad cant keep up with me.

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I notice you spend a lot of time in your room alone lately. You seem to be taking after your dad in that way. He is having a nap as usual. He always needs to sleep it seems. What am I supposed to do while he sleeps? All this rest and you think he would have enough energy to keep up with me when it comes to sex, and he doesnt. What about you? I mean, even though I am your stepmother do you find me attractive? I know Im not as young as those college girls you go to school with but I still have it going on, right? Hey, you want to help your mom out and take care of me in ways your father has forgotten about?

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Your dad is gone and I need penetration.

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Your dad has been gone for a week and I'm not sure if I can go any longer without a cock in me. In fact, I know I can't. This is why I called you into my bedroom. I want your cock. It's not like you're my real son so it's not so wrong but still, don't tell your father about this. I'll cum really quick. I’m so horny. Would you lick me first before you stick that beautiful dick in me? Oh yes, slide that tongue up and down my slit real slowly. You like this pretty little slit don't you? Your dick was hard already as I was just talking to you about fucking me. You must have wanted this to happen as bad as I do. Oh yes, fuck me slow and deep. I like it like that. You feel so much better than your dad ever has. When you're ready to cum, pull yourself out and spray it on my tits for me. Ohhh, its feels so good to have sticky cum on me, and you taste good to! You're such a good boy, taking care of your mom like this. Now that you took care of my pussy I will go make us dinner and take care of your tummy. Go get cleaned up for dinner and who knows, maybe I will be the dessert.

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Your penis is so cute!

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I know you stay in your room a lot and it concerns me so I want to talk with you a little. If anything I say makes you uncomfortable don't worry, I'm only your stepmother. It's o.k. to tell me what bother's you. I was wondering if you don't have a girlfriend because maybe you have a small penis like your father. Let me tell you all the reasons why having a small penis is a very good thing. First, you must stop watching porn because it will only make you feel bad about your penis size. I have seen a lot of penis in my days and want to show you how to properly make yours feel amazing. Why do you think I married your dad? If your small penis dad can get a hot trophy wife like me then that just proves to you size really does not matter.

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Your small penis is a gift.

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I notice that you spend way too much time in your room lately. As your stepmother I feel it's part of my duty to find out why all the moping is happening. You're a good looking young man and should be outside enjoying the summer weather, not cooped up in your bedroom all day. I thought once you enrolled in college, all your time would be spent being busy but that doesn't appear to be the case, so what is the problem? Your dick is the problem? What is wrong with it? The guys at school tease you about how small it is? From my experience with your father, a small penis is a gift. I don't have to be fearful its going to go too deep and we can play around with anal sometimes without fear of permanent damage to me. Oh, that's probably too much information. What I am trying to say is, I am sure your dick size is just fine and there is a girl out there just waiting to meet you who will love it. Why don't you let me take a look and give you a woman's opinion? I wouldn't mind showing you exactly how appreciative I am of a smaller penis.

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Your small penis is just fine.

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Even though I'm not your real mother I can tell something has been bothering you, can we talk? Your father is gone for a while yet so this is the perfect time for us to bond a little better. I happen to know you haven't ever had a girlfriend. You are certainly old enough to have had a few girlfriends by now so what's the problem? Oh you think you have a small penis and are embarrassed of it. I really want to get to know you and help you so you aren't so bummed out all the time. Why don't you show me what you have and I will let you know what I think. Oh my, yes it is quite small isn't it. Hey, it's the perfect size for anal! And you won't ever make a girl gag when she is sucking on you so those are positive things about having a small penis size. Since you showed me your private parts, I'll show you mine and I want you to touch and stroke yourself as you watch me undress. Yes, I am encouraging you to masturbate. You must get familiar with your penis and learn to be grateful for it because someday I know you will find a woman who will love it. How nice is it that you have a penis you can put in any woman's holes and it won't hurt her. Do you like my pink pussy? Keep stroking your penis while you look at mommies big tits and perfect pussy. I want to see you cum for me. Make me proud. Ah! Look at that tiny load! No woman will ever choke on your cum load and that is a very good thing sweetie. I'm so glad we could have this bonding moment together.

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You’re perving a bit too much.

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I have no idea where to go in this house to get some privacy from your prying eyes. I notice you stealing looks when I’m cooking but most often you come around when I’m practicing yoga. Is it the many ways I bend my body that turns you on? You might be the horniest step son I’ve ever known. You don't hold back do you? I know when you catch me alone in the house you touch yourself then hurry off to your bedroom. Why don't we both be mature about this? Let me see you touch yourself until you let go of whatever you have stored in those college age balls. May as well make this fun for the both of us since you interrupted my yoga zen. Starring: Stevie Lix Featuring the following: STEP MOM MATURE MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION LONG HAIR BLONDE ALL NATURAL JERK OFF INSTRUCTION YOGA PANTS