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Are you horny for me?

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We don't have to go to the bed when there's a couch right here. I'm so horny for you honey. I see your cock swelling in your pants for me. I don't always have to wear sexy lingerie or bra and panty sets for you. I appreciate this so much about you that you want me just as I am, in my comfy casual clothes. We're made for each other.

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Are you into younger women?

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You’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out with my dad. I know you two are best friends but it seems that since I turned eighteen last year you’re always over here. I think I know what’s going on. You’re into younger women. I never hear you talk about dating women your age. I think that’s hot. Older men are so much better at life than guys my age. I bet you’re a really great fuck. I’m almost naked anyway in this bikini so why don’t we have some fun?

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Are you ready for cardio training?

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My workouts have improved tremendously since you became my training buddy. We had such an awesome lift session today don't you think? I feel so pumped up, how about you? Does a great workout ever leave you feeling, you know, turned on sexually? I'm serious! Maybe it's the testosterone flowing or how proud I am of my tight fit body that makes me so horny. You are so shy! Hey, since we didn't do any cardio at the gym today, why don't we have a little cardio session a different way? I'm talking hot, sweaty sex! Ah, I saw that stirring in your pants. Looks like you are quick to bone up for your workout buddy to. I'm so excited for this. I've been craving to see that cock of yours since our first time at the gym.

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Are you sure about this?

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Don't you feel a little weird about this at all? It's weird for me to be on the same bed that you slept in as you grew up. I have to pause for a moment and think about all the things you probably did on this bed, like how many times you rubbed one out in the middle of the night. I don't think there are many girls that would come bang you on such an old and tiny bed as this. You're lucky I want you so bad and am willing to fuck you just about anywhere.

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Are you sure we have privacy?

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Its fun to cut class and all to come sneak a quick fuck but you have to promise me this time that your roommates are not going to walk in on us! Its embarrassing to me and I don't feel I can completely relax and enjoy you. To make sure I get off just in case one of your roommates does appear, I want you to go down on me first. Yes, I am practically telling you exactly what I want you to do to me, me first.

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Are you sure your wife is asleep?

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I consider myself very lucky to have this nanny job and be employed by a sexy older man. I picked the right career path that led me to you. I'm assuming by you coming into my room that your wife took a sleeping pill again and is out. You don't waste any time making your way to my room for some fun do you? Well come closer so I can touch it.

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Aww, youre a nerd boy!

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You and I both know the reason were here. You are hoping to get laid tonight. I am interested mainly because I don't usually date nerds. I can see a bad boy waiting to get out of you. I can also see something else waiting to get out of those pants. I have decided I will have sex with you tonight on one condition, you get a tattoo. I will take you to get your first tattoo. No, you don't want one? I guess you don't want this beautiful pussy of mine that much after all. Oh, so now you will get a tattoo. You wont be sorry. I have twenty two tattoos so you have a lot of catching up to do if I like having sex with you and decide to make you my boyfriend.

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Be an obedient slave.

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You waited for weeks to have a session with Mistress Austin. As you kneel before her you can hardly believe you're here in in her presence. She is every bit the goddess you imagined. Her voice is sultry yet commanding. She is going to fulfill your every fantasy as her slave today. You must listen to her demands closely and do as she says because you do not want to upset her.

Doggy Style,Small Tits,Blonde,Blowjob,Cowgirl,Petite,All Natural,Cum In Mouth

Be bad with me.

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I never thought I would be hooking up in a garage. I mean seriously, how desperate am I? I do have a boyfriend so I do get sex but hes so ridiculously sweet that I find myself bored with our sex life. There is such a thing as a guy being too nice isn't there? Look at you, you're kind of a dick, I can tell. Look at you though, you're so fucking hot! You aren't looking for a girlfriend so lets establish you're my side guy. Were actually doing him a favor by hooking up. I can use the passion between us to go back to my boyfriend and actually like having sex with him. You get what I'm saying, right?

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Be more than a pretty face.

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You know how much I’ve enjoyed having you around but lately I am more agitated than anything else. Let’s get down to the point since I see you aren’t catching the hint. Unless you step up your game in sex, I will be looking for a new pretty boy to replace you. I don’t want to have to teach anyone anything but since you’re so attractive you get a small pass and a short leash.