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Come share bath time with me.

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You know how much I enjoy bath time after a long work day. Your father was supposed to be here to draw my bath but he has better things to do now it seems. Just give me a listening ear while I tell you all about my day. Oh you like my red toenail polish? It is my favorite color as well. I do have pretty feet don't I? Yes, I have large breasts to. Let's pay attention to my feet right now. You should try some of the things I am about to share with you with the next girl you get serious with. You really are a great stepson you know? Most guys your age only care about their next conquest and here you are caring about your stepmothers well being. I think we should make a full night of fun together. Go wait for me on my bed and we can watch a movie together and snuggle and who know what after that.

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Cranking it for my step mommie Daisy Layne

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Is that morning wood you have? Your step mommie Daisy finds it intriguing and she asks if you need some help before she leaves for work. She removes her jacket and begins. Just relax and take your dick in your hand. Start stroking it while Daisy slides off her skirt. Her legs are so long and lean. She wears a purple lacy thong and she knows of your love of a girl in lace underthings. Even better, though, is a naked girl, and she knows this as she removes her lacy bra. Her firm, perky titties are the perfect size. Daisy squeezes her perfect tits and she plays with her hard nipples. Finally she removes her panties and she stands before you as a naked Amazon goddess. She encourages you to cum on her sexy ass and when you do, she seems quite pleased with your efforts.

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Cum for mommy! (with Carey Riley)

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You are on vacation with your step mom, but your dad will arrive tomorrow. Since you have some time alone, your step mom Carey wants to talk with you. She is going to be blunt. She knows that you masturbate to porn, but she is curious whether you have ever been with a real girl. No, you have not, but you are excited to be some day. Well, that day is right now. Your step mommy wants to take good care of you. Unzip your pants and wrap your hand around your shaft. Slowly move your other hand up and down your dick. Remember that mommy is here to help you. She exposes her boobs and you cannot help but thinking that this might be wrong. That thought goes away as soon as she begins to pinch her nipples. She commands you not to stop jerking your dick as she takes off her skirt and shows you her black lace panties. You really want to see her pussy and you are excited when she takes off those panties. Your step mommy plays with her pussy and she even shoves two fingers inside. It is obvious that step mommy knows best as she encourages you to stroke your dick until you explode to cries of, "Cum for mommy!" all over her pussy.

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Cumming in step mommie Jackie Lin's mouth

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Your step mother wants to surprise her husband with a new outfit, but she would like your input. Do you mind if she undresses in front of you? Before you have time to even consider an answer, she has already begun to undress and try on her first outfit. Her firm titties are soon covered in a pretty black bra. She asks if you like it and she points out that it exposes her nipples a bit. Don't men like these lacy things? You are still in shock over what is happening. What if your dad walks in on this?! Step mommie Jackie is now standing there pulling up a pair of matching black panties. You like this outfit, you tell her, but you are excited to see the next one. The next choice is orange with a little leopard print. Step mommie Jackie sees that you are enjoying this from the bulge in your pants. As you examine this second choice, it is clear to you both that this is the one! Out of nowhere, she asks to see your dick. You happily drop trou and start stroking yourself. Can she please taste your precum? Your horny step mommie tells you that when it is time for your orgasm, she wants every drop of your jizz all over her. She can tell that you are getting closer and she reaches over to touch your dick. She strokes you a little and she can tell you are ready to cum. She opens her mouth wide and gobbles up everything you have to give her.

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Cumming on my slutty step mom's tits (with Nadia Styles)

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Not everyone has a step mom as sexy as yours is. Nadia is cutting up some apples for a snack and you wonder why she is dressed like a slut. She is hoping you can give her pointers about being a "real mom." She starts asking you questions about yourself and you get the feeling that she is into you. She is hot and you love the attention. Nasty step mom Nadia thinks that she wants to see you jerk off right there in the kitchen and she is ready to tell you how to do it. You already know how to jack off, but a little help from step mom sounds like fun. You whip your big dick out and Nadia clearly likes what she sees, so she shows you her big tits. Dont forget to rub those balls along with your hard shaft. As she lifts up her skirt, she realizes that she "forgot" to wear underwear. Wow, your dad totally married a slut! You also realize that she is still wearing that apron, which turns you on even more. Step mom Nadia asks if you want to cum on her tits, so you stand up and take aim as you release your cum all over them.

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Cumming on step mommy's ass (with Cherie DeVille)

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Your step mother Cherie is not happy to find that your father forgot her birthday. In fact, she is quite furious and she plans to get some cock today – but it will not be your father's cock!! She is so happy that you remembered her birthday by giving her a flower and she decides to stay home with you instead of going out to the club looking for some dick. Perhaps you might like to give Cherie a gift for her birthday? She noticed that you seem to be well endowed and she would love to see what lurks inside your pants. You begin to stroke your dick under the command of your cougar-licious step mother. Did you realize she was not wearing any panties under her dress? Your step mom is a slut and you had no idea until right now. Her round ass is not fully appreciated by your father, but you want to wear it like a hat. Would you like to feel her titties wrapped around your cock? Go ahead and do it. Do you like how your step mommy's titties feel against your cock? Show her how much you like seeing her tits and pussy with a big load of your sperm. Come on and give step mommy the best birthday present ever: your huge load of jizz right on her ass!

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Do you have a foot fetish?

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The talk around the office today was about something I find hard to believe. There are people who absolutely are obsessed with feet! I had no idea such a thing existed and its called "foot fetish". I can't imagine talking with your father about such a strange thing but maybe you know something of this strange fetish. I see you glancing at my feet quite a lot. I thought maybe you like my toe nail polish but in actuality I think you might be one of those foot fetish people. Why don't you have a seat at my big smelly hosed feet and lets see how much you enjoy being so close to them.

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Do you HAVE to watch me?

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All I want to do is relax. I had such a hard day at work today. Do you have to stand there and stare at me? Sometimes I feel as though you have an obsession of some sort with me. Are you one of those twenty somethings in lust with his stepmother? I don't mind if you watch a little. I'm just going to do my thing and you can make some mental pictures for your spank bank later if you want.

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Do you like my sexy lingerie?

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Its just you and me home for the week while your dad is away on business. I hope you don't mind hanging out with your new step mom. This is my first marriage and first time being a step mom. You seem like a pretty cool guy, popular at the local college and always out on dates. Maybe you can give me your opinion about a small problem I am having. Before I met your dad I dated lots of guys who used to buy me sexy lingerie, which I really love to wear still. Your dad gets so jealous that he bought me these granny panties and expects me to throw my sexy lingerie away. I can tell by that stirring in your pants that you prefer sexy lingerie to these panties. Why don't I be a good mom and help you relieve some of that pressure built up in your pants.

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Do you like watching me?

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Of all the places to go wank your cock with my panties you chose to hide under a bed? Get out from there and let's have a talk. First, you have to stop taking my panties. Each one of my panties matches a bra and I don't like it when my sets become separates. If you are so needy of the smell of my pussy why don't you just come out and tell me that you need MILF pussy? Is this the reason you aren't dating any college girls your own age? I have to say I'm flattered. I wouldn't mind having some young cock. You already have a great looking hard on that you worked up so why not finish it off with me? Oh yes, slide it right inside this grade A pussy and give me a good fucking. Lay back on the bed and let me lick my juices off your gorgeous young meat. Now it’s nice and wet for me to ride it. I love cumming on top of a big dick. Now it's your turn. Jerk that cock off and give me your cum in my mouth. That's it, jerk it really fast I'm ready for your load. I wouldn't mind doing this again with you if you can keep this a secret from your dad. I could us a nice big cock like your on a regular basis. Go ahead and keep those panties to, I'll come back for them another time when I'm ready for you cock again.