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Things Got a Little Crazy w my Uncle

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Things got a little crazy at the lake house party at the family reunion and the adults had a bit too much wine to drink. I overheard my step-mom talking about my uncle’s big dick. I couldn’t believe that he had sex with all of her friends. He must be really experienced. I am older now and super horny so I figured maybe I could see it and taste it for myself. I craved the best cock in the family. Your naughty, little niece was going to make it grow. I wondered if my uncle ever thought about me or my friends? I used to love sitting on his lap. The next time we were alone, I dressed real cute for him. They all knew how good he fucked, but his niece was going to get him, instead. Starring Sadie Holmes

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Vacation handjob with my step cousin.

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I have the hottest cousin! I have had a crush on him since I was a kid. We used to play "Doctor" and even got caught once. We have always flirted, and I have always wondered what his cock looks like now that we are all grown up. I was super excited to go on this big family vacation because I knew he would be there. Marriage only relates us, and it's not like he's my real cousin. Now that we are both all grown up I had to decided it was time to play doctor again. As soon as I got him alone, I went in to say "Good-Night" because I knew everyone else was gone or sleeping. I asked if he remembered playing under the covers when we were kids. I could see him cock bulge through his jeans as soon as I asked. I got him on the bed and pulled his fat hard cock out of his jeans. It made me instantly wet. I jerked and played with him and got naked. I asked if he wanted to cum all over his cousin's tits. I could tell he did. I pulled harder and harder and faster and faster until he came all over my titties. I love family vacations.

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Victoria Voxxx loves taking care of her step Daddy's cock

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Your horny little girl can't get enough of her StepDaddy's cock. Mom is upstairs, and Victoria wants to play with you again. She promises not to make too much noise if you let her just take it out and put it in her mouth like she used to. She loves making her Daddy happy, and once your cock is in her hand, she strokes and licks you like it's her favorite thing in the world. She teases you with her fat pussy, sliding it over the head of your cock, just a little push and you'll be fucking your daughter. You love the way her mouth slides up and down the shaft, begging for your cum. "Please cum on my tits Daddy" she begs you. She keeps sucking and licking until you bust a thick load of cum all over her tiny little tits. She's such a good girl for you. Starring Victoria Voxxx

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Waking up my stepdaughter for sex

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My wife quit fucking me months ago. I'm a man and I have needs. My stepdaughter has grown up into a beautiful young woman. She and I have always had a special relationship. I know she will do whatever it takes to keep me from leaving. She has subtly presented herself to me a few times and I always pretended like I didn't notice. I mean, I'm her stepdad. But I know my little girl isn't so little anymore. I know she is fucking. After getting turned down by my wife again, I stayed home from work and went in and woke up my baby girl for some special time together. She knew exactly what I wanted when I went in her room and woke her up. She told me she understood and just like I thought she would do anything to keep me from leaving. She pulled him pajama top and bra off She spit all over my hard cock. Stroking it and kissing it in her little girl bed. Showing me her hot young pussy, then putting my cock between her big firm tits. Jacking me off on her tittes. Telling me how we I was making her. Begging me for my cum I gave it to her all over her big natural tits. I guess I will stay a little longer.

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We really want to get to know our new step daddy

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Come on step daddy you have two new daughters to get to know, and we made you breakfast, so get out of bed. I jump in bed with daddy to get him out of bed and uh oh he has a hard on... I look at sister and tell her that daddy's dick is hard and she gets excited just as I do and I know that we are going to be good girls and play with daddy's cock. Of course we won't tell mom daddy we just want to make you happy and play with your hard dick. We pull down the covers and daddy's naked underneath and sister and I grab a hold of his dick and start stroking. Daddy didn't expect to have 2 dirty little girls share his dick and he gets harder as we rub slowly up and down his shaft. We want daddy to cum so I pull up my dress and start rubbing my tits as sissy strokes him faster. We trade and I take his cock in my hand and rub his dick very slow like a good daughter so he can enjoy watching us. We take turns teasing daddy with our wet pussies sliding our fingers in and out while stroking his cock and we are both so wet and horny for our daddy. We keep stroking our daddy's hard cock and fingering our wet pussies until daddy can't take anymore and he shoots his warm load all over both of us, we thank our daddy and leave him to sleep like the good little girls that we are.

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Widowed Step Mom needs my cock now.

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My Stepmom hasn't had sex since my dad died over a year ago. She told me how lonely she is, but guys her age want long term relationships and she just wants to fuck a little. She asked me if any of my friends would want to fuck her. And that is when I did it, after all these years of jerking off and thinking about her. I told mom that I would give her what she needs. A nice young hard cock. She laid me down on the bed and started stroking my cock. She's been my mom for years, but I've grown up and she has aged so well. I’ve always had a thing for older women and she was the first older women I jerked off too. The way she stroked my cock was perfect. She took off her dress. Mommy looks so sexy naked just like I thought. She loved my cock in her hands. I could tell how turned on she was. Putting my cock between her MILF tits. Rubbing up and down. She put her beautiful ass and pussy in my face while continuing to rub my dick. Then on her knees like a good mom she jerked me until I came for her like a very good boy. Don't worry Dad, I’ll take care of mom!

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Young slut craves more Daddy cock

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I love old man cock. I crave it. I think I have a problem because it's all I ever think about. Even in my relationships. I fucked my old boyfriend's dad. I even fucked a teacher at school. He thinks it was for an A but really, I just couldn't keep myself from getting what I desire. I want it all the time! I think if I ask my Daddy for advice about my little problem, maybe I can trick him into giving me his delicious step-daddy dick. All I want to do is fuck men that remind me of my daddy so... I may as well play with your cock Daddy. I know you want me to. I know you fantasize about me making that cock cum all over me. I can't help myself Daddy, I need your cock. I know you are always stressed, so first I sit you down and have you relax. I want to be your stress reliever Daddy. It's okay, remember you're my step-dad. I won't lie, I want that cock deep inside me, but I don't mind starting slow. I begin just rubbing your cock over your pants. I slowly start taking your pants off while I am talking to distract you. then I begin taking mine off. I want to show you how good your little girl can be. I climb on top of you and continue to unbutton my pretty little top. I tied it because it actually belongs to another Daddy I fucked. I like to wear it till it doesn't smell like him anymore. I would like to wear your shirts too Daddy. Thinking about fucking you gets me so wet. Smiling so big I can hardly contain myself, I begin stroking your perfect daddy cock. I love how hard you get for me. I spit on it and stroke it some more with two hands like a good little slut. Crawling between your legs, I continue to caress your beautiful dick with my slippery hands. Then I take off my bra to show you exactly where I want your hot load. I feel you getting harder and harder and I love it. I slip out of my skirt and panties and slide my pussy right up against your throbbing cock. I love pressing my naughty little girl pussy against your big hard boner. I slide my pussy up against your balls and relentlessly stroke your cock, aiming your tip against my titties until you explode all over me. All I want to do is please your cock Daddy! Starring Destiny Lovee