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I have to do it!

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This is so stupid to be grounded. I guess I should be glad my dad let you come over but I’m way to horny to not have sex while you’re here. We could fuck really quick right here on the couch. My whole family is upstairs watching a movie so no way will we get caught if we’re quick. Come on, make your girlfriend happy.

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I have wondered about an older man.

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I'm sure you didn't plan on just hanging out with me for the rest of the night but if my mom gets called to work, she has to go. Don't worry, I'm eighteen and can take care of myself. It sounds like my mom wants us to become friends though doesn't it? You seem like a nice boyfriend to her. What should we talk about? Um, did you know my boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago? The only thing I miss about him is the sex. I feel so damn horny all the time, it must be my age. Hey, if you don't say anything to my mom, I would be open to fooling around with you. I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck an older man and I'm sure you wouldn't have any complaints about my cute little pussy. My mom never has to know. If she asks what we did tonight we can both just say we ate the dinner she made and then went to our rooms to watch t.v. No one ever has to know.

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I heard a rumor about your big dick.

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You know I was hanging with my girlfriends earlier and the one you fucked starting talking about your dick. For a moment I was proud to have you as my stepbrother because she raved about how big your dick is. All the girls in the group were joking that if you were their stepbrother that they would get a turn on your big schlong as often as possible. No one is in the house except us right now so come on brother, let me see your dick. I just want to see if it's as big as she was bragging. Oh my, it certainly is big. You know what this means don't you? I absolutely have to have a turn on it. I mean, all the other girls would have done it. Can I? Will you fuck me with your big dick brother?

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I heard you want to fuck a Porn Star.

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I'm Katie St. Ives, a Porn Star. I'm ready to give you the fuck of your life. You're a fan a porn aren't you so I'm sure you've seen my perfect tits and here they are in your face. You can touch them if you like. I can see you getting hard. Do you want to take your cock our or should I? Have you ever had a professional suck your cock? I give a great sloppy blow job which means I like to use a lot of spit and suck power. Mmm, now that your cock is rock hard, come here and give me some pleasure. I like my ass worshipped. Watch that nice round mound bounce. You want to taste my little pussy? You're really good at pussy licking. Ok, my pussy is wet and I want to climb up on that big dick of yours. Lay there while I ride that fat dick. It's stuffing my pussy full. You can't take your eyes off my perfect tits as they bounce can you? You like my tight porn start pussy. Have you ever done reverse cowgirl? I'll show you how it feels, stay right there. Look at my little tight balloon knot as I slide my wet pussy up and down that shaft. I'll tell you what position I like the best, missionary. Let's see if you can make me cum. Do you think you can make a porn star cum? Show me. Fuck it harder! Harder! Yes, yes, yes I'm gonna rub my clit as you make me cum. I just came all over your fucken cock. Are you ready to blow your load for me? Pull out and spooge all over my dark bush. I want to see your cream on my bush. You did so good bebe, just like the movies. I hope you liked fucking a porn star.

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I hope it’s worth it.

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They say you shouldn’t have sex with people you work with. What are you supposed to do when the attraction is so great you can’t seem to help yourself? Here we are and I want you to know I really like my job so please don’t fire me after you fuck me! I’ve never slept with a boss before. You seem really nice and want me as much as I want you. It’s so weird I’m at your house right now and we’re going to have sex. Can you tell I'm kind of nervous? I just hope the risk is worth the pleasure.

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I just need to get laid.

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I want you to know I don’t randomly bring men home to fuck. I felt your presence behind me in line at the bank and I couldn’t deny the attraction when I turned to look at you. I’m not a bad girl, I’m just a girl who needs to get laid.

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I just want to be a good secretary.

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I can tell you have been really stressed. Don't worry, I took all the necessary minutes for that important meeting earlier to day. I really want to be a good secretary for you and fulfill all of my secretarial duties. I would go so far as to say, I will fulfill more than just my office duties with you. Why don't you let me help you relieve some of that stress? That's what a good secretary does, she takes care of the boss right? I'm going to get more comfortable and lose some of this conservative clothing so we can have some fun. Wouldn't you like to have some fun with me boss? Bring yourself closer to me so I can feel that hard cock. It's so hard for me. Will you kiss my wet pussy? Oh yes, like that. Make my pussy dripping wet so you can easily slide that big cock of yours inside. Oh yeah, fuck me like that! Get all of that frustration and stress out of you. You want me to turn over so you can see my ass? Ah, that's how you like it, huh? Grab ahold of my ass and push yourself deep inside until you fill me with you cum! Plunge deep boss! Give it all to me! Mmmm, How do you feel now? I hope I was a good secretary and took it like you needed to give it. From the look on your face I'd say I am a very good secretary.

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I know exactly what to do.

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I don’t come here only to visit your daughter. I know you and your wife had been having problems for years. Truthfully it’s a good thing you are divorced. You’re a free man now which gives me the opportunity to show you exactly how a man like you should be treated. I may be young but I know exactly what to do to you to make you forget all about your ex.

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I know what I want.

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I come off as being shy, don’t I? It was a bold move on my part in bringing you to my house today. I have a feeling you are into me as much as I am into you. I see it in your eyes. There’s no need to waste any time. We both know what we want so come closer.

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I know what you like.

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Tonight is all about pleasuring you. I know you like when I wear lingerie that doesn’t cover too much. I know you like when I talk a little dirty about the things that turn you on. I love stroking your cock to feel it grow firm in my hand. My mouth is salivating awaiting your entry. Lay back and relax baby, I’m going to make you feel so good.