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Stepdaughter will do anything to stay with Daddy

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So, I wanted to talk to you about something important. You know, things are so shitty at home right now. Mom won't stop yelling at everyone and I think I heard her say something about another divorce. It's just so hard to be there right now... I was wondering if I could maybe stay here with you for a while. I mean, I can help you out however you need, I just. I love being here with you Daddy. I mean you are my stepdad, and I know it might be a little weird but I just, I really like staying over night with you... you know? I mean, wouldn't it be nice to make this a more permanent arrangement? You and I, we have always had such a special connection. And there are things that I can do for you that don't require me to go get anything, or even leave at all. Daddy... I would love to know what you taste like. I lay you down next to me and run my hands up and down your pants. I have wanted this for a very long time now Daddy. I know you like these colors, so I wore them just for you. Seeing you lay there makes me so wet... I lean back and spread my legs. Wanna see? I lay back and show you my pretty pink pussy. Sometimes when I masturbate, I think about you. I begin to gently rub my pussy. I want you to touch me like this. I moan as your rub the inside of my thighs and begin to play with my wet little slit. Oh yes Daddy, I love it just like that. I sit up and crawl towards your cock. Come here, I want to taste you. I wrap my hands around your thighs and slide your cock into my mouth. I suck your cock slowly and wrap my tongue around your shaft. I slowly stroke your cock as I continue to suck you. You taste so good Daddy. I want you inside me. I continue to suck your cock desperately. I lay back and put my legs in the air, peeling off my hot pink panties. I spread my legs on either side of you and slide my pussy all the way up to your cock. I stroke your cock and slide the tip of your cock against my clit. Yes Daddy, I want it so bad. I press my pussy forward as you shove the tip of your big fat cock into my pussy. I Slide myself up and down on your cock until I cum all over your cock. I climb off you and quickly shove your cock in my mouth. You taste so good Daddy, I love sucking my cum off this cock. I sit between your legs and start to stroke your cock. All the way up and all the way down, getting faster and faster as I feel the cum building in your shaft. I want you to cum for me Daddy, cum all over me! I stroke and stroke until you shoot your big fat load all over me! I needed that Daddy. Thank you for letting me stay. Starring Victoria Voxxx

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Stepmom creeps in your room to suck your cock

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Your horny stepmom can't get enough cock. She creeps into your room in the early morning and starts to play with your cock. You don't know if it's a dream or really happening, but soon you realize that she is after your cock again. She strokes you hard and begins sucking on it. She tells you to be quiet so that your stepdad doesn't hear. She slurps and sucks you while your still so drowsy, and when you're as hard as you can get she slides her smooth pussy onto it. She fucks you while you play with her beautiful big clit. She's so creamy and wet and can barely keep from making too much noise. She climbs off and flips over so you can fuck her from behind. Her pussy feels so good, but you can't cum inside of your own stepmom, so you pull out and blow a load all over her perfect little ass.

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Stepmom HANDLES my Allowance

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I did all my chores and cleaned the house top to bottom because my stepmom asked me nicely. She is so pretty and nice. She Smells good and I think she thinks I'm handsome. Sometimes, I feel like she is flirting with me. The way she looks at me, sometimes her shirt comes down just a little too far. She makes my cock so hard sometimes I have to leave the room. I have came gallons it seems thinking about my cock in her hand and mouth. Well dreams do come true. After checking all my chores I asked for my allowance. She said that she didn't have any money to give me, but since she was just my step-mom that she would give me a handjob! Holy hell! I tried to play it off like I hadn't thought about this a millions times. Then she took off her shirt and showed me her perfect tits my dad bought for her. They are just as full and perfect as imagined. Then she laid me down on the bed and stroked and spit on my cock. It took everything inside me to not cum instantly. She let me feel her big mom titties and play with her clit as she milked me. She came so hard for me, her sexy wet twat right there as she jerked me off and begged me to "come for mommy"! Pushing me between her huge mom juggs I exploded all over them. I think I like doing chores.

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Stepmom is feeling really needy

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Your stepmom called you into her room, and caught you by surprise. She's wearing sexy black lingerie and tells you that your Dad isn't taking care of her. She's feeling very needy and she wants to fuck you. She tells you to climb on the bed and begins sucking your cock. She wants to ride you, but first she gets it nice and wet with her mouth. She takes her time getting you hard before climbing on top. Her pussy feels like a younger girls. She fucks you until she cums then climbs off and strokes a huge load of cum out of you.

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Stepmom Makes Drives me Crazy

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My Dad is out of town on business again and my stepmom gets really lonely. I feel bad for her. She is so sexy and my dad pays her no attention. Since I graduated from college and moved back home she and I have had so much sexual tension. I need to show her what an younger man can do for her. I told her we would go out on a date and let her get all dressed up. After seeing her tits in that dress and they way she was flaunting herself for me. I knew she wanted it. I told her I wanted to stay home and she was so eager to get my hard cock out of jeans. She pulled out her sexy mommy tits and started stroking my cock. I pulled up her skirt and she didn't have any panties on at all. I fingered her pussy while she pulled my hard dick. Then spitting all over it she let me fuck those beautiful breasts of hers. Fuck! It was so hot. Spitting on it and keeping it nice and wet she teased the head. Mom knows how to give the best hand jobs. Milking me so hard and fast I exploded all over her chest and she rubbed my hot load all over her tits. My Dad needs to travel more.

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Stepmom needs to have my baby.

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Your new stepmom wants to have a baby of her own, but it's just not happening with your father. She doesn't want him to find out, but she needs your DNA. No, she's not going to fuck you - but maybe she can milk some baby juice out of her son's big cock? She has noticed that you've been looking at her a lot. She asks you to lay down and takes your big dick out of your pants, and is amazed that you're even bigger than Dad! She knows you may need help, so she unbuttons her dress and gives you a peek of her perk MILF titties. She wore something sexy for you to help produce the biggest load possible. You are so turned on looking at Mom in her sexy lingerie with stockings and garter belts. Your girlfriends never dressed for you like this! She squeezes your cock and rubs it up and down. She has a tight body and perky tits and a beautiful round ass. You wish you could just stick it in and make a direct deposit, but THAT would be wrong. "Does Mommy stroke it good for you", she asks. Fuck yes, you think, and you feel a load building up. Mom really knows how to use her hands, and she's successful in milking out a sufficient load. She gathers it up in a little cup, and next thing you know, you'll have a baby brother... or something like that.

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Stepmom's panty punishment handjob

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Uh oh - Mom caught you stealing her panties! She's been missing panties, and suspected that you were being a little pervert with them - and she was right! Her own step-son jerking off in Mom's panties. Your father is going to be pissed and send you to military school if you don't straighten up. Your stepmom is so hot, you can't help but be hard when you're around her. She notices, and tells you to lay down so she can see exactly what you're doing with her pretty lace panties. She takes your cock out of your pants and tells you how much bigger it is that your fathers. You can tell she's enjoying running her hand up and down her boy's hard dick. She takes off her blouse and matching bra to let you gawk at her perfect natural breasts. You're ready to blow any minute, but Mom's not done with you yet. She wants you to look at her ass while she jerks you off. Your lucky dad gets to fuck that ass, and you want to cum all over it. She keeps stroking and teasing you until finally she straddles your hips and milks out a huge load of semen all over her hand. You're lucky mom can keep a secret or you'd be packing for military school by now.

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Stepsister is the first to touch your virgin cock.

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Your step-sister just found out you're a virgin, and you're about to go to college! You're a little embarassed, but sis has an idea. She wants to help you out. She can't have all of the girls in your school finding out and making fun of you, so she offers to teach you a little bit. Don't worry, Mom and Dad won't find out. She wants to help you learn not to cum so fast so you can set a good example for the family. She asks you to lay back and let Sissie take over. She takes your big cock out of your pants, and is surprised at how big your cock is. She never imagined her little brother has such a big dick! She wants to make sure you last a long time, so she spits on your dick and runs her hand up and down the shaft as your cock swells. You need a little more stimulation, so she takes off her top and shows you her perky young tits. You're really turned on now and feel like you could blow any second, but sis won't let you. She's such a tease! She takes off the rest of her clothing and puts her sexy feet on your dick. You didn't even know that was a thing! Sis loves teasing you with her feet and is excited by how turned on you are by them. She tries to make you cum with her feet, but really wants to feel you in her hand. Grabbing your dick, she squeezes hard and pumps you until you shower her with a huge blast of sticky white cum. What a great sister! First day of class seems a lot less stressful now.

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Stripper Step Sis jerks and sucks my dick

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I confronted my step sister after seeing her stripping at a club last night. She is so fucking hot! It was awesome to finally see her naked. She begged me to not tell our parents or her real dad. She is working there while going to college, but her dad would cut her off if he ever found out. It's nice to have something to hold over your hot step sisters head. She offered to give me a hand job, pulling it out, I could tell how impressed she was with how big her brother's cock has gotten. Then she just shoved it in her mouth. It felt so good. Her hot wet mouth sliding up and down my shaft. She wanted this to happen as much as I did. She took off her clothes putting my cock between her big firm titties, then back in her mouth. Sucking and stroking me until I came all over her pretty hand. I think I will keep her secret and visit her at the club more often. I wonder if I can get a family discount on a lap dance?

Step Daughter,Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette,Long Hair,Latina,Cum In Mouth

Stroking Step Daddy for a bigger bed.

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My horny little step-daughter asked me to buy her a bigger bed so I could fit in it with her. She told me she could hear me fucking her mom at night and that it made her want to mess around with me. She said that she knew we couldn't have sex but she has been very horny and wanted to make me cum. What can I say! I’m a pleaser. Maybe if she does a good enough job, I will get her that bed she wants so bad. She eagerly pulled my cock out after playing with her tiny tits through her shirt. Stroking and jerking it. I could tell it was the biggest one she had ever seen. She is young, but I know she has seen a few. Pulling her shirt off so I could see her sexy barely there tits. Then pulling her little jeans and panties off, leaving her panda socks on jerking my cock so I could look at her pussy the whole time. Such a good girl. Getting on all fours showing me her ass and pussy from behind telling me how much she wishes she could feel me inside her. Then flipping to her back and rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit while stroking me. Then sitting up and stroking me until I came in her mouth. A perfect little slut. Looks like someone is getting a new bed.