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Step Sister sucked me on our parent's bed

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I've been fucking my stepsister this summer.all over my parents house. She is so sexy and horny. It's been the best summer! It started with her just crawling in my bed one night because she said she had a bad dream. Her hard lean body up against mine, her hair smelled so good. I got hard and then she just pulled down her panties and slid me deep inside her. That’s how it all started. We have fucked in EVERY room in the house but one. My parents room. She called me in their room today and told me we had to fuck on their bed. I tried to say no. But her jean shorts and red bikini top were too much for me to resist. She stuck my cock deep in her pretty mouth just like the good slut I've become so fond of. She stroked me hard and fast and then got naked straddling me backwards so I could see her ass. She yanked me looking so pretty perched on top of me. Then hopping off and slurping on me some more. She licked and pulled on my dick until I came in her mouth. Looks like we have to find new places to fuck outside of the house.

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Step Sister thinks her butt is too big

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The boys at school have been making fun of Veronica's big butt. She's a shortie with a big bootie, and you love looking at her round ass, even if she is your stepsister. The other day she was walking past the bathroom and caught a peek at your big cock, and now she want's to see it close-up. You made her feel good about her big ass, and now she want's to make you feel better too! You lay down on her tiny bed, and your hot little sister proceeds to take your cock out and put it right in her warm, wet mouth. "I never thought I'd be doing this to my brother!" she says as she strokes your rod with both hands. When she shows you her firm little titties, you almost expload in her hand. But she wants it in her mouth instead. She sucks and strokes you until you shoot a huge load of cum all over her fingers for her to lick up. Her butt is just perfect. Starring Victoria Valentine

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Step Sister thinks she is hotter than other girls

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My stepsister is super hot! She is way out of my league. Our parents got married right when we both started college, so we are both saving money by staying with them. There definitely has been sexual tension between us since we are the same age. But she is my stepsister and I was trying to follow the path of a positive moral compass. But I’m only a man and can only be so strong. When my sexy sister called me in her room while our parents were gone to confront me about the girls I have sneaking in and out of my room, and how she thinks she is so much hotter than them I had to go with it. I’m glad I did. She laid me on her bed and took off my pants. She took off all her clothes and looked hotter than I could have ever imagined. Then she shoved my swollen cock down her throat like a good slut! I felt like I could have poured my cum in her pretty mouth right then. She continued to feed herself with my dick like a hungry slutty baby girl. It was so fucking hot. Pulling and tugging on my cock, telling me how much she likes turning me on. Then begging me for my hot load I exploded all over her hand as she licked to clean me up. I love this “blended family”.

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Step Sister took my load, I took the blame.

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My step sister wrecked my parents car. She is a shit show of a person and always getting in trouble. But she is super hot, and I haven't gotten laid in a long time. I thought that maybe if I took the blame for wrecking the car that she would let me see those tits I've jerked off thinking about so much. She is such a beautiful slut. I've wanted her to touch my cock for so long and it took getting in mad trouble with my parents, but she made it worth it. She told me how thankful she was, She showed me her amazing tits and pulled my cock out ,She stroked and and slurped on it with her fine ass in the air. I have thought about doing this for so long. She really knows how to stroke a cock properly. She put it between her big titties and fucked my cock with them. Then going back to jerking me off faster and faster telling me how long she had wanted to do this. I finally came all over her arm and in her hair. She thanked me again for taking the blame, I thanked her for taking my load.

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Step Uncle Let Me Stay With Him

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My uncle let me stay at his house. He's not my real uncle. He's my stepmom’s brother. I don't know him that well, I've only met him a couple times growing up. He is so sexy! I love older men. I waited until his wife left and then I told him I had fantasized about him when I was younger. Now that I'm all grown up, I told him I wanted him! I see the way he looks at me. I took off my clothes and showed him my sexy body. My full sexy titties. I could see him getting hard in his pants! This was going to be fun! I pulled his cock out and slid him in my warm mouth, stroking and jerking him. He played with my hard clit while I pushed him to the back of my throat. His big cock tasted so good. I've wanted this for so long. Then jerking and pulling on his big uncle dick he exploded all over my perfect titties. I'm pretty sure I’m his favorite niece now. I know he's my favorite uncle.

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette

Step-daughter needs Daddy to teach her what boys like

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Hey Daddy, you got my text? I have been so stressed out and I want to talk to you about something but it's kind of weird. And I do not want to talk to mom about it. I mean you are only my stepdad after all. I don't think it’s that weird. So promise you won't tell okay? Okay, so there's this boy at school that I really like and he wants me to do stuff with him. But I don't know. I'm just worried that I won't do it right or that I won't like it. I just wish there was someone I could try it on, you know, get some practice on. You? Well what if my mom finds out? Yeah, your right, you are just my stepdad, okay. Just don't tell mom. I move the pillow back and make room for you. I have never done this before so you are gonna have to help teach me okay. Just like, guide my head, and my hands and help me do it right okay? I crawl between your legs. Wow! Its big. Giggling, I start to stroke your cock. Like this? I keep stroking it. You want me to get it wet? How do I do that? With my mouth.. okay, like this? I lower my face down to your cock and begin licking it from the bottom of your shaft, all the way up to the tip. I close my lips around the tip and begin to suck your throbbing dick. Am I doing good? I stroke your cock, covered in my spit. Yeah? I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I shove it as far down my throat as I can take it. Do all dicks look like this? I kiss the shaft of your cock. It's so big! I sit up and begin playing with the bottom of my shirt. This is what all the boys at school want right Daddy? I lift my shirt revealing my beautiful bouncy breasts. I squeeze them together and tease you with them. I think they are two small, what do you think. I lean into your soft hands. You think they are perfect? Thank you Daddy. Girls make fun of me for having a big butt. But I think they are just jealous because all the boys like it. I slide out of my skirt and panties with my ass towards you. And I shaved, boys like that right Daddy? I crawl back between your legs and start rubbing your swollen cock. I stick it in my mouth and start sucking it some more. I alternate sucking it and jerking it. Then I start sucking it and jerking it together at the same time. I learn so much with you Daddy. I think the boys at school will really like this. Really? You're gonna cum for me too? In my mouth? Okay Daddy, just for you. I begin slamming your cock down my throat as deep as I can. I love this cock Daddy. I just can't get enough. I squeeze my lips around your cock as tight as I can and suck your cock. I want you to cum for me now Daddy, I'll swallow all of it I promise! I suck your cock all the way up and down until you shoot your warm load straight down my throat! Thank you Daddy. You are such a good teacher! Starring Veronica Valentine

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Step-daughter Wants to Make a Deal

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I came home at 3am last night and my step-dad caught me. I see the way he looks at me. I know he wants me. And to honestly I want him too. I also don’t want him to tell my Mom that I came home late and have her ground me and take all my shit away. I’m pretty sure I can get him to keep his mouth shut and have a lot of fun too! I love to have fun! I told him if he didn’t say anything I’m sure we could work something out. I could see his cock bulge in his pants instantly. Pulling him out and putting him straight in my mouth. He tasted so good. Getting naked so he could finally see the body I had been flaunting in front of him every chance I got since coming of age. After I tasted him I knew I had to have him deep inside me, stretching my tight young pussy with his daddy dick from behind felt so good. Turning over so he could see how pretty the pussy he was owning looked while he filled it over and over. Watching my perky tities bounce til he made me gush all over his cock. Daddy liked it so much he came all over my thigh and now we have two secret from mom.

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Step-daughter wants to take care of Daddy while mom is sick

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Hi Daddy. Mom kinda has a headache or something right now so she told me to come take care of you. I mean i don't know why. You are my step-dad, but I guess I don't mind taking care of you. I mean I know you like it when I take care of you sometimes. Smiling, I start shaking my little boobies at you. So what were you thinking? What do you need from me Daddy? Because I know you miss me Daddy. I yank up and down on the top of my blouse teasing you with my little girl breasts. You are just such an amazing step-dad, I am so glad mom is with you. I smile at you teasingly and flash my pierced tiny nipples at you. You can start playing with yourself if you want, while I finish getting undressed. I pull my tight little top off over my head and squeeze my cute little titties together and smile at you. I stand up and turn around, shaking my tight little ass in your face. I'm glad mom is sick... you too right? I unzip my tight little shorts and peel them off of my perfect round ass. I spin around in my pretty pink thong. I love how you touch yourself while I show you my body. I sit down and pull my panties off. I lean back and spread my legs open for you. You like my hairy pussy Daddy? Yeah? Keep stroking your cock while you look at my pussy. I love it. Now it's my turn to play. I crawl down between your legs and begin stroking your cock with both my hands. Oh my god Daddy, your cock is so big. Practically drooling, I grasp your cock with both my hands and start jerking your cock passionately... long, slow strokes. I bite my bottom lip watching your cock grow. Oh wow Daddy, your cock is so hard just for me. I love it so much. I lean over you dangling my perfect growing breasts over your rock hard cock. I keep stroking. Oh Daddy, I am gonna jerk off this cock and make you cum all over my tits. Is that okay with you Daddy? That would make me so happy! I keep jerking your cock looking you straight in the eye. I want you to cum daddy, cum all over these tits! I jerk your cock as fast as I can and point it straight up at my tits and stroke it until you explode your big hot load all over my breasts! I love to take care of you. Starring Izzy Lush

Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette,Step Sister,Big Ass

Step-sis wants to know if she has what it takes to do porn

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Hey so I am glad you are home because I need to have kind of a serious, strange conversation with you. Okay, whatever you think about what I say, you have to keep to yourself. Like you can’t tell mom and dad. I mean you are my step-bro, and we have gotten so close, I know I can trust you. Okay so one of my friends told me that she is working in porn now, can you believe it! Anyway, I see how much money she brings home and how well she is able to take care of herself so I was thinking. Do you think I could do porn? I mean I know that’s weird but you are just my step-brother, and I don’t have anyone else to ask. Plus I know how honest you have always been with me, and like I said, we are so close. I stand up and begin to take off my shirt. I was thinking maybe if you saw me naked, it would help? I pull my top off revealing my perfect perky tits, and fit little body. I thought maybe it could help, I don’t really know what I am doing any way haha. Do you think guys want to watch this have sex on camera? I turn around and pull my shorts down. Do you think you could help me practice. I mean I am totally not fucking you, that’s way to far but I thought maybe I could jerk you off? I jump on top off you and begin rubbing your cock. And you are already hard? See I knew I could count on you. I undo your pants and pull your dick out. Wow, I hope all the cocks I work with are as nice as yours. I stroke your cock all the way up and all the way down. I know I’ll be doing much more than this on camera but this is a good start. I press my tits against your thigh and stroke your cock. Maybe I should show off my ass a little bit more… Wouldn’t you love to see this ass in porn one day? I turn around and peel my thong off, and shake my bare ass and pussy right over your cock. I really think that I can make it. I turn around and begin stroking your cock some more. Oh wow, it’s so nice. I stroke faster and faster rubbing all the sensitive parts of your tip and shaft. You wanna cum for me? Cum! Cum for me right now! I jerk as fast as I can until you explode your load all over my hands! So you think I would be a good porn star? Oh good! Thanks for letting me practice on you. Starring Kenzie Madison

Step Daughter,Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde

Stepdad found out his girl does porn

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When River Fox's Stepdad finds out she does porn, she begs him not to tell her Mom. Then she realizes.. how does her Daddy know she's doing porn? He must have watched her! Talking about it is making him hard, and that doesn't escape River's attention. Now that she's in porn, she knows how to please a man. She wants to please her Daddy. When his cock comes out, she can't help but wrap her fingers around his cock. His bad, dirty little daughter strokes him off, and won't stop until Daddy cums for Daddy's girl. He gets to cum in real life, to his porn star daughter. Starring River Fox