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I can’t hire out for this.

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First I have to say how much I do really love your father. I married him because he is such a great guy. Now, to the reason I asked you to talk with me. I admit to not thinking through the repercussions of being married to a man much older than me. In a nutshell, not even that little blue pill is helping your dad. I need sex! I can’t hire an escort for this or go find a random guy to fuck me. I’ve noticed the way you look at me ever since I married your dad. You’re a legal age guy so I figure we can possibly come to an arrangement that would benefit both of us.

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I can’t sleep alone.

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Believe me, there is no other bed left in this house for me to sleep tonight. My boyfriend is taking up my whole bed. He stinks and is passed out so there is no way I am staying in there. You don’t mind sharing half your bed with me do you? This doesn’t have to turn into anything weird. I just want to be cuddled. I don’t mind if it leads to something else. I’ve been curious about you for some time now. For a step brother you’re kind of cute.

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I certainly didn’t expect this.

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When I came to the party today I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone special much less have sex. We should probably hurry through a quickie though before people come looking for us. You’re so sexy I couldn't resist your offer to fuck me proper.

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I could be a better girlfriend than her.

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It really sucks for you that my dad grounded you to stay home tonight. I know you had big plans to go to that concert with your girlfriend. You really like your girlfriend a lot huh? I can tell, you look super sad about being home. I came in here to cheer you up. It sucks for me that you are my stepbrother because I am pretty much in love with you. It wouldn't be so bad if I were your secret girlfriend would it? If we were a couple, we would always be together because we live together by default of our parent's marriage. Our parents would never suspect anything going on between us. They think we hate each other. What do you say stepbrother, shall I show you just how good of a girlfriend I can be?

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I could be as dirty as you.

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There is a list circulating around the neighborhood and you're on it. It has something to do with sex. My mom wouldn't give me the details, she just said you're on it and to stay away from your house. So of course what's the first place I make a bee line for? Can you tell me why you're on some sort of sex list? Oh wait, don't tell me. I'm an adult, you can show me unless you don't think I can handle it. Actually, I can be just as dirty if not dirtier minded than you. Not many people know this about me but have a close look at the inside of my lip and you will see a tattoo that sums up just what I'm into. Do you dare look? Come closer.

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I could be getting laid.

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The only reason I am here tonight is as a favor to your mom. I think she is more protective than usual since she is only your step-mom. She tries to make the best decisions for you. Even though she is my sister, we are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to her conservative nature. I was supposed to be on a hot date tonight and most likely getting laid. I gave her my word I would stay here with you to make sure you didn’t have any wild parties. You’re in college, right? How about instead of inviting your friends over to party, we make our own fun tonight? It’s not like I’m your real aunt. I’m horny and I’m sure you are to.

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I could commit to just you.

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It's time we got real with our feelings. Don't think I haven't noticed every time I go on a date you sulk and act like a jealous boyfriend. We may be related because our parents married each other but we aren't blood related. The way I see this as we should just go with our feelings toward each other. If people have a problem, it's their problem not ours. I'm tired of dating guys that go nowhere. I know all about you already from us living together and you're the most compatible guy for me. So what if you’re my step-brother. I want to be with you.

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I could make you a porn star.

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I got your letter than you want to be a porn start and that is why you are here in my bedroom. I will decide if you have what it takes. Drop your pants so I can see your cock. Oh yes, it's big enough. You taste so delicious so that is also good. You have to fuck me without losing your load until I tell you it's ok. Fuck me good in doggy style then watch my big porn star tits bounce while you do me in missionary. I'm ready for your hot load on my ass now. Go ahead, and it had better be a big one. Your cum is dripping off my ass so that means you have a nice big load for porn. You just did your first scene with me, congratulations.

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I could offer some stress relief.

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I’m glad to be here to give you some help with your kids while my sister is out of town. That’s what a good Aunt should do. I don't mean to pry into your personal life but I know the kind of prude my sister is. You seem so stressed out everyday that I am sure she isn’t giving any up when she is at home. I’ve always found you attractive. If you don’t have any moral opposition, I can take away some of that sexual frustration for you.

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I could really use your opinion.

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How long have our parents been getting together for these boring game nights and expecting us to just hang out and wait? Im eighteen now and want to do fun things with my time, dont you? I know we arent friends or anything but would you like to give me your opinion on something? It seems I am getting quite the reputation at the guys dorm for giving the best blow jobs on campus. Since you dont go to the same college I do and dont know any of my friends, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on my blow job skills. So what if our parents are in the next room. They wouldnt ever suspect we would be in here doing anything sexual. Come on, what guy doesnt want a blow job?