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I can be such a naughty girl.

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It only took three martinis but it looks like my mom is out for the night. I have no idea what you saw in her enough to marry her. Did you marry her so you could get closer to me? I'd like to think so. I'll bet there are plenty of young women my age who have affairs with guys your age. That is the reason for the whole 'Sugar daddy' genre isn't it? I have so much fun being your naughty step-daughter. Lets not waste any time cause I could hardly wait for my mom to pass out so you could come to my room.

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I can be your extra dirty girl.

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I love these nights when we role play. You are always saying how much you want me to call you my daddy. So what do you think of my outfit, daddy? I wore my cutest lace bralette and matching panties. I especially like my hair in pigtails cause I hope you pull them later when your stretching my little pussy with your big daddy dick. Shall we start with stuffing my mouth full of your cock, my lover?

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I can be your new girlfriend.

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Did I hear you right last night as you were fighting with my mom? Is it true you two are getting divorced? I don't blame you at all. My mom is such a raging cunt most of the time I honestly don't know how she landed you in the first place. You are such a cool step dad to me and I would hate to lose you out of my life. Now that I am eighteen, mom says I have to move out so why not move in with you? I will take care of everything you need like laundry, cooking, cleaning. If I dare say I will even take care of your cock. I totally have a crush on you and have been dying for the right time to tell you. Why do you think I'm always wearing little tiny short shorts and no bra around the house? No guy would rather have old saggy tits over young perky titties. Look at my cute titties daddy. Your warm hands feel so good on my skin. I want to feel more of you on my skin. Take your cock out daddy and slide yourself in my tiny little hole. Lets get playful and have some fun. I'm sure you need some relief after fighting so much with that bitch. Slide your fingers in my wet tight hole. Your tongue feels so good on my clit. I want to please you daddy. Fuck my tight hole and stretch it out with your thick cock. My mom doesn't know how good she had it. Don't cum inside me though cause I'm not on birth control. Cum all over my tits. Oh yes daddy! You sprayed me with your hot cum! I can hardly wait to move in together and fuck like this all the time. My mom is going to be so mad when she sees I stole you from her.

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I can be your side girl.

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You have to be the nicest guy I know. I texted so many friends to come pick me up and you are the only one who responded. My best girlfriend didn't even respond to my distress! Tell you what, if you're interested I could be your side bitch. You know, your number two. Your girlfriend, my best friend doesn't have to know. I could treat you so good that maybe you would make me your number one.

Missionary,Doggy Style,Brunette,18 To 19,Small Tits,Blowjob,Cum Shot,Petite,All Natural,Facial

I can do it. I am eighteen.

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Thanks for meeting with me today. I really want to be a porn star and I heard you are the best agent in the adult industry. You're going to record this interview? I guess that is ok. I really want to be a porn star. I'll do what ever you think I should to get lots of work. I am eighteen now and so ready for this career. Sure, you can see my body. I am all natural with no tattoos. Oh, you want to see me in different positions starting with a blow job? Well, it is sex work I want to do so this makes sense. Wow, you are kind of well hung but I guess I need to get used to that don't I? This feels really good. You want to see how I handle a facial? Does that mean cum on my face? Ok, I am ready. Oh wow, that was a lot of cum on me. I sure hope I get lots of work now.

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I can do more than babysit.

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I really appreciate you hiring me to be your main babysitter. I'm a little curious why your wife isn't the one here interviewing me. Come to think of it, the dads usually like me much more than the wives do. I should be able to drive myself here whenever you need me to babysit but I have to warn you that sometimes my car acts up and I will need a ride. You don't mind picking me up and taking me home do you? Or, if you are open to it I do offer other services. These services cost a little more and can help me get the necessary repairs done on my car so you don't have to give me rides. From the smile on your face I can see you are very open minded to my offer. Let me show you what I am taking about and you can determine just how much of my cars repair bill you would like to donate to.

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I can do more than dance.

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You should know I dont make it a habit to go home with customers from the club but you are an exception. Youve been in every night this week spending so much money on lap dances. Night after night and dance after dance I could feel that hard cock of yours pressing up against my ass. It turned me on so much I knew I had to come home with you and get a hold of that cock for real. I dont expect anything else in return unless you want to keep coming into the club and requesting my lap dances. Let me show you I can do more than dance.

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I can do this acting role.

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I had a feeling when walking in here that the casting couch part of the acting role add would lead to something familiar. It doesn’t matter if the role is mainstream or XXX, I get the same audition experience. I’m assuming you want to see my nude body and possibly have this audition lead to something sexual. I really want the part and am willing to do whatever it takes within reason. Besides, I can tell you have a big cock in your pants so my porn star side of me is going to enjoy fucking you.

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I can give you more than she can.

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Tell me if I am out of line by mentioning this but I hear everything going on in this house and sex isn't happening here. Your wife is kind of bitchy. Why does she constantly nag you for not making enough money? You have a really nice house and you employ a nanny, me. I thought if you're open to it that I can do some of the wife type duties that she is slacking on. I want to help you alleviate some stress so you can enjoy your time at home more. This is just one more way I can say I am the perfect nanny for you.

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I can help with your frustration.

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I wanted to personally tell you how much I appreciate you and my sister letting me stay with you. I mean, my sister will always come to my rescue but you dont really know me so much so its nice of you to let me have a place to stay until things cool down with my parents. Since I have been here I cant help but notice that my sister is kind of a bitch to you. Shes a bit frigid dont you think? I think sex is super fun and she is always complaining about it like its an extra chore to do. If you wont say a word to her, I am totally down with giving out some love to you while I live here.