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Cumming on Alexis Grace's big titties

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You like Alexis and her big tits, don't you? She sits in front of you in a tiny bikini and she asks if you want to see her oil them up while you jack off. Without removing her bikini top, she drizzles oil into her chest and she starts to rub it in. You want to see her luscious titties so badly. She removes her bikini top and splashes even more oil on those big boobs till they glisten. Your dick would slide between them so smoothly. Alexis bounces her boobs for you as she urges you to oil up your dick and stroke it for her. You are totally focused on her fat tits and when you finally cum, you cover them completely with your hot load.

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Cumming on Alison Rey

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Alison had fun with you at the concert and she is glad that you came back with her. She really loves telling a man how to jerk off for her. Will you do that? Maybe afterward more can happen. You are happy to be near this sexy girl and you agree when you hear how much doing this turns her on. You take out your cock and Alison likes what she sees. Maybe you could use some inspiration, though. She takes off her shirt and begins to tell you how to work your dick. She wiggles out of her tiny denim shorts. Alison knows just how to tease a fat orgasm out of you, but she is not ready for your load just yet. You can see the silver glitter on her sparkle as you look at her dark bush. Alison is ready for your cum now, so give it to her!

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Cumming on Amelia Onyx

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Amelia owes you money. She saw some totally cute shoes that she must have. Is there any way to convince you to forgive her debt? She will help you jerk off, if you like. You pull out your big cock and she immediately is impressed enough to show you her soft titties. You are oddly turned on that she chews gum throughout your time together - like she does not even care. Amelia stands up and reveals her round ass as you continue to stroke your dick. Watching you rub your cock is turning her on and she cannot resist playing with her pussy. She wears her sneakers and socks as she continues to work her pussy. Are you almost ready to cum? Give it to Amelia right into her mouth and onto her titties.

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Cumming on Auntie Alura's open pussy (starring Alura Jenson)

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You consider Alura your aunt because she and your mother are so close. Alura lets it slip that she and your mother both used to date your father. Now that you are of legal age, Alura wants to get to know you a little better. She just shaved her legs and she is happy to show them off to you. She is willing to show off everything to you, in fact, and she spreads her legs nice and wide. You find that your naughty auntie is wearing no panties. Alura has always been into younger guys, so you should not be shocked by this at all. Don't be nervous. This is just your auntie. It happens that she is also a hungry cougar and she wants you. She demands that you stroke your cock for her as she lounges on the bed, purring orders at you. You quickly find that she is quite flexible. You also find that she knows a lot about how to handle a cock and balls as she tells you what to do. Alura plays with her big titties as you think about how it would feel to have your auntie riding your cock. Before you know what has happened, she is telling you to cum right onto her open pussy and that is more than enough to make you expel the contents of your balls with more force than you ever thought possible.

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Cumming on Claire Heart's pink socks

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Girls wearing socks is your ultimate fetish. Claire bought these pretty pink socks just for you and she sees by the bulge in your pants that you are quite happy with what you see. Why don't you get out your dick and work it for Claire? She tells you how nice the socks feel on her feet and that they keep her nice and warm. Did you notice that her bra matches the pink socks? It also happens that her pink nipples match those socks. You love seeing her small tits, but your eyes are mainly focused on her over-the-knee socks. It is no secret that Claire likes watching you stroking your cock. She loves the color pink almost as much as you like seeing her in it. Her pink panties soon are on the floor and you now see her pink pussy. It is freshly shaved. Claire plays with her pussy as she watches you jerking off to her socks. Her finger moves in and out and you can hear her wetness. She tells you to cup your balls with your other hand and she is happy to see that you listen to her. Claire is fingering her pussy with such fervor that she cums right there on the chair, but she now wants to see you cum. Your hand moves up and down your shaft and you finally let your spunk cover her pretty pink socks, just like you both wanted.

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Cumming on Gracie May Green's round ass

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Gracie is surprised that you showed up today. She heard you have been asking around about her, so she thought that she should confront you in person. You are such a perv! Gracie wants you to take your pants off and jerk off for her. She certainly is not going to touch you, so keep looking at her and get to working that cock. Gracie also heard how much you love her butt, so she turns around to show it to you. Now is your chance, so jack that dick for sexy Gracie May! She watches you through her eyeglasses, seemingly unaware of your fetish for girls wearing glasses. You are reminded that you are to follow her direction. Do you know where you want to cum? She thinks that you might want to bust on her round ass and she encourages you to do just that. Starring Gracie May Green

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Cumming on her titties (with Nadia White)

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You were creeping on your girl Nadia while she was sleeping. Now that she is awake, you want to have sex. She is tired from a long day at work and she is not interested; however, she will help you rub one out if you leave her alone the rest of the day. You take your dick out and gaze upon her perfect, pierced titties while she tells you what to do. Nadia is eager to see you cum a fat load onto her tits and you can tell that you won’t be able to hold back your jizz for too long. You drop your sperm onto her perfect tits and you hand her a towel to clean up before she goes back to sleep. Starring Nadia White


Cumming on Lyra Louvel's glasses in detention

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What are you achieving by having Lyra in detention today? Everyone else in the class was disruptive, but you targeted her. You know how popular she is at school, especially with the boys, and you soon find out the reason for her popularity. She knows what men want and she eagerly provides it. Quickly she drops her camisole to reveal her young, perky tits. She just wants to watch you jerk off and she hopes that you will agree to let her leave detention in return for helping you to rub one out. You agree and you immediately begin stroking your dick. That she is wearing eye glasses is a total turn on for you. Lyra tells you that she loves watching you stroke off for her. You would not only get fired if anyone found out about this, but you would likely go to jail. She is of legal age, but since she is still in high school, you know that this really is not appropriate. It is so taboo that you could probably cum just thinking about doing this! She removes her panties and throws them at you, telling you, "Sniff these!" Her pussy smells delicious and you love seeing a little bit of bush there. Each stroke of your dick brings you one step closer to an orgasm and you cannot wait for the sweet release. The tension in your balls is building and you finally cum right there in your office, right on her glasses. Your cum shot was right on target!

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Cumming on MILF titties (with Alana Cruise)

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Your mom's friend is waiting for her and she is chatting you up. She asks you about how you like college and she suspects that you probably are very popular with the girls. Alana asks if you have ever been with an older woman before. You have not, but Alana would be a good place to start. She could teach you many things. Alana notices the growing bulge in your pants and she asks you to take your dick out for her. She likes what she sees and she wants you to get your dick totally hard. This MILF is practically salivating over you and she shows you her tits. Then she slides her panties to the side and you see her hairy bush. You rarely see bush on girls your age, but you really like her hairy pussy. Alana encourages you to stroke yourself as she continues to tease you before you cum all over her pretty MILF tits.

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Cumming on my girlfriend's sister (with Lola Vaughn)

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Lola's sister told her that you have a porn star cock. Is it true? Show her. Yes, it is true and Lola is excited to see how big it gets. Stroke it. Lola wonders why you are with her sister and not her because she thinks that she is a better catch than her sister is. She stands up and you get a good look at her tight body. Lola is entranced with your huge cock and you continue to stroke yourself. She is eager for you to cum on her face and her small tits and you do.