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An older man gets the job done

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I'm kind of glad your son couldn't come to help me set up the house. He probably would have just stood around watching me do everything. That's one great thing about older men, you know how to get a job done. You have the maturity to take charge and take control which I find so appealing. If I'm honest, I've had a strong attraction to you since your son and I began dating. Maybe this is all pointing me in the direction of breaking up with him and being your new play thing. Let's see if we have sexual compatibility first. My beds all set up, I think this is a great time to find out!

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Anniversary anal for you.

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You must be excited to celebrate our one year anniversary. You don't usually come home this early from work. You caught me before I could put on my complete outfit to surprise you in. I was going to have a dress and high heels as well as this sexy lingerie outfit. Now I don't have to get completely dressed as the second part of your surprise is that I want to give you anal sex. You've been asking for it since we starting dating and now it is time to give it to you. You must be very gently and go slow for me. I can see you are extremely excited about your gift.

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Any excuse to fuck

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You don’t mind that I came over without her do you? I know where you two keep the spare key so I figured I would chill here until she got off work. Hey, are you hot? All of the sudden I feel so hot. You don’t feel it? It couldn’t tie into the part that I’m a sex addict and you’re a great looking guy could it? I have my impulses under control, I think. Maybe I don’t have them under control because it feels to me like we’re going to fuck. Oh well, here I go again. Let’s at least make it fast so we don’t get caught by your girl.

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Anything for a good education.

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You know good mom's will do anything for their children. I wore my most appealing dress for this meeting. You see, my son must get into the best college possible. I know you can raise his GPA to above average fairly easily. I will do almost anything to secure a good future for my kid including raising that bulge in your pants and relieving it. We both know where this meeting is leading so let me show you how much interest I have in a good education.

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App sex is new to me.

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I have to be honest, this is my first time having sex with someone I met from an app. You seem really nice and I’m really horny. You can probably sense I am a little nervous. Can we take it a little slow? I mean, we’re going to fuck but just be a little gentle you know?

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Are you curious about me?

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This is kind of awkward. Your girlfriend just left to go run an errand with her mom and leaves her best friend and you here to wait. Hey, I know they will be gone for at least half an hour so, ...what would you say if I told you I am curious about you? We have half an hour, wanna fool around? I'll suck your dick then you can lick me where I tell you. See how hard my nipples are for you? I've been craving your cock for so long I can't believe I actually get to feel you right now. Hurry and stick it in. Oh wow you feel really good! Fuck me faster! You want to see my ass while you're plunging me with you pole? I like doggy style to. Don't mess me up with your cum, let me suck it out of you. I like to swallow. I bet you taste as good as you fuck. Oh my god you gave me a slippery load down my throat! That was so much fun. Oh shit! I think I heard a car door shut. Hurry and get dressed and pretend like nothing ever happened. This is our secret.

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Are you excited for date night?

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Can you believe we actually have a sitter and get to go be a hot couple on the town tonight? How do you think I look in this dress? Does it look ok on me even though my breasts seem to be bulging out of it? Speaking of bulging, did I see something stir in your pants? I think I did. It's been so long since we had a quicky and we do have a sitter, so come closer and show me the reason I married such a hunk of a guy like you.

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Are you getting any?

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Thanks for letting me vent to you about my bitch of a mother. I have no idea how you put up with her or why you even married her. I mean, you're a cool step dad and all but she is such a wench to deal with. How can you even stand being around her? Which makes me want to ask something else, are you getting any? I don't hear anything frisky going on in your bedroom ever, and I'm just next door. If my mom doesn't put out for you and she won't let me go out with guys so I'm not getting any, why don't we help each other out? I'm not going to say anything to her, I can hardly stand to be around her anyway. What better way to cause her real problems than to fuck you here in your bed you share together? From the way your bulge is growing in your pants I'd say you are right on with what I'm thinking. We'll be quick so she doesn't come catch us. She doesn't let you lick her pussy? You can lick my pussy daddy. You don't mind if I call you daddy do you? Oh I like the way your lips feel on my lips. Slide your long dick inside me. I need to get fucked so bad. Can I ride you until I cum? Oh god yes, cum with me daddy. Oh yes, I can feel your cum dripping out of my little hole. Looks like I don't need to try and date any guys since I have all the dick I need right here at home. Thanks for the orgasm dad.

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Are you going to prove it?

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I know this is slightly awkward after having so many in depth conversations over the internet and here we are finally face to face. What made my decision to have you come over was all your talk about how you can make a woman cum multiple times from giving her oral. I admit its been awhile since Ive had sex. Are you ready to show me how well you eat pussy? If you are as good as you say you are then I have a condom so we can go all the way. So are you ready to prove all your talk?

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Are you horny for me?

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We don't have to go to the bed when there's a couch right here. I'm so horny for you honey. I see your cock swelling in your pants for me. I don't always have to wear sexy lingerie or bra and panty sets for you. I appreciate this so much about you that you want me just as I am, in my comfy casual clothes. We're made for each other.