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My stepmom is pretty ingenious when it comes to solving problems. She found an excellent way to pay off the huge credit card debt she ran up on my dads cards and it's a secret I've been keeping from my dad for months. She came to me one day with a new proposition which really blew my mind. One of her web cam guys was going to pay her to have sex with me. He was going to pay her A LOT so of course I wanted to help her out like the good son I am. She's not my real mom so it wouldn't be hard to pound her pussy, she's hot! Weird thing is that I have to call her mommie as I'm fucking her but hey, I get to fuck my stepmom! Now this is going to be a great story to tell they guys at my next poker game. I don't know any guys my age who have got to stick their dick in their hot stepmom. I'm so used to college pussy that this is going to be a real treat. She sucked me for the webcam guy then told me to stick it in as she crouched down on all fours. She really put on a good show as I rammed her from behind. When it came time for the pop she laid down and played with her massive boobs while I jerked off. I could hardly believe my mom was laying under me asking for my creamy cum! After she logged off with the cam client she said maybe I would get to fuck her off camera later. I can hardly believe I just banged my stepmom!

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Big isn't bad, it's good!

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Your father said you wanted to talk with a female about something. I know I'm not your real mother but glad you feel comfortable enough to talk with me. So what is on your mind? You have a freakishly large what? A large penis and you want me to tell you a female's opinion of it? Ok, let's see it. Oh wow! That is huge! But it's ok to have a penis that large. I'm sure there are many girls who would love to feel your cock stretching them out between their legs. I'm not one of them but let me see you get it hard so I can see it's full potential. Since it's hard you may as well jerk it off so I can see how large of a cum load that size of a penis produces. Go ahead, we're both adults and I'm just your stepmother so it's perfectly ok to show me how you stroke yourself. Oh wow, look at those very long strokes you give yourself. I can see you're getting close to losing your load. Give mommie your cum. Go ahead, grip that massive cock and force all that hot cum on me. Remember to not tell your dad about what just happened. I don't want to have to tell him how much bigger your cock is than his.

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Bitchy Mom becomes bomb ass hot!

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I know I'm a lazy slob. Why should I go get a job or bust my ass cleaning the house if I don't have to? My dad says as long as I am going to college I don't have to work outside the house, or inside. My step-mom on the other hand, thinks otherwise. She is smoking hot, my step-mom. The only way my dad landed a babe like her is because of money. We don't live a lavish lifestyle but he makes her as comfortable as possible. The only thing he really demands is that the house is clean every day when he returns home from work. Some days I like to fuck with my mom and leave stuff everywhere just to watch her bend over and pick up the trash. I like to watch her hips sway as she vacuums. She really is super sexy and doesn't even know it. If she would shut her mouth and fix herself up once in awhile maybe she would feel better about herself and not feel the need to gripe and complain about cleaning up after me.


Blackmailed by step-son.

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My step-mom is a little hottie. She has gorgeous hair and near perfect breasts which she proudly puts on display in her dresses. She is my dads arm candy and my fantasy. Imagine my surprise and delight when I came home from work early one day to find my step-mom's hand wrapped around my sister's boyfriends cock! I didn't know my mom had a thing for younger guys. She is married to my dad who is getting up there in years. I took this awkward moment to seize the opportunity for some hand action on my junk. The poor fool boyfriend already managed to get his rock hard dick back in his pants for a hasty exit as I presented an offer to my mom. She knew she was caught in quite a predicament, one that my dad would most certainly dis-approve. I told her she could finish what she was doing with my sister's boyfriend on me and I would keep my mouth shut about the whole situation. At first she relented and claimed how gross of a thought that is but quickly came around knowing time was ticking away and dad would soon me home from work. I would almost get my rocks off as much with her hand job as I would spilling the little sick scenario that I walked in on. Didn't take much convincing, she opted for the hand job. I could feel my cock stirring and the familiar ache in my groin in the knowledge my cock was about to be stroked off number one, by someone who is into younger guys and two, by my hottie step-mom! Bonus deal! Not only did she jack me off with skill, she got completely naked and played with her pussy. Knowing she was touching my cock with the same hand that was rubbing her pussy was sending my head in a spin. She has quite the naughty mouth for a mom. God did she have a tight grip on my dick. When she called me a naughty boy and asked for my cum I could feel my load start to build. Fuck me when her titties started bouncing from her arm action I let my load go. I wish she would have let me cum on her tits instead of my stomach but she did say we could do this again. Her idea not mine! Oh hell yeah, I would come home from work everyday to get my cock taken care of by her. Its especially dirty because here we are under my dads roof doing these things and he will never know. My step-mom fantasy is becoming my reality. Fucken love life!

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Blond MILF Sarah Jessie is my stroke coach

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You have a super hot, super slutty step mom. Sarah Jessie is tall, thin, and she loves to tease younger men like you. Yeah, you could say she is a MILF or a cougar, but today is going to be your personal stroke coach. She does not hesitate in asking you to get out your dick and she is even more excited to show off her titties to you. Her big, fake tits have puffy nipples. Her right arm has a full sleeve of tattoos. This woman is no ordinary step mother, that is for sure. When she reveals her pussy to you, your dick bounces a bit. Now nude in front of you, she purrs to you that you should keep stroking your cock. Her meaty pussy lips would feel so good wrapped around your dick, but fucking your step mother seems a little wrong. Jacking off to her, however, seems quite acceptable in your mind. She wants you to stand up and stroke yourself till you cover her titties in a big load of your cum.

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Blow your load before you go.

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Your dad left me to handle this situation so I am going to deal with it the best way I know how. I have a feeling you aren't going to stop dating that girl you are on your way to see so here is the deal. You are going to leave your load with me before you go out with her. That's right, we meet here in my home office before each date with her as I would rather your cum stay here at home than impregnate a girl like her. So lets hurry up and take care of this problem as I'm sure you want to get on with your date.

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Bonding time with step mommie Samantha Ryan

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Your dad and step mother were fighting last night and she wants to talk to you about what you heard. Samantha and your father are going to separate. For now, it will be just the two of you in the house as your dad looks for an apartment. Your dad was cheating on Samantha and you do not understand how he could cheat on such a sexy woman. You actually feel badly for your step mother. Samantha hopes that you can now be the man of the house. Can you fill that role? You sit on the bed with her and your role as man of the house begins. She is eager to see if you really are a younger version of your father and she soon finds out that you are. Your dick is impressive and she asks you to start jerking off. Step mommie Samantha is getting turned on by you and she is ready to show you things that your college-age girls don't know about. As your hand moves on your hard shaft, you realize how lucky you are that your step mommie is so turned on by you. Samantha is not too many years older than you are…maybe 10 years, if that. Her small tits would look even better if your jizz were dripping down them. Before you know it, she is wearing only panties and shoes, but those panties don't stay in place for long. Your step mommie has urges and only you can fulfill them for her. Do not disappoint step mommie. Cover her with your jizz bomb and do it right now!

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By deductive reasoning you are guilty.

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There are only three of us in this house, you, your dad, and me. Your dad has been at work all day and I know for a fact he wants nothing to do with my granny panties as he calls them. I found a sticky kind of foul smelling substance on a pair of my panties that I thought were clean and dry in the clothes dryer. Would you like to explain why you took my panties and put them back soiled with your semen? You either have the hots for me or you want to feel like a girl and you use my panties to get yourself off. You are going to put these soiled panties back on and show me what you do with your little mini dick while wearing my panties.

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Can I get some of that?

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I couldn't help but hear some crazy wild noises come from your room late last night. I know you had your girlfriend in here. Your dad was asleep and snoring as usual but I laid her and listened to every last moan of yours. You know, you dad has to take that little blue pill to even get something worth working with. You don't have to take any pills I'm sure. Your girlfriend sounded so satisfied when you were finished throttling her. I was hoping I could get some of that. You dad knows I stayed here after he left for work. He said I could sleep in late and shower before going back to my place. I like being your dad's girlfriend but I sure could use some of what you were giving out last night.

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Chastity is a bitch isn't it?

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I can't handle the thought of you going out and fucking stupid college girls so this is necessary to keep that cock under my control. Just because you're in college doesn't mean you're grown up and can handle the responsibilities of being a dad should you know up one of those college girl sluts. I am sympathetic to your needs and will let you out of chastity for a good cock stretch. How does that feel? It must be nice to feel the sensation of your dick growing big. Go ahead and stroke yourself. This is the only chance you get for some relief because as soon as you cum, the chastity goes back on. Your father may be encouraging you to go get as much pussy as possible but I am completely against it. I am all you need. It would be so embarrassing to go to your dad and tell him your young dick belongs to mommie, wouldn't it? That is why this is our secret. I think you like belonging to me. You know you would be the campus cock with your raging hormones. I hope you know I am only doing this for your own good. Oh what a full cum load you had! I hope you enjoyed that release because you are under lock and key for two weeks starting right now. That's a very good boy.