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A facial for my babysitter (with Josie Jagger)

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Your babysitter Josie is over to sit with your kids - or at least she thinks that is why she is there. Your wife is not there and you confess to Josie that you and your wife are having some troubles. Josie offers her help, but she does not feel right about physically interacting with you. Maybe you can jack off while you watch her. Josie is a cute girl and you thought that she was innocent, but since she is willing to help you to get off, you realize you were wrong about her. Soon her bra is off and she asks if you want to slide your dick between her titties. Even better, she stands up and lets her shorts slide to the floor. Her ass is nearly perfect and you wish you could reach out and touch her soft skin. Josie tells you to grab your dick nice and hard to simulate fucking her very tight pussy. It is almost too much for you to handle when she takes off her panties to expose her pussy, but you remain in control and continue to masturbate to your babysitter. Josie is now ready for you to cum on her face and you give your nasty babysitter just what she wants.

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A facial for Pristine Edge

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Pristine was looking forward to getting laid so much that she didn't even wear panties on your date tonight. When she sees your tiny twin bed, however, she is unimpressed. You will not be fucking her tonight, but she will help you to get off. Start stroking your cock and give her something to look forward to. Watching you stroke off is making Pristine horny and she cannot resist giving you some visual stimulation. She lifts up her dress and you see that she had nothing on underneath her dress. That gets you going even more. Pristine tells you how much she wants to fuck you, but your cheapness in keeping your old, tiny bed turned her off. When you see her pussy, you notice that she has flappy pussy lips your favorite! She reaches over and strokes your cock as she reminds you that you could have been inside of her tight pussy tonight. She urges you to rub your dick faster. Are you close yet? Pristine demands that you rub your cock so that it explodes all over her face. She promises to wear your cum all the way home.

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A fat load on Brooke Wylde's fat tits

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Brooke needs a favor from you and she hopes you can help. Can she get a raise? She has not been working for you for too long, but she is very persuasive. You have a thing for girls who wear glasses and you are too weak to resist when she asks you to jerk off for her. You can already see that she has big tits as you take your dick into your hand. You had second thoughts about hiring such a young worker, but those thoughts are now gone! Brooke sweetly asks you to stroke yourself as she slowly reveals her sexy body to you. You are old enough to be her father, but that is all part of the appeal. Her fat, all-natural boobs look so soft and squishy. Burying your cock between them would be heaven. Then she stands and lets her skirt fall to the floor. Soon her leopard print thong is on the floor. She leaves on her glasses and her high heels as she grinds her ass side to side. You cannot touch her, but your hands are too busy right now working your shaft and balls. Brooke can see how much you love her boobs and she decides that you should cum all over them.


A fat, messy load for my step sister (with Edyn Blair)

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Your step sister Edyn dresses like a slut and it concerns you. Her shorts are really tight and very small. Her ass cheeks are sticking out of them. She likes to provoke men and you are on her list. You act like a prude, but she knows that you are really a freak. She demands to see your cock, so get it out now. She takes off her shirt as you show her your cock. She is pleased to see that a skinny guy like you has a nice cock and she decides to show you her titties. You have been thinking about her and she knows that you fantasize about her, so she is going to make your fantasy come true today. She tells you to start stroking your dick as she takes off the rest of her clothes. Now you see that she has a sexy tattoo on her belly and another on her upper back. You are excited at what a bad girl she seems to be because you have never been exposed to such things before. Edyn asks to touch your cock and you nearly jump out of your skin. Then she shows you her pussy, knowing that you have never seen one in person before. She plays with herself as she encourages you to do the same. You have quickly rubbed out a fat load for your naughty redheaded step sister Edyn and she is excited by your fat and messy load.

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A favor from my step brother (with Aleksa Nicole)

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Your step sister Aleska needs a favor from you. She was going to spend the night with her boyfriend, but those plans fell through. Aleska is incredibly horny and she hopes that you will be her substitute cock tonight. Her fat DD titties and ample ass are right there in front of you and you are ready and willing to assist her in any way possible. If you can get your parents out of the house for a little while so that her boyfriend could come over and fuck her, she will help you to jerk off. You immediately agree and Aleska asks you to take your dick out and start working on it. Pretend that she is riding your hard cock as you stroke yourself. You know that Aleska likes to be fucked nice and rough because you saw her getting fucked the other day. She needs her pussy to be pounded. As she strips for you, she dirty talks like a porn star. Have you been thinking about her pussy? Aleska knows that you have been, and she decides to let you see it as she bounces her hips up and down. "Make that pussy yours," she moans, as she tells you that she knows you want to fill her cunt with your jizz. After you cum, you feel better and you hope that she will need your help again in the near future.

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A final jerk off session with Leya Falcon

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Leya just does not want to have sex right now. She feels cheapened because you fuck her in the bed you share with your wife, but there is something else she needs to tell you. She is engaged to another guy and she wants to call things off with you, but she will help you to cum one last time. She asks you to take your dick out and start stroking it and you do as you have been told. Leya presents her fat titties to you one last time. You are thankful for her charity. She then slides up her miniskirt and shows you her ass. Do you remember fucking her in the ass all those times? You do remember it and that is all you will have after you cum today since even your own wife does not fuck you. If you beg Leya, she will let you cum on her big tits. You beg and she allows your one last jizz right on those big titties.

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A first class jerk off session with my step daddy (with Kasey Warner)

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Your step daughter is a little bit of a spoiled princess. She comes to you whining about her mother not buying her a first class ticket for spring break like all her other friends. You don't even travel in first class, but when Kasey offers to let you jerk off and cum on her, you start thinking that her request is not so out of line. It is true that you have fantasized about your step daughter before, but you never imagined that your fantasy might come true. She reveals her small tits to you as she graphically describes how she would suck your cock. When she takes off her shorts, you see a very dark, full bush through her lace panties. Kasey takes off those panties and you gaze upon her furry twat. Did you ever think about fucking Kasey and her mom together? Kasey knows that you have. Kasey gets excited thinking about you feeding your cum to her and you blow your load at that. It looks like your step daughter truly earner her first class ticket today.

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A freebie from Lylith LaVey

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Lylith does phone sex for a little extra cash and you walked in on her. She is talking to the guy on the phone and she signals to you that you should follow her lead and jack off while she instructs the guy on the phone. You have never been one to turn down a good time, so you listen to her every word. Her fat titties are nearly bursting out of her bra. Her coral-colored bra matches her sexy panties. She also is wearing sexy black heels. As she unsnaps her bra, her 34H tits are now fully exposed. Lylith likes watching you as you follow her instructions. There is something really erotic about knowing that the other guy has no idea what is going on on Lylith's end of the line. She removes her panties and flings them at you. Yes, you will be saving them for some panty sniffing later. There is a gleam of metal peeking out of her pussy area. It looks like her clit hood is pierced! You almost feel sorry for the guy on the phone because he is unable to see what you can see right now. You and the guy on the phone both cum and you love that you got a little freebie out of Lylith.

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A good deal (with Kenzie Madison)

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Do you have plans today? No? Will you let Kenzie use your car? She promises to be very careful. You don’t feel good about loaning your car to her, but she has an idea. Kenzie thought that she could let you jerk off to her and then she could use your car. Please? You finally agree since your cock is practically leaping out of your pants anyway. Your hand starts to work your cock as Kenzie starts to tease you. She is super cute and you think that you are definitely getting the better end of this deal. Starring Kenzie Madison

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A hand job from my real estate agent (with Brenda James)

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You are looking at buying a house and Brenda is your real estate agent. She thinks that you should put in an offer on this house, but you are not so sure. What is it that you do not like about it? Brenda is a bit frustrated because she has shown you so many houses and nothing has appealed to you enough to purchase one. Frankly, she really needs the commission for this sale and she will do anything to earn it. She kneels in front of you and unzips your pants. She then spits on your cock and begins to stroke it. This is a woman desperate to make a sale. You let her work your cock because she seems to understand just what you like in a hand job. She asks you to take over so that she can take off her clothes. She is unable to resist rubbing her pussy through her panties, but her attention quickly goes back to your cock and balls. Brenda can see you are ready to pop and she finishes you off and leaves you satisfied with empty balls. Impressed with her dedication to go the extra mile for you, you decide that this is the house for you.