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Slutty step-sister thinks step-bro takes to long to cum

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Yo, bro... what gives? What is going on, I can't even hear my T.V. show. Oh don't try to hide it, I can see your boner under those shorts. It's fucking huge! It looks like a giant hotdog or sausage or something... Oh relax, it's not like I'm your real sister, you're my stepbrother, I can grab it all I want. I mean it doesn't really seem like you even know what to do with it, you take so long. Oh right, you don't even have a girlfriend, I know that’s part of it. Can't you just do it faster, you are ruining my show. Well, what am I supposed to do about it? Help you? You want me to help you? Hmmm... I guess I would like to enjoy my show for once. Alright, I guess I can give you some... inspiration. I sit back and begin rubbing my tits together. I rip my shirt off over my head. I place one hand on my chest and the other on your cock. Wow, I wonder if your Dad's cock is as big as yours? I peel your shorts and underwear off. Oh wow, it's so big. I can't believe how hard it is! I stroke you, hanging my big breasts right over the tip. Why do you think it takes you so long to cum? Have you ever thought about getting it wet? It’s so dry, and I think if you tried lube you might feel more. I think I have some around here somewhere... hold on. I stand up and take me tight black pants and pretty panties off. Oh there it is... I squirt the lube into my hands and sit on the side of the bed with my legs open, showing you every inch of my completely naked body. I promise you, this is going to feel so much better than anything you have done to it. You are gonna love this. I grasp your swollen cock and squeeze it, working the lube all around your cock. I stroke it faster and faster. See, isn't that way better? You like when your sister strokes your cock don't you? I know you do. I’m telling you, if your dad is anything like you are, I don't blame my mom for marrying him. I lick the sides of your throbbing dick. I spit all over it and wrap my lips around your tip. You really like that don’t you bro? I totally don't blame you. I start licking your balls and sucking them into my mouth. You are so hard bro! Don't worry, nobody is going to find out. I keep stroking your cock. I told you the lube would make a difference. I suck long and hard on the tip of your dick and take big long strokes all the way up and down. You owe me so many favors you don’t even know. I stroke you faster and faster as I feel your cum building towards the top of your cock. I know just the thing you need. I pour more lube into my hands and rub it all over your cock and balls. You love it don't you? I do, I see that pre-cum. I can't wait to see it all come out. I start rubbing my pussy and licking the juices off my fingers. I would have done this a lot earlier if I knew how big it was... I spit on it and stroke it faster and faster. I want you to cum for me now bro. I stroke faster and faster and watch you shoot your huge load all over me! Oh my god! Big dick and big load! I’m gonna go wash off... you should too. Starring Anastasia Rose

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde

Slutty Stepdaughter wants to lend Daddy a helping hand

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Hi Daddy! How long did you say mom was gonna be out of tow again? Two weeks? Well I just wanted to tell you that I am so excited to help out if there is anything you need. You take such good care of mom and I and I just really wanna show you that I can be the perfect helping hand. I see how hard you are always working, and I just want to help you in anyway you need Daddy. I am a really good helper you know?I know you have been super stressed and worried about everything since you are doing so much by yourself. Why don't you come sit with me and get a little more comfy Daddy... I can rub the tension out of you. You feel so tense Daddy. Maybe this will help a little bit... I know you're my step dad but I can help in other ways too you know. Would you like me to do that for you? Maybe we should get those pants off of you. I rip your pants off revealing your throbbing cock. I can already feel you in my mouth... I begin sucking your cock. I love feeling so close to you Daddy... I just wanna make you feel good. I love feeling it grow against my tongue. I put my hands around it and stroke your Daddy cock as it gets harder and harder for me. I know you like feeling my little hands around your big at cock daddy. I will take all of the stress away from you daddy. I think I will take this off too. I lean back and take off my little bra and rub my titties all over your cock. I use two hands to grip your big fat cock. It feels so good in my hands Daddy. I can't wait to see you cum for me too. I feel you getting bigger already. Do you want to cum for me Daddy? Yeah? But first, let me get out of this little tiny skirt daddy. I squeeze in between your legs and start jerking faster and faster. I want it all over my tits daddy. I get so wet watching your cock get so hard daddy. Your dick feels so good sliding in and out of my hands... Yes Daddy, just like that I know that feels good Daddy... please cum for me, I know you want to Daddy. I want you to too. I stroke up and down bouncing my perky little tits right over your dick until you shoot your hot load all over my chest! I bet you feel better now. Starring Holly Lace

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Slutty stepsister sucks stepbrother into cam show

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Oh my gosh! Hold on guys, it's my stepbrother. Wanna help me out with my cam show bro? oh, and please dont tell mom and dad that I do cam shows! Do you think I could suck your cock on my for everyone right now? You guys wanna see me suck his cock, right? They all wanna see me suck your cock right now! Come on, pretty please... I swear I won't tell your girlfriend. Yeah? Okay good, come on. I pull you onto the bed and lay you down. Oh my gosh you guys, I have never even seen my stepbrothers' cock. Is a good cock? Is it nice and big? I reach out and start to stroke your throbbing cock over your shorts. Oh my gosh! How long have you been watching me? You are already so hard. Let's get those pants off. Oh wow, you do have a nice cock, you guys wanna see? I begin to suck the tip of your cock and hold the camera out so everyone can see me sucking your big fat cock. It turns me on that people are watching me suck you off. I continue to suck your cock up and down faster and faster. I love sucking cock. Will you hold this for a second, I sit up and unbuckle my bra revealing my sexy perky tits. What do you think? I lean down and continue to slobber all over it. It's just so good I can't keep it out of my mouth! Oh yay! I just got more coins, time to take my panties off! I sit up and begin to undo my garter belt. I bet you wanna see my pussy, dont you? Yeah? I spread my legs and peel off my tight black thong. I spit on my chest and rub it all the way down to my pink little pussy. Have you ever fantasized about this? I have. I crawl back up to you and continue to suck your cock. I take it all the way in and all the way out. God, you are so hard... I don't want you to cum yet, so I’ll give you a little break. I lean back and turn around, showing off my big, round booty. Nice view, right? I back my ass up and slide your cock against my ass and pussy. Mm... see how wet you make me? I turn back around and start stroking and sucking you cock and balls. I love sucking this cock bro, I want you to cum all over me. Can you do that? Do you wanna cum? I stroke and suck as fast as I can. I want the fattest load you've got, cum for me! I open my moth and let your cum explode all over my mouth and hands. I suck your cock as you cum, licking up every ounce of cum as it drips. Thanks for helping me bro!

Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette,Step Sister,Short Hair

Slutty stepsister will do anything to get the car

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Hey so, I was wondering if you could lend me the car keys? I mean I know you have them because we share the car but I know you don’t wanna listen to me complain all night so I think it is in your best interest to just let me have the keys. Okay? No? Well, can we work something out then... like maybe I could do something for you in order to get what I want? Yeah? I think that would be best. Oh my gosh! Did you just ask me to give you a hand job? Because... that kinda like, a lot to ask. I mean, you are my stepbrother... I don't know I just... You know what, I’ll just do it! I crawl between your legs and pull your pants down revealing your big fat cock. Oh my gosh, you have such and amazing cock! I let my drool drip down onto your cock and I rub it into your shaft. I stroke your cock with big, long, slow strokes. You know what... maybe I'll come bother you more often because I just love the way this throbbing cock feels in my hands. I stroke and squeeze a little tighter. I love the way it grows in my hands. I sit back and take my shirt off, revealing my small perky breasts. I rub my hard, little, nipples and stand up. I turn around and show you my round little ass and peal my panties down. I crawl between your legs and play with my little pussy for you while I stare at your growing cock. I begin stroking your cock some more. I love stroking my stepbrothers' cock! I feel that big hot load building up inside you. Wanna give it to me? I want you to, I want you to shoot it all over my tits. I stroke faster and faster until you explode your hot load all over my chest! Thank you so much bro. Maybe I will have to bug you more often!

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Snuggling with Step Daddy

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Oh how I love the way my baby girl smells in the morning. Still snuggled in her sheets. I love even more when she invites me to snuggle with her in the morning. Crawling under the covers, feeling her warm firm body up against mine. Pushing her ass into my swelling cock. She normally sleeps through me touching her and pushing myself up against her. This time she woke up. She rolled over and was so surprised to see me hard. She liked it. I knew she would. She pulled my cock out and starting stroking it and just stuck it right in her mouth. Her pretty young barely legal little mouth. Then laid back and let me slide my hand down her pink PJ’s feeling her bald wet slit made me feel like I was going to explode. Laying back she spread her legs, I tasted her briefly then slid myself inside her. Fucking her like I had thought about for so long, it felt so tight and good. Then she sat up, leaned back and stroked my cock so I could see her pussy until I couldn’t take and had to fuck her again until I came all over her little belly.

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SpringBreak! Face Shots! Shots! Shots!

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I want to go on spring break with my friends so bad. My mom is such a twat face and said that she can't stop me from going now that I'm 18, but she wouldn't give me any money. I guess she should know she raised a very resourceful sexy daughter that knows exactly who will give her some. My stepdad wants to fuck me so bad. I see the way he looks at me. I mean can you blame him. He sleeps with Queen No-Fun every night. She is so boring I bet she put a hand towel under her before she'll let "Daddy" fuck her. I love flipping my ass at him. He is a hot older man. I told him about mom and asked if I could do something for him. He laid on the bed and got the best handjob looking at the most perfect tits he has seen since high school. Jerky and stroking my "daddy’s" cock is so fun. I love pleasing him. You know what I like more? Spending his money on a bunch of super sexy spring break bros. I hope they break me. STARRING Athena Rayne

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Stealing Step Daddy from Mom

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My mom went through my phone and found out I’m fucking a guy the same age as my stepdad! If I’m being honest, I’ve fantasized about him being my stepdad during sex a lot. I’ve always liked older men, the "Daddy" type. She told me I can't see the older guy I was dating anymore. I'm so pissed. So, I took my stepdad from her! I see the way he has looked at me. I knew I could do it. My mom is a prude bitch. My daddy is a caring man that deserves to be pleased, by me. I called him in my room, told him what happened. I could see his cock getting hard in his pants while I was telling him I was fucking an older man. I asked if my mom even sucked his cock anymore and he said no. Then he laid down on my bed, I got naked for him. Finally showing him what a women I've become. Stroking and sucking his cock, letting him titty fuck me. It was so hot! My pussy was so wet. Then jerking him off with my young perfect tits he came all over them. I think I made daddy happy and my mom can fuck right off. I'm daddy’s good girl.

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Step Aunt tossed my salad

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My stepmom's sister is a fucking hot big-titted milf. She recently got divorced ad moved in down the street. She stopped by while my parents were gone and showed me what a dirty slutty older woman she is now that she is divorced. I guess my uncle never fucked her and she just asked to see my cock. It was so weird and hot. She pulled my cock out and then got naked for me. Showing me her huge perfect tits and fingered her bald pussy for me. She was so thirsty for young cock I had to help her out. I mean, I've been jerking off thinking about it for years. She pushed my hard cock down her throat, it was like I was dreaming. I love nasty slutty older women, they give the best blow jobs. Then she straddled me and fingered her pussy while she jerked me off. Then she spread my legs and licked my asshole, it was amazing! Then she jerked and sucked my hard cock until I exploded. I love that my aunt is our new neighbor.

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Step Auntie milks my cock

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It's been a while since I've seen my stepmom's sister, and I forgot how hot my aunt is! She’s a blonde MILF who is nothing like my conservative Mom. When she started to ask me about my college sex life, she put her hand on my leg, and it was pretty much "game on" from that point. She started rubbing my leg and moved her hand over my rapidly hardening cock. "You know I’m the fun Aunt", she said as she rubbed my cock over my shorts. She told me to lay back on the couch and showed me her perky MILF titties. When she pulled down my pants, I was fully erect. Her hands felt so good on my dick, and her pointy fingernails were so hot! I loved her dirty talk as she stroked up and down, and when she took off the rest of her clothes I was surprised by her hairy bush! I love MILF pussy, and she let me finger her while she kept stroking my cock. It wasnt long before I blasted a huge load of cum all over her hands. It's going to be great staying with Auntie for a while! Starring Lisey Sweet

Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde,Long Hair,Milf,Aunt By Marriage

Step Auntie's cock stroking lesson

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My aunt was staying with us for a few days, and she said my stepmom asked her to talk to me about "the birds and the bees." I know this is bullshit because she has been giving me hugs and subtle leg rubs for a long time. She has been waiting for me to be legal so her old sexy slutty ass could pounce on my young hard cock. She is so fucking hot. I love her gigantic rack. I've jerked off to her so many times when she came over to use our pool. She said she was going to teach me how my cock works. I know how my cock works, but I told her I didn't so I could get the full lesson. I love older women; I love how she showed me her huge titties and hard nipples. She pulled me out and stroked my cock with her pretty hands. Next thing I know she is completely naked jerking me off. She moved very quickly, stroking my cock hard and tight. She knew exactly how to make me cum, dumping my full hot load all over hands. I wonder if she will ever let me fuck her?