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I am more than glad you’re here.

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You know how much I ache in certain places for you. I’ve been a patient girl waiting for you to have time to come over. You can see what is on my mind. I didn’t mess around with wearing clothes but I know how much you like my sexy bra and panty sets. I also know how much you like when I wear something pink. Speaking of pink, let’s get that cock of yours hard and get him reacquainted with my private pink part.

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I am not a thief.

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I dont know what came over me to make me stick your wifes necklace in my pocket like I did. I like my job cleaning houses and your house is so nice work in. Your wife has so many pretty things I guess I figured she might not miss just one pretty necklace. It was wrong and I apologize. Please do not tell anyone what you saw me do or else I could lose this job. What could I possibly do to convince you that I wont ever try to take something that doesnt belong to me? I am open to do anything you say. We could both share a secret if you like. I could make you feel really great and you could pretend you never saw a thing tonight. Look how cute I am and willing to do anything to make this right.

Pussy Licking,Missionary,Doggy Style,Brunette,18 To 19,Blowjob,Cowgirl,Cum Shot,All Natural

I am not monogamous.

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Before we pleasure each other I have to make one thing clear. I am not the monogamous type. Can you handle it if I decide to share my love with other men and women? If you can handle it then I will share myself with you right now. I think you will accept my way of life sooner than you know.

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I am ovulating and need your cock.

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You know what it means when you come home from work and all I have on is a sexy bra and panty set. It's that time of the month again! I'm ovulating and I need your cum deep inside me so we can make a baby. I feel so horny for you I don't want to wait another minute. Come here and kiss me with that soft mouth of yours. Make sure you get that gorgeous cock of yours as deep inside my wet pussy as possible because tonight is the night I want you to plant your seed in me bebe.

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I am robo-girl 3000.

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Your very own robotic sex doll. You special ordered me with long blonde hair, the sexy see thru negligee and big blue eyes. Shall we begin with all your favorite sexual preferences? As I perform for you, you will be able to see the remainder of the physical choices you ordered.

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I am sexy for you.

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You know how I like to dress cute and sexy for you don’t you honey? What do you think of this new outfit? I especially like the way my boobs poke through the holes and the hood on my hair. Am I sexy for you? Come close and touch me in this glowing pink fish net fabric. Oh I see you are already hard for me. I guess that means I bought the perfect pink outfit to wear for you.

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I am so happy to see you again.

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I admit to being glad you and my mom broke up. You are better off without her don't you think? It gives me a chance to spend time with you without the guilt of her finding out. I wanted you the whole time you two were dating. In fact I think maybe you two broke up because of me. You would throw little hints around that I was exactly like a younger version of her. Men like a young tight body and a mind that hasn't been too warped yet by the world. Come closer, let me touch you and give you what my mom never could.

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I am so horny right now.

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I wonder why my sister asked you to come so early to pick her up? Last I saw her she was heading to her nail appointment. I don't mind keeping you company while you wait. I certainly wouldn't make a guy like you wait if you were my boyfriend. I actually know something to do while you wait. I am so horny. I think it would be so sexy to fuck my sister's boyfriend. She never has to know. We can fuck really quick then you can go wait in the front room as if it never happened. Don't you want to feel whose pussy feels the best, mine or my sister's?

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I am super duper horny.

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This is all for you. I don’t know why but I cant stop thinking about how much I desire your cock inside me. Please don’t make be wait and beg. I wore your favorite color bra and panty set to get you in the mood. Put your computer away, you've done enough work today. Come have some pleasure time with me.

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I am supposed to check on this property.

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I didnt mean to startle you but my dad, your landlord asked me to come check on this property. When he rented this house to you and your roommates he thought you looked like a party boy. You are kinda hot, ok really hot. I hope you dont mind that I let myself in. It looked like everyone was gone from the house and I did send notice by email yesterday that I would be coming today. Did I already say hot good looking you are? I see you checking me out to. I dont think my dad would mind if I hooked up with one of his tenants. You dont have to tell anyone about me being here today and I will report back to my dad that his property is still pristine.