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Now you know my secret.

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I thought I was home alone but you caught me. Please don't tell your father I like to dress up and clean the house in this little frilly apron. He doesn't approve of such frivolous attire and thinks I spend the days in mom jeans. I can see by the look on your face you approve of this outfit. Why don't I take a break from cleaning and lets both have some naughty fun.

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Oh my, that is big!

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I don't mean to impose on your bubble bath but I cant hold my pee any longer. I will be quick about it and let you get back to whatever you were doing. Hey, wow! I can't help but notice the size of your...dick! Your father is nowhere near that size! Look at the girth you have! I wonder whose gene gave you this huge cock! You have to let me touch it. Oh come on, I'm sure its been a long while since you hade a sponge bath from a woman. I bet college girls don't give their boyfriends sponge baths. Stepmoms can clean their sons and I may even teach you a new use for shower gel if you just let me touch it. Oh yes, this feels good doesn't it? Now I have something really raunchy to think about later while I am fucking your father. You don't mind if I fantasize about fucking your big cock do you? I am going to give you such a mind blowing orgasm in a few minutes that you are going to forget this is even happening. Sit back, relax and let mommie take care of that cock.

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One cheater deserves another.

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I know this has nothing to do with you but you happen to be here right now and I have to vent. I just found out your dad is cheating on me with his skanky new secretary. How clich can you get? Im not going to be left out of the action and since your father has nothing left for me in the bedroom, guess why I am here in your bedroom? You are only a step-son and a really good looking on at that. Were both adults and have free will. You are at that age with all those raging hormones so why not make your mommie happy and do what your father wont?

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Orgasms are the best remedy.

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I know I'm just your step-mom and not much older than you but I can still check on you while you've been holed up in your bedroom. You really need to get over that break up. You will probably have so many more break ups in your life. I happen to think the best remedy for crappy situations is masturbation. Oh yeah, I give myself a good orgasm and life gets better instantly. If you can keep a secret from your father and promise me you will leave your room today, I will give you some visuals of my sexy step mom body. Go ahead and touch yourself while I talk your way to self -pleasure.

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Playing with step mommy (with Amanda Tate)

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Amanda is in love with your father and she has been with him for a year. While she loves him very much, she wonders why he has not proposed marriage to her yet. Maybe you can find out what he is thinking. Since you get along with Amanda, you agree to talk to your father. To show her gratitude, Amanda thinks that she can offer you some dating tips and maybe even more than that. Can you keep a secret? If you can, then she wants to have a little fun with you while your father is out of town. She moves closer to you and helps to remove your pants. She then removes her clothes and begins to tell you how best to remove panties from a woman. Watching you play with your cock makes Amanda want a cock even more than she did before. She shows you how to unhook a bra quickly and she is now totally nude before you. Now you are both masturbating together, but she really wants you inside of her. You cannot fuck one another, but she does want to cum at the same time. Amanda inserts fingers into her pussy and she is soon begging you to cum all over her sexy body. You have a feeling that this is not just a one-time thing.

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Playing with step mommy Joclyn's panties (with Joclyn Stone)

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You are a little uncomfortable when you find your step mother Joclyn folding her bras and panties in the laundry room. She sees that you have a bulge in your pants, though, so she offers up her panties for you to touch. They are so very soft and lacy. Step mommy Joclyn wonders what you want to do with them. Would you smell them? Touch them? She decides that the best thing is for you to get your rocks off, so she tells you to slide your hand up and down your hard dick. You are standing in the laundry room jacking your dick as your step mother talks sweetly to you. This seems wrong, but there is no way that you can stop yourself now! She takes her titties out and jiggles them a bit, asking you to think about sliding your dick between them. "Stroke it for mommy," she purrs, and then she hands you her lacy panties and tells you to wrap them around your hard cock. Step mommy Joclyn knows all, and she knows that you need to cum right now. You stroke faster and faster until your jizz is all over the laundry room floor and your step mommy's pretty panties.

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Porn is my past. You are my present.

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How could a guy have a hot porn star for a stepmother and not jerk off to her daily, multiple times a day even? Nikita Von James is your super sexy stepmom and says porn is her past but she understands you are a virile young man who has a high sex drive. She is more than willing to help you out with that demanding dick of yours.

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Prove to me you kept your cum tonight.

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Who do you think you are young man coming in at this late hour of the night? I know you were out with that little college skank. You were probably fucking her dirty hole then thinking you could sneak in my house and go straight to bed. You deserve to be punished. You need a nice hard spanking on your skinny bare ass is what you need. Now prove to me you kept your spunk inside your junk tonight by jacking off in front of me. I want to see a full cum load for a young man of your age. Go ahead and get busy because you aren't sleeping until this is done. That's it, keep stroking and don't make a mess on my floor! Discharge your goo on your underwear and don't let a drop of that filth touch my floor! Oh you bad bad boy you spooged some on my bed! You go to the corner and stand there until I say you can leave. I can't believe what I put up with from you and I'm only your stepmom.

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Proving my manhood to step mommie Shay Fox

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Today your step mother Shay wants to talk to you about a rumor she heard. Are you gay? She will support you regardless, but she wants to know the truth. She wants to make sure you have any help or advice that you need. Have you been with a woman before? Shay notes that she sees you staring at her and she wants to know what is going on. If you take your dick out of your pants, she can help you. Look at her tits. Do you feel anything happening? She sees your dick growing and she encourages you to touch yourself and start stroking. With each piece of clothing that comes off, you can feel yourself reacting. She asks if you have ever seen a vagina before and you confess that you have not. You watch her touch her pussy and she notes that you definitely are reacting to her. Shay does not think that you are gay at all and she asks that you cum for her. You surprise yourself and your step mommie with the great volume of your load. You definitely both agree that you are not gay... not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Proving myself to step mommy Mikki Lynn

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Your step mom just found out that her husband cannot have sex with her any longer because of his heart condition. She has come to you because she feels that it would be best for the family if you could step in and service her on behalf of your father. She asks you to take your dick out so that she can see if you are sexually suitable for the task. Step mommy Mikki likes what you have to offer so much that she wants to watch you stroke off. It is clear that she is turned on by you and she tells you how to work your dick. Although you feel pretty handy with your own dick, you like that she cares enough about you to tell you what to do. It is not much longer till her titties are out for you. They are perky and you wish she would allow you to touch them. That will come after she sees that you can provide her with a big load of spunk. She slides off her panties and asks if you want to put your dick inside of her as she plays with her fat pussy lips. Mikki reminds you that she must be fucked every single day and she hopes that you are up for the challenge. Did you know that step mommy likes to get fucked in the ass occasionally? As she works her pussy, you can hear how wet she has become. Mikki encourages you to stroke faster and faster as she urges you to cum all over her pretty tits.