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Mother's Day seduction by step son

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It's just me and my step-mom at the house since dad passed away a couple years ago. Even though I am twenty I could move out and give her the privacy she probably would enjoy but I can't do that because I have the secret hot's for her. It's not really something I can just come out and tell her but maybe todays' Mothers Day gift will show her how I feel. She was laying in bed reading a book, wearing her sexy mommie reading glasses when I came to her with her gift. I could hardly wait to see her reaction. The anticipation was causing me to have butterflies in my stomach and a stirring in my loin, what a crazy combination. She seemed to be embarrassed yet intrigued and figured out my intentions toward her pretty quickly. I don't know why she doesn't have guys asking her out left and right but I'm glad because that leaves plenty space for me. I could hardly wait to see the sexy silky lingerie piece on her curvy body. She said she would try it on so I could see her in the gift but not while I watched her change. She stepped away from me a typical mom and returned to me a sexy siren. Of course my cock began to swell at the sight of her full breasts and smooth hips encased in silk and soft mesh. She noticed my reaction right away and commented how this was all so flattering to her. We both awkwardly gazed at each other when she suggested since this is a special day that we should take our mother son bond a step further. I didn't expect her to full on fuck me nor did I want that but rather go a slow pace sexually with her. She offered to wear this gift as she stroked my cock into orgasm. I knew she would probably be a little shy about sex since it had been so long since she was with a man, much less her own step-son. She asked me to lie down and get comfortable so she could be the sexy sultry woman she has hidden for so long. I was honored to be receiving such a great gift from her and this made me wish I had somehow found the way to instigate my feelings before. She lubed my cock with her deep throat honey saliva and stroked me into dizzying heights of pleasure. She modeled the lingerie as she stroked my rigid shaft until I could no longer hold back my load. Her sweet voice and solid hand job made me bust a fat nut all over her pretty hands. My fantasy of what might happen when I gave her the lingerie gift was nothing compare to the reality of what actually happened. I have spank bank material for the next month from this experience. Now that we have passed an invisible boundary maybe I will no longer be the only one in this house cranking on my cock. A whole new relationship was created from one silky sexy gift.

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My 2nd job is a bit risque.

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Your father isn't home yet is he? I have to tell someone about my new job because I am a little confused with some parts of it. I got a part evening job as a housekeeper but not a traditional housekeeper. I think there might be more to it than just cleaning house and I need a man's opinion. There is no way you can tell your father about any of this. Why don't I show you the outfit I have to wear when I go clean a house. Ta da, what do you think? The part I haven't figured out yet is the company's slogan, "We dust, you bust". Wait a minute, is that a chubby you have? Ohhh, it's starting to make sense now. I will be cleaning and the client will be jerking himself off while watching me! I may as well get used to being watched and you already have a chubby so go ahead and do what you need to do to get rid of it and I'll even encourage you. I'm not sure a stepmother should be doing this but here goes.


My Asian step mother helps to get me off (with Jackie Lin)

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Do you have insomnia again? Your Asian step mother knows how important that a good night of sleep is. In her culture, it is not uncommon, she says, for the mother to help a son by helping him to cum. You take her up on this unusual offer and she immediately works your dick for you. Do you see her technique? Let her show you. She puts her mouth on your dick briefly and you fight hard to keep control of yourself. Now grab your cock and start working it just like step mommie Jackie is showing you. She removes her silky robe and you finally see her very sexy body. She touches herself for you. Rubbing her clit, she tells you what a good job of jacking off you are doing. Ridding yourself of a big cum load will definitely make a good night of sleep possible. Well, that is what Jackie tells you. Why would your step mother lie to you? She would not, so you keep stroking yourself. You are ready to cum now, and she wants your sperm on her titties. Now you are ready to go to sleep.

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My cheating step mom jerked me off to keep me quiet.

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My stepmom is pretty hot. I have fantasized her a lot while growing up, and admittedly have a little crush on her. One day I came home early from classes, and I heard some noise coming from my parents bedroom. I knew my mom and dad were at work, so I cracked open the door a little bit to see if we were being robbed or what. What I saw in my parents room was so shocking that I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw my hot mom in bed with some strange guy! I know they couldn't see me, so I watched for a while, getting angrier yet more turned on as this big dude pounded my mom's pussy while she moaned like a slut in heat. I snuck away before they saw me, and decided to confront them right then and there and threaten to tell my dad that mom was cheating on him. I went back down the hallway and saw them kissing as they were getting dressed. I heard her tell him that she was happy that he got off for lunch to come over for an afternoon quickie. I moved back down the hall just in time for my mom to realize that I was home and she was busted. She made some lame excuse about this guy being an old friend of hers, and he even helped the lie by saying it was great that she "showed him around". After he left, she shut the door and turned to me with a very serious look on her face. "So, what's it going to take to keep your mouth shut about this?" she asked me. I was furious, and a jealous that she would let some other guy fuck her in my dad's own bed. She told me to follow her into her room so we could discuss what happened and work out some sort of arrangement for me to keep quiet and not tell my dad. Well, it would have to be something pretty good for me not to spill the beans on her affair. Little did I know how far she would actually go to buy my silence. She started telling me that she and my dad haven't been getting along that well lately, and that my pop only wanted to watch football and drink beer, and wasn't paying any attention to her. I believe that, I've never seen my dad be romantic or anything with her. As I said earlier, I had a crush on her myself, and I think I was more jealous than anything. If she was going to be fucking another guy, I wanted it to be me! Once she realized that I had a thing for her, she realized that what she could do to keep me quiet. All she had to do was give me a little taste of what she had been giving to someone else. It turns out that my Mom is actually quite the town slut behind my dad's back. She told me that she had lots of "friends" who keep her satisfied, and that she needs lots of cock because she is such a whore. She told me to lie down on the bed and she would give me a handjob if I would keep quiet. I had been dreaming of my mom for years, so now I knew that this was my chance. I laid down on the bed as my mom proceeded to give me one of the best handjobs I've ever had. She used her mouth on my tool and beat my dick like it owed her money! She took off her clothes and let me have a good look at her perfect MILF body. Mom even told me that she let other guys fuck her in the ass, and if I was a good boy and kept my mouth shut, that I would get to tap that ass as well. That was all it took to blash a huge load of cum from my cock, and my mom slurped it all up like the good little whore she is. Now that I know what a dirty whore my mom is, things are going to be a little different around here.

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My cock cranking cookie break.

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My hot stepmom is a good wife. She bakes for my Dad every time he goes away, because he likes to have freshly baked cookies when he comes home after being away for a while on business. I knew Dad was coming home tonight, and that only left me a couple of hours alone with Mom. I was feeling really horny, and my Mom has been taking care of my hard cock for a while now. I let her think that it's the only thing that will relieve me of all of my stress. I decided that I would go down to the kitchen and see if Mom would be willing to lend me a hand while it was still just the two of us. She was wearing an apron and a short skirt so I could see her long sexy legs and a little bit of cleavage. My cock was raging as I watched her mix the ingredients. She knew what I wanted, but told me that she had to get the cookies finished, and that the last time she burned them my Dad spanked her and fucked her in the ass! That just made me even harder. She held up her kitchen timer and told me that we only had 12 minutes in between batches and that she would help me out but I had to make it quick. Usually she takea a good long time stroking me, because she likes it almost as much as I do. She set the timer and put the tray in the oven, and told me to go lay down on the floor. My cock was already out, I was rubbing it the entire time she was talking to me. I lay down on the rug and let Mom take over. She lubed my dick with shortening and began to stroke my rod up and down with her soft, slippery hands. It was so hot watching her in the apron, and I knew that the pressure was on to cum soon. I could see up her skirt, and saw her red lacy panties that just covered her wet MILF pussy. She moved closer to my cock and let me feel the fabric against my balls as she kept stroking. The clock was ticking in the background as she kept talking really dirty to me. "Are you going to be a good boy and cum for me?" she asked, "You have all that nasty, dirty, fucking cum in there." She started using two hands on me and kept cranking, until she pulled out a thick load of hot cum all over her hands, with one minute to spare! She kept stroking me until the buzzer went off, then she jumped up and ran to the oven to pull out the perfectly baked cookies. She scooped a couple of warm cookies onto a plate and handed them to me. "Now, go do what you need to do!" she said, as she fixed her apron and went back to the kitchen. I love my Mom!

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My future step mom helps me to bust a nutt (with Nina Elle)

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Nina is your future step mom and she does not care for your slacking ways. Don't you have a job interview? Get up! Hurry and you might actually make it there in time. Where is your motivation, boy? Nina decides to share a trick that helped her when she was in college. Just bust out a fat nutt every morning and your day will go much better. In fact, Nina is willing to help you. Come on get your dick out and start jacking it. Since you are lacking in motivation, Nina offers a bit of visual stimulation by stripping down to a matching bra and panties set. You are already feeling motivated! "Get that nutt out for me," she purrs as she strokes her tits. Her pointy pink fingernails tickle her pussy and she even tastes herself. When she turns to show you her ass, you pick up speed in your strokes so that you can cum all over her round ass. You know it won't be long till you give her the nutt that she was begging for. Finally you bust that nutt and you immediately are ready for the rest of your day, thanks to your sexy future step mom.

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My gigantic tits will shut you up.

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I think you are kind of a sissy boy. What young man paints pink flowers on his bedroom wall? You say it's the beginning of a huge mural with a castle and a moat and I say that is bullshit. You're a sissy boy and I can't believe I have to be a step mom to a softy like you. Lie there and take it you girl wanna be. This is so much fun for me and if you say anything about this to your father I will come back and REALLY make it harder for you to breathe.

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My jack off fantasy about my step mom Maya

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Your frumpy step mom is vacuuming as you sit around doing nothing. She wonders why the house is always so dirty and she reminds you that she is your step mother, not your servant. Whatever, you don't really care. You have a pretty sweet life living off of your parents. You blank out a bit and now picture your step mother vacuuming in sexy lingerie, wearing makeup, and having her hair done. In your fantasy, your step mother is now quite happy to clean for you and she promises to take the very best care of you. She directs you to follow her to the bedroom where she invites you to sit with her. Now she says how much she wants you, but touching you would be totally wrong. What step mom Maya can do, however, is to show you her body and teach you lots of things. You think that sounds great. She promises to teach you how to play with yourself. You want to suck on her titties, but that cannot happen, so step mom tells you to start playing with your dick. Get your hand moving up and down that dick slowly as she reveals her pussy to you. It is cleanly shaven and you can almost smell her. She confesses that the only reason she is with your dad is to get to you. With her ass in the air, she tells you how much she would love to have your dick inside her ass. You are ready to cum, aren't you? Yes, step mom Maya knows you are. She encourages you to deposit your sperm all over her big titties.

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My panties look good around your cock.

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I can't help myself. I want to stop but I can't. I simply must sneak in my dad and step moms room to riffle through her panty drawer at least every few days. I know it's a horrible habit but I don't know how to stop. Her silky soft panties with the little cotton part where her pussy lips go drive me crazy with desire to smell where her pussy rests. I was enjoying a new pair wrapped around my cock and close to exploding when my bedroom door opened. It's a good think I learned to hide under my bed long ago and especially when I am jacking off with my mom's lingerie. She began to open and close my storage bins and muttered how she knew I had to have her underwear somewhere in my room. I held my breath hoping she would leave soon so I could finish myself off when she turned and saw my position. I can't believe I had to crawl from under my bed with my step mother's panties in my hand and my semi erect cock dangling. Instead of being angry she seemed intrigued and asked me to show her how I jack myself off. She then went on to give me encouragement to keep stroking myself until I came. She made the movements with her hands that she wanted me to make. The best part was she got naked and gave me the panties she was wearing! Watching her hand movement made my cock so damn hard it wasn't long before I had to let my load go all over her pussy scented cotton crotch. To remedy me thieving her underwear she offered to give me some panties I can keep guilt free. I could not have asked for a better step mother who understands what a guy like me truly needs to get his panty hungry dick off.

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My pillow gives the best release.

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You are so naughty for hiding in my closet and watching me masturbate on my pillow. No one knows I do this, not even your father! Don't look at me like I'm doing something wrong. Your father cant get it up anymore even after taking one of those special pills. I have do so something to get sexual satisfaction. I was so close to having my release before you startled me. I want you to join in, this way we both have secrets to keep from your dad. You know how to jerk your own cock. Ill let you watch me get myself off but I get to watch you do the same.