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Making step mommie CeCe Stone feel good

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Your step mother CeCe is concerned that your dad might be cheating on her with his sexy new big-breasted secretary. This has made her feel self-conscious about her own appearance. Do you know anything about what your dad might be thinking? Do you like step mommie CeCe's tits? They are not big or fake, but the concern she has is that she wants to make her husband happy. Oh, you cannot see them through the shirt? Okay, she will show them to you so that you can make a judgment. After all, you have seen your dad's secretary. You are surprised at how perky her titties are and she is able to tell how much you like what you see. Is she turning you on? CeCe suggests that it would be a bad idea to leave you with a hard dick and full balls, so she tells you to pull your dick out and stroke it. She observes that your dick is even bigger than her husband's dick is and this makes her hornier for you. She cannot resist playing with her pussy as she watches you jack off. The positive attention you are giving her is apparently quite the turn on for this older woman and she encourages you to continue playing with your dick as you come closer to her pussy. You can feel the heat coming off of her pussy and you can smell her now. You want to dive in there and lick that pussy, but right now she is focused on your needs. She demands that you stroke yourself off till you cum on her small titties and you follow her lead. It seems that you have made step mommie CeCe feel very good about herself today. You are a very good step son.

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Making step mommy Kendra feel good

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Kendra had a long day at work and she wishes someone could rub her feet. Would you like to rub your step mommy's stinky feet? You have noticed your sexy step mommy before, but you never thought that anything like this might happen. She invites you onto the bed with her and she removes her high heels. Go ahead, rub those feet. You do want to make mommy feel better, don't you? Kendra cannot ignore the growing bulge in your pants and she asks you to pull out your dick so that she can look at it. Since your dad won't be home for a while, step mommy Kendra says that there is time for you to take care of her. Stroke that dick as she gets more comfortable. Her body is sexier than you ever imagined. "You're nice and horny for mommy, aren't you?" she asks. Of course you are! Your dick has never been so hard in your life. You are very excited to cum on her pretty, stinky feet. You tell her to keep her stockings on as you stroke yourself faster and faster until you finally coat her pretty toes with your hot load.

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Making your gay go away.

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Honey, there are rumors going around about something that has me concerned. Are you gay? Your father and I completely support you if you are. We heard some of your sister's friends talking and they were saying you are since you haven’t had a girlfriend yet. I know you are just twenty but its true most boys your age have had a few girlfriends by now. I'm just your step-mom but I am concerned and want you to be happy. I didn't say anything to anyone but have I mistakenly caught you looking at me a little longer than necessary? You know, the other day in the hall way when I came out of the bathroom in my robe, you continued watching me as I walked the length of the hall. I turned right before I went in my bedroom and caught your eyes on me. Is it maybe that you aren't gay but that you are attracted to older women? Do you mind if I conduct a little experiment with you? I would like to touch you and see if I can get you aroused. Is that ok, if I touch you down there? Ohh, you are already hard! I think I already have my answer that you are certainly attracted to older women. Well, I won't leave you there with a hard on, of course I plan to complete my experiment by jacking you off until you cum. That would be the ultimate answer of how attractive you find me if you can give me your precious cum. Since you haven't ever had a girlfriend, I would be the first female to receive your warm sticky cum, and that makes me feel oh so special. Now, you can't tell your father about this happening. I don't think he would approve of my reasoning to determine if you are gay or not. This will be our little secret. It's not so weird what we are doing. Your cock just jumped when I took off my bra. This says to me how much you like what I am doing with your cock. You probably aren't gay, you're just shy. You want to see your mom's vagina? I have a pretty pussy I don't mind showing you. I will even spread my legs so you can see it's pink inside. One of these days you will get to slide that big cock of yours inside a little pussy and it's going to feel so good. I want you to imagine what it would feel like to put your stiff dick inside a warm, wet pussy. Imagine everything it would feel like as I stroke you until you cum. Make mommie's hands a mess with your hot cum. You can trust me and give it to your step-mom. I won't tell anyone about this, our secret. I know you are a desirable young man who is just waiting for the right girl to share your sex with and that is alright with me. Oh you had so much release you almost got me in the eye! I know one thing for sure, if you can cum for a woman you aren't gay. Looks like mommie made your gay go away.

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Masturbating for my new stepmommy (featuring Krissy Lynn)

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Your father thinks that Krissy dresses inappropriately around you. Krissy is now your step mother and you like how she dresses, but your dad wants her to dress more conservatively. Is what she is wearing slutty? You do not think that she is slutty at all. You think she looks great. She changes her clothes to what your dad wants her to wear and you are shocked. You like how she looks in her conservative clothes. Do you have some weird kind of mommy fantasy? That's okay, don't worry. Your new mommy likes that. Take your dick out and show your new mommy how you masturbate. Don't say a word; just keep touching yourself. Mommy Krissy unbuttons her blouse slowly and then she slips her hand up her skirt. Do you want to see mommy's panties? Keep jerking your cock as she slides her tight skirt up over her ass. Krissy moves her hand over her pussy and she asks you to show her how much you like your mommy. "Mommy's going to touch herself, too," she purrs. She asks you to look at her pussy and you are entranced by her fat pussy lips. You cum hard for your naughty mommy just like a good boy.

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Maybe you can make one of my fantasies come true.

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I've been feeling pretty lonely lately. Your dad hardly pays any attention to me no matter how sexy I dress. I don't know how you feel about this but I am going to say it anyway, it's been a long time fantasy of mine to be with a younger guy. I don't even know how to approach anyone with this thought. You have always been really nice to me. You are a better step-son than most of my girlfriends real sons. We get along so well I figured it would benefit us both to share this experience. I'll start ok? First let's unzip your pants so I can kiss your beautiful young penis. Mmm, you taste really good. As I strip out of my clothes come here and plant little kisses all over my body until you get to my private part. Oh yes, please kiss me there with your warm tongue. Make my pussy wet so you can enter me comfortably. That's it, climb on top and look at me as you fuck me. I want to see your pleasure. Make sure you don't cum inside me. Pull out and let it go on my belly. Oh wow! That was so nice. You made your step-mother very happy and from the look of your load on my belly, you are very happy to.

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Measure this MILF.

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Don't get all weird that I am in your bedroom in a bra and panty set. I am here with a purpose. I need help measuring all my important parts so I can order pretty lingerie to surprise your father. I can't get accurate measurements doing this by myself. Just look at this as lending a pair of hands to help out your stepmom. You would be doing me such a huge favor and also learning how to properly measure a woman to!

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Meeting step mommy's needs (with Raquel Sieb)

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You overhear yet another fight between your step mother Raquel and your father. She comes into your room afterwards to tell you all about her problems. They have not had sex in months and it is definitely causing problems. You are the only reason that Raquel is staying right now. She thinks your dad is having an affair. Your poor step mother is horny and very sexually frustrated. She asks to see your cock and she promises she will not touch it. Will you stroke it for her while she watches? Step mommy Raquel admires your penis and your stroking technique so much that she cannot resist touching her big breasts. Then she spreads her enormous pussy lips apart so that you can see what she has to offer. It is obvious that she loves watching you play with yourself while she fingers her pussy. You can see how horny she is and you are embarrassed that your father has not been meeting her needs. To make her happy, you will explode a big load of jizz just for your terribly horny step mommy.


MILF tease from Raylene.

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Only because you are such a good boy to you get to watch super hot Raylene tease you with her big tits and ass in fishnet and spandex.

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MILFS want your cock for web cam show.

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My friend Zoey is always coming up with strange ideas but this one is the craziest yet. I've been envious of her new car and expensive purses so she told me what she is doing to make extra money. She does web cam shows from the privacy of her own home and says I can do the same. She set us up a playtime together with one of her regular clients. I can hardly believe I'm going to get sexual with my girl friend and get paid for it. If we had a real cock to play with this guy would give us a good extra chunk of money. What are two money hungry MILFs to do? We enlisted my step son in the fun. It didn't take much convincing to bring him to my bedroom so Zoey and I could have our way with his young man meat. It was a little awkward for me at first until I saw the size of his dick and Zoey's hungry mouth wrapped around it. We sucked and fucked him silly I think. Zoey's client popped his nut pretty quickly and paid us the extra money we asked for INCLUDING EXTRA FOR ME TO DO ANAL WITH MY STEP SON! It was so much fun that I think I have created a new daily job for myself and my stepson. How's that for being a caring stepmom?

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Morning wood equals morning fun.

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I thought for sure you would be ready for school so I can give you a ride. You aren't in high school anymore. College aged kids need to be up early and out the door so you aren't late to class ever. Why don't I help you speed things along and give you some incentive to a fast finish. I don't mind playing this way with you. You do all the work and keep your cock under the sheet so it's not wrong if I don't touch it. I'm not your real mom so this isn't bad, it's fun. Oh I like seeing your cock throb under the sheet as you watch me undress. Keep stroking it. I'm curious to see what kind of cum you release. This is such a fun way to start the day. I'm feeling sexy that you are sharing something so intimate with me. If your dad only knew what we were doing he probably wouldn't believe it. I'm sure other mother's play with their son's this way. Oh you're a little bashful aren't you? That's ok, I've had my fun and will leave you in privacy to finish yourself off. I'm sure I gave you enough visual to complete the job. Thanks for the morning fun!