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Can I please be your secretary? (with sexy Aussie girl Kiki Vidis)

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Kiki really could use a job. Even though she is not necessarily the most qualified on paper, she has a few assets that might be useful to you. Are you interested? She can help with computer things, coffee runs, and anything else that you might need. She is super cute in those glasses, so you hear her out. You ask her to stand up so that you can check her out. Kiki has a great body from what you can see, but you want to see even more. You can see how nervous she is by her unsteady voice, but that Australian accent is a complete turn-on for you. She happily shows off her pretty lace bra and you approve. Her skirt is on the floor now and you see that her panties and bra match. If you promise not to tell, she will take off her bra. You agree and her small boobs are now looking right at you. She is a pretty girl for sure. Kiki now notices that you have a bulge in your pants and she offers that it would be okay for you to jack off right there. You ask her to remove her panties. She sits on your chair and begins to touch herself. You do the same. You are pleased to see that she keeps her high heels pleased that you cum right onto her titties. Kiki thanks you for your time as she gets dressed. You feel confident that she would be a great secretary.

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Can step mommy suck your cock?

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Practically bursting out of her dress, Sami invites you onto the bed for a chat. She is your slutty stepmom and she thinks that you are sexually frustrated. You agree and she thinks that you really need to masturbate more often. Can she watch? Maybe she can offer you some tips. She promises not to tell your step-dad about your special time together. She happily shows off her big, fake titties and then she reaches over to evaluate your cock, which, she announces, is larger than your step-father’s dick. Show her how you play with yourself. Quickly she suggests that you slow your strokes. Step mommy Ryder even offers her own hand to help out her boy before putting her hand to work on her pussy till she cums. Now it is your turn and your eager step mommy does everything she can to help you bust a fat nutt. Starring Sara St. Clair

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Can you discount my rent if I help you to get off? (with Evelin Stone)

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You just fixed the hot water for Evelin and she is thankful. She has a lot of bills to handle, including her rent. Do you think that you could give her a break on her rent this month if she does a little something special for you? She shows you her boobs and she asks for 5% off of her rent. She has even more to offer you. How about 10% off her rent if she unzips her denim shorts? Oops! She isn’t wearing any panties! Maybe you should unzip your pants and join her for a little fun. You feel confident that you might end up owing her money before your time together today is over – and you are okay with that!

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Can you hang with Gracie May Green?

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Gracie is hanging out on your bed. She is your neighbor and she is new to the neighborhood. Please don’t tell her family that she is visiting you, though. She has a history of bad behavior with previous neighborhood boys. You love that she is wearing eyeglasses. She is kind of nerdy and cute and you want to get to know her. What Gracie wants is to tease you as you jerk off. She even wore her good lingerie just for you! You love black bras and panties. How could she have known that about you? She shakes her round ass at you and you hope you can hold back your orgasm for as long as Gracie wants. This could be the start of a beautiful thing! Starring Gracie May Green

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Cassandra Cain makes fun of my inadequate penis

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You cannot stop staring at Cassandra. Give it up, boy. You will never touch her. You take your dick out and Cassandra is shocked that it is so tiny. In her pity, she decides to let you play with yourself. She is wearing black leather pants, black high heels, and a black bra. Her black hair and tattoos are such a turn on to you. Cassandra can’t really tell, but you have never been harder than you are right now. Verbal humiliation is all you are getting today, but at least she is taking off her clothes for you. Her body is absolutely perfect. Now that you are thinking about it, you are glad she is not into you because you could never please a woman like Cassandra. At first, she felt sorry for you, but now she is bored with you and your micro pee-pee. Maybe you should just hurry up and cum already so that you can be dismissed. Show Cassandra what those balls can do! Uh oh. Your pathetic load is even more disappointing to Cassandra than your tiny penis. Please go away right now! Starring Cassandra Cain

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Catching up with my step sister Dillion

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Art history has your cute step sister stumped. Dillion has trouble focusing on her college classes. Maybe instead of you helping her study you can take a break instead. It has been a while since the two of you have been together, but she knows what you want. You do not want to talk, you want to see her tits. She has seen you staring at her, so she happily takes out her titties and lets you have a look. They are nice and perky. In return, Dillion wants you to take your dick out so that she can see it. Even better, she reaches over to touch it. It has gotten bigger since the last time she accidentally saw you naked. Do you like how her hands feel on your cock? She knows that you do. She reveals that she has become a bit of a slut since she started college and she is excited to show you what she has learned. Can you keep a secret? Dillion shimmies out of her very tight, very short shorts and she asks you to jerk your dick to her ass. Your dick is very hard at the sight of this gorgeous ass. She is unable to keep her hand to herself and she grabs a tight hold of your dick and she strokes it like a pro. Her pretty brown eyes look at you and she asks if you realize how wet you are making her pussy. You had no idea that this turned her on quite so much, but you are grateful. You are not sure why, but her tan lines seem to be turning you on more than you could have ever guessed. Dillion turns around to put her ass on display and she offers it up as a target for your spunk. Your hand moves up and down your dick quickly and you unload right onto that ass.

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Caught jacking it by my step daughter Aria

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Aria caught you jacking off to daddy porn. You are so dirty!! Is that what you fantasize about? Taking advantage of your step daughter? Aria does not exactly seem to mind that you are a pervert. In fact, she wants to join in on the fun. You cannot touch her, but she will watch you jack yourself. Aria guesses that her mom is not taking proper care of you since you have to jack it to porn, but she is willing to assist you. She offers tips on how to pleasure yourself as she plays with her titties and her pussy. Her small tits are so much nicer than your wife's titties are. When Aria uses the word "cunt," you almost cum in your hand. Generally, that kind of language is offensive, but hearing your step daughter refer to her own parts with that word is unbelievably sexy. When she bends over and puts her finger into her asshole, you struggle to maintain control. She tells you what a bad daddy you have been, dreaming about fucking your step daughter's cunt like you have been. Aria is eager to see how big your load is. "My mom not giving it to you?" she queries. Her big pussy lips are wet with her pussy juice and you want to coat her with your seed. When you cum, she tells you that you are a dirty daddy and she is quite right about that.

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Caught masturbating by my step sister (with Kat Dior)

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You were just caught jacking off by your step sister. Are you really going to keep jacking off while she stands there? She takes great pity on your little dick so much that she puts her mouth on it and she can barely feel it inside of her mouth. "How does that feel, step brother?" she asks. You are in shock that this is happening even though you knew that your step sister has a bad reputation. Kat lifts up her top and shows off her titties before once again sucking your cock. Okay, it is time for you to jerk yourself off for your step sister. You wrap your hand around your shaft and Kat instructs you exactly what to do. Spit on your dick and stroke the head of your dick slowly as she slides off her short shorts. Her round butt and hairy bush are just the inspiration you needed for your jerk off session today, but you certainly did not expect to have her right in front of you, encouraging you like this! Even better, Kat begs you to cum inside her mouth and you watch her swallow every sperm you give her.

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Caught peeping on my step sister (with Kasey Warner)

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You have been caught peeping on your step sister Kasey in the bathtub. She threatens to tell on you unless you jerk off right there for her. You don't have a choice, so you take your dick out and stroke off. As you stroke your dick, you notice that your step sister has nice, small tits and a very hairy pussy. Kasey stands up. She is wet and slippery and your dick would slide into her very easily, you think. She turns around so that you can see her ass. You become more aroused when she calls you a pervert and you stroke yourself very hard until you explode right there in the bathroom. Kasey gets up and leaves you there with her dirty bathwater.


Caught spying on my step sister (with Cheyenne Jewel)

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You spy Cheyenne at the pool rubbing suntan lotion onto her skin. You have a good vantage point from inside the house, but you are soon spotted. Whoops! She is not happy with you and she comes inside to confront you and your big bulge. You are such a pervert! You are step siblings and she is not happy. If you do not jerk off right now, she promises to tell your parents what you were doing. Ew. You are so gross. Have you spied on Cheyenne before, you pervert? Get out your cock and get it hard right now. Cheyenne pulls her bikini top to the side and she lets you have an up-close look at her tiny tits. She turns around and wiggles her ass at you. How did you become such a pervert, anyway? Just shut up and stroke your dick. As you look at her pussy, you see that she has such a large clit! Cheyenne knows that you want to cum on her and today you will be given the chance to impress her. Your little load just makes Cheyenne realize how pathetic and gross you are. Get out of her room right now!