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My stepbrother's cock isn't too big for me!

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Athena talked to her Stepbrother's ex girlfriend. She said she dick was too big for her too handle! At first she was weirded out, but then she became intrigued and turned on. When her brother takes his pants off, she realizes his cock is even better than she thought it would be! She wraps her hands around his cock and puts his cock in the back of her throat. She makes him cum far better then his exgirlfriend ever did! Starring Athena Faris

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My Stepdaughter found me on Tinder

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My stepdaughter was scrolling on Tinder and found me. I never thought about her finding me. My wife just doesn't care about me or herself anymore. We haven’t fucked in years. My stepdaughter is so fucking sexy and sweet. She is worried about me getting catfished or mugged. Such a sweet girl. Shouldn't I be taking care of her. Oh! I have thought about taking care of her. She is an adult now, and knows how sexy she is. She wants to help keep the family together by helping me cum. I like the way she thinks. She pulled my cock out and started rubbing and tugging on it. She told me I'm the best stepdad ever and she doesn’t want me to leave. She pulled her shirt off and let me play with her little perky tits. Then she got completely naked. Her perfect ass and pussy almost made me cum just looking at them. So young and tight. She took my hard shaft in her hand and pulled on it telling me what a good daddy I am. Her pretty face and tits look so perfect and sweet in front of my cock. Stroking and jerking, begging for my hot fat load I came all over her arm. She is such a good girl taking care of her daddy. Starring Maya Kendrick

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My stepdaughter is in heat

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My stepdaughter had a guy at our house today when I got home. My wife hates it even though our daughter is an adult. She just still happens to live at home. She is constantly flipping her tight young ass in front of me and walking in on her with that guy today was so fucking hot. I had to use every ounce of my composer to not show how hot it was. He left and then my sweet little girl told me how "cock thirsty" she is and how willing she would be to do ANYTHING for me to keep my mouth shut about what I saw today. Well, I will keep my mouth shut as long as she keeps hers wide open. She pulled my pants off and instantly started stroking my cock with her soft small cold hands. The temperature difference between our bodies was so arousing. Then plunging my hard cock to the back of her hot throat without hesitation made me grow even more rigid in her mouth. I could tell it turned her on because she told me. Giggling as she stroked and sucked my cock made me feel like I was going to explode. Showing me her tight young, pale and tattooed body was so sexy. He pale pink nipples on her firm young tits as she pulled and yanked on my cock until I couldn't take it anymore and blew my fat load all over her pretty pale tan lines. I promise to keep all her secrets if she promises to take all my loads.

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My Stepdaughter’s Erotic Photoshoot

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After marrying River’s mother, I worked from home as a freelance photographer. My slutty daughter loved prancing around in her skanky little outfits after her mother had left the house for work, driving me crazy with desire. I always thought it was playful flirting when I caught her eyeing my package or pulling down her shirt to show off her cleavage, but I never expected her to take it to the next level, until one day she discovered explicit photographs I had taken of her mother in the bedroom. I was shocked when my daughter asked me to take erotic pictures of her for her boyfriend, but the bulge in my pants couldn’t resist as she began undressing, rubbing my cock over my pants, teasing me, and posing with her hot, little body for the camera. My sweet daughter made her daddy’s cock so fucking hard, and she looked so angelic with daddy’s cock in her small hands. My baby girl was so willing and eager to please her daddy like a good, little slut. She stroked daddy’s cock until I exploded my load all over her beautiful, young breasts. Starring River Fox

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My stepmom's sister wants all of me.

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My stepmoms sister is letting me stay at her house for a while. I have always felt like she was a little off. But she is so sexy and beautiful that I thought I was just imagining things and nervous because I have jerked off thinking about fucking her pretty face so many times. She always seemed really close to her stepson and I thought she was just very nurturing. Well, turns out she is a very, very giving Auntie. She came in my room in a silky pink robe and asked his I was having trouble sleeping. When I said yes, she told me cumming would help, that's what she used to do for her stepson. What a lucky bastard. She got naked, pulled my cock out and slid it in her mouth. It was amazing. I could have cummed right then. But I paced myself as she jerked my cock with her soft MILF'y hands. Sucking and stroking, sucking and stroking. Her pretty face looking up at me. Telling me about fucking her stepson. Then getting on top of me and rubbing my hard cock on her wet pussy, so close but not sliding me in. Then fingering her tiny wet slit while she ran her up and down my wet sloppy cock until I filled her perfectly manicured hands with my cum. Good Night Auntie.

Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde,Step Sister,Long Hair

My stepsister is a sex addict.

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My stepsister got caught fucking her teacher, so my stepmom makes her go to sex-aholics classes or whatever. She is so fucking hot! We are always talking about her "addiction" which just means that she can’t get enough dick. She has only been my step-sister for 6 months. Do you know how hard that makes me. I came home from school and she said that she just got back from one of her classes and all they do is talk about sex which just makes her more horny. She said she hadn't touched a dick in a week and needed one. She made me pull my cock out and then just started sucking it like a hungry baby on a tit. She got butt-naked and gagged and slobbered all over my hard knob. It felt so fucking good. She begged for my cum so I gave it to her like the "fix" she needed. I think I'm her new dealer. Starring Ivy Wolfe

Blowjob,Handjob,Brunette,Step Sister,Long Hair

My stepsister is a whore

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I sent my slutty stepsister a dick pic. I did it because I see what a little ratchet she is with these douche scrub dudes from her school that she brings home when my parents are gone. She just turned 18 and is super down to get naked for whoever it seems. I figured she lives in my house, I bet if I send her a dick pic she will be all over me. Oh and was I right! I came home and she called me in her room. She told me how horny my the picture of my fat cock made her. She laid me on her bed, and started stroking and spitting on my cock just like a good little slut should. She took off her clothes and flaunted her tiny tits and tight pussy at me while she milked my cock. Getting on top of me and slapping my cock on her firm young ass, my parents would disown me if they knew what I was doing. Just like a good girl she slid my cock right in her mouth and got me nice and wet then jerked my dick until I came in her tiny little hand. Good Girl! Starring Sadie Pop

,Blowjob,Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde,Milf

My stepson needs to be taught a lesson

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My stepdad doesn't know that I have been fucking my stepmom since I turned 18. It wasn't me that started this either. She is so cock crazed and cum hungry. She will come in my room after my dad leaves for work, get me hard then just start sucking my cock. It's fucking awesome and I love having a horny MILF at home. But she gets super jealous when she hears about me going on dates with girls my age. I love my mommy, but I also love young firm innocent girls that I can try the things she has taught me on them. I came home last night and she was furious because she heard from my dad that I was out on a date. She wanted to know if I let her touch my cock. I was scared to tell her the truth. She has this toy she sticks in my ass while she strokes my cock when she thinks I've been "bad". I hate to admit how good it feels. She is so dominating demanding my cum while she fucks and strokes me. Mommy reminds me I'm her little bitch until I cum for her. Milking and massaging my hard dick while she slides that purple dildo in and out of my ass at the same rhythm. Telling me she owns my cock and ass, that she will never, not own them. It's honestly the only thing I can cum to now. She knows exactly how to get me to pop in her pretty mommy hands.

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My stepson swiped on me

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My step son found me on a dating app, and swiped right on me. My husband and I haven’t had sex in months. I wanted to feel sexy. I wanted some attention. But seeing my step son swipe on me didn’t horrify me, it excited me. I have noticed what a sexy man he has turned into. I knew it was wrong, but I had to have him and I see the way he looks at me. I knew he wanted me to. I confronted him about swiping on me and I could see him getting hard in his pants. I pulled out his hard cock and stroked it with my soft motherly hands, I put him in my warm mouth and could feel his body tremble with want and excitement. I pulled my shirt off and let him see my titties and watched him get even harder. Then I sucked and milked his beautiful thick young shaft until he came all over my chest. He is a very good boy. Starring Audrey Noir

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Redhead,Tattoos

My tattooed Step Daughter jerked me off

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I’m old enough to legally get tattoos so I don’t know why my mom freaks out that I keep getting them. She always says its because I live under her roof, but I’m a fucking adult. I can do whatever I want. In fact, if I want to fuck her super hot new husband because she is being a cunt I will. I gave her the opportunity to play nice, and I can tell my stepdad wants me and I want him all over me! I went to him and told him I needed help with mom being nicer about my tattoos. I told him I could see the way he looks at me and I’m happy to make it worth his time. I started by showing him my tattoos and then my perky young tits. I could see his cock grow in his pants. I pulled him out and his big thick daddy dick is so fucking hot. I pulled and sucked on it and let me see the young tight body he could have more of if he is willing to help me with that bitch he calls a wife. I begged for his Daddy load all over my titties and he gave it to me. If he does a good job maybe next time it can me IN me. I would love that special gift for being a good girl for Daddy. Starring Nora Ivy