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Jacking it for my slutty, horny step mommy (featuring Karen Fisher)

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You are absolutely turned on by your slutty step mother and she needs your help. Your father cannot get it up for her, so she has come to you for your dick. Can you help step mommy, please? She asks to see your hard cock and you immediately whip your dick out for her. She further entices you with her fat tits. This is your very first encounter with her or any MILF, for that matter. You have heard stories about how horny these cougars can be, but now you are seeing it for yourself in person!!! Her tits are enormous and her nipple harden as she watches you jack off. Step mommy Karen removes her bra to release those huge tits. She jiggles them for you and you briefly consider suckling them. To titty fuck them would be incredible, though you fear your dick would disappear between them. You would be willing to risk it! She offers you a look at her wet pussy, which you happily anticipate. As she spreads her legs, you observe a very wet pussy with big pussy lips. You really want to get in there, but you have to draw the line somewhere, right? The thought of ramming your dick into her wet gash is so appealing, but you have to keep control. When step mommy Karen calls you "son," you almost blow your load right there. She can see how close you are to cumming, and she suggests that you squirt right onto her big titties. Your load pleases step mommy and you hope that this is not the last encounter with this horny MILF.

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Jacking my dick with step mommie Raylene's spit

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You find a Hitachi Magic Wand on the floor of your step mother's bedroom. Raylene calls out to see if anyone is home, but you hide behind the chair, since you are not supposed to be in her room. She decides to relax on the bed and have some fun with the Hitachi. Unfortunately you are quickly discovered and now it is your turn to be exposed. Your angry step mother threatens you. If you don't do as you are told, she will tell your father. Since you cannot risk getting kicked out of the house, you know you will have to do as you are told. Step mommie Raylene tells you to jerk off to her big tits and you follow her order. She leans over to spit on your dick. Now she points out that she is wearing nude pantyhose and you wonder if she did so because she knows that it is your fetish. Raylene is eager to watch you have an orgasm and when your fat load spews forth, she seems quite pleased with herself.

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Jacking off for my step mom, the porn star (with Brenda James)

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Why have you been so quiet lately? Your step mother Brenda asks why you have shut her out. Did she do something to make you act like that toward her? You tell her that you think that she is doing porn and she is shocked that you would say that. She vehemently denies it, but then you tell her that you saw her yourself. She is shocked that you found out about her secret and she hopes that you will keep her secret safe from your dad. Brenda has expensive tastes and doing porn gives her the extra money that she likes so much. She asks if you jerked off to her movies and you tell her that you did. Step mom Brenda has an idea how to keep you quiet. When she comes back into the room, she is wearing a very tight, very sexy dress. You have to admit that your step mom looks hot as hell in that dress. For an older woman, her tits certainly are perky. Step mom Brenda asks to see your dick and she tells you to stroke it for her. Every word out of her mouth is dirtier than the next. You had no way of knowing that your step mom was such a nasty girl. "Can you imagine putting your cock in your step mommy," she hisses. Yes, your step mom is a dirty girl. Do you want to see her hard-fucked pussy? She spreads her legs to show off that famous pussy and you are surprised to see how tight it still looks, even after being fucked by all those fat porn cocks. As a professional, Brenda knows that you are ready to cum and she wants it all over her titties. She cannot resist tasting your load.

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Jerk it sucker.

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Life sure is strange isn't it? I bet when we were back in high school and you were such a jerk to me that you never guess I would grow up to fall in love and marry your father, making me your step mother. I remember each and every time you embarrassed me in school. You really were a big jerk. Now the tables have turned and its my time for a little fun. I don't especially like you living at home still and would prefer if you moved out asap. You don't have a job or any money saved so kicking your ass to the curb could complicate your current cushy existence. All I have to do is say the word to your father and you are out of here. I do have a heart thought so lets see if you would be willing to endure a little humiliation and let me have some fun. I wont say a word to your father about my disdain for you. Now, pull that dick from you pants and listen to my every word.

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Jerk it to my perfect ass.

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Oh hey, you caught me as I'm heading to the gym. You think I might get noticed at the gym wearing this outfit? Oh look at that bulge forming in your pants! I suppose there is no harm in having a little fun with my step son. Go ahead, pull your cock out and let me see it. Oh look! You have a much larger penis than your dad. Oh man, now I want your cock! Since I cant fuck it, let me watch you jerk it. I'll show you my pretty pink pussy and how shiny it is for you. Yes, you're making your mommie wet by stroking that big dick for me. I never knew how much shiny spandex pants could turn a young man like you on. There must be lots of college aged guys at the gym that I am causing erections and didn't even know it! You're trembling a little, does that mean what I think? Go ahead, you can release your hot load all over my shiny spandex covered ass. Oh wow! Something tells me by the size of your load that I need to wear these kind of pants around the house more often.

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Jerking off to my father's mail order bride, Nikita Von James

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Your dad just married his mail order bride, Nikita. Be clear that she runs the house now and that she has some rules. You are expected to do chores and Nikita informs you that her old husband cannot satisfy her, but that she expects you to satisfy her. You have no choice because you have seen how your father acts around Nikita. You show her your cock and she asks you to grab it tightly and stroke it. How big does that cock get? Nikita is the sexiest girl you have ever seen and you now understand that money does rule the world. Your dad is nothing to look at, but he has a lot of money for Nikita. You, however, have the cock that she needs. Her big titties wrap around your dick and you instantly decide that you might get a mail order bride of your own someday. For now, though, you continue jacking off to your sexy and very horny step mom. You find her accent very sexy as she says, "Stroke that cock for mommy." She then offers you her toes to suck on and you do as you are told while you continue jerking your cock off. Since her needs have now been satiated, she permits you to cum on her hairless pussy. You have made your step mommy Nikita very happy today, good boy.

Blonde,Big Tits,Jerk Off Instructions

Karen Fisher, my big-breasted future step mother

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Your father is going to get married to Karen very soon. She will be your new step mother and she wants to get to know you a little better. This woman is not shy. She tells you that your father cannot always satisfy her extreme sexual appetite and that she needs to fulfill herself outside of the relationship. Is it warm in here? She takes off her blouse and comes right out to ask you to show her your cock. She wants to know if it is as large as your father's cock is. Will you stroke that big thing for her? Now is not the time to play shy, boy, because she knows that you look at her. You like staring at her big titties and you both know it. Her bra can scarcely contain them. She removes the bra and shakes her fat tits right at you. Your big dick would be lost between them. When she tells you that her pussy is wet, she quickly shows you exactly how wet it is. You never thought that your father would marry a cougar, but this seems to be what she is. She is a MILF! Whatever you want to call her, your hand never once stops jacking your hard cock. She is on her back on the bed, legs fully spread, encouraging you to keep jacking off for her. She jiggles her big tits for you. There was never a doubt in your mind that your jizz would eventually end up on her massive mammaries and you stroke yourself like a man possessed to that end. You cover her bouncy boobs with all that you possibly can and your efforts seem to have pleased your future step mother. It is going to be really fun living with her!!

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Leave your load in nature.

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Isn't this so much fun hiking on the trail? I have a slight problem right now. I really have to pee. Come with me off the trail and spot me so I can relieve myself. Ahh, I feel so much better but what is that? What is that in your pants? You got a boner from watching your step mother pee? Well we can't go back to the trail with a boner in your pants so you had better take care of that thing right here. I'll spot you while you jerk it but hurry up because I want to get back to hiking.

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Let me explain a woman.

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I don't want you to feel left out of any sex ed you may not be getting in real life situations so let me take this opportunity to explain a woman to you. I don't think you are getting enough interaction with women and maybe if I show you ways you can please a woman, you will feel more confident in your abilities. You are at the age where you should be going on lots of dates like my own son is, rather than sitting alone in your bedroom night after night. Just consider this some fyi time between us. Now, let's start at the neck...

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Let me have a sperm sample.

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You may wonder why I'm in your bedroom with a medical supply cup. You may or may not know your dad just had a vasectomy that I didn't agree to. I'm still young and the clock is ticking for me to have a baby of my own. I figured your DNA is as close as I am going to get to your dads so how about it, will you give me a baby? All you have to do is jerk yourself off and I collect it in this cup and take it to my Doctor's office for insemination. No one has to know this came from you. I'll make up some story of how I went and fucked a guy who looks like your dad in retaliation for him getting snipped without consulting his wife. Be a good stepson and jerk yourself while I give you a little visual incentive. I know you're always trying to sneak a peak at my tits so here they are in full view for you. That's it, stroke that young cock. Milk it really good for a nice big load for mommie. This is taking a little long so why don't I reach down and give you some help. Yes, that's it. I don't want to miss a drop of that precious baby batter so I'll get the collection cup ready. Yes, look that big load for me! Now just in case this first try and the Doctor's office doesn't work out, we can do this again, right?