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Bossed around by my secretary (with Cindy Starfall)

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Cindy is looking for something in the cabinet and you happen upon her standing on a small ladder. She turns around and catches you staring up her skirt. She questions the office that you have given her. It is small and gross and she is not pleased. If you promise to give her a better office and bring her lunch each day, perhaps Cindy will let you look up her skirt. She turns around and slightly lifts up her skirt to tease you with a perfect ass. Then she asks to see your dick and you know you must do as she wants, lest she file a sexual harassment lawsuit against you. As you start to jerk your dick off, Cindy unbuttons her blouse to reveal her perky tits. Now you remember why you hired her. She is hotter than any other woman you have ever seen. You love Vietnamese girls a lot. You focus on her pussy and you can see that it is growing wet. Again, she knows what you want and she puts an offer out there for your consideration. She will let you stroke off to her pussy if you give her your nice office today. You agree immediately and Cindy commands you to continue your jerk off session. She removes her panties and she lets you know that it will soon be time to cum. She counts down from ten and when you get to release your sperm, it is such a relief to you.

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Boyfriend try-out jerk session for Vanessa and Elaina

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You want to be with Elaina, but her older sister Vanessa is looking out for her. You cannot be unreliable or drink and drive. Oh, and you also have to have a big dick. You are told to start jerking your dick off so that the sisters can make sure that you are suitable boyfriend material. It is also made clear that Elaina loves a big load in her mouth. To make sure that you are showing off your very best effort, Elaina strips down to reveal her petite, sexy body. Her sister Vanessa sits on the couch wearing a sexy bra and panties set and she tells you that you will never get to see all of her, so you should concentrate your efforts on impressing Elaina. Vanessa asks Elaina to stand up to show off her booty and your dick grows even more. Now Elaina stands in front of you completely nude. You feel like you are doing a very good job stroking off for the sisters, and then Vanessa decides to let you see her titties. They are a little larger than her younger sister's titties, and you are hard-pressed to pick which titties you prefer. Elaina tells you to stroke your dick like how you would fuck her: nice and hard. The time has come for you to unload your jizz for the demanding sisters. Your big load means that you have passed the test and Vanessa leaves you alone with her sister Elaina.

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Brainy girl in glasses (with Belle Noire)

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Belle is obsessed with good grades and she is happy that you can study with her today. She sees a picture of Michelangelo's David in a book and she asks if all penises are that tiny. Will you let her see yours? You take your dick out and Belle is smiling awkwardly as she asks you to stroke it. She wants to see how big your dick will get. She has never let anyone see her boobs, but since you showed her your dick, she is willing to show you. You are excited that you are the first guy to see her tits. You find her shyness endearing, and it gets you hard. You are surprised that she licks her own nipples for you. Belle is a smart girl, but it seems that she is also horny! Her eyeglasses intrigue you. Did you know that she has never had sex before? She is a virgin and you feel like you are dreaming when she lets you see her pussy from behind. Her ass is nice and round. Your grip on your shaft tightens up as she begins playing with herself right there on the chair. Will you cum for her right now? Cum on her textbook! Ew, gross! You have never had a better study session in your life.

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Bree Daniels teases in black lace thigh-highs

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Bree is wearing black lace stockings just for you. They're the thigh-high kind that stay up on their own and you love how sexy her legs look in them. She asks you to stroke your cock for her and she turns around so that you can see her ass. You imagine rubbing your cock against the lace as she takes off her high heels. Now you can see her pretty feet encased in that lace as she wiggles her toes. Your cock is so hard and now she even takes off her lacy bra. This redhead has great, full tits. As you stare at her perfection from below, she asks if you want to suck on her toes through the stockings, but that was only a tease. Next she shows off a small bush and then her pussy. You love her meaty pussy flaps. That is just what you wanted to see and you rub out a big load right there.

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Brooke Haze the size queen evaluates your cock

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You just met Brooke online, but she does not fuck just any guy. She happens to be a size queen and she requires a really big dick and a fat load. Do you have enough to satisfy her? Show her. You take out your cock and begin to stroke it. As it gets hard, Brooke smiles. It looks like you might just measure up, but take some longer strokes. She lifts up her tank top and plays with her small, perky tits. Brooke offers up some tips on stroking your cock. She lowers her denim shorts and wiggles her ass at you and she comments that your cock seems to be big. She is not fucking you tonight, though, so keep stroking. When Brooke takes off her panties, her dark bush is visible as she plays with her pussy. Brooke is soon begging for your big load and you deliver. It seems like you will be seeing Brooke again very soon.

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Brooke Wylde is my babysitter

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Even though you are a little too old for a babysitter, your parents think that you need one to keep you in line for the night. Brooke is going to take care of you in a way that no other babysitter could do. She expects to watch you jerk your dick off while she gives you a little coaching. You start to play with your dick and it gets hard as soon as Brooke starts to strip down in your room. She has fat tits that look soft and pendulous. You want to put your face between them and let her control your breath. Additional inspiration from Brooke comes in the form of you watching her play with her pussy. You feel like you have to cum, but you wait until Brooke tells you that you can. You have never cum so much and with such force in your entire life, and it is all thanks to your naughty babysitter Brooke.

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Bust out a quick one with Kimberly Gates

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You are going to hang out with Kimberly's brother tonight and she is pretty sure you will meet some hot girls tonight. She thinks you are hot and she recommends that you should rub one out before you leave. Nothing is worse than being with a girl and cumming too quickly. A quick jerk off session is just what you need and Kimberly is ready and willing to help. Your dick immediately makes Kimberly happy. She lets you see her small, perky titties and she plays with her nipples a bit as you start jacking off. Her long hair is shiny. She is soon wearing only her pink panties, but they do not stay on for very long. While petite, her ass is perfectly shaped. She has very long legs and she soon slides off her panties. She has a dark bush, but her pussy lips are clean shaven. Kimberly is excited to help you to jerk off and she is skilled in telling you how to work your meat. You stand above her and she asks you to give her your big load. The only question is exactly how big of a load can you offer up all over sexy brunette Kimberly?

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Busting a nutt for my mom's friend (with Mercedes Carrera)

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Your mom sent her friend Mercedes over to check on you because you stayed home sick from school today. Mercedes thinks that you look just fine and that you are not sick, but you are just horny and that you want to stay home and jerk off. Staying home from school for being horny is unacceptable, so Mercedes is going to help you rub one out today. Just unzip your pants and show Mercedes your cock. Start stroking it. She is practically your auntie and you are nervous, but she tries to make you focus on something else: her big boobs. She has great tits and they are fine inspiration for your masturbation session. You love a round ass and Mercedes has one of those, too. You use both hands on your shaft and Mercedes asks you to focus on the head of your cock. As she watches you jack off for her, Mercedes plays with her pussy. This is a dream come true for you! Mercedes confesses to you that she loves to watch men masturbate for her. Finally you cum for her and she is impressed with the size of your nutt. Then she orders you to get dressed and go to school.

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Cadey Mercury can keep a secret

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Cadey is good at keeping secrets. Did you know that? She knew you were going to be home today and she intentionally showed up just to see you, not your son. Your wife is working late, so maybe you can have a little fun with Cadey today. Did you know she has had a big crush on you for a long time? You kind of have a little crush on her, too, and she can see the bulge growing in your pants. Take it out for her. She is impressed with the size of your cock and she really wants you to jerk off for her. Do you need some help? Cadey lifts up her top and plays with her perky tits. She pulls down her denim shorts and shows you her bright pink panties. Her hand feels her pussy through her panties and she asks if you want to see what is underneath. You do! She takes off her panties and plays with her pussy as she coaxes you to blow a fat load. Your hand rubs your hard cock until you explode.

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Cameron Canada is not a tomboy anymore

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Cameron does not like your girlfriend because she complains about the dumbest things. Also, she uses you. Do you not know this about her? You know only that your girlfriend is super-hot - even if she is a bitch on wheels. You have been friends with Cameron for a while and you think of her as one of the guys. She wears glasses and pays little mind to the latest fashion. Cameron is more of a tomboy, but you are now curious about her. She does not try to impress anyone and now you are intrigued. She scurries off to change her clothes and when she comes back, she is totally transformed into an ultra-sexy cock tease. She took off her glasses and pulled her hair down. She also is wearing a really tight dress. As Cameron exposes her ass, she tells you that she is going to be a tease today. Cameron is now in control and she wants you to jerk off your dick. As you grab your junk, you are kicking yourself for not paying Cameron any attention for so many years. You had no idea that she could be so sexy. With her ass high in the air, she tells you that she would make you fuck her tight asshole. Then she tells you all the nasty things she wants to do to your dick. Your girlfriend fucks you, but she is not nasty like Cameron is. You clearly picked the wrong girl! Cameron now plays with her pussy as she continues the dirty talk. She insists that you must cum all over her pussy and that is more than enough to make your balls empty as she directed.