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I should thank you for rescuing me.

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You really are a pretty awesome stepbrother. If you hadn't come to pick me up from that party who know how I would have gotten home! I would probably have had to walk which means I would have been out all night and we both know what that means. I would have been grounded indefinitely. My boyfriend is suck a dick for getting so drunk that he couldn’t take me home. For all I know he is still at that party passed out on the lawn. You know speaking of passed out, mom and dad are sound asleep down the hall. I really feel I should thank you for getting out of bed in the middle of the night just to drive across town to rescue me from having to walk home. We haven't ever been inappropriate with each other but I must say I have been curious about you ever since our parents married. I seriously day dream about what size cock I have living down the hall from me. Why don’t you let me see it since it is the middle of the night and no one will know I'm in your bedroom. Let me show you how much I appreciate that ride home.

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I should work harder for this.

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Tired of hearing all the gossip around the water cooler that Marie is only where she is because of her father's generosity, Marie takes matters in her own hands. She knows she doesn't do enough work at the company to warrant her having the nice large office she enjoys. She is a smart girl and determines she can take care of her stepfather in other ways to earn that big paycheck. A little lunch time wank job makes the work day go so much better.

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I show you mine, you show me yours.

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I'm so glad my mom married your dad and you are actually a nice guy for a step brother. I thought you were going to be grumpy to live with but you're kind of fun sometimes. I like that you play games with me. I have a game that I used to play with other boys that we can play together if you want. The game is called I show you mine then you show me yours. It's easy to play, I'll start. I have to pull your pants off first. Don't worry, I just want to look. Oh, it's already hard! I'll stroke it softly over your underwear so you can see it's for me to touch it. Are you ready to show it all to me? You have a pretty dick. I like how it feels in my hands. See, isn't this a fun game? Now it's my turn to show you something. I'll show you my young boobies. These soft boob would feel so nice against your hard dick. I'll titty fuck you younger brother. It's so nice we're close to the same age isn't it? Would it be too weird if we hung around on college campus together? Maybe this should all stay a secret, the games we play at home. My pussy is so close to your cock. It would be really easy to slip it right in. Oh don't be shy. Your cock is being a little shy. I won't talk so dirty anymore to you I'll just focus on stoking you and getting your cum out. You will give me your cum won't you? That is part of this game. I show you what I want and then you give me what I want. I got completely naked for you and rubbed my soft little pussy for you to watch so now I want to see what you will give me. I want to see if I can make my new step brother cum. It would make me so happy to see your cum shoot out of your cock because of me. You like me to fuck you with both my hands to make you cum don't you? I want to make you cum. Listen to that sound of my slippery hands stroking your cock. Oh yes, look at that! You made a slippery shiny mess all over my hands! Now that we've gone this far if you come to my room later tonight I will show your more things, better things.

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I spank your ass, you wank my cock

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My step-daughter is a hot little number but I am not supposed to think of her in that way. How am I to keep my mind out of the gutter when she stands before me in a skin tight little outfit that shows every part of her young tight body? I don't know if she knew what effect she would have on me when she came to me to borrow some gas money in that outfit. I would like to think her intentions were to just ask for the money and leave. Never did I think what transpired next could actually come to pass. First, I declined to give her money, second, I denied her to leave the house in that little outfit. She threw a mouthy fit as she usually does so this time I felt compelled to show her I was serious in my authoritative attempt at being a dad. I pulled her across my lap and began administering a stinging spanking. She mouthed off even more that I was producing a weak spanking to her ass, she was almost mocking my chosen effort to get her attention. Then something happened I could not control. My dick began to get hard. Her little nubile body wiggling across my groin and legs sent my sensations into a frenzy with lust for her. I was hoping she wouldn't notice, but she did. She jumped from my lap and immediately suggested we come to an arrangement of some sort as a punishment for my perverted ways. Now she was the one in control and she knew it. She was curious about the size of my manhood as she began to remove my pants citing since I groped her ass it was only fair I expose my cock for her. She began to stroke me off with her small hands as she informed me there are many sexy outfits she would like to own which she doesn't have the money for. This is turning into an arrangement of I scratch her back and she'll scratch mine, I like this. I opened my legs and let her rub my stiff cock slowly. For being such a young girl of 18, her skills at giving my dick a good rub are impeccable. She gave me the full experience of pleasure by showing off her little lithe body. My dick continued to feel fully engorged at the sight of her. I was throbbing for her to climb on my lap again this time to take my cock in her tight little wet slit. I wasn't going to get to fuck her today. Today, she had control and wanted to make me cum with her hands. She placed her perfect lips to the tip of my dick as if she were going to take it in her moist mouth, but didn't. She made my head spin as she continued to stroke me off. When she called herself a dirty little step daughter I couldn't contain my composure any longer. I let her have my load all over her tiny hands. It felt incredible to release in her control. She said next time my hot sticky cum will slide down her throat and she won't event gag. I swear hearing that made my dick start to swell again. She informed me she was still wearing her skimpy skin tight outfit and I agreed, not much else I could do given there was no more blood supply in my brain to think clearly.

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I swear I'm not a cock tease.

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I can't believe I have a reputation at my new college of being a cock tease! How do people know what I am like anyway? I have lots of guy friends and we kiss and stuff but I am a good girl who doesn't put out to just anyone. Do you think you can help me get over this bad feeling I have about being called a cock tease? You've always been such an understanding step-dad, it's like you totally still remember what it's like to be my age. I was thinking that if I gave you a hand job then I could affirm to myself I don't just tease the men in my life I actually do something about it. I could start with pleasing you and then give a few select guy friends of mine the same treatment. This way maybe rumors will start spreading that I don't just tease a guy I actually do something about it without going all the way which would make me a slut. Is this something you feel comfortable helping me with dad? What do you think of the clothes I wear? Are they too revealing? Does wearing short shorts and a tank top make me a cock tease? I can't help it if I am young and cute and a guy's cock stirs in his pants at the sight of me. Does your cock stir a little for me daddy? I'm ok with that if it does. It's important we all feel comfortable with ourselves and I really do like myself. In fact, I like myself so much and feel so comfortable with you that I don't mind taking off my clothes while I touch you. A cock tease wouldn't do that would she? I'm a good girl and will prove it to you. I will rub your big daddy dick until you bust a fat load all over my little hands, which will prove I am a good girl and not just a cock tease. Even if I take off my short shorts and little panties it doesn't make me a cock tease. I can't help if you think dirty thoughts like plunging your rock hard cock into my tiny pink pussy and pummeling me until you blow your load all over my ass and backside. Those are your dirty thoughts, not mine. You don't think about dirty things like that do you daddy? No, you just lie here under me and appreciate my tiny hands wrapped around your cock and stroking you. A real cock tease wouldn't place her sweet little pussy on your chest so you can get a closer view and even a sweet sniff. I'm just simply sharing. Sharing is caring, right daddy? I care enough about you to jack off this big daddy dick of yours while showing you all of my pretty private parts. A cock tease wouldn't show you anything, she would simply talk about it. Oh daddy, what a big load you squirted out for me! See what a good girl I am for you? I am your good girl, always.

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I want more boob cream.

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You must tell me where you got this magical boob growing cream! This is no joke, look at how huge my boobs are now! They grew like two sizes since you gave me this cream. The problem is I am all out and there is no way I want my boobs to shrink back to what they were. I tasted some of the cream from the bottom of the container you gave me and oddly enough it tasted slightly like pineapple and also reminded me of my ex boyfriend for some reason. You absolutely must tell me what the cream is made of you weird geeky stepbrother! Don’t make be beg you for an answer because I totally will. Are you serious? You're joking. That magical boob growing cream is your semen? I am having a hard time believe this. You are the science award winner of the family though so I have just one thing left to say. Take your pants off so I can get my hands on more of that magical cream! I'll take it from you myself. You had better not be lying to me just to get my hands around your cock cause I'm sure you have plenty of college girls lined up for you. I don’t' care if taking my stepbrothers sperm is kinky. All I want is my boobs to stay the perfect size they are and I will do whatever it takes.

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I want to be more to you.

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I treasure our time we get to spend together but I have come to the decision that in order for us to ever have sex you must leave your wife. I don't want to be the cause of a divorce but when I first started working here as your kids nanny you said your marriage was on its way out and I have waited patiently long enough. I know you must be aching to have sex with me aren’t you? I want you so very much but I must stick to my decision about waiting to give it up until you are divorced. I would never want it known we were fooling around while your wife was here in the same house and your kids. I'll tell you what, I'll give you a little preview of what you will get once you divorce. Oh I'm still not going to fuck you but I will treat that cock of yours so nice and let you see my tight young body which I know your wife lost hers years ago. As I am stroking your cock just imagine what it would feel like to thrust your erection deep into my very tight pussy. You remember that thought on Monday as you make a call to your divorce attorney. For now, lets take care of that beautiful big cock of yours that I can hardly wait to call my own.

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I want to be your good girl.

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My bitch of a wife left me last year. She is so selfish that she even left me with her 18 year old daughter. The poor girl was pretty scared that I would kick her out of the house after her mom left, but I can't blame her for her mother's actions. I'm letting her daughter live with me while she figures out what she's going to do with her life. In exchange for cleaning around the house, cooking now and then and helping me keep this place livable, I'm letting her live her rent-free. She's been extra helpful around the house lately, which is good and bad. I love that I don't have to worry about things, but there is a certain lack of privacy in the house. It's hard to bring a date home and have to explain why I'm living with a hot 18 year old girl. It's also hard not to look at her as a young woman and not as my daughter. The lack of privacy also spills into my personal space. She has made a habit of coming into to use my bathroom while I'm in the shower, claiming that her toilet is clogged or some other nonsense. I was startled when I came out of the shower to find her sitting on my bed. Ever the helpful daughter, she told me that she wanted to do everything my wife did when she lived in the house. She's pretty pissed at her mom, and made it very clear that she liked living with me, and wanted to do anything to make me happy. She even offered to put lotion on my legs after my shower. I hesitated a moment, but then figured that if this cute young girl, who isn't really related to me, wants to be extra helpful, who am I to deny her? I lay down on the bed, and she began to run her hands over my legs and upper thighs, rubbing in some cool lotion. It felt great, so I closed my eyes and let her make me feel good. Her hands began to slide higher and higher under my towel, lightly brushing against my balls and shaft with her fingertips. It felt wonderful, even though my conscience was a little guilty for letting my stepdaughter touch me like this. Finally she took off my towel and told me that she really wanted to massage my cock for me. I was lost in her touch by this time, and she began to slide her hands up and down my shaft. She told me how long she had been wanting to do this, and how she used to listen to her me and her mom fucking in the room next to hers. She said that she imagined that I would come into her room all the time. This was one horny 18 year old girl I was living with. I let her stroke me, as she promised that this would be our secret. Her hand pumped up and down my engorged shaft faster and faster, until I couldn't hold back any longer. I let a creamy load blast from my cock, covering my girl's hand. When she asked me if she could spend the night in my bed, I knew that life would never be the same at home again.

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I want to feel your dick.

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What are you doing in this room all alone daddy? Were you looking for some privacy? I noticed mom is gone, probably shopping spending your money as she usually does. I noticed something else. A few minutes ago when I was outside tanning on the patio, you were watching me from the window in this room. Were you touching yourself as you looked at me in this little bikini? Did you have dirty thoughts about me? I'm only your step-daughter so it's not horribly creepy to have dirty thoughts about me. I do have these awesomely big tits that don't even fit in my bikini top so I know it's hard not to stare as you were. Am I making you uncomfortable by telling you I noticed you looking at me? I'm going to make myself more comfortable next to you and keep talking about this. I like to see your cock swell and move under your clothes. I like that it's because of me that your cock is moving. Do you want me to do dirty things to you daddy? I could put my hand on your dick and do what it was you were probably doing to yourself as you watched me sun bathe. Would you like me to rub your dick for you daddy? You don't mind that I am sucking this popsicle do you? I think the slurping noises sound sexy, don't you? What if your hard cock was in my mouth and I had my mouth wrapped around it like I have this popsicle? I would make your stiff dick feel so good with my soft mouth making your shaft slippery. Oh, this dirty talk is making your cock completely hard! Well let me be a good girl while mom is away and take care of that big daddy dick of yours. You know what would be really dirty and wrong daddy? If I showed you my pussy and said I wanted your big dick stuffing it. Do you like the slurping noise I make as I stroke your cock? I know what your really want me to do, stick that dick in between my huge fake tits and titty fuck you. Oh you like this a lot! You should like these tits and get to feel them cause you paid for them. They are the best graduation present I got! I am happy to finally share them with you. You like my soft hands wrapped around you the best though, I can tell. Are you ready to give me your cum? I want to see what you cum like. Does your cum shoot fast out of your cock or are you a dribbler? Come on daddy, show me, give it to me. Oh thank you daddy, you gave me your hot sticky cum. I bet mom doesn't care for your cock like I just did. I hope she isn't coming home for awhile cause now I feel like fucking you too.

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I want to make you cum Step Daddy

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My 18 year old stepdaughter was on her way to college and leaving home for the first time. We've always been close, but little did I know how close she wanted to be, until I found a little package she left for me before she moved away. Wrapped up in a colorful package with a bow, My little girl gave me a very personal gift. It was a single disk with a video on it... a video where she expressed her deepest desire, to cross the line with her stepfather and enter the world of a taboo relationship with me. In the video, she revealed that she had become aware that I occasionally caught a peek at her while she was in the shower, or that I sometimes hugged her a little too long. What can I say, she's a very pretty young lady and I'd be lying if I said I didn't find her attractive. But the biggest bombshell she dropped was that she enjoyed my attention, and even left a pair of her worn panties for me underneath her pillow! Imagine my surprise when she closed the video by removing her top and giving me a little masturbation show... promising more when she returned in a couple of months over college break. All I had to do was sneak into her room on the night she got back, and she would know that I too wanted to explore our taboo fantasies. On the night she got back, I crept into her room and found her asleep, wearing the same cute outfit and pigtails that she had worn on the video. I pulled back the cover and saw her nubile 18 year old body as if for the first time. I couldn't help myself, I was sweating, worried that my wife would wake up and catch me in her daughter's room. When she awoke, with a smile on her face, the first thing she said was "Hi Daddy, I've been waiting for you." My cock jumped to attention at her sweet voice. The next thing I remember was my not so innocent stepdaughter with her hand wrapped around my throbbing cock as she stroked it up and down, begging me to cum for her.