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I'm horny and your Step Dad is asleep.

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Hey, I saw your light is on so figured I could come in and talk with you. I know its late, your dad and I were fooling around and then he fell asleep on me. I'm so horny still! You know, you look a lot like your father except twenty years younger. When I married your dad and became your step- mother I took on the responsibility of caring for both of you. I've done a pretty good job so far haven’t I? Now I need some of that caring given back to me. You know what I mean don't you? You are twenty so I'm sure you've had some sexual experience by now. I want some of that, some of you given to me. Your dad won’t hear a thing, he is fast asleep. We'll be quick and quiet. Come put your face in between mommies legs and sniff my pink pussy. Now stick your tongue out and lick it like an ice cream. Oh yes, just like that. Suckle my lips and tongue fuck me. Hurry up and put your cock inside now. Oh yes, fuck me like that! Hold on to my hips and pull me in deep. Don't stop ramming that dick in until I cum. I cum first then you get to. You can shoot your load inside so there is no mess on your bed. I feel your dick getting rock hard and ready to shoot your load. You like your moms pussy don't you? You are going to get my pussy every night after I put your dad to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow night. Sweet dreams.

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I'm my step-son's fantasy.

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I thought there was something weird going on with my daughter so decided to sneak around her room to see if I could find any clues to her strange behavior she has been showing me lately. I know I shouldn't but I read her diary which said that my step-son has been jacking himself off to thoughts of me and can't seem to stop himself. My step-son has the hots for me! Oh no, worse than reading this is he is standing right at my daughter's door and saw my reaction to this discovery. I asked him to come in her room to talk to me. As strange as this discovery is, it also flatters me and gives me an excuse for something I've wanted for a long time, a young hard cock. He's legal and his dad is such a poor performer in the sack. I have needs and looks like my step-son feels the same way. I tell him I want his young hard cock inside me and we waste no time getting out fuck on. I blow him so he is slippery when he enters me. He tastes so fresh and clean it makes sucking him a pleasure. I let me fuck me in missionary as well as doggystyle. I like the way his body bounces into mine as his cock plunges deep in my wet pussy. I needed this more than I thought. He made me cum so good that I let him choose where he wanted to spray his cum on me. He chose my tits to unleash his load. His warm cum felt so good as it sprayed across my chest. I rubbed it in my skin then realized we were in my daughter's bedroom and should dress and get the hell out. I'm going to have a smile the rest of the day knowing I have a new lover that will take care of my needs and he lives under the same roof.

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Is the booty where it should be?

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I need your honest opinion on something. Your dad always tells me what he thinks I want to hear. You know Ive been working out with a personal trainer lately. This trainer is kicking my ass. What do you think of my ass? Don't be embarrassed to look at my ass. I don't want to have a droopy backside. Oh hey, I just saw something stir in your pants. Im thinking you like what you see. All these damn squats must be working! Lets get back to me being flattered that you are turned on right now shall we? Your father wont be home until later tonight so lets see what we can do about that stirring in your pants.

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Is this why you're always late for school?

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Oh this is funny I caught you jacking off. No wonder you're always late for school. It looks like you have quite a large cock under that sheet. Mind if I touch it? You have a very big cock. Now don't tell your mom or dad about this. No harm in you and me having some fun before you have to go get your other head filled with all that college class crap. I can hardly believe how much bigger your cock is than your dads. Consider this playtime an early reward for good grades this term. I know you're going to have good grades right? I mean how could you not when you're clearing your head out every morning through your dick hole. Touching your cock is making my pussy so wet. You had better hurry up and cum for mommie before something starts happening between us that makes you really late for school. Ah, ok now that is done hurry and go while I get your sticky sheets into the wash. We can't leave any evidence of our playtime now can we?

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Is this your tissue treasure trove?

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I have been leaving it up to you to wash your own sheets and clean your room but there was a funky smell coming from in here and I had to investigate. Your sheets got washed and your bed made courtesy of me but there is something I left alone that requires an explanation from you. Look over the edge of the bed and against the wall. What do you see? Do you know what it looks like to me? A treasure trove of soiled tissues is piling up and making your bedroom reek of stink. As your step mother I have some concerns about this site. I don't care that you jerk off, all guys your age do. My concern is how often you're cranking on that thing. Maybe you aren't draining the vein properly so you have to keep repeating several times a day. I think I can teach you some techniques to get those young balls of yours emptied our properly on the first try and save us some money on our household tissue usage.

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It is a release for you.

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I feel so bad for you lying around in bed all day, not feeling well. Even though I'm only your step mom, I want you to be happy and well. I think I know what would make you get some extra good rest and help you get better quick, a good release. I do know best some times. All you have to do is lay there and relax and let me do all the work. Oh yes, I see you are nice and hard. I know you're a little bashful around women so why don't I just take care of you under the sheet. This will make you feel so much better.


It's bath time for you.

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This is such an awkward situation for us both but it can't stop me from making sure your hygiene is taken care of. It's the Dr.'s orders you keep your injured hand out of water until it is completely healed. I know your father isn't going to come in here and bath his own son so that leaves me, your stepmom. Let's just get through this as quickly as possible. Oh dear, I didn't prepare myself for the event that you could get an erection. How should I handle this? I feel bad for you that you can't even relieve yourself. I suppose there is no better time to take care of that to for you. It must be incredibly frustrating at your age to not be able to jerk yourself off. It would be nice if you had a girlfriend that I could call over here to do this part for you but you don't. Look, if you can keep this part of your bath a secret from your dad and the Dr. I'll take care of your erection and we can all get to bed and have a good nights rest.

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It's go to work with stepmom day.

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I know it's a little odd to bring you to my company's annual bring your kid to work day but you are here to learn a lesson. The lesson is you should be going to college like every other kid your age and not slacking around the house everyday. You aren't going to sit here today and not be useful. Get over here in front of me and be on your knees. You are going to worship your step-mothers sore tired feet. You are going to lick them, massage them, sniff them and make them feel vibrant and beautiful. I have to work so hard to support our family so you will do your part to contribute, whatever I say it is. Oh my goodness, are you getting an erection? Does the site and touch of my pantyhose turn you on? I think we can have some fun with this. Go ahead and jerk that cock for me. We aren't going to leave my office until you show me your cum. I 'm curious to see what size of load you can give your step mother. I had no idea the site of pantyhose on a woman excited you so much. Keep stroking that cock. Take a good look at my firm little ass in these hose. Oh, you're ready to bust your nut aren't you? Spill your filthy seed on my foot. Oh look at what a mess you made. Now you can really make yourself useful and go to the store to buy me new hose. Who says some stepmother's cant be just as freaky with your pantyhose fetish as you are.

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It's not the size of the tool.

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You are of the age where it's time to have the penis talk. I can't have my eighteen year old step son going out to the world uneducated about his penis. Let me see your tool. Let's see what you're working with. Oh look, you have an average sized penis honey. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Let's see how big it gets. Go ahead and play with it for me. I am sure there are many other moms out there who have had this same experience with their step sons. You want to feel comfortable around women don't you? Well here is where it starts.

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Jacking it for my MILFy step mom Austin Taylor

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Austin is your sexy step mother and she is happy to be a part of the family. There is one thing that she has to discuss with you, though, and it is a little awkward. When you were rubbing the suntan lotion on her, it was clear that you both were enjoying it a little too much. She saw the bulge in your bathing suit. You noticed from the first time you met your step mom that she was definitely a MILF. You also noticed her big boobs and today she has decided to let you see them, but you first have to do something for her. Step mommie Austin wants you to pull your dick out of your pants for her and she immediately likes what she sees. Now go ahead and stroke it. Yes, that's good…just like that. Her nipples peek out of her bra and she asks you to kiss her titties. She confesses that she is turned on simply from watching you jerk off. Her ass is round and juicy as you see when she gets on her knees on the bed. Her sexy pink high heels are a nice touch to her slutty outfit. Don't take your eyes off of your step mommie as she encourages you through your jerk session together. Her pink panties slide off of her body and you jerk your dick even faster. When her legs spread wide, you see her big, meaty pussy lips. Are you ready to give step mommie your sperm? You splooge all over her fat tits and she rubs it right in.