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Your small cock suits me perfectly (with Ashley Lane)

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Is it true that you have a small cock? Ashley heard that about you and she wants to know if it is true. Don't be embarrassed because she loves small cocks. Will you show her? Will you play with yourself for her? Go slowly. She does not get to see a lot of small cocks, so she is excited to see your tiny one. In return, she will take off her clothes and entice you until you cum. You cannot wait to see how she slithers out of those tight jeans! The thing that Ashley likes the most about a small cock is doing anal. It doesn't hurt at all with a small dick like yours. In fact, because of her sensitive gag reflex, she loves to deep throat small cocks much more than big cocks. When you finally cum for Ashley, she is very surprised and happy to see your big load.

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Your small penis is historic (with Alix Lynx)

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The reason for your visit today is obvious. There is no need to be embarrassed, though. Alix is a professional and she is here to help. She asks you to remove your pants so that she can see your full problem and she is surprised to see how small your cock really is. She needs her magnifying glass to view your micropenis. Miss Alix shows you a normal penis and then she shows you a cast of the smallest penis she has ever seen. Your penis, however, is far tinier than anything she has ever seen before. There are a few treatments that could be utilized, but they are quite invasive and not appropriate. She asks how big your erect penis becomes and she wonders how much ejaculate can come out of a penis so small. Miss Alix begins to explain to you how you should work your little dick. In every effort to be of assistance to you, she takes off her lab coat and then she reveals her bit tits to you and you appreciate her encouragement. You can feel the cum building up in your balls and Miss Alix asks you to speed your strokes as she reveals her pussy to you. She can tell that you are near an orgasm and when you pop, Miss Alix is impressed with your sperm offering.

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Your tiny cock would never please me! (with Amber Ivy)

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Word around town is that you have a small cock. Is it true? Amber heard that you are always horny. She is willing to let you jack off today even though she is a size queen. Amber loves big dicks and yours is tiny and pathetic. She laughs at your predicament and then she asks to see it. "There's nothing there," she laughs. She tells you that some of her girlfriends have clits bigger than your micropenis. As she flaunts her titties at you, she makes sure to mock your little dick. Those boobs would engulf your tiny prick not that you will ever get the chance to find out for yourself. You crave the humiliation for a reason you cannot articulate and Amber gives you just what you need. Is your little cock even hard? Amber cannot really tell if it is hard since it is so tiny. This cock teasing brunette might not even let you cum today unless you continue to do as you are told. How much cum do you think is inside your sad balls? Amber begins to count down from ten and when she finishes, your minuscule cum offering fails to impress Amber Ivy.

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Zoey Nixon's all-natural 32DD titties get oiled up and covered in

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Do you like all-natural titties? Zoey has some 32DDs that she wants to share with you, but you have to take your dick out for her to see. You get up close to them as she shakes them and presents them to you. Even better is that Zoey oils up those beautiful titties and rubs the oil in. Her shiny, oily titties are slippery and you imagine your dick sliding on them and in between them. Zoey's hands massage the oil onto her titties as she tells you how much she loves titty fucking. She likes slapping a hard cock against her big tits. "I wish I had a dick to titty fuck," Zoey tells you. Your cock is so hard from watching Zoey lube her fat tits and shake them at you. It is time for you to give Zoey your cum and she wants it all over her titties. She needs it and you give it to her. Now you are both happy.