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I used to be a porn star.

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I sense you have a secret with the way you've been purposely avoiding me around the house. I thought we had a pretty good relationship despite me being just your step mom. I would like you to think that you could maybe see me as a friend more than a mom and talk to me about anything. You found some videos of me on the internet? Oh, you found my old work videos from when I used to be a porn star. I promised your father I wouldn't shoot scenes anymore so he married me. What did you think of my scenes? Did I just see something stir in your pants? You know, I promised your dad I wouldn't shoot scenes anymore but I kind of miss fucking hot college guys cock. What do you say we make our own porn scene only no camera rolling for this one.

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I want to be a good stepmom.

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I know I shouldn't be reading your sister's journal. She has been getting into so much trouble lately that I had to find out what the matter is with her. Why should this concern you anyway. Wait a minute, how long were you staring at me while I laid here on her bed? You must realize I don't wear panties. Is that really why you are so interested in what I am doing? I think so because I can see quite a large bulge inside your pants. Tell you what, why don't I assist you in getting rid of that nasty nuisance and you keep your mouth quiet about finding me reading your sister's journal. After all, I'm really trying to keep your best interest in mind in trying to be a good stepmom to you and your sister. Go ahead, have a good look at my pussy and I'll rub it as you rub your member. That's it, rub harder and faster for me. Oh look at that mess you made on your sister's bed! It wouldn't look good for your sister to know that it's her brother's cum on her bed. I guess you are going to keep quiet after all.

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I want you back home.

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You probably wonder why I drove all the way here. I had to see for myself where you are living and this looks and smells to me like a typical frat house. Even though I am only your stepmother, I still want what is best for you. Come back home and let me take care of you while you go to college. I bet I know how to convince you to come back but you can't breathe a word this to your father.

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I will be your sex coach.

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Ive been giving a lot of thought to your situation of not having a job and staying here in your room for days. Your father and I actually discussed this and agreed that since you have no ambition to go seek a real job, I am going to prep you for a job you may actually enjoy. I have quite an extensive group of female friends who are constantly complaining their husbands dont satisfy them in bed. You, my lazy step son are going to be their salvation. They will offer to take you to nice dinners and donate to your future college fund if you ever decide to attend your classes someday. You certainly are of age to have a career started by now. I am going to coach you to your new career path.

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I would not judge you.

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I know about your pantyhose fetish. I understand why you have the desire to wear my pantyhose. You are addicted to the feeling of the soft hose against your skin and the binding feeling they give your penis. You like the feeling of your penis being squished against your belly don't you? It's ok. In fact, I want to see what effect I have on you while wearing my pantyhose. I can see you're already swelling in your pants. Go ahead and pull your penis out so you can hold it and rub it. I have my own fetish's you know. Go ahead and let's have some fun together. I'll tease you with my beautiful long legs and pantyhose and instruct you how I would like to see you rub your penis for mommie. I'll even give you my pantyhose after I am finished infusing my special scent in them. You are such a good boy. It's time to put the pantyhose away now but we will play again soon.

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I would rather have your cock.

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I'm sure you heard your father and I yelling at each other earlier. It's hard not to fight with him, he's such an asshole. He's probably out now fucking some young girl who has no idea he has a wife and son at home. You're the only reason I'm staying with him anyway because you are such a great step son. You are worth staying in this relationship. I know you're eighteen and want to move out as soon as you can but I love having you around. You know, I've been meaning to tell you how good you are looking. You been working out? I can tell. Your father doesn't even touch me anymore. I'm so sexually frustrated that I'd give anything just to make a cock hard and cum! I need to feel like a woman! Your dad doesn't look like you. He's gotten fat and sloppy.

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I'll be your nude model.

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I can't believe you couldn't find a different person to model for your class project. I thought they provided your college class with nude models. Let's just get it over with. Hurry up and draw me exactly as I am and not a pound more added! And don't include my face. Put someone else's face on your drawing. Is that what I think it is under your sweat pants? You have an erection. I think you deliberately set this situation up for me to be naked in front of you. Do you have a crush on your stepmother? Let's just make the best of this. You put down that pencil and pick up your cock. I'm already naked so I may as well touch myself as you stroke. I know all about your wild side. I can't tame it so may as well join it. Go ahead and stroke it until you splash me with your cum. All over my ass, give it to me. Look what a bad boy you are. You wasted your time stroking yourself instead of drawing me and now you're going to get a bad grade.

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I'll show you what's under my panties.

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I try to be a good step mother, but recently there is such a strange thing happening that I can only think of one person to blame, my step son. No sooner do I buy new panties to replace ones that went missing then the new ones disappear as well. I've had it and am determined to get to the bottom of this. Maybe I can quietly search his bedroom and recover my stolen undergarments. When he realizes I have been through his bedroom then he will know I am on to his perverted ways and stop stealing my underwear. I looked all over his bedroom and didn't find my panties but did find him jacking himself off with my lacy underwear while he was under his bed hiding! What kind of weirdo jacks off under his bed? Ok, I have to be understanding of a young man's needs. He is nineteen now and I am sure his hormones are raging out of control and causing him to do things he probably doesn't think through to the consequences. I asked him to come out from under the bed and show me exactly how he uses my underwear for his sexual pleasure. His cock was exceedingly hard at being caught by me. I let him continue to please himself as I spread my legs and showed him my bare pussy. We both rubbed our private places in full view for each other then I suggested jacking him off just this once to maybe get this step mom panty fetish out of his system. Sometimes the reality cancels out the fantasy. Now that he has been found out it takes away some of the titillation of stealing my underwear. I'll stoke his big dick and beat out a fat load so he can now have a visual to replay in his mind over and over with no need to come to my panty drawer for anything. I can hardly wait to get his nut worked out. Come on sweetie, I know you have a hot creamy load for me because I walked in on you while you were trying to bust it out of yourself. Come on and give it to me you little panty thief. I'm going to keep slamming my hands up and down your rod until you surrender that hot load to me. Oh look at your cum shoot out of you, you dirty boy! You shoot like a fountain! Next time I catch you with my panties, I'm going to make you fuck me for as long as I want, which will be a very long time. Now get cleaned up before you father gets home and don't say a word about what just happened. He doesn't have to know what kind of pervert his son is and what kind of kinky slut he married.

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I'm glad you live with us now.

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Hey, I just wanted to come in and tell you how glad I am you moved back in to your father's house yet how sorry I am you lost your job. It's probably a little weird for you here now because your dad married me and you and I are so close to the same age. I felt it would probably be a good thing for me to come talk with you and clear the air a little. Not to get awkward but I have noticed you looking at me kind of a long time sometimes. I want you to know it's ok because I feel the same way about you. You're like a much younger version of your dad. I've always liked older men but you look so much like your dad that I find myself strongly attracted to you as well. It helps that we are close to same age and like the same music and stuff. I can't fuck you or anything like that but what I do want is for us to enjoy something sexual together that won't be technically cheating on your dad if we do this. I want you to get your cock out and touch it for me. I need to know I can turn a younger man on still. I'll show you plenty of myself to encourage your cock to stay rock hard until you are ready to release your cream for me. It's been so long that I've had my tits frosted by a good hot cum load. I want your hot goo all over my big tits. Your dad can barely spurt out a teaspoon of jizz but I bet you can frost both my tits with your cream. Wasn't that fun? Maybe it will take you awhile to find another job so you will get to stay here awhile. I like the idea of keeping each other company everyday.


I'm her Halloween date.

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Just when I had resigned myself to spending Halloween in my bedroom alone, my step mom burst in my room with another plan. She said my dad refused to dress up and go to this mansion in Hollywood where tons of hot sexy people will be. My mom looked pretty damn cute dressed in her steam punk outfit and she is so convincing that I will have a good time I agreed to wear the costume that my dad wouldn't. She left it for me to change into then came back in my room to make sure I met her approval before taking me out in public. I'm twenty, she should give me more credit but I let her do her mom thing. Out of nowhere she sprang one more stipulation to going out on me. In her twisted head she concluded that unless she jacked me off before we left, she would no doubt find me mounted up on some hottie at the party. Now I don't know if I would fuck a random girl at a Halloween party but as it's said there is a first for everything. For this very reason, my mom declared she was going to rid me of my nasty seed before we leave. I'm pretty sure I could take care of this myself but she was determined to make sure I had a complete release so I would be satiated for at least a few hours from thinking of sex. Mom knows best so I did as she instructed and laid down so she could do as she felt she needed to for a successful night out with me. I was slightly nervous about her taking my dick in her hand. My dad was just down the hall. What if he decided to come check on why we were taking so long in here? I dunno, ultimately I relaxed as I figured my mom would have more explaining to do than I should we be caught. She kept saying what a nice looking dick I have. I'm not sure how I felt about all the compliments on my cock coming from her. It's still awkward to think about, my mom stroking my stiffy but it felt so good and I wanted to go to that party so I left her to her own devices. She lubed my cock nice and wet with her saliva and talked so dirty to me I completely forgot we could be caught by my dad any minute. What really turned me on and made me crazy was when she showed me her ruffle panties under her costume. Her toned body and ass in those lace panties made my cock throb with desire for her. Just when I was imagining sliding my rod in her MILF pussy I let my load go. She praised me on such a nice cum load and then it came out again! She completely drained my balls of any angst. Now that my head, pun intended was clear she said to be ready to leave in a few minutes. I can only anticipate what sexy chicks will be at this party, too bad my cock will be out of commission for at least a few hours thanks to my mom. Oh well, maybe mom does know best.