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Best delivery tip EVER from Alura Jenson, the ultra-horny MILF

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You are not the regular delivery boy, and Alura is wondering what you are doing at her home. You are actually in loss prevention, so each time Alura enters the store, you follow her around with the overhead cameras in the store. You are a little embarrassed when she asks why you do that. You are so attracted to MILFy Alura that you just cannot control your urges. Since you have been watching her in the store all this time, she figures that she can show you a little gratitude for delivering her groceries. She spreads her legs and touches herself. Alura demands that you strip naked before anything more happens. If she was not married, she would fuck the hell out of you. Start jacking your dick for Alura and her fat tits and stroke yourself as if you were fucking Alura. She wants you to jack off like you are going to pound her twat into the ground. Do not be gentle with Alura because she already has an inept lover. Fuck her like you have something to prove. Her words resonate with you and you jack yourself off harder than you ever thought that you could. You are a little shocked by how nasty Alura is and you can no longer hold back your sperm. She rubs herself to orgasm and you blow a fat nutt all over her. This is the best delivery tip ever!

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BEST. BABYSITTER. EVER. (with Brooklyn Chase)

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You are being babysat by Brooklyn, even though you are 19 years old. Your parents do not trust you to stay home and behave, so they invited Brooklyn to watch you. She knows how to entertain kids with games like Candy Land, but she has something else in mind for you. You might as well enjoy one another, right? Brooklyn asks you to stroke off for her because it turns her on more than anything. Luckily for you, your dick is an impressive offering. Equally impressive are Brooklyn's big boobs, but you are eager to see her ass. You are humbled by her body and she happily shows you her big tits. They are DDs and perfect. It is now that she informs you that you have made her pussy nice and wet. Show Brooklyn how you like to jerk off. She cannot wait to see how big your load will be. What do you think of her pussy? It is shaven and it looks very tight. You are told to jerk yourself off right onto Brooklyn's big DD tits and you deliver. You have to keep this quiet if you want to see Brooklyn again.

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Best. Interview. Ever. (with Brenda James)

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You have applied to a job that requires a male to fill the role, so you have that much going for you. Your potential boss Brenda has a very good reason why she is looking for a male secretary. Brenda is seeking someone who can help to relieve her stress. This can only be accomplished when she watches a man jerk off for her. The more cum you produce, the better for Brenda. Do you think that you can meet her demands? Now is the time to show her what you are made of, so unzip your pants. Immediately she likes your dick, but ultimately, there is more to this job than just having a nice cock. As you begin working your dick over, Brenda unbuttons her blouse. She is unable to resist putting her fingers on her pussy as she tells you that she requires this activity at least three times each day. You feel confident that you can meet her needs as you continue stroking yourself. Brenda is nearly ready to cum and she wants you to do the same. "Put your cum all over me," she huffs. You deliver your best sperm sample to your potential boss and you pray that you will get this job.

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Better than a video game jerk off session with Alice March

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Alice mistakes your Fleshlight for a video game, but she is not really too far off. Coupled with your virtual reality goggles, that Fleshlight makes for some fun times! Alice asks to try out the goggles and she is impressed, but she asks why you would not just come to her instead. She is now a little horny from all of this and she asks to see your cock. She likes what she sees, but she tells you to get it hard for her. Do you want to see her tits? They are very small, but you love tits of all sizes. You continue to stroke off as she takes off her top, her shoes, and her skirt. She shows off her round ass as she slides down her thong. Alice reaches for your lube and she begins to rub it into her pussy. You love watching girls masturbate and this is much better than any virtual reality goggles! Alice makes herself cum and then she encourages you to do the same.

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Better than mommy (with Allysin Wonderland)

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Allysin questions why you married her mother. You are a hot guy and she knows that you noticed her, but you still married her mother. What is the deal with that, anyway? Well, she just got a phone call from her mother and it seems that she will not be home again tonight. Allysin thinks that you need a little extra attention and she is just the woman to give it to you. If you were hers, Allysin says that she would kiss on you all the time. She would take the very best care of you. Well, tonight is her chance to show you just how well she would care for you. Get out your dick and let her show you. She eagerly reaches over to take your dick in her hand and she then asks you to work on it for her. It turns her on to see a man play with himself and you are happy to comply with her request. You can tell that she is getting quite turned on. Her breathing picks up and she cannot resist taking off her clothes. Her bra and panties are the set you bought just for her, though you never actually thought you would see her wearing them. Now you want nothing more than to see her throw them onto the floor. She takes off the panties and she plays with her pussy and she tells you that she wants to taste your cum. You are happy to give her what she wants! Allysin fingers her pussy with two fingers as she calls you "daddy" and she begs you to cum for her. You explode a big load onto your step daughter, just as she requested. Allysin then thanks you for your cum.

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Better than my mom (with Vanessa Cage)

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You are dating Vanessa's mom and she wants to know why. Are you dating her mom to get closer to Vanessa? Oh, don't be shy. Her mom is gone for a little while and Vanessa would like to get to know you better. Are you up for it? She wants to watch you jerk off while she watches you. Spit in your hand and start stroking as Vanessa gets more comfortable. Did you ever think about Vanessa when you fucked her mom? She has masturbated thinking about you, you know. Your weakness for blond girls is in full effect. She has the look of a California girl. You look at her pussy and marvel at its pinkness. Her ass is just as lovely and you wish you could give it a nice slap. Vanessa dirty talks you as she tells you to keep stroking your cock for her. She is excited to see how big of a load you can offer her and she counts you down to your orgasm. You spray her tits with as big a load as you ever have and then you quickly leave so you do not get caught in the act with your girlfriend's daughter.

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Better than my sister (with Natalia Starr)

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20-year-old Natalia Starr (a 2013 Penthouse Pet) is certain that she can make you cum better than her older sister Natasha can. Are you ready? Get out your dick and get ready to remember your time with Natalia. She is a leggy blond and she claims that she is better than her sister in every way. You will have to be the judge of that. Natalia promises her tits are better than Natasha's are. They are full and all-natural and you think that Natasha has a lot to keep up with as Natalia jiggles her tits. Natalia tells you that she has supreme deep throat skills that her sister doesn't have. Are you ready to see a pretty Polish pussy? Natalia's is the prettiest, according to her, and you cannot disagree with that right now. She stands to show you her ass, and she points out that it is better than Natasha's ass is. Did you know you can spank it harder than you could with her sister? Natalia has it all, but now you are curious about her sister also. Natalia is now eager for your cum and you cum nice and hard all over her perfect tits. Can Natasha compete with this performance? You are eager to find out for yourself!


Better than my sister (with Natasha Starr)

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Natasha Starr (a 2013 Penthouse Pet) knows that she is going to be able to make you cum harder than her younger sister Natalia ever could. She points out many ways that she is better than her sister. Her hair is prettier, her legs are longer, and her ass is bigger and more spankable. It seems that Natasha also sucks dick better. You are directed to stroke your dick in a very specific fashion by sexy Polish girl Natasha. You think that with a few more years of experience Natasha might be the better sister, but you feel that you must give both girls a chance. Natasha tells you how wet her pussy is for you and she cannot resist showing it off to you. Her accent turns you on and each word makes your dick twitch. She tells you some of the nasty things that she loves to do. Her ass is pleasing and you would love to watch her take a hard, proper spanking. She tells you that she can take a dick deeper in her ass than her sister and you only wish you knew for sure. As she turns around to coax a load from you, a pussy fart escapes and that turns you on even more. She says, "Cum for me, cum for me," with her sexy Polish accent and that finishes you off. Hmmm...which sister really is better?

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Better than your girlfriend (with Bobbi Dylan)

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Your girlfriend does not dress like sexy Bobbi does. She wears sweatpants, but Bobbi wears the sexiest lingerie just for you. She also has long, sexy brown hair and a tight, petite body. You would love to be with Bobbi because she makes such a big effort to dress sexy for you. She removes her bra and you get to see her teeny titties and pierced nipples. You really love the fishnets that she is wearing. You cannot resist touching your cock as she points out to you all the perfection of her body. Bobbi tells you how to jack your dick off and you do exactly what she asks of you. Bobbi is looking to you for a nice, big load and she bounces her booty for inspiration. Make sure that you don't cum until she gives you the signal.

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Better than your wife (with Chastity Lynn)

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You allowed your neighbor Chastity to have her friends over to your house for a pool party and she wants to thank you. You give her a pretty ring. She asks if you have a crush on her and you cannot deny it. Do you want to be Chastity's sugar daddy? She asks to see your dick and you happily show her. You also let her touch it and she loves how it feels in her hand. Get comfortable and start stroking it. She even calls you "daddy." This is the exact reason you bought a house with a pool! Chastity turns and lets her skirt slide to the floor, while revealing her ass. This is one sexy girl, and she knows what to do with her body. She slowly strips down as you firmly work your dick. When she lowers her pink panties, you see that she has a nice bush. Oddly, she is also wearing legwarmers, but that is kind of appealing to you. As she rubs her pussy, she begs you for your cum, again calling you "daddy." She invites you in for a closer look at her pussy. Those fat pussy lips would feel so good wrapped around your dick, but you remain in control of yourself and continue stroking. You are ordered to stand up and cum all over Chastity as she fingers her pussy. As you cum all over her, you already are anticipating your next encounter with your nasty neighbor.