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Don’t you know you’re a DILF?

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I hope you don’t think I’m being intrusive by inviting myself over in the middle of the day. I happen to be a neighbor who has noticed you spend a lot of time alone in this big house. Your wife is more often gone than home. I kind of feel sorry for you yet am intrigued enough to invite myself here to be with you. You have to know you’re like the hottest man your age in this neighborhood. I happen to be immensely attracted to older men. I think you know where this is heading so unzip you pants and let me see it. I want to see what your wife is missing out on.

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Don’t you think it’s time?

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I know you’ve never seen me dressed like this. I saved up for a long time to buy something special for what I am about to say. First, we aren’t blood related so suggesting you and I are together sexually isn’t so shameful. We’re both adults now with the ability to make our own decisions. We don’t have to make this something weird. Let’s make this something out of the ordinary and mind blowing for each other.

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Eat it while I eat.

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You have got to be kidding me thinking about having sex when I am almost late getting out the door for work. Look at me! I had to put my hair up and throw on this dress because I already woke up late. I was planning to inhale this breakfast bar and then get on the road. You arent going to let up are you? Geesh, so if I dont fuck you right now does that mean you are going to be an asshole when I get home from work tonight? Of course you will be a sulking asshole. Alright, well if you want my pussy then you have to make it wet while I eat my breakfast. Go ahead and lick it before you stick it honey.

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Eighteen year old Grade “A”ss.

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You’re just my step father so I would appreciate your objective opinion. I get teased a lot about the size of my ass. I’m trying really hard to not listen to anything negative and body shaming but I cant help but wonder if my ass is as huge as people say. You say its Grade A? I’m going to take that to mean its perfect. There are other perfect parts of me I would like to share with you.

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Even a nerd needs sex.

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I get that I’ve been hired as your tutor. I also get that if you don’t pass certain classes you are going to be excluded from participation in the sports you love so much. We don’t want our star college athlete to be benched now do we? I don’t mind tutoring you but there is something I want in return. You can see I’m a bit of a nerd and its been awhile since I got laid so, I’m offering a mutually beneficial arrangement. You need my smarts and I need your sex.

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Everyone loves a naughty schoolgirl.

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I thought we could have a little naughty fun today. Do you like my outfit? I certainly dont dress like this for husband. Would you like to see my little white panties removed from under this super short skirt? I will take them off only if you let me put my little cute pussy on your face. I am your naughty schoolgirl to do with as you please.

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Familiar sex is best sex.

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You know I will always keep coming back for you. Of course I love my new boyfriend but he doesn't have the sexual compatibility I need. Can you believe he wont even 69 with me? Lets agree that until you get into a committed relationship, I can always come back to you for the sex I need. Sex with the ex is the best.

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Fill me with your love seed

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I have that glow again. You know what this means. It's the perfect time of the month to fill me with your seed so I can hopefully grow a baby. I wore this sexy lingerie for you because I know baby talk doesn't really make a solid boner sometimes. I'm your sexy woman and I want to have you inside me. Come on my sexy man, give me what so many women would want from you, you're committed seed growing in me.

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Fill my ass with your cum Professor.

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I can't believe there is still detention in college. Is it because this is a catholic dominant school that we have this stupid dress code? Isn't it enough that I am wearing long sleeves? My skirt could be longer if I pulled it down on my hips instead of my waist. I've been here in this bland boring room for almost four hours. I'm sure that's enough time to serve for a dress code violation. Is there another reason why you are keeping me here alone with you for so long? Why are you staring at me like that? Hey, don't get any weird ideas. I am still a virgin. There is no way in pardon my expression, HELL that I won't squeal if you think you can take my virginity in lieu of serving more time in detention. What? How much longer do I have to sit here? No way, I won't do it so let's strike a bargain. I will give you my ass hole to fuck if I can be free to go right after you fill me with your cum. Here see, I have no panties. I will bend over the desk and open my ass wide so you can slide yourself easily into my little pink balloon knot. Oh yes, I like that. It's not going to take you long to fill me is it? Oh wow! I feel a hot gush inside me, is that your cum? It feels so squishy inside me. So now that you have taken the virginity of at least one of my holes, can I go home now?

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Fire up this red head.

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Its our night to do what ever we want. You should know exactly what I want by the outfit or lack of that I am wearing. I want you to use your mouth, your hands and most important, your cock, exactly how I tell you. Come close and begin by planting some warm wet kisses on my neck. Ill instruct you what to do, all the way.