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I need your jizz to make a baby.

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I know you're busy so thank you so much for making the time to talk with me today. This is regarding something very important that I'm not quite sure how to ask you so I will just come straight out and say it. I need your jizz so I can have a baby. Your father and I have been trying to get me pregnant ever since we married but as you can see, with no success. I think his sperm may be too old to get the job done, but yours are so young and strong I'm sure if you gave them to me I would be pregnant in no time. Plus, this is a way to keep it all in the family. I initially thought I could gather a sample from you in this cup and take it to the doctor but what do you say if we do it the old fashioned way? I would love a good fucking from you. I'll make you feel so good with my mouth first. I love to suck big cock. Is this weird, knowing you are going to have sex with your step mom? It isn't? Oh then lets have some fun!


I need your photography skills.

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You know I started that new workout DVD program. Well I want to document the starting place of my ass in photos so I have something to compare to as I keep literally working my ass off. Would you mind taking just a few photos for me? Don't think of me as your stepmother in panties, think of me as just another art project in one of your college classes. Don't say a word to your father about me standing here asking you to photograph my ass. He would freak out if he knew what I was up to.

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I should invade your privacy.

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I had a feeling you have been spying on me when I come home from work and undress. Ever since your father and I married I sometimes feel like an object on display in this house the way you stare at me. Your lingering looks don't make me uncomfortable at all. I love the way I look in my own skin and from that bulge growing in your pants it appears you like what you see as well. The only thing I can't quite understand is why you aren’t out spying on girls your own age. There must be voluptuous girls in your college that you can secretly stalk. I never imagined my stepson would be so enamored with me. Since you got quite the long show of me in the shower, I feel I should get a show in return. I want to see you pull your erect penis from your pants and stroke it for me. I may or may not decide to intervene and finish the stroke job myself. I'm not quite sure yet what to do with you but, start stroking stepson!


I should show you the best way.

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How long have you been into MILF porn? You couldn't even wait until I pulled the car out of the driveway before your hand was on your dick and you were staring at big mom tits on your little computer thingy. Its hot that a guy your age gets turned on by women my age. I notice you weren't using any lube. This might be a good time to postpone my lunch date with the girls and have some quality time with you. Ill show you a whole new use for coconut oil that will make you feel oh so good.

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I sympathize with your situation.

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I know you aren't the only one upset with your father. I don't agree with his parenting of you. You're a decent young man who should be out partying with the other college kids your age. He still treats you like an adolescent. I have to admit I have some kinks as in sexually that your father wont address. He's snoring in the other room so here I am sneaking some dirty little secrets in here between us. All I want to do is have a little fun.

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I think you like to expose yourself.

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It is obvious you like to be watched. This isn't the first time I've walked by your bedroom door to see you with your hand down your pants. It's a turn on to be watched isn't it? You should keep touching yourself while I tell you what to do. Go ahead, you caught me in a frisky mood today.

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I thought your dad would never leave.

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Quick! We only have a few minutes before your dad will get back from the store with his typical weekend diet, beer. I want to play with you to thank you for being my little lover. It's so nice having a virile young man in the house and one who happens to love his step-moms pussy. Your dad certainly can't satisfy me with that limp dick of his. He would rather drink his life away than fuck a sexy MILF like me. I'm so glad you live here still even thought you're almost twenty and can get your own apartment. You know how much I need you so let's get down and dirty. Lick my pussy bebe, and my asshole. You know how much it turns mommie on to have everything licked by you. We have to hurry so fuck me fast while you're grabbing hold of my ass. Yes, like that! Ram that cock deep! Oh god yes! You're making me cum! Let me finish you off with my hand. Like that? I feel your cock throbbing. You're close aren't you? I want that cum inside my mouth. Give it up to me. Feed me all of your cum. Ah, that was so much fun! Oh shit! I think I just heard your dad pull in the driveway! I will see you later. Have a nap, you earned it.

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I understand how you are.

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Ever since your father and I married, I have been voicing my strong opinion that each of you boys need your own bedrooms. You will be leaving soon for college but I still think you should have your own space to return home to on breaks. I know you are nothing like your studious brother. You are more like me and I'm not even your real mom. I also think you act out when under stress, like I do. I will get you your own bedroom so you can do your stress relief in private but for now why don't I be a good mom and help you get a little quick release. Don't tell your brother or father. This has to remain our dirty secret.

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I understand sissy boys like you.

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You know what happens when your father leaves out of town for his business trips don't you? Your step mom gets all dolled up for a night of slutting around town. You like to watch me prepare myself with heavy makeup and slutty but sexy clothes. I know you also play in my make-up and I am ok with that because I understand sissy boys like you. You know I will tell you every dirty detail of my sexual escapades later tonight. You loved hearing about all my cocks I will suck and fuck tonight because you too much a sissy boy to go get a real girl.

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I understand your frustrations.

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You have been acting sort of secretive for a while and now discovering you in my bedroom I think I understand why. I know men your age masturbate. What surprises me the most is that you would do it in the bed your father and I sleep and sometimes have sex in. Oh, that''s it! You have my worn panties and are in my bed which probably smells like me. You've been fantasizing of me while you masturbate yourself? I must say this is flattering. I think you and I should have some fun while were both here. Of course not a word of this will be said to your father.