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You’re out of the friend zone

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Everyone we know thinks we’ve already fucked. I guess it’s because we’re so comfortable around each other people assume we are together. Now that I think about our friendship I realize you’ve seen me through lots of tragic times with guys. You know all about my horrible ex’s. You listened to all my sob story break ups. You know you’re the first guy to last a whole shopping trip with me? You must really care about me. Let’s upgrade you from the friend zone because you’ve totally earned it.

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You’re so big and bulgy.

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I’ve noticed your transformation from a scrawny guy to a hottie with muscles. It doesn’t matter that you’re my step-brother. I acknowledge a hot guy when I see one. I am curious about something, you’ve made your body big and bulgy so is your cock the same? You know, is your cock big and bulgy? I would like to see and feel it all for the sake of curiosity of course.

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You’re way too cute.

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I appreciate the tour of your dorm and you trying to make this feel like a typical date. I didn’t need any of that but it was a cute start to the evening. There is only one reason for me to be here in this boring dorm room, I want to fuck you. I have a thing for college aged guys. I know you want me to. Don’t be nervous. If you come closer I’ll get your cock off to a great start.

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You’ve inspired fantasies.

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I didn’t think it would be a trip to Vegas with my parents that would bring you and me together in the same room. You probably don’t know how much I crushed on you last year. There wasn’t much I could do about my feelings since you were my teacher but here we are just two consenting adults in Vegas. Should we make one of those stories that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?