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A girl needs to go shopping!

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My mom likes to have control over me and I’m tired of it. I know my real dad gives her plenty of money to take care of me but she is so greedy and doesn’t give me any. All my friends get to go shopping all the time! Drastic times call for creativity and this is where you come in. You are a really great step dad so I think we can come to an arrangement that serves both our needs. I know my mom doesn’t give you the attention a man needs. I’m legal and have had my fun with guys. I think I can give you some much needed sexual relief and you can give me some sort of allowance that makes me happy. Thats a fair deal! No one has to know. Nothing wrong with spreading a little happiness around. Come closer to me so I can show you just how much happier you’re going to feel.

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A teacher shouldn't do what you asked.

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I am really flattered that you want me to be your model for your final drawing for my class. The problem is that would be inappropriate for our teacher student relationship. If a nude drawing of me that one of my students did got out around campus I would most certainly lose my job. I don't know what to say though because right now I am a little taken aback that you want to draw me when you have available so many hot young college girls to model for you. Oh, you have a crush on me? So you must like older women or MILFS as they're called these days. Wow, well I would hate for you to admit this without getting anything in return. Tell you what, I wont pose nude so you can draw me but I will get naked right her and now so you can see me. I happen to notice a bulge in your pants and since you are cute and such a sexy young man, I want to take care of that before you burst a seam. So what is it about older women that turn you on so much? Is it that we are generally curvy and softer than young college girls? Is it our years of sexual experience and lack of inhibitions? I am so turned on by the fact you have a crush on me I want to make this hand job memorable for you. How does that hard cock feel in between my double D cup breasts? Nice isn't it? I'll take my panties off and show you this MILF pussy. You will have to commit to memory this pretty pussy since you can't draw it on paper. I could get in so much trouble if anyone walked in on us right now. My office is generally very private but you have to make sure you don't tell anyone about this. I could lose my job and my marriage. If you can keep this a secret maybe we can do more than just a hand job next time you visit my office. I wish I had a big cock like yours to go home to every night. This young college cock that can cum and them get hard again in minutes. Your big dick feels so good in my hands. I had to feel you. I couldn't let you walk out of my office without touching this big dick of yours. Oh I can see your balls tightening. Go ahead and give me your hot creamy cum on my tits. I'll spread your seed all over my fleshy mounds and I won't even wipe it off before I go home tonight. I'll wear your DNA all day because I am a dirty horny MILF. Ok, we had better get dressed and head to class now. I'll see you in a few minutes. Remember, this is our secret.

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Adopted daughter crushes on her Step Dad, then cranks his cock.

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I love my adopted daughter as if she were my own flesh and blood. She has certainly blossomed into a fine looking young lady. Her womanly figure is making itself known and she likes to showcase it so well in her tight outfits. I have always been a good dad to her. I am respectful of her space and provide her with anything she needs to have a comfortable life. My wife and I decided a long time ago to not let our little sunshine know she is adopted. She looks so much like she would be our actual offspring that we figured it was for the best if she thought she was. I suppose now since she is of legal age that my mom, my daughters Nana, thought we had told her the truth about her place in our family. We hadn't. Now my little girl came to me completely an emotional wreck at the news of her being adopted, especially hearing it from her Nana. I felt really bad for her yet I couldn't keep my eyes off the cleavage her bra was producing. I also had my eyes on her perky tight ass inside that short mini-skirt. She was pacing and ranting I was undressing her with my eyes and panting. I had almost tuned her out completely until she said something about maybe we could comfort each other since her mom was gone for the day. I know what the best stress relief is for myself but I wasn't sure she was heading in the same direction with her thoughts until she tugged at her tank top and gave me a flirty glance. She admitted to having had a crush on me for quite some time when she thought I was her real dad it made her uncomfortable. Now that she knows we aren't biologically connected she seemed more than ready to do something about her crush. I was so glad to know she was thinking what I was thinking. When I need to calm down and get rid of some angst, I work out a good nut. Here my little cutie pie is offering to do this for me AND she is going to remove her clothes so I can get a stimulating vision of her young toned body as well. This is turning into quite an exciting day. Maybe I should have told her I wasn't her real father a long time ago when she was starting to bud into a woman. Nah, this is the best time right now because she came to me and actually wants me. As long as my wife doesn't find out this is one of the best things to happen to me in quite a while. By the way my smiling girl is looking at me this is going to absolutely remain our secret. I have to remind myself that she is the one who has a crush on me. I just happen to be the lucky guy to receive the benefits of her crush. She does a quick strip tease for me and is quick to remove my pants to reveal an erection, just for her. Her cranking skills surprised me even more than me sitting here about to get a hand job from my naked daughter. Not only was she giving me one of the best hand jobs I've ever had, she was telling me of all the times she knew I was watching her in the house. She gripped my cock even tighter as she admitted to playing with herself in the shower when she knew I was near by in hopes I had my hand down my pants doing the same. I rubbed my stiff rod to the thought of her tight pussy more times than I can remember. Like I said, I've been respectful of her all these years while my wife and I raised her but now since she is of legal age and knows I'm not her real dad, our true feelings can come out. Speaking of cumming, this sexy little vixen of a daughter of mine played with my pole and talked enough dirty to make me finally spew a string of semen straight up just for her. How could I resist giving it to her when she said specifically "Give me all your cum Daddy, I'll be your good girl." She begged me for my Daddy cum. She even offered me her sweet pussy when she gets home from school. I was basking in my post ejaculatory glory when she stood up and confirmed we were going to keep this a secret. She spouted of all the things she thinks I'm going to buy her for cranking my cock before turning to leave with a quick smile and a - Bye, Dad. I love it when my wife and I play games while I'm fucking her and she calls me Daddy but from now on, I will only feel as good as I feel right now when my little girl touches my dick and calls me what she has for many years, Daddy.

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Am I imagining our sexual tension?

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It's really nice to have you back home again. Sorry to hear that you lost your job because of the government shut down. I tried to make your room more fit for a man so you would be comfortable while you stay here. Speaking of comfortable, I can't help but notice some sexual tension going on since you've been back home. I know it must be a little weird that we're the same age and I'm your step-mom. I've always had a thing for older men although I have really been craving young cock lately. I'm not implying that I want to have an affair with you, my step-son but maybe just to satisfy some of my urges for young cock you will let me play a little with yours? You know, I could give you a hand job and that would make me feel desirable by a younger guy still. I'd like to see your hard cock in my hand and know it is hard because of me. I know your dad finds me attractive or else he wouldn't have put a ring on it, but do you? I've been waiting for the right time to approach you with this. I would expect you won't tell your dad about me coming in your room and asking to touch your cock will you? I really need to do this with you. I'm so turned on right now. I hope you don't think I'm taking advantage of you being here. I want to make you feel good as well. This could be a mutually beneficial arrangement at least until you find another job and move out. This will help relieve both of our stress levels. Since you're laying here naked for me it's only fair I get naked for you. I don't think your dad would blame you if he found us like this. He married me so I would be the one in the wrong here. Your dick feels so good in my hands. I can only imagine how good it would feel deep inside my pussy. You stay hard a lot longer than your father does. That must be the age difference. I want to see your cum. Will you cum for me? ...just as I thought, your cum load is much bigger than your dads. You are so sexy. I'm glad I wasn't just imagining the tension between us. I needed to do this with you today. If you can keep this a secret, I'm sure I can come back to your room on a regular basis. I'm so glad you moved back in.

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American slang lesson becomes schlong lesson.

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I am so grateful to have such a nice American host family. I was scared to leave Vietnam and come to America but feel I have fit in nicely with my knowledge of the English language. There are some phrases that have me perplexed though. Like when someone says, "Hey, what's up?" I don't understand how to answer. I am asking my host brother for help today. He can tell me what to say when people say these strange phrases to me. There is one word I recently heard that had me very confused because I have not heard a word that sounds like this before. The word is "fapping". Do you know what this word means, host brother? He says its what happens when guys Jerk off their penis. I am very intrigued by American penis and want to see my host brothers member. Oh wow! American penis is so big! I only saw my boyfriends penis but he is back in Vietnam. I want to learn all of American men. Will you let me touch it? I know what would feel good against your big dick brother, my ass. Mmmm, doesn't that feel so good? This is very wrong isn't it? Your mom and dad aren't home and we are doing this. I can't help myself. I want to learn everything I can while in America. Oh, your balls are big too! I never see anything this big on Vietnam men. I am glad this is happening because I think you are cute host brother. I have crush on you. I want to show you my body since I get to see your beautiful dick. I like how good it feels to slap your hard shaft against my little pink pussy. Do you like to see my little shaved pussy? Its very small and tight. You must like looking at my pussy because I see you have pre-cum for me. I touch you to my little boobies and you gave me such a sticky load on them. American cock is the best for me. I want to do this again after dinner tonight. Will you sneak into my room later tonight American brother? If you do, I will let you make a sticky mess in my pussy. I want your American cock more than anything.

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Are my tits too big for this shirt?

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You're finally back from your vacation to Cabo which means you must have bought me a gift. You always buy me a gift when you go away somewhere. So what did you buy me dad? Oh, a tank top. It's a cute tank top but I don't know if it will fit over these big boobs of mine. You are the best step-dad ever for bringing me gifts like you do though. You want me to try this top on? Ok but you have to close your eyes. Put your hands over your eyes and no peaking. Wow, dad this top is really tight. It rides up on my boobs. Wait a minute. Is this the reason you bought such a small top for me? And you waited until mom left the house for you to give me the gift. I get it now. You wanted to see your step-daughter wearing such a tiny top cause it turns you on. I see that bulge in your pants. I actually noticed it the moment you walked in my bedroom. I've wanted to touch you there for a long time and now that I am in college and nineteen I feel grown up enough to make a move. Come here and lie down next to me so I can touch you. I know you like big boobs. I've heard you make comments a lot about anyone with big boobs. My mom has huge ones but I bet they aren't as nice looking as mine. I don't have gross stretch marks all over mine like she does. I'll show you how pretty my big tits are. First I have to take off this super small shirt you bought me. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell mom about this. I've wanted to touch you for a long time so this is something I want as much as you. Did you miss me while you were on your trip because I missed you. While you were away I went to a movie with my boyfriend and in the theatre we were making out. I gave him a hand job while he played with my tits. You can touch my tits like he did. I like your hand on my big soft tit. You didn't know your little girl is such a horny slut did you? I'll even get naked for you. My pink pussy is the same color as my nipples. You want to slide your hard cock in my young tight pussy don't you? Maybe later tonight you can come in my room after mom falls asleep and slide your dick in my little hole. I really want to make you cum daddy. I know how much you like big titties so I'm going to wrap my soft boobs around your shaft and stroke it. Yes daddy fuck my titties until you blow your load on my pretty tits. Watch my tits bounce all over your cock. Daddy you made my titties shiny with your hot cum! You like seeing your little girl a mess because of you? Don't forget to sneak in my room later and make a mess somewhere else on me. Oh and thanks again for my present. I'll be sure to wear it whenever I can to make you horny for me, especially when mom is gone.

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Are we the cliche office affair?

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It's pretty daring to bring a co-worker to your home that you share with your wife. You can't help yourself with this young brunette. Do you really think everyone at the office believed you two went out for office supplies? Now that this little tight body is in your own house you're both too nervous to actually fuck. What if your wife decides to come home for lunch, today? Your dick in another woman's hand is probably less cheating than your dick in another woman's pussy. Least if you were caught getting a hand job you would probably be able to save your marriage, unlike being caught full on fucking. That's it, that's the rationalization you need to let this office nymph get a grip on your cock guilt free. Go ahead, lie back and let her relieve some of that work day stress. It's not really cheating, is it?

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Are you a freak to?

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I knew we would find something freaky in our parents bedroom. I hear your dad talking all sorts of nasty stuff sometimes to my mom. I never thought I would find a strap on in here though! I bet she fucks him in the ass and thats when he’s talking so nasty. This sounds like fun to me. You want to play around a little? I mean why not! Are you a freak like your dad? We aren’t related except as step siblings so who cares if we experiment? Come on and lay down for me. At least let me see your cock. I’ve been so curious how big it is. Show me yours and I will show you mine to get started. If I like the size of your dick we might go further next time but for now I want to wrap my hands around you and see how much cum you will give your sister.

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Asian secretary becomes the boss.

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My secretary is a hot little Vietnamese girl who loves to wear short skirts to work. The other day I stopped by her office, as she was standing on a stool looking for something. She was unaware that I came into the room, so I took my time and got a nice long up-skirt show as she continued to be oblivious to my presence. Once she realized I was peeking at her bright pink panties and tight little Asian ass, she started to really tease me. "What are you doing, looking up my skirt? You perverted old man!" she scolded me. If you want to keep staring at my hot ass, you have to give me a newer and bigger office." She had been complaining about her office for a while now, but it wasn't in the company budget to move her up. "If you give me a bigger office, you can look at me all the time, and maybe I could even help you jerk off to my sexy body", she said. "Look at that, you have something peeking out of your pants right now, don't you?" She spun her chair around and told me to sit down. She has a tight little body, but she radiates a dominant energy that was making my cock hard. I never realized how much I wanted to be dominated by my young, hot secretary. She sat across from me and spread her legs to give me a good look at her panties. Her foot pressed against my crotch, as she teased me and unbuttoned her blouse to show me her tight little tits. I was embarrassed when she pulled out my cock and made fun of me for having a small cock. "Is that all you got?" she taunted? "I guess I can help you, but I don't really want to touch it. If you want me to touch it and make you cum for me, you have to give me a bigger office. I want YOUR office." She spit on my cock and started stroking me. I was totally lost in her hand, and at that point I promised her anything she wanted if she would make me cum. "Let's see who's the boss now!" she said as her hands continued to stroke my cock. She sat back on her stool and began to play with her now bare pussy while her sexy bare foot rubbed my swollen cock. She was the boss now, and knew that I would do anything to cum now. "You're going to cum when I tell you to", she demanded. I'm going to count down from 10, and you're going to cum when I hit zero. Ten. Nine. Eight. I could feel the pressure building in my balls, ready to spew a huge load of cum all over her hands. Seven. Uh oh! I wasn't going to make it!! Six... and with that I couldn't last another second. I shot a white creamy load all over her hands. "I didn't get to zero! Didn't I tell you to do what I tell you to do? You have to clean this up now, you dirtied my hands with your gross cum." She wiped her hands on my trousers and told me that she was going to pack up her stuff and move into her new office. How was I going to explain this one to the staff?

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Asian Step Mom strokes me to sleep.

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I hate those late nights when I am restless and fidgety. Since I started college there seem to be more of these sleepless nights. I was paid a little visit tonight by my step-mom. She is so sweet to come in and check on me since she saw my light was on and heard me moving around in my bed. My mom is really sweet and so caring. She said she as noticed I am more tense lately and its probably due to impending exams. In her soft voice she also said in her culture it is not uncommon for a mom to masturbate her son so he is able to relax. She said as long as I am quiet she would be happy to give me a lower body massage which includes my cock. I don't know what my dad would do if he were to hear us in my bedroom but once my mom touched my dick she couldn't take her hands off of it. Her hands felt so warm and soft around my shaft. This lesson of her culture was the best lesson I had all week. Seriously, what step-mom cares enough to offer her son a hand job just so he can relax a little and drift off to sleep? Maybe she was waiting until I was at a more mature age before she laid her hands on me, who knows? All I know is I am laying here getting jacked off in the middle of the night by my dads wife and its wrong but I don't care. I'm not sure if blow jobs are part of her culture also but she started sucking me off like a horny college girl would. I wondered for a split second if she had her lips around my dads cock earlier that evening but quickly dismissed the thought as I didn't want to lose wood. Her warm mouth was around my dick now and that is all that matters. She showed me every inch of her little tight body as she stoked me off. Her little hands had such a tight grip around my throbbing manhood it made my head spin. She knew right where to stroke it, at the tip and really fast, to get me to explode. I watched as my creamy goo oozed from me and glazed her pretty hands. She said now I should be more relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep so I can do well on my exam tomorrow. I hope I do sleep well but something tells me I wont be thinking about my studies tomorrow I will be thinking about the new woman who owns my cock at night, my mom.