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A hard-on for my step mom (with Summer Brielle)

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Your step mother Summer looks like a porn star to you. She is blonde and she has big boobs. She comes to you because she senses that you are distracted and she wants to help you. Ever since your dad bought her those fat titties, you have not been able to look her in the eye. Summer just wants to make you feel more comfortable. You seem to be obsessed with her tits, so if she lets you see them, she thinks this might cure you of your obsession. Step mommy Summer notices your hard-on and she asks you to take it out. Her nipples are peeking out from her bra, but she soon slides out of her skin-tight dress so that you can see all that she has to offer, including the fact that she wears no panties! You are invited to put your face right in your step mommy's cleavage and you jump on the opportunity. That was more than enough to drive you closer to your orgasm. Finally you are allowed to cum on your step mom's fat titties, but you are not sure that this experience will make you pay less attention to her titties.

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A new use for cupcake cream.

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How will I ever lose this weight before your father and I leave for that tropical vacation? I go to the gym almost daily and watch what I eat. I didnt even partake of my own birthday cake last night at my party! I feel like I just want to cry. Look at me! I had to sign a paper before I married your dad that said I would remain my same weight throughout our marriage or he could divorce me without paying any alimony. I cant stay the same weight I was 20 years ago! What is that you are hiding behind your back? You bought me a cupcake cause you felt so bad I didn't eat birthday cake? You are the sweetest man. I should do something nice for you cause you just made my day so much better. You don't care if I have some chub on me do you? I can see you have a bulge in your pants. While I eat my cupcake, you should touch yourself. I want you to feel even better than eating this cup cake is going to make me feel.

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A special video just for you.

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If you are watching this I am going to assume you are alone in your college dorm. I felt the need to make you a special video to watch in private. You should be proud of yourself for being accepted to such a prestigious college. I am proud of you but will also miss our special time together. This video is as close as I could get in creating some alone time while you are so many miles away.

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Am I imagining our sexual tension?

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Now that it's just you and me home for a little while I thought it's the best time to come talk with you about something. First, let me say that it's been great for your dad having you back home. We're really sorry you lost your job due to the government shut down but we want to make everything here really nice for you. I also have to ask, am I imagining a little sexual tension between us? It must be hard because we are the same age and I'm your step mom. I love your dad very much and have always been into older men but I will admit to wanting a good hard bang from a younger guy now and then. Maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement while you are staying here. Don't be shy, come closer and touch my tits. I want your mouth on my pussy. It's been so long since I was eaten out. Your father doesn't really like to give oral pleasure. You're so good with your tongue down there you're going to make me cum! I want you to fuck me now. Oh god yes everything you do is exactly what I need! I like how your dick feels inside my tight wet pussy. Oh yes, cum for me you sexy man. Ah, now that we have that sexual tension out of the way I do think your stay here will be beneficial for both of us, don’t you?

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Are you a boob man?

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I just got back from bra shopping and I would like your opinion on what bra looks best with my outfit today. Your father usually does this as he is quite the boob man. I figure like father like son, am I right? Wow, you're already getting hard. Why don't you do something else your father does while he watches me try on bra's? He plays with his cock. Do you want to play with your cock while you watch? I think this is fun so go ahead, let's have some fun.

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Are you desperate for female attention?

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How could you possibly have an erection at this time of day? I ask you to bring me cleaning solution and next thing I see, you standing there staring at me, with a hard on bulging from your pants! Ok, well I take that to mean you are in desperate need of female attention so go ahead and let's get this over with. I'm telling you to take your cock from your pants and start jerking it. I don't feel this generous every day so I suggest you be quick about your masturbating. This isn't the first time I've seen you perving on me you know. I know I'm a sexy woman even thought I'm your stepmother. So let's get off together and go on about the day. Stroke it just like that so I can see you. I'll rub my clit as fast as you rub your cock and we will get off together. I can't believe I'm going to climax with my son! That was very good! I want to do this with you again. I have to clean the downstairs bathroom tomorrow so I'll see you then. *wink

Blonde,Big Tits,Jerk Off Instructions

Are you like your dad?

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I think your dad left a hickey on my neck. You must have heard us last night. I know we got pretty loud. I can hardly believe your dad has a perpetual boner at his age! Are you like your dad? Can you get the hots for your stepmom? It could be fun for me to have two dicks in the same house so long as you don't tell your father. Show me your penis. Ah, I see it's already hard. Go ahead and stroke it while I tease you with my tight body. You want to touch your hard dick on the same pussy your dad pummeled last night? I would love to see how much cum you can give me. Oh wow1 you cum much harder than your dad does? Did you like frosting my MILF tits with your sweet cum? I think you and I are going to have lots more fun together.

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Are you really smelling my hose?

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I am so late for work and I really need a pair of pantyhose. The only ones I own are completely ripped in the front but I have to go dig them out of the trash and at least present myself at work in them until I can leave for lunch and get a new pair. What's this? Why are you sitting on my bedroom floor with my ripped pantyhose under your nose? Look, you father and I haven't been married very long and I really can't handle any weirdness from your right now. We're almost the same age for fuck's sake can't you show me a little respect as your step mother though? You know what? I'm so pissed I'm going to just give you what you're looking for anyway and maybe this will get it out of your system. Lie down on the floor and take a good giant inhale of my pantyhose crotch. I want to hear your inhale. Breathe deeper and deeper! Get all your sniffs right now because if I catch you in my garbage again pulling out my used hose I will most certainly tell your father. I know why you want to smell my hose, so you can jack off. I'm leaving for work now and you should go to your own room and crank your damn cock now that you've got all the smells of my crotch that you need you little pantyhose pervert.


Asian Step Mom strokes me to sleep.

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I hate those late nights when I am restless and fidgety. Since I started college there seem to be more of these sleepless nights. I was paid a little visit tonight by my step-mom. She is so sweet to come in and check on me since she saw my light was on and heard me moving around in my bed. My mom is really sweet and so caring. She said she as noticed I am more tense lately and its probably due to impending exams. In her soft voice she also said in her culture it is not uncommon for a mom to masturbate her son so he is able to relax. She said as long as I am quiet she would be happy to give me a lower body massage which includes my cock. I don't know what my dad would do if he were to hear us in my bedroom but once my mom touched my dick she couldn't take her hands off of it. Her hands felt so warm and soft around my shaft. This lesson of her culture was the best lesson I had all week. Seriously, what step-mom cares enough to offer her son a hand job just so he can relax a little and drift off to sleep? Maybe she was waiting until I was at a more mature age before she laid her hands on me, who knows? All I know is I am laying here getting jacked off in the middle of the night by my dads wife and its wrong but I don't care. I'm not sure if blow jobs are part of her culture also but she started sucking me off like a horny college girl would. I wondered for a split second if she had her lips around my dads cock earlier that evening but quickly dismissed the thought as I didn't want to lose wood. Her warm mouth was around my dick now and that is all that matters. She showed me every inch of her little tight body as she stoked me off. Her little hands had such a tight grip around my throbbing manhood it made my head spin. She knew right where to stroke it, at the tip and really fast, to get me to explode. I watched as my creamy goo oozed from me and glazed her pretty hands. She said now I should be more relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep so I can do well on my exam tomorrow. I hope I do sleep well but something tells me I wont be thinking about my studies tomorrow I will be thinking about the new woman who owns my cock at night, my mom.


Asian Stepmom models lingerie.

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My step-mom is a hot little number. My dad has always liked his women pretty and petite. I think he married the best looking one of all the women he's brought home. Not only is she cute but she also is so polite and kind. It's like she isn't even my step-mom but more of a friend to me. I don't really want to move out of the house because she is so dang nice. Most of my buddy's have their own apartment or dorm room but I prefer to stay home to be near my step-mom and let her take care of me. One day things got a little more personal between us than the usual how's college conversation. She asked me to come to her bedroom and give my opinion on which lingerie outfit looked best on her. It's Valentines day coming up and she really wanted to surprise my Dad by wearing sexy lingerie. I have caught my mom changing in her bedroom when the door was cracked open. Her little tight body turned me on so much when I saw her that I immediately ran to my bedroom and rubbed one out. Now here she is asking me to look right at her with her permission and tell her which sexy outfit looks best on her? Oh great, I just know I'm going to get a raging boner. How will I explain a bulge in my pants caused by her? Oh crap, she noticed. She didn't even get skeeved out at all that I got a hard on for her. She simply offered to take care of it for me. How polite and kind is that? She had me get comfortable on her and my Dad's bed which was a little weird. I got over that weird feeling real quick and laid down so she could take care of me. I would hate to think what could happen if my Dad came home and found me on his bed with his wife but my little head was overriding my big head at this moment and I wasn't about to stop it. I don't know if she was being extra nice when she said I am so much bigger than my Dad but it certainly made me feel like the man of the house for a moment. She worked my cock well with her small hands. Up and down and even twisting it slightly. Everything she did felt incredible. I could hardly believe my luck when she put her mouth around it! My mom was blowing me in my Dad's bed! This had to be the most wonderfully wrong thing to happen to me, ever! She got my cock nice and slippery from her saliva then continued to stroke me off until I blew a thick gooey load all over her small hands. Being the nice woman she is, she praised me for giving her my cum. She reminded me to not say a word to my Dad, to keep this experience a secret. This is getting filed into my secret spank bank memory where it will stay until I happen to see her naked again. Maybe next time I happen to see her changing her clothes she will invite me in to take care of me again.