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Youíre a crazy good customer.

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I have to admit the reason I said yes to coming over to your place is because you are some what a mystery to me. No one else comes in where I work to order one piece of pie and one cup of coffee then leaves a tip more than their tab. Your mystery is attractive, almost as attractive as you are physically. You know weíre going to have sex. I think we have both wanted this for quite a while.

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Youíre a good samaritan.

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I appreciate you bringing my kitty home. I was hoping the fliers around the neighborhood would work out for the better and get her home. She sure ran off fast once I set her down which now leaves us together alone. I guess she was hungry. Not to be too forward but I know of another kitty thats hungry sitting right in front of you. I could tell you were happy to bring my lost kitty home when I opened the door and you smiled big. Letís fool around and have some harmless fun.

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Youíre a naughty neighbor.

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How many times have you spied on me when Iím practicing yoga? It kind of turned me on to catch you looking today. So, youíre kind of a voyeur aren't you? Is this what you do for a hobby when you're parents aren't around? I actually donít mind. I canít believe it took me this long to come meet you and this is as good of an excuse as any to be here. You may be a few years younger than me but you're perfectly legal so letís have some fun with that semi you have in your pants.

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Youíre a perfect donor.

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I hope you donít think this is too far fetched what I am about to say. I want to have a baby from your DNA. You know Iím a lesbian. Two women canít make a baby. Youíre my best guy friend which makes you the perfect donor. You have so many amazing qualities. You wonít have any parental responsibilities. All I want is your cum inside me. You donít mind putting a baby inside me do you?

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Youíre better than my boyfriend.

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Iím so horny for sex but canít get any as Iíve been fighting with my boyfriend. I donít know why I would want to fuck him anyway, all he cares about is getting his dick wet. I may be young but I crave connection sometimes. I think you get where Iím coming from. You may be just my step-brother but I think we have a lot in common. Hey, do you think we could be fill ins for each other sexually? I mean, this has to stay a complete secret. We care for each other and you donít have a girlfriend right now so this could be a great set up for us both. Come on, this could be lots of fun! Keep the love in the family, right?

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Youíre more than hired help.

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My dad thinks guys like you would only use a girl like me for my money. Our date tonight showed me what a genuinely nice guy you are. It doesnít bother me you work at the country club and serve my family. I like you, a lot. I only brought you to this area of the house because my dad has cams installed everywhere else but the servants quarters. Come closer so I can show you just how much I like you.

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Youíre my new man.

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You probably wonder what the relationship is between your dad and I. He is such a submissive type man. I like to be the boss, as you know. Iíve grown bored with your dadís sexual services so now I will teach you how to make me happy. I can tell you have some of your dadís submissive tendencies even though your body is developed into quite a muscular hunk. Would you like to play some games with your step- mother? What I teach you may serve you well in any relationships with future women who admire you.

Doggy Style,Brunette,18 To 19,Small Tits,Blowjob,Cowgirl,Cum Shot,Step Sister,All Natural

Youíre so big and bulgy.

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Iíve noticed your transformation from a scrawny guy to a hottie with muscles. It doesnít matter that youíre my step-brother. I acknowledge a hot guy when I see one. I am curious about something, youíve made your body big and bulgy so is your cock the same? You know, is your cock big and bulgy? I would like to see and feel it all for the sake of curiosity of course.

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Youíre way too cute.

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I appreciate the tour of your dorm and you trying to make this feel like a typical date. I didnít need any of that but it was a cute start to the evening. There is only one reason for me to be here in this boring dorm room, I want to fuck you. I have a thing for college aged guys. I know you want me to. Donít be nervous. If you come closer Iíll get your cock off to a great start.

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Youíve inspired fantasies.

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I didnít think it would be a trip to Vegas with my parents that would bring you and me together in the same room. You probably donít know how much I crushed on you last year. There wasnít much I could do about my feelings since you were my teacher but here we are just two consenting adults in Vegas. Should we make one of those stories that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?