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You want me on my knees don't you?

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I'm not quite sure why you called me into your private chambers pastor. My skirt is standard issue and no shorter than the other girls. We're college age and should be allowed to show more flesh than a young girl does. It's not my fault I have a tiny waist and my skirt sits higher than the others. Besides, I don't think you are too upset because I happen to see quite a bulge in your pants, pastor. I think we should praise Jesus and see what he gave you. Oh my pastor, that is an impressive package! I think I should be on my knees until I am forgiven for the sins I am about to commit to your cock. Oh yes, lick my young pussy and stuff it with your filthy man wand. Make me say the Lords name in vain! Come here Father and show me what you really want to do under my skirt. Oh yes, jack off that cock and spray your heavenly seed all over my perky ass. Oh look, I get to walk around school the rest of the day with your frosting all over my ass. You marked me with your authority Pastor.

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You want me to have it, right?

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You and I both know I deserve to have the attic space for my new bedroom before mom takes it over for a stupid craft room. Can't you for once not do everything she wants and do something I want? Who cares if it's 'happy wife happy life.' I may be your stepdaughter but I can give you something my mom never can. She is old and doesn't even take care of herself anymore. I mean I love my mom but this matter is something I have to win. I absolutely have to get the attic for my new bedroom and get out of this dinky disgusting bedroom right next to your guy's room. I need my space! I'm only going to be here another year before I take off to college so please lets work something out. I can give you my young, tight, all natural body which you haven't felt one in years! You're just my stepdad and I'm a horny walking wet spot of an eighteen year old. My mom never has to find out the real reason I got moved to the attic and she didn't.

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You were such a great help today.

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I have such a good best friend for lending her son to me for cleaning help today. You made my garage look like new again. Ever since my divorce I can't bring myself to cleaning out that part of the house as it was always his job. I wish you would let me give you some money. There must be something I can do for you to show you how much I appreciate your work here. At least let me give you some fresh clothes to change into before you head home. I hope you didn't ruin your clothes with that mess in the garage. Go ahead and undress while I get you a change of clothes. My ex husband left some here and they will fit you. Don't be shy about undressing you don't have anything I haven't seen before. Oh well wait a minute, you have something I haven't ever seen before. Look at that huge dick of yours! I mean, you are really young for a man of your age. You know, I think I know exactly how to repay you for your time today. This repayment is going to be good for you and great for me.

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You will make yourself useful.

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Here you are as usual, on the couch. I'm fed up with heading out to work day after day and seeing you here like this is a resort. When I married your father I thought he made enough money to provide for all of us but I was wrong. I was also wrong about him being able to satisfy my sexual needs year after year. You're of legal age and Ive decided if you are going to get a job to contribute to this household, you are going to contribute in other ways. A happy step mom equals a happy household.

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You're a great handyman.

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I can't tell you how much I appreciate you coming over in this heat and repairing my air conditioner. My best friend is so lucky to be married to a man as handy as you are. While you were working hard I was thinking of how I could repay you. It's too hot to bake you something yummy but it's not too hot to give you something yummy. I've been single way to long and it's a bit of a dry spell. You won't tell your wife will you? I need sex and this is the perfect way to pay you for your time today. I know you fuck my girl so good and I want to fuck you good right now. Your cock is so big it's stretching out my little pink pussy. Oh god fuck it hard! I knew your cock would feel good cause my girl tells me all the time how good you fuck her. You have to pull out when you're ready to cum ok? Let me see how much cum you can give me. Oh wow, look at all that cum! You're a shooter! Now remember you can't say a word about this to my friend and I won't either. Next time I need something fixed I know you I'm calling, you.

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You're a perfect sperm donor.

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It's been great having this job as a nanny for your family. I can see why your wife and kids adore you. Watching how you interact and provide for your family has me thinking of my own prospects of having a baby. I don't want to have a baby from just any guy. I want to have a baby from you. You're the most handsome man I know in addition to all the other amazing qualities you have. No one has to know who the baby daddy is except me. You don't have to be responsible for anything other than making sure your seed is planted deep inside me. I just know we would make a beautiful baby.

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You're her #1 boyfriend.

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I thought my mom was still home and was coming in here to see if she wanted to go to gym with me. I'm surprised you're still here in her bed. I heard you two until late last night. The fact she left you here in her bedroom alone makes me think you're her #1 boyfriend now. Is that morning wood I'm seeing under the sheet? Maybe I should see what makes you so special. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Don't be bashful, I'm nineteen and woman enough to handle what you've got, probably better than my mom. Oh, now I see why my mom is so interested in fucking you until all hours of the night. I want some of that! You taste so good. Does my mouth feel better around your cock than my mom's does? I can hardly wait to feel this inside me. Oh god yes, fuck me like you did my mom last night! I wanna turn around and let you stare at my perky little as while I bounce on your big dick. If you fuck me while I'm on my back I'll cum so good. Let's cum together but you have to pull out to release your hot load. Wow, that's a bigger load than I expected. I had better go clean up before my mom comes home and catches us together. You should see if you can spend more nights here with her and your mornings with me.

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You're my cuck hubby!

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You know what they say about a happy wife equals happy life! It goes both ways for us since you love being my cuckold hubby. This new lover is even bigger than the last one and I can hardly wait to get his fat cock inside me. Even with dick enhancers you would never be this girth size and be able to please me. Listen while I wrap my salivating mouth around his stiff shaft. I can imagine you have your tiny cock in your hand pleasuring yourself as you know your wife will soon be pleasured by this new lover. Listen close honey, it's going to be good.

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You're my cute gym stalker.

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I can't believe you were able to come home with me from the gym. I've been watching you for so long there. I know you've been watching me to. You're so sexy when you're sweaty and your muscles are pumped. Right now I'm interested in a different muscle on you. It's the one that is always covered in your gym shorts. Oh wow, it's bigger than I thought it would be? It's so big it almost makes me gag as I suck it. I've never got to bring home a gym crush before. This is such a turn on for me. Oh yes, please lick my sensitive nipples. Rim around the edge of my nipple with the tip of your tongue. Flick your tongue down my body and lick my piercing. That feels so damn good to have my clit licked with your warm tongue. I'm ready for you to slide yourself in. Missionary is my favorite position. Oh, you like doggystyle. Are you gonna give me a big load with that huge cock of yours? Oh wow! I feel your load dripping all down my ass crack! You made quite the mess on me with your big muscle. Maybe next time we see each other at the gym we may have to sneak into one of the locker rooms and work out our sex muscles again.

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You're my human dildo.

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You appear a little uncomfortable. That's what happens to naughty slaves who try to masturbate themselves without my permission. Naughty slaves get put in chastity with their hands bound behind them. You may be in luck today because I am feeling exceptionally horny and require your body parts to please mine. You will need to figure out how to please me with your fuck stick and your mouth while you are bound. This will be fun watching you squirm and wiggle around trying to pleasure me. Figure out how to use your tongue and kiss it. You've done this before so you shouldn't need too much instruction. A little suction then a little tongue. Is your erection pressing inside your cock cage? I'm not ready to let you out yet so keep pleasing my pussy. I certainly hope you're better with your cock than you've been with your lazy mouth. Oh yes, lie there while I use your fuck stick and make myself cum. You like to please your mistress don't you? You don't get to cum though. I'm going to plug that little dick hole of yours. You're going back into chastity. I just wanted that orgasm to fulfill my own needs, not yours. My cock will stay in chastity until I want to use it again. Now squirm of the bed and get back in your corner.