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While Dad is away, you get to take care of Mom. BONUS VIDEO!!

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Today, in addition to a JOI video, I'm posting a bonus video for you to enjoy - from our member's site - This is a Virtual Sex video starring Kendra Lust. I hope you enjoy it! I am so glad I married your Dad, do you want to know why? Because I get to be close to you especially when he goes away on business. You are such a good looking man and so much stronger than your Dad. You're of legal age and I'm not your real Mom so there is nothing bad with wanting you to please me sexually, is there? I don't think so, come over here and make me feel good. Let me rub your cock and make it hard. Do you like making Mom's pussy wet? Come here so I can suck your cock and make it as wet as my pussy. You should lick some of my pussy juice before you put your big cock inside me. Oh yes, that feels so good you dirty boy! I love the way you fuck me, so much better than your father. My pussy is stuffed full with your young cock. Let me flip over so you can fuck me from behind. After you make me cum then pull out and shoot your load all over Moms pretty ass. I want to feel your warm goo splash on my flesh. Oh yes! Look at that mess you made on me. What a dirty dirty son you are but you taste much better than your Dad. Now go get me a towel and clean your mom like a good boy.

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Will Katy Kiss let an old man cum on her?

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Katy is not happy with you. You met online and she was expecting someone much younger than you are. She has decided that you will jerk off for her and that she will tease you. That is all you will be getting today, loser. She demands that you stroke your cock as she gets naked. She is taking pleasure in informing you that you will only get to look at her and not touch her. Katy keeps her socks on, which pleases you, but she is certain to make sure you understand why you will never have her. Katy bounces her ass at you mockingly. You will never feel her ass, her pussy, or her tiny tits. You will watch her cum, knowing that you cannot have her, but then you will cum for her - or will you…?

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Will you please take out your big cock for me, mister? (with Alison Re

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Alison loves big dicks. She is hoping that you have one and that you might want to show it off to her. Will you please, mister? You would do anything for sexy Alison, so you pull it out and begin to stroke it for her. She looks like she wants to eat you alive as she watches you jack off. Alison asks you to spit on your big dick so that your hand glides up and down your shaft. She is hungry for you. Stroke yourself like no one is watching. Did you realize how tingly her pussy is for you right now? Would it be okay with you if Alison took off her clothes? Yes? This good girl took off her top and skirt and now sits in front of you wearing only panties. Do you want to see her little pussy, too, mister? Alison slides off her panties because she is the best girl in the whole world. Her hairy bush is fully exposed and she cannot resist playing with her pussy. Alison is now begging you to put your cock into her tiny holes because she wants to milk every drop of cum out of you. Begging for your load, Alison looks up at you and is super excited when you give her the biggest load she has ever seen.

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Working out my mommy issues with Syren DeMer

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Your mom has a friend who noticed that you were staring at her boobs all day long. Syren made a trip up to your room to see if you wanted to have a little fun with this sexy cougar. She is beyond flattered that you showed her some attention and she wants to thank you up close and personal. Go ahead and get that dick out and hold it in your hand. Stroke it. Start slowly and get yourself nice and hard. Hungry MILF Syren seems to know just how you should work your cock, giving you lots of advice. You follow her direction very well, so she feels that you deserve a little look at her big tits. Syren undoes her dress and you now see most of her sexy body. She keeps calling you a "good boy" and that is oddly arousing to you. She rubs her nipples as you continue jacking off for her. You must have mommy issues, but you don't care. You keep stroking off to her instructions. Do you want to see how wet you have made Syren's pussy? She shows you and you can almost smell her aroma. Syren is excited from playing with her clit and she demands that you cum together. Of course you get another "Good boy!" from MILF Syren for your impressive performance.

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Working through my erection issues with Amiee Cambridge

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Aimee knows why your ex dumped you. You could get your dick up, but it would not stay up. You are embarrassed that Aimee knows this and, in fact, Aimee wonders out loud if you might be gay. Since you swear to her that you are not gay, she has a way to figure out if you have some other issue. You trust your big sister (really, she is your step sister), so you decide to do what she says. Get comfortable while she gives you a show. She removes her top and you see her tits. How do you feel about seeing her tits? Aimee has soft, perky boobs and that inspires your dick to grow a little. Take your dick out. That is better. Now start stroking it. Oh, your dick seems to be shrinking, so she exposes more of her body to you. Yes, that helps. Sliding her panties to the side to reveal her pussy really seems to help you! You see a piercing on her pink bits and your pick up your stroking pace a little more. You can see that her pussy is wet, but your erection is not all it should be. Aimee still thinks you are conflicted about your sexuality and she really wants to see you jerk yourself to completion. Aimee watches you gleefully as you finish yourself off and she is now mostly convinced that you are not gay.

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Worshipping Ash Hollywood's jiggly ass

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Ash has a fantastic ass and she wants to show it off to you today. She wears a sequined bikini and she asks if you want to kiss her ass. Grab her bikini string and pull hard. Her bikini falls off and now her perfect ass is on display. Put your face right in there and sniff. Don't be shy. Get in there! Ash suggests that you get out your dick. Start stroking it. As you watch her jiggle and shake her ass, your dick somehow keeps growing harder. She wants you to worship her ass. It is all for you, so go ahead and grab it. You don't have to be gentle. She likes you to be rough. You are just an inch from her asshole. You can smell her ass and her pussy simultaneously and you feel like you could fall over from her delicious aromas. Ash inserts two fingers into her pussy and fucks herself. As if things could be any better, she squeezes some lotion onto her ass. You watch it drip down and she rubs it in. Her ass looks so soft and smooth, and you should know because you are inches from it! Ash decides it is now time to pay her ass a proper cum tribute. "Glaze my ass for me," she pleads, and you do.

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Worshipping Dani Dupree's ass

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Today is all about Dani Dupree and what she wants. What she wants is for you to worship and adore her fat ass while you work your dick. Stand behind her and jack your little dick, but do not touch her perfect ass. Now smell it! Each breath you inhale of her wondrous aroma makes your little dick get harder and harder. You have never been so hard before! She removes her shiny shorts and commands you to lick her asshole. She tastes delicious, doesn't she? She spreads her ass cheeks nice and wide and you shove your head right between them. Never before has any woman given you such unlimited access to her ass. Your tongue licks each time you are told to do so. After all, it is all about Dani and you must make her happy. It is now time for you to cum on her big bubble and to facilitate that, sexy Dani bounces her ass until you bust your nutt as she demanded.


Worshipping Mia Li's perfect ass

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Can you tell that Mia has been doing squats? Her fantastic ass supports your suspicion. You told her that her ass was too small, so Mia did lots of squats to build up a perfect ass. Focus on Mia's ass and stroke your cock because that is what Mia wants to see. Knowing how much you want her to sit on your face, she demonstrates how she will move and grind all over you with her ass right on your mouth. Your veiny dick has her turned on. She loves watching you play with your cock, but you have to prove yourself today to get her to sit on your face. Think about how good it would feel to slide your dick in between her strong ass cheeks and stroke yourself hard. A fat load will impress Mia, so be sure to work out a good load. Pump that shaft and give Mia your cum right now!

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Worshipping my boss so that I can keep my job

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It is time for an uncomfortable chat with your manager, Siri. The women in your office have complained about you and your advances and your manager has in idea about how to handle you. Today you will stroke your cock as you worship Siri's body. If you do not cum on her big tits today, you will be fired. Now get out your cock and start stroking it. She removes a shoe and puts you to the floor to kiss and worship her foot. Start working your way up her legs. Lick them. You know that this is not exactly legal in the workplace and you could probably sue your manager for her behavior, but your dick will not let you seriously contemplate that for more than a brief moment. Siri takes out her pendulous breasts and you wish you could touch them, but you just keep stroking yourself. Worship her thighs now. You do exactly as you are told... not only for fear of losing your job, but also because you have fantasized about this for years! Siri slides her panties to the side and demands that you worship her pussy. She is pleased with your efforts, but you are now ordered to service her massive tits. She jiggles them in your face and you are confident that she could suffocate you with them if she so desired. Now stand up and convince Siri that you deserve to cum on your titties. You make your argument and convince your manager that you are worthy. She makes you jerk your spunk onto her huge boobs and she watches the cum drip off them. Congratulations, you can keep your job for now.

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You are a real man (with Cherie Deville)

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Your dear friend Cherie is being generous, allowing you to stay with her while you and your wife are having difficulties. In truth, Cherie is excited that a real man like you will be around the house. Her husband is not handy around the house like you are. There are some other things that Cherie appreciates about you as well, and now is the time for her to show you how much she likes you. Can you show her your dick? You proudly whip out your cock and you can see that Cherie is immediately turned on. Will you let her help you get off? Let Cherie help you get nice and hard as she unbuttons her dress. Her tits are firm and perky. You notice that she is not wearing panties when she lifts up her dress and before your know it, her ass is high in the air. "If you weren't my husband's best friend, I'd fuck you right now," she says. Your hand moves faster on your shaft as she considers having your cum drip down her ass. Cherie plays with her pussy and she laments her husband’s lack of sexual prowess before she tells you to cum right there on her pussy.