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I am my step sister's cuckold.

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My stepsister is a small town girl with a cute southern accent. My Dad married her mom about 5 years ago, and she's always been a tease around me. One day I was out in the garage cleaning (as punishment for cutting classes) when my sister walked in to give me a hard time. She told me that she was going out with my best friend later that night! I can't believe my boy is going to go out with my sister. She's always such a flirt with my friends, I think she does it just to annoy me. She told me that she was going to fuck my friend tonight, and that she's actually fucked all of my friends and tonight she was going to do my best friend. She walked over to an old box-spring that was being stored in the garage, and tipped it over onto the floor. Climbing up onto the makeshift bed, she began to take off her top and teased me about the fact that I was jealous that my best friend was going to be fucking my sister tonight. The truth is, it did make me a little jealous... imagining her with her legs spread and opening her pussy for my friend. She told me to lay down and that she wanted to take care of me before she left on her date. She opened my pants and pulled them down around my ankles and took my cock in her hand. She began to suck my dick, telling me to picture her being fucked by all of my buddies. It did make me hard to think about her being passed around and used by the same guys I play football with. I just hoped that my mom & dad wouldn't walk in and catch us. I don't know how I would explain my sister's mouth on my rod and her hand around my shaft. She sucked me until I was totally hard, and just kept stroking me. She then told me that she was going to invite them over for a tag team so they could pound all of her holes. I can't believe it, but I think I was totally turned on by the idea of them fucking her while I couldn't. Does that make me my sister's cuckold? She stroked and stroked and kept teasing me until I felt a huge load about ready to burst. She told me to cum all over her pretty little face, so I shot a huge load that she licked and sucked from my cock hole. She swallowed most of it, but there was still a mess to clean up. I guess I'll be waiting for her to come home tonight so she can tease me some more about how my friends are all using her holes.

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I am my step-dads slutty secretary

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I am the stereotypical dumb blonde. I may not have the brains of a wall street analyst but I do have a big heart of gold and a pussy worth my weight in platinum. I am smart enough to know what gets a girl ahead in life, her pussy and her looks. All I had to do was a little pleading and promising to be the best secretary my step dad ever had for me to get this job. I saw the stack of resumes my dad was sorting through to find the right secretary for his company. I may not have any college education or business training but there is one thing I will certainly give my step dad that none of those other applicants will, complete stress relief. My first week on the job is the perfect time to show my dad what a great asset I am to his office. First I let him know how grateful I am for my job and that I have been practicing my typing so I will appear professional. I dressed super cute and even purposely forgot to wear panties so in the right position, my dad can see my pussy which already puts a smile on his face. I asked him to sit down close to me so we could have a private meeting. I could see the outline of his semi erect dick in his slacks. Oh I knew I had him right where I wanted him. I gave his growing cock some breathing room by unzipping his pants and opening them enough to get a good look at his cock. I teased him with my young tight body by lifting my skirt to show I had no panties on. I look like my mom did twenty plus years ago. Judging by the smile on my dads face he was very happy he hired me. My soft skin must have felt so good on his dick cause he was rolling his eyes as he watched me rub up and down his stiff shaft. I bet my mom never stroked his hard dick in his office before. I bet my mom never got his dick as hard as I made it. I saw his pre cum and it made me shiver with satisfaction that I was finally getting to jack off my dad. I have had a crush on him for so long and wanted his cock in my control and now I finally have it. I stroked him off with both hands until he made my hands glisten with his goo. It was so fuckin' hot to make my dad cum for me. Being the girl I am and not totally dumb, while his head was spinning post ejaculation, I asked for a raise. I deserve it after all that work!

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I am my step-mothers new boyfriend.

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I was about to fall asleep on the couch when my step-mom burst through the front door and into the living room. She was swearing and yelling something about my Dad cheating on her with her 20 year old secretary. My step-mom and Dad run a company together. It's actually my step-moms business and she hired my dad to work for her before they were married. My mom works really long hours and is usually in a pretty good mood but at this moment she was fuming. She was rambling on about how she works hard and goes to the gym to make her body look good so why did my dad cheat on her? She lifted her skirt to show me her ass and asked my opinion on her 45 year old flesh mounds. What can I say? She's a MILF! I just laid there and let her work her anger out while I watched. In a quick second her whole tone changed and she gave me an interesting and non familiar look. I could tell she was about to say something that would have an impact on me so I braced myself. I was not prepared for what happened next. She told me since my Dad was having an affair with her secretary then she was going to have an affair with his son, me! Don't get me wrong, I have fantasized more than once about boning her but never did I think it may actually happen and especially not under these circumstances. She's so used to being the boss and owning things that she also told me she now owns my cock. Since she lost control of the only other cock in the house she is now determined to have full control over mine. I will play along with her game cause I'm pretty comfortable living in my parents house and if they split, well the decision is already made. I will stay with my step-mom and be whatever she wants me to be. She let me know something about her that made me very excited to be a part of. She said she has boyfriends, as in plural. She said she likes to fuck, a lot. She has these other guys available to her at a moments whim and now I am her newest addition to this group. I think I am going to like this arrangement. I get jacked off or fucked by a super hot MILF who will buy me what ever I desire and free rent! I like her to be a little bossy with me, its turns me on. She worked my cock like no 20 year old girl ever has. There is definitely something to be said for her maturity and experience with a meat pole. She said more than a few times how much she loved my dick in her hand and how it was larger than my dad's. Hey, if I tell her how super fine her ass is every once in awhile and be available for her sexual whims...this is the perfect job for me! She got replaced by someone my age and I am replacing someone her age plus its all in the family! If she can keep making me cum like she did today, I am totally going to like being her new boyfriend, plus she says she loves me.


I am your little girl tonight.

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We have so much fun on our roleplay dress up nights don't we sweetheart? I decided to switch things up a little from our regular black lace and leather attire into something a little more sweet like white tiny flowers and ribbons. You love it when you're fucking me and I call you Daddy. You yearn for me to say Daddy over and over while your big daddy dick drills my little pussy until you explode inside me. Well, tonight all of the attention is on you. I am going to talk to you like the dirty little girl I am and beg for your cum to make a mess on my little hands. Do you like how big your shirt is on me? It almost covers my hands! Do you like my matching panties and training bra? They have the tiniest flowers on them and delicate lace pattern with matching extra small bows. I even put ribbons in my pig tails that match my panties just for you. I asked for pale pink nail polish at the salon today because I want you to notice all the details I thought of to please you. You love to take care of me don't you daddy. You treat me like the little princess I am, just for you. You will always be my big strong daddy who adores me. I want to take care of you to. Can I touch it? Can I put my hands on it and rub it? Ohh wow daddy, I feel how big it is and it isn't even all the way hard yet. I can hardly wait to wrap my hands around your big stiff pole. Can I pull your pants off of you? I want to feel your flesh, all of it, in my warm hands. Tonight is all about your pleasure. Watch me as I stroke your shaft up and down, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Can I taste you daddy? Mmmm, your skin is so smooth on my tongue and tastes so clean and yummy in my warm mouth. Do you like our game daddy? Am I doing it right? It feels like I am because I feel how hard your penis is. Do you want to make a mess on my hands now? Please give me your cum daddy. I want it. Please let go of all that saved up stress and release it on me... Oh wow daddy! Look at that thick mess on my hands! You did that! Well, with a little help from me and my pigtails. Did you have fun with me? I can hardly wait to dress up again for you, maybe next time it will be in an even cuter outfit picked out especially for you cause I am daddy's little girl.

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I can care for all your parts.

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Your cute younger stepsister has no problem being a nurse maid to your battle wounds from a hockey game. Her mom sent her to your room to change your leg bandage since she does want to be a nurse someday. She did a really good job even though she talks a little too much. You don't mind the view. She still looks sweet and innocent unlike the other girls in her community college, which sends your mind thinking of all sorts of ways to defile her innocence. As she is blabbing and you are day dreaming of her tight little body, you get a boner. She doesn't even skip a beat in her blabbing and says since you have a boner she may as well take care of it to! You aren't going to deny your cock getting some action since you're out of action for a couple weeks. All you have to do is lie there while this little nymph rubs out a much needed release. I wonder if in her innocence she thinks hand jobs will be part of her required nursing skills.

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I can do extra credit.

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I know why you called me to meet with you. I am failing your class miserably yet there is no way I can make up for my grade by simply studying harder. You and I both know I simply will fail this class unless I can do extra credit work. As you can see by the way I dressed for our meeting, I am fully prepared to do the only extra credit work I am capable of. Come on Professor, you know I am a party girl who's body is built for speed. I have no time to sit in my dorm room studying all night when there is so much partying to be done! Why don't I crawl under this desk to your side of the room and show you what kind of extra credit work I am capable of performing? I have a feeling you will pass me thru your class after I show you my true skills. I'll do just enough to earn a B or C but if you like it enough then I can even come back next week and show you what I would do to earn an A.

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I can help you with your premature ejaculation problem.

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Honey, we need to talk. You returned my laptop with quite a few windows open regarding the topic of premature ejaculation. You are the only person I let use my laptop so I know this is something you have been researching information on. I know I'm not your real mother but maybe I can be of some help regarding this uncomfortable matter. You seem to be dating quite a lot of different girls lately, are they complaining about your sexual performance? Oh, I see. So anytime a hand gets near your cock you pretty much spew your goo after only a few minutes of stimulation? Oh dear, that is a problem and one that will only complicate your life the older you get. Why don't you lie down here next to me and I will most certainly use my knowledge and experience to help you. Make yourself comfortable and get used to the idea of me touching your penis in all sorts of ways. I want you to not focus so much on the sensations my hands are giving you. Think about playing basketball or some other activity than sex. Don't you dare cum before I say you can. I'm not into giving hand jobs away for no good reason. This is strictly to help you with a sexual dysfunction. You know, there are actual qualified therapists to help you with this matter but I genuinely care for you and figure we'll try therapy at home before going and spending money in a cold doctors office for treatment. How does this feel? I can see your balls tighten up as if you are getting ready to blow your load but you must not let it go yet! Get used to all the places on your shaft and your tip that I touch so gently. Oh I know how good this all feels but you must hold your cum back until I say you can release it otherwise how will I be able to truly help you? Now I'm going to give you a little more stimulation and show you my breasts. You have to learn to control yourself in all situations so you don't continue on as that 'two pump chump'. Ok, you've lasted almost fifteen minutes for me so anytime you are ready you can let go of that nasty cum. I know how much you need to release this hot load that torments you so often everyday. You can do it for me now. Oh yes, give mommie all that warm goo. I am so proud of you for lasting as long as you did! Now, you know I am all about saving money so anytime you need me to give you this therapy you come to me and we will help solve this premature ejaculation problem together until you wont have a problem with it at all.

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I can satisfy your curiosity.

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What happens to curious stepbrother's who spy on their sister having fun with her boyfriend? Delilah show her nosy brother exactly what happens but in the most pleasing way. She loves to tie guys up and scare them a little while they are vulnerable yet always rewards them with a pleasurable ending. The snooping step brother agrees to remain silent regarding what he saw his sister doing with her boyfriend, if he can experience some of the same fun. Delilah delights in tying her brother up and is even more excited about playing with him this way when she discovers the rather large cock he has. She only agreed to a happy ending hand job for his silence but her lust for large cock overcomes her as she slurps his shaft while stroking it. It doesn't take long for this bound boy to give up his load for his dominating sister. She is so impressed she may just decide to play with her brother much more than her boyfriend.

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I can't help my attraction to married men.

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I'm not sure this is something you want to hear from your step daughter, but you asked why I am crying. The matter is I am attracted to married men. I'm actually in or was sort of in a relationship with one. He's just broke up with me which is why I am crying. You absolutely can't tell mom about this. You're my step dad so it doesn't make it as weird to talk about. Ever since I can remember I've been attracted to older men, but they also have to be married. It's something about their knowledge and experience that drives me wild, especially in bed. Married men usually aren't getting any sex in their marriage so it's kind of easy to become their girlfriend. Even you dad, what about your sex life? I don't hear the bed knocken around so much any more. I'll let you in on a secret, I've fantasized about being with you more than once when I've been with my married men lovers. Also, I saw you jerking your dick one time in your office. It was really hot to watch you because you had no idea I was there getting wet to what I was viewing. This is the perfect time to let you know how I feel toward you, plus you're a married man so of course I'm going to find you irresistible. There is absolutely no way I can fuck you thought daddy. That would be too weird even for a horny slut like me. I can play with your dick in my hands though. I would love to feel your big daddy dick in my hands. How about that daddy? Will you help me feel better and let me play with your cock and I'll help you feel much better to. Oh wow, your dick is much bigger than I expected. Now I'm super horny and want to fuck you so much. How about if I slide my ass up and down your shaft. Don't let is slip inside me. Do you like the way my pussy feels rubbing on your balls? Oh you have to cum soon before I accidently slip and insert your rock hard dick inside me. That would be very wrong. Will you give me your cum daddy? Come on and be my new married man playmate. Oh yes, look at all that cum! You almost shot your load in my eye! We will have to play again soon and next time get naughtier.

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I can't work hard except on your cock.

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I don't know why I keep getting fired from these stupid jobs. How can anyone realistically expect someone to work 8 hours or more each day? I mean look at how cute I am, I'm not meant for hard labor like being a waitress. Maybe my step-dad will understand what I mean because I know my mom never would. Thanks for talking with me dad. It's great you work from home and can take a few minutes to hear why I'm not at the diner right now. Truth is I got fired. I know my boss just had it out for me because she is old and haggard and I am so young and cute. She expected me to work 8 hours or more every shift and do all the hard work! Look at me dad, I'm not meant for that. I was thinking that since you aren't my real dad that this idea of mine won't be so weird. I want to stay home and take care of your cock instead of going to look for another dead end job. I sleep in the room next to you and my mom so I know there isn't any action happening in here except every 3-4 months. You are a good looking man and I'm sure you have needs that need to be met more frequent than every few months. You could cover for me if mom asks any questions and give me the money I need for shopping and school in exchange for me taking care of your cock whenever you want. Any time mom is at work or on errands, all you have to do is call me to you and I will come jack you off and relieve your sexual tension. I'll be home studying for college instead of working at a stupid job and this will make me available to you practically all day every day when I'm not in school. It seems you like my idea because I swear I just saw your dick move in your pants. Did it move daddy? So you want my petite hands stroking that daddy dick don't you? Ok, I will show you right now how well I can take care of your needs. I'm so much cuter than my mom aren't I? I'll show you what you can't see when I'm at the pool in my bikini. If I take really good care or your cock with my hands maybe you will buy me that little sexy bra and panty set I want. If you buy me nice things I will wear them for you and even do more for you than just stoke you with my hands. I bet your cock doesn't get this hard for mom does it? She isn't a dirty little slut like I am. I'll be your personal dirty girl daddy. Have I earned your cum yet daddy? I've been a good girl and talked really dirty to you. You like my dirty talk I can tell. What a big hot load you just gave me and it's still coming out! You don't cum like this for my mom do you? So was that fun? Should we plan doing this same time tomorrow right after mom leaves for work? I can hardly wait. I'm going to work your cock so well that you will soon give me a sweet bonus, I can tell.