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Do you think it is a sign?

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I am quite sure I just felt you eye fucking my ass while I was bent over looking for my missing wedding ring. Your father will be beside himself if he gets home and notices it's not on my finger where it should be. I think this is some kind of sign why it keeps falling off my finger. What do you think? Help me find my ring would you? Oh wait, what is that? It's true what I was thinking! My ass up in the air turned you on didn't it! Like I was saying, I think it's some kind of sign why I keep losing my wedding ring. I feel like being naughty and well, if I don't look down and see a wedding ring on my finger then I won't feel guilty about having some fun with my step son. I see you want it to. Let me help you out of those pants.

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Do you want to fool around?

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Wow, you guys must have partied hard last night. My brother is still passed out but I can see you're coming back to the land of the living. I hope I'm not being too forward but would you want to fool around? Ive always thought you were super cute but every time I see you my brother is with you. We have to keep this secret to because it might be awkward if my brother knew I seduced his best friend.

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Do you want to fuck a Porn star? ( Featuring Raylene)

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Porn star legend Raylene is baring all to give you the chance to fuck her. Are you ready to pleasure her famous pussy? Pull your cock out so she can get it hard for you. She is the pro as she gives you a sloppy blow job. She gags herself on the size of your raging boner as she deep throats it. Now take your slippery shaft and fuck her perfect MILF tits. She is squeezing them together just for you. That's it slide your stiffy up and down while you watch her pretty face and eyes looking up at you. She begs for your cock in her hole. How does she feel? You're making her feel really good as she tells you to keep going, keep fucking her. Next she bares her ass up in the air for you. Look at that taught ass waiting for you to grab ahold as you plunge her wet pussy. Slap her ass as you thrust yourself deep in to a porn star legend. You are making her moan and beg just like she does in her scenes. She is ready to finish you off in the best way just like her videos as she begs you to blast your load in her pretty mouth. Go ahead and give it to her, feed her hungry mouth your seed. She swallows every drop you give her because after all, she is the professional.

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Do you want to play the game again Step Daddy?

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It seems like I've been away at college a long time doesn't it? I miss the game we used to play when you first met my mom. I haven't forgotten. You are the best step dad a girl could want. Mom is in the next room so isn't this a little too risky? Do you think she will sleep through us having sex? Ok, I will be very quiet because I want you as bad as you want me. Can you help me get in the mood Daddy? Kiss me on the neck and touch my little boobs. Should I leave my panties on while you play with my clit? Oh yes, rub it and make it swollen. Here, let me pull my panties off so you can put your big daddy dick inside me. Put it in slow, ok? Don't go to fast, we don't want Mom to hear us. My bed squeaks so don't push too hard into me. I know how you like to cum, with me in doggystyle. Give me your big warm cum all over your little girls ass. Oh yes! Is that what you wanted? It's what I wanted. You had better get back to bed with my mom before she wakes up. Thank you Daddy.

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Do you want to play with my pussy?

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Look at you staring at me as I swing while wearing my little skirt. You're one of those perverts who gets turned on by watching aren't you? It's ok if you watch because I like to show off for guys like you which is why I'm not wearing panties. What are you staring at more, my nipples in my little tank top or my tiny pussy on the swing seat? I see that lump in your pants and I know what it means. It means you want to see my pussy up close. Follow me to my play room and I will show you more. Which do you like more, my tiny little slit or my tiny little bottom? I'll pull my skirt up so you can fully see both. Oh, your erection just got bigger. May I see it? I would like to have it in my mouth. I may be a small girl but I can fit big things in my mouth. See I can fit your whole shaft down my throat. Do you know where else I can fit that big shaft? I can take it in my little pussy hole. Go ahead and slide every inch of your stiff cock in my warm hole. Doggystyle does feel nice but it would feel even better to ride your big cock. I'll even let you cum inside me. Would you like to fill my little hole with all your sticky cum? Give it to me you naughty man. Oh I felt all your warm goo shoot inside me. Ok, well I want to take a nap now so you should get out of my play room.

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Does a hairy pussy turn you on?

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I really need a man's opinion. You can be cool if I talk to you about something very private to me can't you dad? We are pretty close even though you're only my stepdad. This guy I've been dating awhile now won't have sex with me because I prefer to not shave my pussy. I just don't see the need to shave that area. I like my beautiful hair down there. What do you think about hairy pussies? Do you like to see them? You want to see mine? You want to see just how hairy it is? It's probably as hairy as it was back in the 80's when you were my age. Now that you've seen my hairy private parts, I've never seen a hairy cock before. Will you show me yours? I can see the bulge in your pants so I already know you like my hairy pussy. We don't have to tell my mom about anything that might happen. This can stay our private secret.

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Does the body match the picture?

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I donít mean to offend you but you looked much older in the photo on the app. I mean, I swiped right for a reason. You are of age right? Ok, good. Which leaves only one more important question, is your dick really the one you sent of photo of? Thats the real reason I am here to fuck you, you have a great looking dick. So let me see if your cock and photo match up. Oh yes, I see they do and now Iím a really happy horny girl. Well, we both know why Iím here so letís get to it.

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Does this make me bad?

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In a way its a good thing your son is standing me up tonight. Now I have a chance to let you know the main reason I dated your son. I am attracted to you. Iíve been attracted to older men for as long as I can recall. Now that you and your wife arenít together, do you think you and I may have a chance? I understand if you arenít looking to get right into a relationship. Letís just have some fun and fuck for now.

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Does your dick measure up?

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Does your dick measure up?You are the first guy from one of those phone apps that Ive actually let come to my house. I'm curious if your dick is the size you say it is and how big it looks in the pictures you sent me. Oh wow, you really are as big as the pictures you sent to me. Its my lucky day also because I have one condom left and its just your size.

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Dont even tell me your name.

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Ive wanted to do something wild and crazy for so long and the moment is finally here. I just want to you understand I don't hook up with random guys, like ever. In fact I want this to be so random that you don't even tell me your name. We met at the library, I asked you to come home with me, we both want to fuck and that is it end of story.