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Big Tits,Brunette,Pantyhose/stockings

I know about your pantyhose fetish.

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I couldn't help but notice as I was cleaning your bedroom the other day you had quite the collection of sticky items around and under your bed. One of those items was a pair of pantyhose that seemed exceptionally sticky. I wont say anything to your father about them but I do want to tell you that we do not steal in this house. I understand your like of pantyhose thought and am going to actually give you this pair I am wearing so you won't ever steal my hose again. I want to make sure you have a pair of hose that has my fresh scent all over them. Go ahead and take them back to your room and have fun with them but don't leave them on the floor for me to pick up ever again. Next time you need some freshly scented hose, just come to me, your sympathetic stepmom.

Big Tits,Brunette,Jerk Off Instructions,High Heels,Voyeurism,Masturbation Encouragement,Pov

I know you meant for me to see this.

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It means pretty much one thing to me to keep walking by your door and catching a glimpse of your hand bobbing up and down under your sheet. I know this isn't the first time. I'm not dumb, just older than you. This has been going on long enough and its time I out your game here. I also know you skip that last college class of the day to come home and watch me. My guess is you have a thing for older women otherwise that young fresh meat of yours would be pulsating in one of those college girls pussies. We may as well have some fun. I'm open minded and since I'm not your real mom what's the harm in a little fun together?

Big Tits,Brunette,Jerk Off Instructions,Pantyhose/stockings,Foot Fetish,Panties,Ass

I know you're a pervert.

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I already know the answer to the question I am about to impose upon you but I want to hear it from your mouth. How exactly did my new panties that match this bra I am wearing end up stuffed underneath your mattress? Think about your answer and don't lie to me boy. Admit you're a pervert who lusts after his own stepmother! I want you to show me exactly what you did with my panties because they have the scent of being used and not by me. What is it that turns you on so? Is it my mountainous breasts? Is it knowing I am wearing pantyhose without panties because you stole them from me? Show me how you touch yourself while I continue to determine just how perverted you are. I think you are just perverted enough to spray you cum all over my pantyhose crotch. Do it. Show me what a good son you are by following my orders. Now you put your cock back in your pants and don't ever take my panties again without my permission! All you have to do is ask.

Big Tits,Brunette,Sissification,Fake Cock

I know you're a sissy bitch boy.

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Moms have a way of knowing their sons, even their step son's. I know my make up goes missing too often and my high heels look more worn than they should. I brought something for you to see to let you know, I know your secret. See this big cock I have? Oh you are drooling over this cock aren't you? I'm going to show you how to suck cock properly so you can go get a real dick in your mouth instead of all the dildos I find in your room on occasion. I know you like boys. It's not unusual for young men your age to want to experiment with sex although I think you are in a slightly different exploration category. You are a little sissy bitch boy who really wants to be a girl and have a vagina instead of a dick. Maybe in another year or so you can buy yourself a boob job so you won't be as envious over mine. You should be able to afford surgery to get a vagina by the time you're 21 next year. I know you want my boobs and my vagina but not in the usual way a guy does. Why you want to lop off that gorgeous big dick of yours I don't know. Your dick is huge! I know you hate your cock. What do you think your dad would do if he knew you were a sissy boy? If you're going to be a little sissy, I'm going to have my fun with you. You're going to get your weirdness here at home and I am going to give it to you. Now suck my big fake dick like a true sissy bitch. We're going to practice this every day until you can suck my big dick without gagging. If you do it good enough I'll even let you put lip gloss on before you start. Now stop staring so much at my boobs and don't say a word of this to anyone especially your father.

Big Tits,Brunette,Pantyhose/stockings,Foot Job,Cum In Underwear

I like to tease you.

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I've grown quiet fond of our quiet time together. This is the only time I get to put on my pantyhose and feel super sexual. I had no idea when I married your father that you would be open to this but I guess all guys your age are full of raging hormones so any form of nudity is great. I certainly wasn't like this at nineteen so I appreciate you being such a good sport, letting me tease you while wearing my silky pantyhose. Your dad thought I was crazy the first time I mentioned doing this with him. He probably wouldn't even get an erection if I tried playing like this with him. I love the big erection you get for me and that you let me rub my pantyhose feet on your crotch until you cum. This isn't cheating if I never actually touch your cock, is it?


I love dressing you like a girl.

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You are the best step son a mom could ever ask for. What makes you even more special to me is our mutual love of pretty lingerie and stockings. I love that we can dress up together. You are such a pretty pretend girl for mommie. Look at that big bulge under those satin pink panties. I can tell you like dress up time a lot. You love the sound of my stocking feet on your silk panty bulge. Are you going to make a big mess on my stockings? Oh look at what you did! You made a sticky mess inside my satin panties! I've never had a sticky wetness inside my panties without wearing them. I think we should stop our dress up time now and go wash these satin panties clean. I wouldn't be able to explain a big stain in that place on them to your father.

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I make your dad AND YOU my bitch.

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I'm kind of glad you are such a misbehaving punk because now I get to discipline you my way. I may only be your step mother and very close to your age but I have the authority in this house. The extent of my authority, you are about to find out. I want you to strip right here in front of me. I have a confession about the relationship between your father and I. You father is my bitch. That's right, he takes it in the ass and begs for it. This is why if I don't like your behavior in this house, I have the authority to kick your ass to the curb or make you surrender your ass to my dominant dick. Now lie down and spread your legs. Roll over so I can see your face as I plunge my big dick in your virgin asshole. Don't you dare whine like a little pussy even though I'm going to use your dickhole as my personal pussy. No scream for me and maybe I'll stop, or maybe I'll go get a bigger dick and stretch you out. I'm not going to let you cum from this. Oh no, you have to wait for your father to get home in about 30 minutes and I'm going to make you two jerk each other off until you make a disgusting mess on each other. Now go kneel on the floor and wait.


I need a hard cock, right now.

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Isn't it nice to be on vacation as a family? You father is playing golf all day and has left me here alone. I am so horny I just had to call you in from the pool. You know what your step mother needs. I saw all those cute college aged girls at the pool, staring at you. Before you ruin your vacation with some random slut, why don't you share your hard cock with me? I need to get fucked and your dad certainly isn't going to take care of me. I only need your penetration for a few minutes. I'm so horny I could have multiple orgasms in hardly any time. You are such a good son for understanding my needs. All you have to do is lie down and I will use your cock to fill my pussy. Now don't worry, you took care of your mom right now but I will soon return the favor. I have a feeling we will have a lot of time together this week without your father in the way.