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Ash Hollywood loves my little dick

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Ash likes to collect cute little things. Her friend told Ash that you have a tiny little cock and Ash really wants to see it. Will you please take it out for Ash? Do not be embarrassed because Ash loves your little member. She is going to measure you and at three inches you are below average, but that appeals to Ash. She considers your cock to be smaller than "toy" and closer to "teacup" instead. Would you rub your little cock all over her body? The best thing about small cocks is how well they work for anal sex. Ash measures her hips and they come in at 36 inches. Do you think that your three inches can handle her 36 inches? Please do not misunderstand her because she really loves your little prick very much. Ash has small tits and she has been looking for a small cock to titty fuck her. Could that be you? Ash thinks so. You were made for each other. It is now time to cum right onto her small tits. For a guy with a small dick, you surely gave her a fat load of cum.

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August Ames oils up her titties for me

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Why are you always staring at August? She used to think it was creepy, but now she is sort of flattered by your attention. Since you are so interested in her tits, she suggests that you do it the right way and jack off while she shows you her titties for real. You grab your cock and wait for the show to begin. She removes her bra top and squeezes some oil into her hands. Now she massages the oil into her perfect tits. They are bouncy and jiggly and all shiny with oil. Your cock should be sliding between her shiny mounds, and she asks you to come closer so that you can titty fuck her. She moves her tits up and down your cock and it feels better than you could have expected. The oil makes your dick glide perfectly between them. She then stands up and takes off her shorts before she again applies more oil to her tits just for you. August jiggles her shiny boobies in your face. Once more she shines up her tits with the oil because she wants you to have the best possible experience with her that you can. She wants to see you cum square on her greased-up tits.

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August's Sock Show

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Welcome to August's Sock Show!!! Today August is wearing long, pink socks covered in polka dots. Oh! You are already hard! Let August stroke your hard shaft with her sock-covered feet for just a bit. Nice. Now get that dick into your hand and work it for her. August happily removes her bra and you see her gorgeous titties, though you really love those socks on her. They go up past her knees and land on her smooth thighs. Her panties land softly on the floor and she reminds you that the number one rule is that her socks always stay on. The other rule? You have to cum for her. August really wants you to cum for her, so she tells you to stroke faster. Go faster and show August a healthy load!

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Austin Taylor is my naughty schoolgirl

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Playtime with Austin today involves her dressing like a naughty schoolgirl, but you cannot touch her. She has never seen a cock before, so she asks you to pull your out for her. Your big cock makes her feel shy. You have never seen an actual schoolgirl running to school dressed like this, but you like what you see. Her booty peeks out of the short skirt. You can see her bra sticking out from the cropped top. Apparently Austin is a naughty girl at school and she gets punished a lot. Austin takes off her tie and she unbuttons her white blouse. It is clear that she has some nice titties, but she has not shown them to you yet. Maybe you would like to see her pussy. She spreads her legs and you see all that she has to offer since she is not wearing panties. You can also see some meaty pussy lips. It is time to show off her tits and you get excited to see how big they are. She lets down her blonde hair and she tells you that she wants to be your bad girl. Your hand grips your hard dick firmly as you move it up and down your shaft. Now it is time to make her your naughty slut as you cum on her big tits. You would have stayed in school forever if all schoolgirls behaved like Austin!

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Austin Taylor takes my cum in her mouth

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You came over to Austin's house to do a repair to her air conditioner. You are her friend's wife and she really appreciates what you have done for her, but she has no money to give you. There is an alternative option, though, if you are ready for it. How do you feel about a hand job? You have never been the kind of man to turn down a nice handy, so you accept her offer. She invites you closer to her so that she can pull out your cock. You are extremely turned on and Austin likes what she sees. When she stands up, you see her ass cheeks peeking out of her very short, very tight shorts. You can see her areolas peeking out of her bra. This bra is straining to contain her massive tits, so she finally sets them free. Her soft voice whispers to you to stroke your cock. Austin slides off her shorts and you see her big butt. This is a solid woman, not like those 90-pound 18-year-old girls you have grown so used to watching. You like how she is put together and you suspect that she could take a hard pounding. For now, though, she is ready to take your sperm into her pretty mouth. She does not spill a single drop!

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Bedtime stroke session with my babysitter Alison Faye

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Why do you need a babysitter? You are 18 years old and your parents simply cannot trust you to be home alone, so they have Alison watching you tonight. There is a special thing that she can do to help you fall asleep since the bedtime story she read you did not do the trick. She really will take good care of you, but you have to keep this a secret. You swear not to tell, so Alison begins instructing you in dick stroking. Just do as she tells you and she promises that you will cum nice and hard and fall right to sleep. Focus on her tits as you handle your shaft. It is very easy to focus on those pierced nipples and perky titties. Alison asks you to stroke your dick harder and you listen to her. She thinks that showing you her ass will be helpful, so she slides off her shorts. Her tight body is perfect inspiration for your bedtime stroke session. When she briefly slides her panties to the side, you see her fleshy pussy lips and you want to see more. She senses your desire and she provides you a better look at her meaty pussy lips. You are nearly ready to jizz, so Alison tells you to jack off faster and to focus on the tip of your dick. Before you realize it, you have exploded all over your babysitter. You will sleep soundly tonight, thanks to Alison!

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Begging daddy for a boob job (with Ashli Orion)

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As Ashli's step father, you have done all that you can to support her through the years. You do everything for her, but she needs a little more today. Look at Ashli's boobs. She says that everyone makes fun of her because her boobs are so small. She really, really wants to get a boob job. That is the only thing that she wants and she will do anything to get it. Her tiny tits seem perfect to you, so you cannot understand why she would want to mess with perfection. She is willing to do anything for a boob job and she makes this imminently clear as she strips down right there on the bed with you. You are asked to pull out your cock by a clearly horny Ashli and you quickly comply. She bends down and takes your hard dick into her mouth before she uses both hands to stroke you. How did your little girl become such a nasty slut?! With both hands firmly wrapped around your big daddy dick, she begs you to pay for her boob job. "Fix them for me, daddy," she pleads. Ashli shows you her pussy, reminding you that her pussy is much tighter than her mother's is. You have never seen Ashli so passionate about anything as she is about getting a boob job. She wants your cum to drip off of her tiny tits and then after her boob job, she promises to let you jizz on her brand-new, big, fake titties.

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Being neighborly with CeCe Stone

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You let your neighbor CeCe hang out at your place while she waits for the locksmith to show up to her house next door. As the two of you pass the time, CeCe makes her move. Your wife is out running errands and CeCe thinks that it is time. She tells you that she has overheard you and your wife in bed together and she is curious. Maybe you can play with yourself a little so that CeCe can see how big your dick is. Just rub it a little. You barely touch yourself and you immediately see that CeCe is all worked up. She is so worked up that she begins to strip right there in your living room, but you do not stop her. In detail, she describes what she wants you to do to her and she is rather insistent about her desires. CeCe has small titties... just like you love on a girl. She lowers her pants and shows you her soft ass. Keep stroking your dick and do not stop. Her fingers move to her pussy as she encourages you to keep working your cock. Your cock seems to be getting harder as you watch her fingers play with her pink pussy. You can see her wetness. Now CeCe demands that you stroke your dick till you cum all over her.