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Sniffing Siri's panties

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As a panty sniffing freak, you find yourself unable to resist dirty panties. You reach into the hamper and pick a particularly fragrant pair. You rub them on your dick through your pants, but you have other things in mind. You get onto the bed and slide the panties into your pants. BUSTED!!! Right in the middle of your exploits, Siri catches you. She is your older step sister and she is a little grossed out by you. Don't lie because Siri knows what you have been doing with her panties. If you do as you are told and jack yourself off, Siri promises that she won't tell on you. Do you like smelling your big sister's pussy on her dirty panties? Siri tells you to think about how much you like to sniff her panties as you jack off. She whips out her enormous titties and you nearly cum right on the spot. Her fleshy teats would probably smother you. So you want panties, do you? She slides off the ones she is wearing and flings them at you. They are warm and fresh and you can even feel the wetness from her snatch on the panties. This is a treat for you and you continue jacking yourself off. You never thought that you would see Siri's pussy. She asks you how long you have been sniffing her panties. Maybe she should just sit on your face and smother you with her magnificent pussy. Maybe she should dangle her huge titties over your face. She commands you to smell her pussy. "Does my cunt smell good," she asks you. It smells so good that you do not think you can hold back your orgasm for too much longer. Siri tells you that she wants you to cum right in front of her into her panties and you unload like never before. She even lets you keep the cum-covered panties as a souvenir of your time together.


Special bonding time with my step mommy (with CiCi Rhodes)

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Do you have a second to talk with your step mother CiCi? She feels that she is not getting respect from you and she wants to know what you are thinking about this. You are upset because she is younger than your real mom. In fact, she is closer to your age than you think she should be, but she wants to work through this with you. Are you jealous of your dad because you want CiCi for yourself? You cannot have her, but maybe step mom CiCi can help you work through your feelings. She asks you to get out your dick and she watches it grow right in front of her. CiCi promises you that your bonding session will not be shared with your father. Work your cock for step mommy CiCi. She finally shows you her perky tits while you slowly massage your dick. She remarks that she likes your technique and then she shows off her pussy. You want to service her orally, but that would be too much to hope for, so you just stare at her snatch as you jack yourself off. She is anxious to see just how much spunk you have to offer her in those balls of yours, so keep working it. Are you ready for your cock to explode? Stroke it as she counts down from ten. When she finishes her countdown, you pop so hard that it surprises you. Step mommy CiCi is so happy that she spent time bonding with her special step son.

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Special delivery with Rebecca Love and Joclyn Stone

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Rebecca and Joclyn are horny MILFs discussing sex and they decide that they might need to start looking for some young cock for some fun. They ordered some food for delivery and when you arrive they realize that they have no money to pay for their order. These resourceful (and horny) cougars offer up a very special tip to make up for not having actual money. Of course you are up for a little show with these two hot older women and you cannot resist these two big-titted ladies. They promise to drain your balls and they ask you to take out your dick. Immediately they are excited with what you have to offer and they begin to play with themselves. You have both a hairy pussy and a shaved one to admire as you jack yourself off with both hands. Joclyn cannot resist touching Rebecca's big, bouncy titties. The ladies soon decide that the time is right for you to shoot your load all over Rebecca's juicy booty. You are already looking forward to your next delivery to these horny cougars.


Special homework session with my student Marie McCray

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Your student Marie is sick, so you stopped by to bring her a little homework. She appreciates your kindness and she wants to thank you. Marie admits to having a crush on you. You seem a bit stressed and a little shy about being in her bedroom, but Marie wants you to take your dick out for her. It is soft and unimpressive right now, but Marie asks you to begin stroking it. She wants to see it get bigger as you look at her. You have always loved redheads, so you are unable to resist her advances. Marie takes off her shirt so that her perky tits are fully exposed. Now your dick is completely hard in your hand. Maries confesses that she plays with her pussy as she thinks about you and you cannot believe your luck as she slides off her panties. As she smacks her clit, you feel the pressure building in your balls, but when she puts her ass up in the air, you have to squeeze your dick so that you do not cum immediately. You do love a sexy ass like hers. Marie is eager to watch your dick spew out a big load and you do just that.

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Special time with my step daughter (with Amanda Tate)

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Your step daughter anticipates a hot date tonight and she is looking for an opinion about what lingerie she should wear. Could she try on a few items and get your opinion? You are there to help and you politely cover your eyes as she strips down. Well, you peek just a little bit. Amanda selects the light purple bra and panties first and by then you have given up on not peeking. Her body is thin and sexy and she now stands before you wearing just her bra and panties. Okay, you have had the chance to look at that ensemble, so she moves on to the next one. Do you think it is a little awkward to be watching her try on different bras? No, this is not awkward. In fact, it is very natural and beautiful - at least, that is what you are telling yourself. The coral bra and panties set is very nice, but that is overshadowed when Amanda notices your boner. Don't feel badly, daddy, because Amanda is turned on also! She runs her hand up your thighs and you feel a spark going through your groin. As she unzips your pants and slides them off of you, you almost feel guilty. Almost. Then she notes how nice your cock is and she spits on it. Amanda removes her bra and starts to work your dick with her hands and her mouth. You hear her slurp her way up and down your shaft. Since you only have a little time together today, she asks you to jack yourself off so that she can watch. As you work yourself over, your step daughter coaches you through each moment. She pretends that you are shoving your hard cock into her pussy and you can tell how turned on Amanda is. She begs you to keep going and as she plays with her pussy, she demands you to cum all over her.

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Special time with the babysitter (with Katie St. Ives)

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Your babysitter is super sexy. She promises to take good care of your kids, but she mentions that she sometimes throws in a little extra care for the fathers. Are you interested? Katie needs this job badly because her car has been having problems. Maybe you could even drive her home now and then and she could show you one of her extra services! Oh, would you like a little sample now? Get comfortable and take your dick out. Stroke that cock as Katie removes her dress to show off those perky tits. Are your wife's titties as perky as Katie's are? She wants to show you her wet pussy, so she slides off her red panties. Stroke just the tip. There are so many things that Katie can do for you if you retain her babysitting services. She could suck you off on the drive home, fuck you in the back of that minivan, anything you want! She is good at keeping secrets. With her ass in the air, you can see her tight pussy and ass. Where do you want to cum today? She wants your cum all over her perky titties and you deliver just that. Um, does this mean that she is hired?!

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Spring break jerk session with Avril Hall

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Avril is excited and surprised to see you. She was not aware that you would be home over spring break. She almost immediately tells you to whip out your cock for her. Go ahead and do it. You comply with her request and Avril is pleased with what you have to offer. She asks you to grab your dick and begin to stroke it. Avril is anxious to see what you have learned while away at college. Keep jacking off as she takes off her dress. She wears a pink bra and panty set, but it does not stay on for long. Avril slides her panties to the side and rubs her pussy. She tells you how wet you have made her and you can hear the wetness as her finger slides in and out of her pussy. Do you want to cum now? Avril slowly counts you down from ten. When she finishes the countdown, you explode right there in front of her.

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Spring training jerk off session with Addie Juniper

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Addie is stunned that she is in your room right now. You are a professional baseball player and you picked her up at the bar. She is your biggest fan. More specifically, she might be considered more of a groupie. You are married, so she will not fuck you, but there is still something that the two of you can do to pass the time. Addie removes her jacket and you find that you were right: she was not wearing anything underneath it! You like what you see. Addie really wants to see your cock. She imagined that it must be huge and when you unleash it, she finds that she was right. Addie really wants to watch you jerk that big dick off right now. She spreads her legs to show you that she is not wearing any panties and you can see how wet her pussy is. Addie wants to see your load...she suspects that you will deliver a fat nutt for her. She plays with her pussy as you stand in front of her jacking off. You have to use both hands and Addie fully appreciates your technique. She is anxious to see your orgasm and she asks if you would cum on her. You bring yourself to a powerful orgasm and Addie is beyond thrilled with your huge load. She even tastes it! Oh no! Someone is knocking on the door, so she runs out of the room quickly.

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Step daddy helps me with my history homework (with Josie Jagger)

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Josie is grateful for your help with her history homework tonight. You would take any chance to help your step daughter, but she is hoping you can help in another way. You are friends with her history teacher and she wonders if you could possibly influence him to be a little more lenient on her in class. She would be happy to let you jerk off to her sexy body if you want to. Since you do not plan to touch one another, you feel that this is okay. You take out your cock and start sliding your hand up and down around your hard shaft. Every time she calls you "daddy" you grab your cock a little more forcefully. Her sweet voice teasing you is almost more than you can handle. Josie has a perky butt and she happily shows it off to you during your stroke session. When she tells you that she wants you to cum on her pretty ass, you stroke yourself faster and faster until you cover your step daughter with a big load.

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Step daddy is a dirty old man (with Zoey Nixon)

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Your step daughter Zoey is eager to show off the new underwear you bought her today, so cover your eyes while she changes clothes! You peek even though she asked you not to, but you are unable to resist her sexy body. She tries on a few different bras and panties and you feel your crotch bulging. When Zoey finally notices your bulge, she tells you that she wants to see your cock. She promises not to tell anyone, honest! Can you stroke your cock for Zoey? She loves watching your hand move up and down your hard dick, especially because you are hard because of her. You reach over to pinch her nipples. That must embolden Zoey because she reaches over to hold your dick in her hand. She loves how perverted you are. "I like getting off dirty old men," she tells you as she works your shaft. Zoey is anxious to see you cum for her and she encourages you to drop your load. Do you want to cum on her tits? Yes, you do...and you do just that for your very best step daughter Zoey.