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Stroking it for mother (with Jennifer Best)

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Your step mother is getting ready for her first date since your father passed last year. Can you help her choose what to wear? Much to your surprise, she changes her top right in front of you and you see her full titties! You feel your dick getting hard. This is wrong, but you cannot help yourself. Her titties look so good in the second top. You see her nipples are erect. Now she tells you how lonely she is without your dad around, but that she is so glad that she has you in her life. She asks you if you like her boobs and she undoes her top to fully reveal them to you. They are fantastic and again you can feel your dick getting hard. This time, though, your mother notices. She seems to approve. She stands in front of you telling you that she has needs and she caresses her titties. Come closer to your mother. You are now very close to her and you can feel the heat coming off of her body. Sit on the bed. When she reaches over to you, you are a little surprised that she reaches for your cock. You take your cock out and start stroking it. She tells you to touch her tits and you do as you have been told. It is clear that she is becoming turned on watching you pleasure yourself. She spreads her legs and you see that she is not wearing any panties for her date! Mommie is a slut!! As she works over her pussy, you think that you would like to keep her to yourself. When she tells you to cum on her titties, you do just that. What mess you have made on your mother!!

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Stroking it to pay the rent

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One of your tenant's daughters wants to talk with you. Her parents are having a tough time financially speaking and Ashlyn thinks that she has a solution. They cannot pay the rent right now, but Ashlyn does not want to move from all of her friends. If she gets you off, can she and her parents stay in the house? You have not had such a good offer in years, and you quickly agree. She tells you to start stroking yourself while she exposes her perky tits. Her hand quickly moves to her pussy. She maneuvers her pussy lips while you jack yourself off. "Keep stroking it," she whispers. You never had a thought to stop jacking off. Ashlyn tells you how very much she wants to feel your cum on her and she promises to keep your special time together a secret. It has been years since an 18-year-old girl has given you the time of day, so hearing this girl begging for your cum is nearly more than you can handle. She is begging for your jizz and you eventually give her just what she wants... right on her face.

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Stroking my daddy cock to Lilly Banks' tiny titties

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Lilly loves calling you "daddy" even though you are not her real dad. She immediately asks if you want to see her tiny titties as she informs you that she wants to watch you stroke your cock. You begin doing just that as she unsnaps her pretty pink bra. Her perky tits are there for your amusement and she tells you that you can suck on them. Then she shows you her small, hairless pussy, which you can see is already wet. Everything about Lilly is small except for her pervert factor. You wonder how such an innocent-looking girl can be so nasty. Lilly likes the idea of sharing you with her own mother, but she can keep this interaction with you a secret if you can! Her goal today is to make you cum and she very quickly helps you reach this goal as you bust your nutt onto Lilly's tiny titties.

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Stroking my dick for my step daughter and her friend (with Addie Junip

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You spy your step daughter and her cute friend talking about how great you are and you invite yourself into the room. The friend does not notice you at first and you silently command your step daughter not to tell her friend you are in the room, but that does not last very long. Dakota notices you and both girls find that they are unable to resist reaching out to touch your fat dick. Addie and Dakota ask if you want to jack your dick off for them so that they can observe your technique. Now that they both are into older men, they want to be able to satisfy them properly and they feel they can learn from watching you. Addie tells you that her pussy is now wet and the girls quickly take off their t-shirts. You are now staring at two girls with small tits as you stroke yourself. Addie and Dakota are turned on by watching you and they decide to take off their shorts and panties to further inspire you. The sight of that alone is enough to urge a fat cum load from you and you cover the girls' faces with it.

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Stroking my small dick for Cameron Dee

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It is unusual for Cameron to bring home a guy she just met at a club, but you have been chosen tonight. She is not into random hook-ups, but she is really horny tonight. She suspects that you might have a fat cock and she wants to see it. You pull it out for her and you can see her disappointment immediately. If you stroke it, maybe it will get bigger. She exposes her titties and you stroke yourself hard, but she remains unimpressed. You will not be having sex with Cameron tonight, but she is willing to help get you off using her sexy body and voice. At least she is not very rude about it...she is more of a tease than a mean bitch, and you find this quite appealing. Cameron knows you are almost ready to cum and she is pleased that you offered her a nice load, but she is going to go now and look for a big dick to satisfy her.