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Trying to impress Jessica Ryan with my small dick

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Jessica thinks that you are lucky to come back to her place, but she realizes that she is not also lucky when she sees your little dick. You can jerk off for her, but don't get too close. Spit on your hand and stroke your dick. Jessica sees the precum leaking from the head of your cock. Have you ever even been with a real woman before? She does not really care, so shut up and keep pumping your dick. She spreads her legs and plays with her big pussy lips. You can hear how wet she is as her fingers move over her cunt. You try to follow each of her instructions to the letter because you want to make her happy. It is critical that you not cum until she gives the order. Jessica was actually looking forward to fucking you, but then she saw your small dick. At least you are getting to see her sexy body and jack off for her. Maybe she will like what she sees and fuck you anyway! Jessica is now ready to let you cum, so she counts down and gives you the cue. She expects a big load, but what you have for her is truly disappointing. Clean up your mess and get out.

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Turned on by my mom's friend Samantha Ryan

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Your mother's best friend Samantha is looking through your mom's closet for something to wear. Which dress do you think would look better on her? You think that she would look good in either, but she wants to try them both on just to be sure. She asks you to cover your eyes as she changes her outfit. No peeking! Okay, you can look now. The first dress is conservative, but it is okay. Close your eyes again and let her try on the other dress. Samantha knows that you were peeking anyway, so she removes her bra and you watch her slip into the other dress. This dress is much better - much sluttier. She bends over and asks if you can see up her skirt. (You can.) It is now that she notices that you have a boner and she is flattered that you are hard for her. Do you want to help Samantha the cougar work out some of her nervous energy before her date? The two of you sit on the couch and you pull your dick out of your pants. You have never been intimate with an older woman before, but she is so sexy that you are unable to resist her. You begin to stroke your cock as Samantha the cougar offers up some visual stimulation. She plays with her small titties as she talks dirty. You are excited that she is so turned on just by watching you play with yourself. Samantha removes that sexy dress and she now wears just a pair of panties and black high heels. You now take note of her long legs as she stands up to lower her panties to the floor. Her hand works her pussy as your hand works your dick. You have to promise not to tell anyone about this! Can you give Samantha the cougar a big load of sperm all over her? Keep stroking it and build up a huge load! Are you ready? Go! You spurt your load all over Samantha and she smiles.

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Turned on by my older step sister's tattoos (with Alysha Rylee)

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Alysha finally got her tattoo and she wants to show you, but you have to promise not to tell your parents about it. She trusts you as her step brother, so she shows it to you. You like what you see, and not just that tattoo. You want to see more of her, and she is willing to show you, but you have to keep this encounter quiet. You get her to agree to give you a hand job for your silence. When she sees your dick, Alysha is happy with what you have. Her tits are perky and all-natural and you wish you could touch them. Instead, however, you begin stroking your cock. Alysha lets her shorts and panties drop to the floor. As she spreads her legs so that you can get a good look at her pussy, you notice her sneakers are still on. You go in for a closer look because you are not sure you will ever get another chance with Alysha. She continues to encourage your stroke session and when she tells you that you can cum on her belly tattoo, you take advantage and do just that. She likes the big load you presented to her.

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Turned on by my step daddy (with Kiki Vidis)

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Your step daughter Kiki really needs some good advice, but she looks to you instead of her mother. She is having boy problems and you are doing your very best to listen, but you are distracted by how cute she is. She does not put out and this is causing problems with her latest boyfriend. Again you are distracted by her sexy Australian accent. You perk up when you hear her ask you to take some pictures of her. You run out of the room to grab your camera and you start shooting some cute shots of her. Kiki thinks that she should do a wardrobe change into something sexier so that she can more easily gain the attention of the boy she wants back. She scurries back into the room in a very tight dress and you begin to shoot her again. As she bends over, you catch a look of her little ass. She feels emboldened and she pulls up her dress to reveal her panties. Things are getting interesting and you feel your groin tingling. Do you think that her small boobs could be the reason that she cannot keep a boy? Her ass is fantastic and she photographs well. Kiki points out that she sees the bulge in your pants. You are mildly embarrassed, but Kiki puts you at ease. She removes her bra and you continue taking photos. Before you know what is happening, she reaches over and begins to suck your dick. After a bit, she asks you to jack off for her. You see that she is getting turned on by just watching you work your meat. Now free of her panties, you see her pink pussy lips with a little bush above. Kiki is a cock tease like no other. She spreads her pussy lips as she continues to encourage your stroke session until you blow a big load for your step daughter Kiki.

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Unofficial porn audition with my guidance counselor, Nikki Daniels

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The time has finally come for the talk with your guidance counselor. You are 19 going on 20 and you are still in high school? Miss Daniels thinks that she has to help you learn to check out your other options after high school. She feels that you have only two options. One is to work as a food delivery person, but the second option is a little unorthodox. She thinks that you might be able to make a career in porn. From what she can see, she thinks that you would have a good future, but she first wants to see if you can handle the pressure. Can you get your dick hard on command just like in the movies? Miss Daniels reaches over and feels your package and she seems pleased. Take off your pants and show her what you have. Again, she is encouraged by what she sees. She strips down to her bra and panties and starts to instruct you. Remember that there will be a lot of people on the movie set, and you must be able to perform. So far, you are doing great! Her perky tits inspire you and you start to think that you might finally be heading in the right direction, career-wise. Importantly, she informs you that you must be able to cum on command and repeatedly. Next she reveals her pussy and ass to you and you cannot even believe that this might someday be your job. Finally she is ready for you to cum and she tells you to let it land on her face. Your massive load impresses Miss Daniels and she is ready to refer you to her movie contact.

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Wanna take a picture of my pussy, stepdaddy? (with Maddy O'Reilly

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Maddy is in her step dad's office on the phone and she has been asked to take some dirty photos of herself to send to her guy friend. She takes several naughty shots and sends them. A little while later, you confront her with the photos. It seems that she accidentally sent the pictures to you. You should be outraged about this, but since she is of legal age, what can you really do? She asks you to delete the photos, but you refuse. At first, Maddy thinks you are a pervert, but on reconsideration, she decides that she is flattered. She asks you to follow her to the bedroom. She tells you that she will do anything for you if you promise not to tell her mother about what you have seen. Now Maddy confesses that she has been fantasizing about you. Will you take your cock out and show Maddy how hard you can get it for her? She promises to keep this a secret. As you begin stroking your cock, Maddy tells you that she often thinks about you sneaking into her bedroom late at night for some secret fun. Do you want to take more photos of Maddy? She will pose for you! You take out your phone and snap a shot for your use later on. Maddy's perky titties deserve to be captured, so you take another shot and then go back to jacking off. When she reveals her pussy to you, your knees nearly buckle. Her pussy is tight, wet, and pink. She continues to encourage your stroking, but she briefly takes your cock in her hand and works it herself. She says, "Tell your little girl where you want to cum," and you focus on her small, perky titties.

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Watching my sister's boyfriend jerk his fat dick (with Lola Foxx)

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Lola needed to get away for the night, so she crashed in your bedroom. You were shocked to find her there, but not upset about it. It seems that Lola and her boyfriend are having some relationship issues. His dick cannot satisfy her, but she heard that you have a nice one. Is it like a porn star cock? Come on, you can share this with her. She does not want to fuck you, but she does want to see your cock. Just take it out and show her. She will reciprocate, so you show her what you are packing in your pants. Your dick impresses Lola and she exposes her tiny boobs to you, promising to show you more if you will jack your dick for her. Lola is now jealous of her sister having access to your fat dick anytime she wants it. Your dick grows with each stroke, Lola notes. She shows you her bouncy ass and suggests that you might like jerking off onto her big butt. Lola promises not to tell her sister about this encounter. You do not care if she tells on you because you are too turned on to worry about it right now. Where do you want to cum? Maybe you can cum on her titties today. She asks you if you are ready to cum and she offers her titties for a target. Mission accomplished.