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Jacking off my favorite step uncle.

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My uncle came into the bar where I have been stripping. He saw me and watched a little longer than he shouldíve. I could tell he liked what he saw. He came over to the house and I begged him not to tell my step-mom. She would completely freak out. I asked if I could practice on him so I could make tons of money like the girls I work with. I need money for college. Since my dad married my stepmom he has completely cut me off. It didnít take much persuasion. He laid on my bed and I pulled his pants off, his cock was just as nice as I thought it would be. I started rubbing it with both hands, spitting on it to keep it nice and wet. I pulled my shirt off so he could see my pretty young tits. It made him so much harder.I got completely naked for him and saw his cock throb as I flipped my tiny young ass for him. Then I pulled and stroked and begged for his cum until he exploded between my firm pale tits. I know heíll be back to the club.

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Jealous step sister doesn't want to share my cock

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I found out that my hot stepbrother fucked my ex best friend. She is disgusting. She is telling everyone how big is cock is. I hate that she found out that he had a big dick first. It's so not fair. I'm way hotter than her and I know for a fact I suck better dick than her. I guess I'm going to just have to lay my claim and let my stepbrother know his cock is mine. And that is exactly what I did. I confronted him about fucking that nasty slut and told him his cock belongs to me. She wasn't lying his cock is so big and perfect. I love the way it fits deep in my throat when I gag on it. He was so hard! It was so fun jerking him off and telling him how mad I was that he fucked her. How it just made me want to suck his cock more. I put his thick shaft between my big tits and jerked him off. I showed him my beautiful ass and then sucked his dick some more. Then put him in between my titties again fucking him with them until he came. I cleaned him up with my mouth like a good loving sister. He better remember that cock belongs to me.

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Jealous step-daughter shows Daddy everything she knows

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Okay Daddy, what's the deal? I see the way you look at my friends. I watch you when they come over. Why don't you look at me the same way you look at them Daddy? I mean, you look at them like you want to fuck them, but you look at me like, like I'm your daughter. I know that sounds funny, but I am only your step daughter... donít you think Iím pretty Daddy? I have had a couple boyfriends that have taught me a few things. A few things I want to show you. I mean really, I am just a younger, prettier, and tighter version of mom. Don't you want that Daddy? I want to give that to you. I want you to see just how much I have learned, and I want to show you just how much I have matured. I swear I am better than my friends Daddy, and I swear I am better than Mom. Let me show you. Why don't you lay down here daddy. First let me get a little more comfy. What do you think of this skirt Daddy? I think Iím gonna take it off for you. I see how you look at my friends butt's. Are you an ass guy Daddy? I have been told I have a very nice one, wanna feel? Now, let's get those lame fucking dad-pants off of you! You know what's not lame Daddy? A hard cock in my mouth, throbbing against my sloppy wet lips and tongue. That's how I want your cock Daddy. Salivating over your beautiful hard cock, I shove it as far down my slutty little mouth as I possibly can. I love feeling you deep in my throat and then all the way back out again. I squeeze your cock in both of my hands, feeling you load get closer and closer to the tip of your cock. I get so excited when your cock gets hard for me Daddy! I stroke your cock with two hands, pointing it up until you cum all over my beautiful tits! That's what I wanted Daddy! Starring Lacy Lennon

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Jerked off by my son's girlfriend

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I came home from work and my son's girlfriend was sitting in my living room. She was pissed. It was their one year anniversary and he was out drinking with his buddies. I tell you what, if his mom would have been that hot, I would have glued inside her. She is young enough to be my daughter. She seems like she is trying to be a good girl, but she is actually a little slut that needs a strong daddy figure. She came onto me. All I did was sit down next to her. She pulled my cock out and told me how much the thought of fucking a father and son was super hot. She started licking the tip with her pretty warm mouth. Damn my son is a lucky guy and a moron for not wanting this all the time. Then she started shoving it down her throat telling me how good I tasted. The next thing I know, she is naked on the her knees rubbing my cock between her tiny titties and sucking my cock again. Then she leaned back and spread her tiny pink pussy for me. It took every ounce of restraint I had to not hold her down and shove my big cock deep inside it. Then she grabbed my cock again stroking me until I came all over her young sexy chest. My son has very good taste.

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Jerking off my nerdy step brother

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My step-brother is always spending his time reading and being a loner. Our parents got married our senior year of high school and now we are both in college and technically adults to make our own decisionsÖ I decided Iím tired of seeing his boner through his pants. I decided I was bored and wanted to see if I could get him to let me make him cum. I went into the front room where he was reading and bugged him like I normally do. I could see him get hard as soon as I sat down. I knew our parents would be gone for a while, so I went for it and he didnít fight it. I pulled his cock out and it was so big. I stroked it and jerked it. Playing with my "brothers" cock is so wrong. It made me so hot. I took off my shirt so he could see my tiny pretty titties. Then took off my panties and showed him my pussy and round ass. Rubbed and slapped his cock on my slit and then pulled on his cock until he shot cum right in my face. So fucking fun! Starring Alex Moore

Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette,Step Sister

Jerking off my slutty step brother

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I was reading in my bedroom on a Friday night minding my own business when my stupid step brother barged in. Didnít anybody knock anymore? I was surprised that he wasnít out partying with his dumb friends. Well, I fucked all his dumb friends because I was a bored slut. My brother was jealous, of course. I wasnít going to fuck my brother, but I loved teasing him and making him think that one day I might fuck him. I told him to unzip his pants and show me his big cock and he was happy to oblige me. Starring Vera King

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Jerking off the other step son.

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My sister's step-son is so sexy. He has been good-looking for years, but oh so young. I like them young. 18, legal and full of hot cum. I might have to make him cum harder than he has ever came before. I could see him looking at my big boobs lately like a big hungry handsome baby, and I really like it. I'm sure to always wear low cut tops when I see him. I mean we aren't related. I knew he would have a huge beautiful young cock. I'm going to show him that older women are the best women. I asked him pull his cock out and started stroking it. He did it immediately. Then I told him to stroke it and make it hard for me. He did and it was so sexy and felt wrong in all the right ways. It got instantly hard. I pulled down my dress so he could see my big full perky tits. It made him even harder. Then I pulled my dress off all the way and rubbed his cock for him. It was so warm and stiff. Asking him if wanted it faster and faster. Then made him do it himself. I grabbed it back from him rubbing and tugging. Asking him how good it felt. Rubbing his tight about to explode balls. I knew his load was close and going to be huge. Faster and faster he blew his fat wad of cum all over my hand. As long as he doesn't tell his mom. I will do it for him anytime he wants.

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Jerking Step Daddy after he found my nude photos

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Xandra's Daddy found her nude modeling photos! She doesn't want Mommy to find out. She wants to know if her Daddy jerked off to her photos... It turns her on! She's more than happy to help out her Stepdad by stroking his cock. She's happy to see what Mom's been working with all this time. Xandra strokes and sucks Daddy's cock all the way to a happy ending all over her tits. Starring Xandra Sixx

Step Daughter,Handjob,Brunette

Jerking Step Daddy to piss off my Mom

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My mom made me break up with my boyfriend! We've been together for two years! What a total bitch! If mom wants me to be single, I will show her what hot single 18 year olds do when they live "Under your roof"! So, I'm finally give your husband exactly what he's wanted for years, me touching his cock and the chance to see what nice young titties and pussy look like in front of him. We know he hasn't seen that in years. And I've always thought he was super sexy. I'm not mad enough to fuck him, yet. But I do want to make him cum. I asked if I could give him a hand job and he was already hard when I pulled him out of his pants. I showed him my perfect young tits, got naked and spread my pretty pussy for him. Then jerked him off until he came hot and hard all over my hands. That's what you get mom! You better mind your own business or next time that fat load will be in my tight young pussy.

Small Tits,Brunette,Step Sister,Long Hair

Keeping Secrets for my slutty Step Sister

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My step sister thought I would keep secrets from our parents if she sweet talked me enough. Well It was going to be a little more than sweet talk talk, it was going to have to be her sweet mouth. She offered to cook me breakfast. When she knew that wasn't going to work she showed me those perky little titties with dime size nipples. It was a good start. But I was going to need more if she wanted me to keep my mouth shut. She sweetened the pot with a hand job. I could feel my swollen cock and it seemed like a fair trade. Besides I could tell she had wanted this for a while. She pulled me out, spit on it and started stroking it like a pro.Rubbing it on her hard nipples I could tell she was getting off on it too. Rubbing her pretty feet on my chest, stroking my thick shaft and cupping my balls. This wasn't my step-sisters first hand job. I knew she was a little slut. She took of her shorts showing me her pretty bald cunt. She stroked my on all fours while I thumbed her pussy and rubbed her tight little asshole. I loved when she turned around facing me, stroked my cock while I rubbed her pretty pussy until I came all over her tiny firm tit. I guess I will keep the secret this time.