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Hot rocker Step Mom gets me off good.

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So I'm taking a day off from college classes and making it a lazy day of laying around the house when I found myself involved in a sneaky situation. I'm almost asleep on the sofa when I hear the patio door slowly slide open. I couldn't really tell who was coming in but I knew it was a female so I laid there perfectly still. Once the door was shut and she turned around I think she was as shocked as I was when our eyes met. The one sneaking in the house was my step-Mom! She was wearing an outfit that I would have never guessed her wearing, ever. She looked like a total 80's rocker chick right down to the silver hoop earrings and metal bracelet. She was wearing a t-shirt with the name of a band I've never heard of but it also said "Lock up your sons" which by the look of everything, a very interesting story was about to unfold. She tells me she lied to my Dad last night so she could go see some of her favorite rock bands that were in town. This sounds like something I would do! She looked pretty and embarrassed. I would even say if she were 20 years younger I would totally tap that! She began pleading with me not to tell my Dad where she was last night. I hadn't thought of telling him anyway because looking at her dressed like this just gave me masturbation visuals for later on. I mean, the more I looked at my Mom the more I was wishing I was 20 years younger. Her legs looked so long and sexy in her black leather boots. Her lips were a hot pink color that I was imagining what they would like wrapped around my cock. As all these dirty thoughts were going through my head she brought me back to reality by saying that I could absolutely NOT tell my father about this and to ensure my silence she would give me a hand job. She knows I don't have a girlfriend at the moment and that I do spend a lot of alone time in my room. This offer is almost to good to be true! I was going to jack off to the thought of her later anyway but here and right now she is going to crank me off and all I have to do is not say a word to my Dad. Grab a hold of my boner and get stroking Mom! Not only does my Mom lube me up really good and work my dick like no other girl has, she also talks dirty to me while she is doing this. Girls my age hardly know how to talk dirty, they get all embarrassed. Not my Mom, she tells me what a great looking dick I have and how much she would actually like to fuck it instead of wank it. She lubes her perky tits and plays with them. She spreads her legs wide and puts them over mine while she works my cock so good. She kept her super smooth latex gloves on the whole time. When she finally busted my nut all over those gloves I was a little dizzy, in a good way. She even offered to do this to me again. Man am I so glad I skipped school today!

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How can I ever repay you?

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I've been wanting to pull you aside to let you know how much I really appreciate you letting me stay here. I mean I tell you and my sister all the time how much it means that you opened your home to me but I wanted to get you alone somehow so I could express just how grateful I am. I hear the way my sister talks to you, how can you two stay married? You must be one of those guys that falls for the bitches. I can be a bitch to but I'd rather be nice to you. My husband left me because he says I'm too much a slut. Just because I like to go to parties does not mean I'm fucking the guys at each one. I wouldn't even think fooling around with you would make me a slut either. You're my brother in law so you're kind of family to more so not. I may as well admit since were here that I've had a thing for you since we met. If I were my sister I'd be boning you like six times a day but I know her and she hardly puts out. Your dick must be aching for release. I want to help you get a great cum from those balls. I actually want to drain those balls of every drop of cum so that even if my sis did want sex with you tonight and a cum shot inside of her, you won't have any for her. I'm so excited to play with your cock and give you what my sister doesn't. I understand you aren't going to fuck me. Oh, you don't want me to suck you off either? So all you want is a hand job? Ok, well sure, I can do that but I came in here prepared to give much more. I'll totally play with your perfect dick and drain those balls just like I promised. How does that feel? Do you like my soft warm tits wrapped around your shaft? I bet it feels so good to be titty fucked. This doesn't count as fucking, does it? No, there's no penetration happening so it isn't really cheating on my sister. Just lie there and feel my grip around your dick and know how much I want to give you pleasure in exchange for how nice you are for letting me live in your house til I get my feel back on the ground financially. I think by the way I'm milking your dick that you can feel my gratitude. Oh god your dick feels so hard in my hand. I can see your balls tighten up. You want to give me your hot seed? Oh yes, give it all to me. I'm the one who wants your hot cum, not my sister. I guess I am a dirty little slut for taking her brother in laws cum.

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How can I not look at her?

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August is practically the most perfect young woman I have ever laid eyes on. She can melt a man with her innocent looking smile yet there is a little devilish side lurking just beneath the surface. She is about to head out to the pool in her barely there bikini when she asks stepdad to apply her sun tan lotion. Her dad was on his way to spy on her from his bedroom window and rub one out as usual. Not only does he get to apply lotion on her soft young skin, he gets an offer he has only dreamed of. It seems the little devil on Augusts shoulder has spoken loud enough today to cause some heavy flirtation. Not only does she offer her beguiling smile she also offers to return the rub, to his place that doesn't see much sun. Looks like she is ready to shed some of her innocence.

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I admit it. You were right.

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Step brother warned Addie that the guy she was seeing is a complete jerk. It took some time but Addie did let her brother know he was right about that guy. Problem is that guy was a great fuck buddy and now she has no one to be sexual with. She suggests her brother give up his cock to her but he won't let her fuck him. The next best thing is at least letting her beat his meat to let out some of her frustrations. She wastes no time in getting his pistol in her grip and unleashing some dirty talk as she pumps him. That Addie is one horny chick and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she has brother's pistol packing her pussy.

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I am determined to have a baby.

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You may wonder why I am here in your bedroom with a medical specimen container. I'm sure you heard your father and I fighting recently. The situation is that he has too low of sperm count to give me a baby. He promised me a baby if I married him. Look how young and fertile I am! I can't give up on the hope of being a mom so that is why I am here in front of you. I have to do something desperate before you leave for college soon. You are my hope of becoming a mom. No one even has to know. Your father will think he impregnated me by some miracle. All I need is a sperm sample to rush to my Dr. for insemination. You are my stepson and I know you want me to be happy. You donating your healthy young sperm will make me very happy if I do indeed become pregnant. You donít have to do anything creepy like fuck your stepmother, all you have to do is lie there and let me work it from your cock. Essentially you are getting a hand job from your mother. I'll gather your sperm then go have quick sex with you dad then go to the Dr. and your dad will completely think he knocked me up. I think itís a brilliant plan. So are you going to donate your sperm to me or what?

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I am going to make you all mine.

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I know you must be curious why I would marry such a much older man when I am still young and look as I do. We both know your dad has a lot of money. I am one of those mail order brides. I don't mind being a mail order bride but what I do mind is that your dad is so old and cannot satisfy my sexual needs. All he wants me to do is keep a clean house and look pretty at all times, which I do. I have been here long enough now to see some changes around this house need to happen, starting with you. You are a good looking young man. Why you aren't in college I don't know. You lay around all day and play video games on your dads dime. This is going to change. I am getting rid of the cleaning crew because you will be the one doing the cleaning from now on. In addition to the cleaning you will also service me in any way I tell you to. I am a sexy woman who needs lots of sex. I am bored with my vibrators and although they are handy to have, I think the real thing would be even better. First I must make sure you are equipped to be my personal boy toy. Before I hire my own man slave I want to see if you are satisfactory since you are free. Lie down so I can see exactly what you are equipped with. You don't speak, I do all the talking as I take full control of your cock.

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I am her webcam stunt cock.

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My mom is pretty hot. She isn't much older than me and hasn't been married to long to my dad. I can't count the number of times I've jacked myself off to the thought of fucking her. Its practically torture listening to my dad fuck her late at night. I wish I could get that attention from her. My wish some what came true today when she burst in my bedroom claiming she needed my cock to make some extra money. She explained she ran up a lot of debt on my dads credit cards and has been doing web cam shows without his knowledge to pay off the debt. She said she has a regular customer who will pay her a shit load of a donation if she could use my cock in her show. Isn't that illegal or close to it? I mean I'm over eighteen but should a step mom be using my cock to make money? Who cares, she said she would kick me some of it if I cooperated. I agreed to let her jack me off instead of use my cock in her pussy. Somehow it would seem easier to explain a hand job than fucking my mom should my dad find out. I like living at home and don't want to get kicked out anytime soon so here I go, down the hall to be a web cam stunt cock. My mom said she would only give me fifty bucks since I wasn't going to fuck her but hey, fifty will pay for a pretty fun weekend with the guys and I get my cock jacked off my hot mom. Can't go wrong! She sealed the deal with the guy on the computer and began to get to work removing my pants and touching my dick. I was already hard for her. I wish I could fuck her but it would devastate my dad if I did so I just put my head in the happy place and let my mom earn us money. She really put on a great show for the guy watching. She titty fucked my dick and stuck it next to her ass checks. Her hand felt incredible. I didn't want this web cam session to end anytime soon but the guy was ready to see a pop. She began to stroke faster and look right at me waiting for my cum. I let my hot load spray all over her big mommie tits. I gave her so much cum I impressed her. I don't know if this is going to become a regular gig with her but any time I can get my mom's hand on my cock is a very good thing.

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I am my step sister's cuckold.

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My stepsister is a small town girl with a cute southern accent. My Dad married her mom about 5 years ago, and she's always been a tease around me. One day I was out in the garage cleaning (as punishment for cutting classes) when my sister walked in to give me a hard time. She told me that she was going out with my best friend later that night! I can't believe my boy is going to go out with my sister. She's always such a flirt with my friends, I think she does it just to annoy me. She told me that she was going to fuck my friend tonight, and that she's actually fucked all of my friends and tonight she was going to do my best friend. She walked over to an old box-spring that was being stored in the garage, and tipped it over onto the floor. Climbing up onto the makeshift bed, she began to take off her top and teased me about the fact that I was jealous that my best friend was going to be fucking my sister tonight. The truth is, it did make me a little jealous... imagining her with her legs spread and opening her pussy for my friend. She told me to lay down and that she wanted to take care of me before she left on her date. She opened my pants and pulled them down around my ankles and took my cock in her hand. She began to suck my dick, telling me to picture her being fucked by all of my buddies. It did make me hard to think about her being passed around and used by the same guys I play football with. I just hoped that my mom & dad wouldn't walk in and catch us. I don't know how I would explain my sister's mouth on my rod and her hand around my shaft. She sucked me until I was totally hard, and just kept stroking me. She then told me that she was going to invite them over for a tag team so they could pound all of her holes. I can't believe it, but I think I was totally turned on by the idea of them fucking her while I couldn't. Does that make me my sister's cuckold? She stroked and stroked and kept teasing me until I felt a huge load about ready to burst. She told me to cum all over her pretty little face, so I shot a huge load that she licked and sucked from my cock hole. She swallowed most of it, but there was still a mess to clean up. I guess I'll be waiting for her to come home tonight so she can tease me some more about how my friends are all using her holes.

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I am my step-dads slutty secretary

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I am the stereotypical dumb blonde. I may not have the brains of a wall street analyst but I do have a big heart of gold and a pussy worth my weight in platinum. I am smart enough to know what gets a girl ahead in life, her pussy and her looks. All I had to do was a little pleading and promising to be the best secretary my step dad ever had for me to get this job. I saw the stack of resumes my dad was sorting through to find the right secretary for his company. I may not have any college education or business training but there is one thing I will certainly give my step dad that none of those other applicants will, complete stress relief. My first week on the job is the perfect time to show my dad what a great asset I am to his office. First I let him know how grateful I am for my job and that I have been practicing my typing so I will appear professional. I dressed super cute and even purposely forgot to wear panties so in the right position, my dad can see my pussy which already puts a smile on his face. I asked him to sit down close to me so we could have a private meeting. I could see the outline of his semi erect dick in his slacks. Oh I knew I had him right where I wanted him. I gave his growing cock some breathing room by unzipping his pants and opening them enough to get a good look at his cock. I teased him with my young tight body by lifting my skirt to show I had no panties on. I look like my mom did twenty plus years ago. Judging by the smile on my dads face he was very happy he hired me. My soft skin must have felt so good on his dick cause he was rolling his eyes as he watched me rub up and down his stiff shaft. I bet my mom never stroked his hard dick in his office before. I bet my mom never got his dick as hard as I made it. I saw his pre cum and it made me shiver with satisfaction that I was finally getting to jack off my dad. I have had a crush on him for so long and wanted his cock in my control and now I finally have it. I stroked him off with both hands until he made my hands glisten with his goo. It was so fuckin' hot to make my dad cum for me. Being the girl I am and not totally dumb, while his head was spinning post ejaculation, I asked for a raise. I deserve it after all that work!

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I am my step-mothers new boyfriend.

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I was about to fall asleep on the couch when my step-mom burst through the front door and into the living room. She was swearing and yelling something about my Dad cheating on her with her 20 year old secretary. My step-mom and Dad run a company together. It's actually my step-moms business and she hired my dad to work for her before they were married. My mom works really long hours and is usually in a pretty good mood but at this moment she was fuming. She was rambling on about how she works hard and goes to the gym to make her body look good so why did my dad cheat on her? She lifted her skirt to show me her ass and asked my opinion on her 45 year old flesh mounds. What can I say? She's a MILF! I just laid there and let her work her anger out while I watched. In a quick second her whole tone changed and she gave me an interesting and non familiar look. I could tell she was about to say something that would have an impact on me so I braced myself. I was not prepared for what happened next. She told me since my Dad was having an affair with her secretary then she was going to have an affair with his son, me! Don't get me wrong, I have fantasized more than once about boning her but never did I think it may actually happen and especially not under these circumstances. She's so used to being the boss and owning things that she also told me she now owns my cock. Since she lost control of the only other cock in the house she is now determined to have full control over mine. I will play along with her game cause I'm pretty comfortable living in my parents house and if they split, well the decision is already made. I will stay with my step-mom and be whatever she wants me to be. She let me know something about her that made me very excited to be a part of. She said she has boyfriends, as in plural. She said she likes to fuck, a lot. She has these other guys available to her at a moments whim and now I am her newest addition to this group. I think I am going to like this arrangement. I get jacked off or fucked by a super hot MILF who will buy me what ever I desire and free rent! I like her to be a little bossy with me, its turns me on. She worked my cock like no 20 year old girl ever has. There is definitely something to be said for her maturity and experience with a meat pole. She said more than a few times how much she loved my dick in her hand and how it was larger than my dad's. Hey, if I tell her how super fine her ass is every once in awhile and be available for her sexual whims...this is the perfect job for me! She got replaced by someone my age and I am replacing someone her age plus its all in the family! If she can keep making me cum like she did today, I am totally going to like being her new boyfriend, plus she says she loves me.