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I do this because I love you.

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It's been one month and I am very proud of you for being such a good boy. Not everyone trusts their step mom enough to let her put him in chastity. I do this for your own good because I know those slutty women out there only want to get pregnant from you. Could you imagine trying to go to college and support a woman and baby? Of course not, so this is why I keep your manhood in a cage. Now come close to me so I can unlock this device and you get to blow a huge load for me.

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I have to see this for real.

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I'm sure you noticed a big difference in your bedroom when you got home today from school. I don't want you to think I was snooping. I simply feel it is my duty as the mother of the house and your stepmother, to keep a clean orderly home. I could smell your bedroom in the hall even with your door shut. I expect you to wash your sheets at least every other week from now on. I also have another expectation from you, stay out of my panties. From the look of my panties when I found them in your stinky sheets, I could tell you had used them numerous times for your shall we say, pleasure. You're a panty sniffer! I feel if you are going to use items that were worn by me for your own pleasure then I should get something from this to. I want to watch you use my panties. I want to see how you use them. Go ahead, here are my panties back now show me exactly what you do with them.

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I have to tell you a secret.

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Your dad thinks I got a job as a night janitor. I really got a job as, well an exotic dancer. I am so nervous I can hardly stand it. I need your opinion. I need you to tell me if I am going to make a complete ass of myself or if I do have some moves to make some money at the club. Now don't say a word to your dad and please don't laugh at me. Ok, here I go! If you happen to get excited while watching me I wouldn't mind if you stroke yourself.

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I just want you to have structure.

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I am only here to inspect your bedroom for you own good. You make me have to do it this way because I can't trust you. I already have seen enough to make me have to put the white glove on for a complete inspection. Just as I thought, look at the filth that came from your canvas wall hanging. You must be punished so you know what to do, bend over my knee. I only do this for your own good.